Does anyone else hate how paranoid schizophrenics and internet is serious business faggots have ruined Zig Forums...

Does anyone else hate how paranoid schizophrenics and internet is serious business faggots have ruined Zig Forums? Every single fucking threat has some retard calling every single poster a shill or kike with no rhyme or reason. And the worst of it all is that we're been infested with joyless faggots who must have everything 100% serious business all the fucking time. The reason why we're memeticlly impotent is because you faggots see memes as just another weapon to be used. But all you faggots are just shooting yourself in the foot because real effective powerful memes come from spontaneous humor and joy that we can't fucking have because of you anally retentive cunts. Good memes are not something that are designed they're something that spontaneously emerges from the chaos of our collective unconscious. You cunts are undermining that process with your pathetic leftist tier attempts at forcing memes.

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Go be a LARPer on cuckchan if you don't like it then.
What is astroturfing?
Which they are.
Plenty of "forced" memes have ended up sticking and being useful.

Lo, this place is hostile to anyone trying to have fun. The problem is nazi memery is obeisant crap, and nobody is supposed to be happy enough to try to oppose it. That level of basic functioning is simply ubiquitous.

Invasive governments are *made* of destructive paranoia, too. The art of chill and letting things roll over is an important one.

Wouldn’t kill you to smile. Cruelty only humiliates /you/. Leave the hypocrisy to your political opponents, whoever they may be. You know what you did, hehe.

Personally? The whole meming schtick is overrated. A meme is an idea. A picture is not as information-dense as a paragraph. Literate participation is historic participation. Le Epic Funny Memez just strip culture, and isn’t that a major complaint?

I think it’s epic having a place that strips identifiers. We’re not our careers or aspirations here. We’re not our origins or upbringings here. We’re not our ideologies either, thanks to the ubiquitous dancing hateslaves, but we *could* be our ideologies if people were a bit more humble and honest.

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Wrong site.

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100%. Used to come here daily up until like 15 months ago, now only poke in on events to see if anything interesting is being discussed. I'm usually profoundly disappointed by the level of discourse and lack of genuine investigative or any actual ability here now.

I agree. It's also disheartening to see the most shit-tier low effort bait on this board get dozens of (you)s from super-serious boomers



The culture of not allowing counter opinions that even slightly went against the culture of the board was a strength, atleast it used to be. This board has been fucked with so much and so often that its become a great weakness to the point where it damn near seems like a fucking cult. The people that made this place what it was either just don't want to be here anymore or often have been grounded down into someone that can hardly think for themselves outside of what this board says is okay to think. The very type of person this place was once against, either that or clown world has just fractured people into raving fucking lunatics, either way shits fucked and will require serious reform if this place ever wants to be what it once was.

The level of distrust is upsetting and frustrating but understandable. We have to keep our guard up. I haven’t been here long - about a year and a half but Zig Forums feels like family. I can be amongst people that I
truly relate with. People that know what I know. Intelligent, funny, articulate and well spoken we are. Yet outcasts of society because we refuse to adhere to lies and propaganda. Zog isn’t going to win this. We’ll rise above it.

It's just the fucking schizo boomers who have followed Q's stench to here.


Its certainly part of it, but not the only problem. A glaring issue is the no fun allowed culture that began to come around like 2 years or so ago. Its a multi-layered problem.

It will get deleted or ignored.

Its a conversation worth having, all you're doing is sampling the kool-aid with your fingers in your ears going LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA

But why though?

Op has a legit point.

We have a bunch of schizo boomers who are blogging about their fucking bathroom cleaning here.



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All you're doing is proving my point man.

They will eventually leave or convert like the trump niggers and many before them.
Also only (((1))) and done.

Do you support the President of the United States of America?

Sorry to resort to tropes, but I think it's basically this:

tl;dr is that it's like a TV show such as Weeds or Breaking Bad that is about serious subject matter, but early in the shows' run it's treated with humor and comedy relief. But as the show progresses it becomes much more dark and serious as the stakes rise, and by the end of the show there is almost no trace of the original comedy and humor that was so present in the earlier stages. Zig Forums is undergoing something similar as we draw more towards the endgame, the stakes are getting higher and shit is getting crazier, and a lot of the humor is gone as the gravity of the situation truly sinks in. Not trying to be a downer, just giving my take. but yeah, the calling everybody a shill just for having a different opinion or take on things is stupid and counterproductive and needs to stop, we need to at least have more rational conversations and debates.

People have been complaining about "the cancer that is ruining 4chan" long before Zig Forums was a thing.

Lol no. I don't support the entity that is the United states government at all. All you're doing is trying to dig for a reason to discredit peoples grievances so you can ignore the actual problem. You're being a fucking faggot.

I told someone Nazism is dead, stop living in the past, the Nazis lost ww2, then he called me a Rabbi, and two of them posted the same paragraph from somewhere about a temple being burned and two kings or something.

Okay now this is a retarded post, you can yell at this one.

Must've been a valid reason you were called that.

The reason is that they call everyone who doesn't buy in to their ideology a jew


Well its either that or they are lost, why come here if you aren't interested in the board's culture.

Now this is boomer-posting.

Nah is not that what you said is completely fucking retarded.
Is a very retarded post and by saying nazi you are ousting your self.
An idea doesn't die.

Just a faggot loosing interest and lacking enough imagination to entertain their thoughts here, deciding that their cell of perception somehow dictates the reality of others outside of their forced conversations and idiotic insinuations.

Why are you samefagging

You guys think the problem is that this place is getting old? Perhaps we should fuck off to another site, this one isn't a secret anymore. Zig Forums is talked about on NPR and Vice and countless other lefty-journo blogs(now called news) since Brenton's effortpost. Cuckchan had its time, and that time is over. It should have been nuked before it had the opportunity to become as disgraceful and gay as it is now. This is soon to be Zig Forums, it's already infested with glowniggers and kikes, it's on its last legs, perhaps it's in our interest if we keep moving.

You have to understand that glowniggers are really, really dumb. The bureaucrats will probably have to waste 5 months creating a whole new department for the site we move to, and the normies will be blindsided. I don't have any suggestions of where to fuck off to, just an idea.

P.S. Dear CIA, 011011000110100101100011011010110010000001101101011110010010000001101110011101010111010001110011.

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So you are literally autistic or just have issues generating context?
learn to sage you alphabetfuck

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Fucking christ alright I got better shit to do, this place is still a lost cause maybe I'll poke in after another 3-4 months. Though I imagine it will still be full of ideologically hardened but skill-less cultists and boomer schizos.

See you tomorrow then faggot would be a different board by then.


Not a problem if you jew fucks just killed yourselves. It's going to happen, get it over with.

I think a lot of people jumped ship after the fun of the election. Pizzagate, project veritas and all the other insane discoveries during that time were a peak. I think we've cooled off, especially with the (not so surprising) disappointment of Trump's actual presidency. I'm sure there will be a resurgence


Ya after kikey's remove everyone from the end and some bunkers starting returning here.
Now if someone were to jump ship right now it would be another board or neincucks

I'm a schizo, probably not a paranoid one. I just get all kinds of hallucinations and can essentially "leave" my body whenever I want. It feels real to me, but of course to others it is not real. So my understanding of what "real" defines is kind of sketchy. I can't discern dream world from reality.

But honestly, these folk are just paranoid. Like overtly paranoid. And the troll-shill feeds the paranoid person like a bird regurgitating a meal to a chick. Now because of the old philosophy of "fools in good company" has come full circle there's no stopping it. You brought this upon yourselves when you thought you could be funny without the literal "normalfag-lite" masses taking you all seriously.

At the end of the day, a lot of anons who used to frequent Zig Forums were oldfags who knew internet wasn't a serious business. We were the first generation to fully grew up with the internet. We did things for teh lulz back in a day but we matured. We grew up. We started to ask questions and the free speech the imageboards provided gave us some politically incorrect answers. A different people, a different time, a different board, a different set of ideas. Things have changed. Now the system knows how to use the internet against us. We are scattered between many small boards on many different imageboards. The unity is gone. The big sites like halfchan and fullchan are bombarded with shitposting, thread sliding, purposefully bad mods and blantand JIDF propaganda. Oldfags withered away and were replaced by boomers, redditors, christcucks and schizos. Imageboards as a whole became more left-wing in the past couple of years. Everyone one is on a look out for us. Everything that is slightly politically incorrect is deemed as Zig Forums now. Times have changed and the system has addapted. Our struggle goes on.

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Fuck off 4faggot.



I'm still getting used to seeing this one, the whole boomer/zoomer dichotomy.

Noticed this one too. A big shift in attitude. I don't think Zig Forums was ever liked by any of the other boards, but I think now more than before, people just want to talk about their niche and not be disturbed. More escapism than community

It shouldn't bother you if you aren't one.





Been to cuckchan as of recent been noticing a national socialist presence spike there maybe other boards are becoming leftist but definitely not Zig Forums.
If you think we should lose hope because of nuisances of shills and bad moderation, also moving to other Zig Forums boards is easily here on this very site or moving to neincucks, the hitler birthday this year already shows of how many people of both old and new were convinced our numbers are growing user.

I got called JIDF because I wanted memes

Its got too popular. So as far as the schizo and rage posters its one of the following from highest to lowest.

1. Random leftist from a group like "hopenothate" doing it for demoralizing and turn it into a flame thread

2.Boomer tier neo-con

3.A bot

4.Actual schizo

There was a couple threads about GOT for gods sake how its a jew show because its not saying " White Power kill the jews" when its the least anti-white show thats been around easily relatable for normies to redpill through the show with memes and sparked interest in European history among normies. The show is a giant redpill the only mainstream show where niggers and non-whites are slaves, conmen, pirates or servants not shoe horned as Mrs.Niggerprincess warrior of a White country. Its based on European history and battles.

They constantly showoff European architecture. With a stand in for the jews being "Littlefinger" his entire story is about he infiltrated the leaders circles with blackmail or lying and tricked them in to a war , sound familiar to WW2 ?

The women rulers are shit and when shitskins are brought to "Europe" they destroy along the way. Also a example of how shitty royalty is since they are the ones the brought jews to Europe multiple times and the degeneracy is all focused on how it comes back to them eventually.

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Go to cuckchan my man.

Yes, yes I genuinely fucking do. Zig Forums was good when it was ACTUALLY about politics, nu-Zig Forums isn't about politics, its the Hitler fan club where we do nothing but sit and talk about Hitlers opinions on shit that literally doesn't matter and if you God forbid want to discuss the real fucking world you're called a shill. This is why we don't get shit done anymore. This is why our propaganda campaigns as of late are embarrassing failures. If you so dare even suggest going outside you're a paid shill at this point. Maybe some of us actually do fucking care about American politics, I know this is a foreign concept to retards who've been duped by anonymous retards into sitting on your fucking ass all day because "hurr nothing matters its all Jews!" yeah maybe it fucking is but some of us still want to actually be involved. And no, I'm not even referring to the Trump MAGAPede kikes, I'm referring to EVERYONE who wanted to discuss real politics that got chased out of here because fat sacks of shit virgins autistically screeched every time their status quo was challenged. And everyone blamed imkikey for turning Zig Forums into a Trump hugbox but the reality is this place began dying even before then. The roach if anything just added fuel to the flames.

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Mod protected spam.

Why aren´t doing it yourself, nigger?

How about you kill yourself you jew cunt.

You're part of the fall, cunt.

Try making a thread with good argumentation and debate and the direction where Zig Forums is going, planning to make a thread about natsoc and fascism soon.
There are plenty of political discussion going on right now I think you are over exaggerating a bit user.

You will never be white yid.

lol get fucked

What about you? I already know you wont because good investigation threads require more then a few people involved putting real effort into it and there's just not enough of these people here anymore. If I were to make such a thread I'd essentially be the only person carrying the thread.

This thread is typical Zig Forums and what full Zig Forums has always been. Call me whatever, but you know it to be true.


National Socialism.

Bring back the RWDS

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A Nazi wouldn't try to convert other people to Nazism by being an asshole and calling people kikes. An anti Nazi posing as a Nazi and being an asshole however…

I'm the same. I used to be a regular user but only come here infrequently now. Zig Forums used to be hilarious and a lot of fun back in 2015-2017. Then something changed and everyone on the board lost their sense of humor. Nobody wants to have fun anymore.

You said something stupid and you get called out for it, I mean communism fallen when the soviet falls did that mean the idea died?
No it continued and continued wrecking more nations.

I agree, retards have gotten lazy with "redpilling" people. Before people had to put effort into it, nowadays they assume you've already read every single dubiously sourced infograph on the planet and if you didn't you're a shill obviously or need to lurk moar

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The irony is despite the hyper-elitism and nofunallowed bullshit this board is worse than cuckchan Zig Forums. The fact that a troll thread about anime and trapfags lasted several days with hundreds of replies proves this place is in a sad state of affairs. The same exact thread on cuck/pol/ didn't even last a few hours and the OP was thoroughly BTFO. Between the Qoomers, vargtards, CIA niggers, and goons this place is a lost cause.

butt hurt bitch no one cared either way about your dumb opinion blog which was your original post. man up and do the work or shut up.

I don't care what you call yourself. I don't care if your an asshole. In not complaining. It's not my problem. Now call me a Jew.

You didn't even read the rest of my post before getting all pissy didn't you? Fine, completely miss my point I don't care

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kill yourself kike
but more importantly, fuck (((moderation)))

And you know what demoralizes anonymous users the most? A whining, complaining, unfunny faggot of a OP.

This has been going on for more than a decade. It is nothing new. The only other boards that liked Zig Forums was /v/ and to a lesser extent /b/.

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Cuckchan is unironiclly more influential than Zig Forums now because it's still fun and not way to serious all the time.

On cuckchan the only really left wing board is /co/

/v/ is split down the middle between us and faggots just like it always has.