Syrian Refugees Arrive in Iceland

Syrian Refugees Arrive in Iceland

A group of 23 Syrian quota refugees, that is, refugees invited to Iceland by the State, arrived in the country yesterday, Morgunblaðið reports. These are young families - 13 children and ten adults. The people then traveled to Hvammstangi, Northwest Iceland, where they will settle.

Another group, a total of 20 people, adults and children, is expected to arrive in the country today. They will settle in the town of Blönduós, also in Northwest Iceland, except for one family, who will be living in Árborg, South Iceland, due to connections the people have there. Shortly, a family of another six people is expected to arrive in Blönduós.

All in all, 49 quota refugees are arriving these days, while the total number of quota refugees coming this year is 75.

According to Linda Rós Alfreðsdóttir, specialist in refugee issues for the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Syrian refugees have been staying in Lebanon in recent years, a country with an area of only a tenth of that of Iceland, where six million people reside, 20 percent of whom are refugees. Linda reports that refugee camps are not allowed in Lebanon, so the refugees oftentimes live in poor conditions, in rooms or sheds they rent, some of which have been put up on rooftops.

“These refugees come to us through the UN Refugee Agency,” Linda states. “We contract with municipalities and the Red Cross to receive the people. They are secured housing, basic utilities and such. The municipalities have done a good job, and it’s safe to say that this has gone well in Iceland.”

A delegation was sent from Iceland to Lebanon, where they familarized themselves with conditions and interviewed the families. The people were given a two-day course on Iceland and Icelandic society. Once the refugees arrive in Iceland, they receive lessons in Icelandic and learn about Icelandic society, before they can enter the labor market. Linda states that labor participation among quota refugees in Iceland has been good.

In recent years, most of the quota refugees have come from the Middle East, especially Syria. There have also been quota refugees from Iraq. The number of Arabic-speaking interpretors is up. Blönduós has hired a staff member who speaks Arabic, and an interpreter from Akureyri has provided guidance to numerous municipalities.

Later in the year, a group of about 25 people from Kenya is expected. They come here from Uganda. These are individuals who have faced persecution due to their sexual orientation. Linda notes that in Uganda, people can be jailed for life for being gay.

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Well, that's it. there goes the last white country on earth. I called it a few months back, I had the pleasure of visiting iceland a few years back, twice. Went there with a couple of years in between. The first time I was amazed at how can a country still be so white all over (except for a token nigger here and there in reykjavík). Then, the second trip, I noticed a lot more niggers, flips and sandniggers. What Icelanders (their people, the government I'm fairly sure know they're kiking things up) don't seem to understand, at least the liberal kind that dwell in reykjavík, is that even a couple sandniggers in a population as small as Iceland's is a demographic fuckbomb. In another generation, these fuckers will be 25% of their total population. This is a tragedy.

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I wish that the Icelanders would understand…don't know how to wake them up since they are the most peaceful, quiet, productive nation on the planet; there is probably no saving them.

I guess so, user. I haven't watched talmudvision in more than decade, but I saw that ad at the bottom of OP's link. The few times I happen to watch tv is because someone else is watching and it just fucking crushes my soul.


It is so degenerate looking. It reminds me of the pony fag that likes to post here.

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History is more complex than that. The Arab and Turkish empires spread very far, very quickly so they converted and interbred with the existing elite. What we have left is mongrels but someone like Assad probably has something like 80% Assyrian blood.

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It looks wholesome/harmless to the average normie, that was my point.
By the way, is that pic from Austria? It says "FPÖ member".


Very true. There are no true whites left in the region even if some of them don't look far off.

Nice try, Anglokike, but your people are going down first for your history of constantly stabbing Europeans in the back at the behest of international Jewry.

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Here is the land they're going to be colonizing

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I hope they all freeze to death.

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and the last white outpost in the world, has been invaded

that's the only hope I have left. Reikjavík is half of the population, but not all of them are cucked. and the rest of iceland is as rural as it gets. Very pacifist people, but remember these were the people that went up with fucking flaming pikes to the parliament when the bankers fucked them a decade ago. In a population so small it would be equivalent as europe like 5 years from now. We'll see.

Thanks White Nationalists

Rabbis like you ain't white nationalists

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RIP Iceland

The second picture is fake.
Don't spread fake news.
It is very easy to debunk and makes us look like the liars.

It's funny that you thought Iceland was still some kind of White ethnostate.
There is no free White country. Any "anti-banker"/"anti-jew" gesture is just that.
It fosters the illusion of hope
No. It isn't.

Shit that was one of the last countries. Labor market, fuck the labor market and these business assholes and the churches and the Jews. I had a feeling Iceland was gonna get it, somebody better tell them shit gets crazy once there's enough of them to roam in packs.

Another country getting got. Being one of the last countries to eat the POZ, I hope they have some nationals that decide to take matters into their own hands.

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Looks like this thread is being derailed massively.

No European or Asian country with a racially homogenous population is safe. We already knew this, but every further case that proves the rule is still just as depressing as the last.

The UN is a cancer upon the Earth.

Not even slightly, they look utterly alien. None of them belong in a White country.

I've yet to read a single coherent sentence from you fucks.

like Sweden, they haven't experienced danger in centuries, so nobody thinks anything bad could ever happen

I strongly doubt that there is anything wrong with the 'labor' market that can be fixed by low IQ part niggers.

The Aesir are mad at Hilmar and his stupid building, the Aesir have never cared for buildings but instead want an upright folk. Gutrun, not Hilmar is the true direction for the Eye-Land. Past, Present and Future will score the fate already, now and never.

"Twas night in the dwelling, and Norns there came, Who shaped the life of the lofty one; They bade him most famed of fighters all; And best of princes ever to be. Mightily wove they the web of fate, While Bralund's towns were trembling all; And there the golden threads they wove, And in the Moon's Hall fast they made them. East and west the ends they hid, In the middle the hero should have his land" -Helgakvita

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Is that Kenya?

Refugees from what? Isis is defeated. What are they fleeing from?

Hmm and they just got their first rabbi too
Such strange timing

Masons. Masons everywhere!

Not too far from reality. This is Sweden's Eurovision contestant for 2019. The 2019 event is being held in Israel this weekend, because for some bizarre reason, EuroGoys think Israel should get to participate too.

What in the fuck? Syrians are not forced out of Syria, the ones that leave are brainwashed sunni bastards, terrorists, or just ordinary criminals.

There should be no hesitation in eradicating every last man, woman and child of the enemy.

That makes no sense, there is no way Israel is located within Europe by any understanding.

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Israel has special membership of some associations because their neighbours would not compete against them in regional competitions. The best example is the Israel football team. They could not play World Cup qualifiers as no Islamic country would compete, so FIFA setup an alternate path; at one time even making Israel part of Oceania and playing off against Australia for a spot at the World Cup. Now they are in the European confederation (UEFA) and their club sides play in European club competitions.