Petition against Delon

>Activist (((Melissa Silverstein))) of Women and Hollywood was likewise outraged, saying that Delon “hits every single button embodying everyone in the world agrees are not values we want to have anymore.”

Ahahah, let's discuss this new "scandale" Zig Forums

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the jews fear le samourai

Fucking kill yourself you waste of space.
Cannes Festival is a massive circlejerk of indie filmmakers who jack eachother off about a 5 min still frame of a guy spreading his asshole and the message it delivers represented by a fart. This festival is farting in wineglasses and sniffing it level. This was going to happen at some point just like how all movie producers have that 1 annoying bitch in the office doing all the social justice complaining while mr.Goldberg is applauding her for her courage.

Oh boy you sureeee are retarded and a sliding. But no worries I’ll post in your shit threads each time telling you to neck it and killing any “potential” “oraganic” shilling and sliding. This is reddit-tier outrage. Cringe SJW Compilations brah, chaim you gotta up yo game.

What are you so outraged for? This is no shittier than every goddam thread up right now.
No its Zig Forums tier. Has been for years.

In 1958 Orson Welles Touch of Evil won the Palme D'Or at the Cannes festival. The Soviet Union delegation stormed out denouncing TOE as a "fascist movie" which it is. It's also one of the three greatest movies ever made.

What made it fascist?

Orson Welles plays a police chief on the border, El Paso/Juarez, a big fat whore fucking, candy bar eating drunken asshole who frames criminals so he can "solve crimes". Charlton Heston plays a noble Mexican government lawyer who wants to bust him for his evil corruption. And he sort of does that but one problem.

All the people that Orson framed really were guilty and would have escaped to do even more worse crimes if Orson hadn't framed them.

It's great fun, Marlene Dietrich makes her final performance almost for free, just out of love for Orson.

Because if you weren’t a kike you would see the low tier threads that don’t actually discuss anything but repeating already stated things, I’m willing to be if you weren’t a lazy nigger you could go into the archives and find a iceland immigration thread, infact I remember it. If you actually had 2 braincels to rub together you’d notice your post is in the 13 million. That means there’s a pretty good chance that your thread has already existed and and your “orginal” posts have been said by someone funnier. That’s why you don’t post low-quality shit threads; because somebody did it better than you ever could. What you do is come up with an idea for a thread, check if your idea isn’t shit and already done, seriously think about it. Write out your long effort post (unless it’s a happening), proofread that nigger. Make sure it’s semi-Zig Forums related.

This thread on the other hand is about how a bitch is whining about a movie at a film festival and how we need to “discuss” the “scandal”, the way this whole “discussion” is framed is toward useless dribble, snarky comments and shill back and forths is disgusting, I merely explained my disgust in a post.

And if you REALLY weren’t a braindead nigger kike you’d look at catalog and see that a bit after the jim 8 chan thread 3 low-IQ threads spring that do nothing but detract replies that could be posted in better threads. But I don’t expect you to care about post, thread and board quality, infact you are out for the degredation of the whole hence the kys in my orginal post and a kys for you inability to extrapolate this from another wall of shit text and the fact you require a constant spoonfeeding or else you “brain” would shrivel up due to inactivity.

Fucking dumb nigger. Oh and le outrage is due to the fact I’ve been there and it’s exactly like described and the fact you spastics care about it enough to post.

Times have changed, you try getting a anti-kike film in there nowadays and we’ll talk.

Last samefag post

Where did I touch you?

Well, that same group pushing their demoralizing views. No surprise.

Watch this interview of Alain. The host acuses him for tax evasion, being "clanish" aka "racist", and also criticises his view that capital punishment should exist. Alain is a legend. He also talks about how he was marginalized in the film industry for his non left wing views.

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Mulholland Drive is quite antisemetic with the two cackling evil old jews chasing Naomi Watts to her suicide. The entire movie is in fact a hate letter to jew run Hollywood.

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Lars Von Trier, Cannes film festival 2011

Lars Von Trier banned from Cannes after Nazi comments
The Cannes Film Festival has banned director Lars Von Trier after he made comments saying he was a Nazi and that he sympathised with Hitler.

In a statement issued on Thursday, organisers said the Danish film-maker was now "persona non grata".

The director apologised on Wednesday, saying "I am not anti-Semitic or racially prejudiced in any way, nor am I a Nazi".

The remarks were made at a news conference ahead of the premiere of his new film Melancholia, which remains in competition at this year's event.

Alain Delon is based as fuck. Purple Noon is one of the greatest movies ever made

Dont forget Lost Highway

You mean this?

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That's pretty ambiguous. So what exactly did he do to cause such moral outrage? Did he give a 13 year old girl booze and drugs then cornhole her in a hot tub while she pleaded with him to stop? Oh wait, if he was a jew and he did that all the jews in Hollywood would sign a petition for the US judicial system to cease their cruel persecution of him.

Also Twin Peaks: The Return.

The main villain of the entire series was “an extreme negative force” that has existed for thousands of years, originally it was known as Jouday, later to be known as Judy. As in Jude, Juden. This extreme negative force has locked regular humanity in a dream state so it can feed on human suffering by manipulating events.

That and pic related was probably the greatest scene in the history of narrative television

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This user gets it.

much of Lynch’s work seems like a Reagan-era lament of American dissipation. While Lynch has stated in interviews that his work is not intended to be political, it might surprise some that he has expressed personal admiration for Ronald Reagan and libertarianism. Though he tweeted support for Bernie Sanders in 2016, Lynch’s avowed political stance tracks the classic conservative line of individualism and deregulation. As he soberly told LA Weekly interviewer John Powers in 2001, “this country’s in pretty bad shape when human scum can walk across your lawn, and they put you in jail if you shoot ‘em”.

Notwithstanding his aesthetic distinction, Lynch’s depictions of queerness, disability, gender, sexuality and race suggest that any deviation from white, heterosexual, middle-class life is not normal. Consistent with his position on trespassing, the director’s films strictly demarcate a place of normalcy that must be aggressively protected from the deviance and obscenity of the outside. Against Waters, who locates the darkest elements of the American experiment in so-called polite society, for Lynch, evil comes from the place we are always told evil comes from—the periphery. In his work, it’s the killers at cheap motels, drug dealers, prostitutes and back-alley perverts that menace the shining city upon a hill. A position profoundly at odds with critics and audiences increasingly attuned to racism and inequality, Lynch’s worldview is an anachronism and worthy of more serious critique.

My thesis is that Blake's role is a cruel lampoon of Isabelle Rosselini. Lynch had just dumped Isabelle and the entire movie was a hate letter to her.

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Remember watching that scene well, user. 100% agreed.

got a you tube to it? I haven't watched it yet

Little by little, make those already infuriated by SJWs and jews to become more violent towards both.
Make those who still go to Cannes Festival to start mobilizing and killing SJWs and jews if they show up.
Make all circus goers become killers that can be used to eliminate jews and their SJW followers.
Turn the circus into a recruitment camp, and every time that the jews and SJWs do something that ruins the circus, mobilize the audience to kill them.

This is an accurate description of how our Wizardry is already working to meet these ends.
It's so much fun watching all of this potential randomly coalesce into versions of our reality under our memery.
We hold the power now!

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Lynch is great, it was great seeing all the "normalfags get lynched" shitposts during the return's airtime. What was this scene, I don't recall

Boils my blood that they're trying to kike him. There's a scene in Eraserhead that evokes the closest feeling of pure primal terror I've ever experienced, like what you feel in a dream

Really do not give a fuck moshe.

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The visual presentation of Twin Peaks The Return alone really blew me away.


Delon was a completely amazing actor, he's better than almost every living actor now working.

Lol that scene took 25 years of buildup user and then 16 hours of madness. Go watch it yourself

What a load of homo-marxist drivel. Great scene though.

Someone with good taste right here.

He's traditional and rightwing. He's not a fan of flooding France with migrants. He's a bad goy.

Cannes is excuse for mega rich to have sex with actors, models, and children.
Sex Trafficking Mars the Mystique of Cannes Film Festival: "This Crime Is Significantly Under-reported"

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It’s the scene where Coop saves the fucking day


tired of thess hollywood lightweights and homos

Delon met Degrelle?