Son of German do gooder stabbed to death

Son of German do gooder stabbed to death

Boomer family accepted an apefrican rapefugee, who ended up stabbing their son to death.

When will boomer women learn that turd world people are animals?

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day of the pillow soon

Sometimes the redpill is easy to swallow, most of the time it goes down hard.

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I'd say how tragic it is that the son has to pay the invoice for his Boomer parent's cuckoldry, but then again aren't we all?

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Yeah…the parents didn't pay at all by having their son killed, retard.

kill yourself nigger

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It was only a lifelong investment that didn't pay off and ended their lineage but they get social credit for being 'compassionate'. Serious street cred Mein Nigger.


White people are pathetically useless cucks. They have way too much empathy for their own enemies, which is harmful to them and is indicative of their inherent inferiority.
Hapas do not have this problem, which is why hapas are superior to whites in all possible ways.

well, when hapas take over the west i will believe it
prove your claim

Fucking nigger, fucking chink. Good Lord..

Hapas are probably just as cucked as Whites. Just because ONE of them exhibited a backbone doesn't mean that the rest will.

First born sons are a small price to pay for facebook likes for the boomers.

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wait ~100 years first, after whites finish genociding themselves, we will take over (and there will be no resistance LOL)

We need to do some sort of Hallmark card congratulating them on their social credit for the measly price of a first born son.

Come on user…the jews are 14 IQ points from Koko the gorilla…surely you want them heading your nation. All this time we thought they were being malignant when we simply didn't realize that they are almost nigger tier stupid.



Are you kidding me wigger. There is not a single hapa I've met (and I've met a few tens of them) who doesn't regard whites with contempt and feel mightily disgusted by niggers, indians and shitskins. Not only that, hapa girls are the most beautiful out of all races, and they're actually receptive to redpills and anti-wigger opinions, unlike disgusting, degenerate, repulsive white women who have fucked possibly hundreds of niggers by the time they get married at the tender young age of 35.
All we need is more numbers and you people are fucked to death.
Go marry an asian girl, fuck her a lot and help accelerate that phenomenon. It is the only way you can ensure the survival of your genetics. Otherwise, you will be bred out by the nigger pets you imported, and then any shitskin-contaminated remnants of your genetic code will be exterminated. I don't like asian bugwomen very much but from a wigger male's perspective they are far superior to racemixing, traitorous, damaged-goods wigger women.

You should stop talking now…it is making the idea of hapas less likely.

Let me guess you're going to deny all responsibility and start screaming about the JUICE. The mighty, omnipotent JUICE that destroys everything it touches immediately. The invincible JUICE that magically forces people to accept millions of shitskin refugees! Oh, the horror!
Jews only have power because YOU, white people, listen to their every word. At first they were just hooknosed people writing newspapers. Then, stupid, gullible wiggers listened to them and let them gain more power, and now they're running TV stations. Now the even more retarded and brain-dead wigger population is voting them into government because they said they were on the side of love and peace. Even when it becomes clear that they are malicious, you continue to vote them in, even having arguments on which jews are better to vote in!
Everything that happens to you is your own fault, and trying to blame it on the magical JUICE is not a solution,

No they didn't. If they valued their son's life they never would have invited the threat to stay in their home. They are passive cattle. Their son was the prey that fell to the predator.

I grew up in a white country and never liked racism as I grew up as I had no issue with it in my country. Eventually my country turned mixed now and soon totally blacked. Seeing how africans and such behave makes me understand why people use the word nigger. They are indeed very closely related to animals in how they act on instincts and don't think rational in intense situations.

(((Those))) who flush these half humans into Europe knows this and that's the weapon.

Shame people are not waking up and understanding the weapon which are meant to kill all whites in Europe. Hidden warfare. Blinded by the picking crows. The white lamp will be eaten all alive all flesh gone til the bone.

But we must stay strong.

You need to be able to type the word jew to post on the board user.

I did, maybe you didn't read it. I know whites are starting to get less and less literate since all they use is emojis and niggerspeak, but there is no excuse for this.
Whites of today are merely a breath of decomposing air left by the civilizations of hundreds of years ago. Pathetic that they still claim credit and demand recognition for century-old achievements.

This has happened before user. Last time our race bottlenecked all of civilization collapsed. It is a self limiting system though. Malthusian collapse always is…when the number of parasites exceeds 2:1 ration the complete collapse follows and there is no stopping it. This is what happens when you put people with an average IQ of 84 in the 'driver's seat'. As I said they are only 14 points above Koko the gorilla…how do you think things are going to go at that point when Koko the gorilla is president or head of the CIA?

The kikes are actually too stupid to comprehend what they are doing, there is no grand plan, they are just barely above nigger tier IQ. This is what happens when you put part niggers (jews) in charge of your nation…I mean we could let one of my dogs run the nation and we would get the same results as having the jews run the nation.

Are you a nigger?

Annnnd here's the happa poster once again.
Must be infuriating to know you are neither superior full blood Aryan nor pureblood japanese. And if you don't have ANY japanese blood it's even sadder; imagine being the mutt between a Vietnamese and a Amerimutt.

Daily reminder only japanese are asians with any value; the rest is muzzie tier trash bug-people, that's why jews and chinks work so nicely together.
Ultimate kek if you are the spawn between a "white" jew and a chink bug person.

obviously a self-described happa, he instantly deflects any joke at his expense as "U KUCKER WIGGERS SMELLS"
Really depressing that happas finally figured out how to iphop/iphide.

I remember his autistic fucking freak moment of mental instability out from before…I was just giving him shit.

she's a fucking millennial

It should have been them.

Trust me, he got the merciful end of the bargain. I am delighted that they have to live and eventually die knowing that they murdered their son so that they could virtue signal to their Facebook friends. You have no idea how this is going to eat them from the inside out over the years. When the wild feral niggers come calling to torture them and murder them (soon) there will be no one they can call on to protect them…it is not going to 'end well' for them.
He didn't die, was saved by the family dog, despite a huge knife wound on his throat.
He ran outside and stopped a car, then the "refugee" fled.

As a reason during his trial he stated that the mother of the child had seen a video of him being naked he made and thus deserved to die.

Toll status: paid

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I mean isn't there something in your heart that says, "yes, people like this should meet the worst end possible (being tortured to death by feral niggers looking for GIBS ME DAT exactly like their kike/nigger offspring) for their wilful crimes against their own flesh and blood?"
They are working their way to that moment because they HONESTLY DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE and their DNA probably doesn't deserve to be passed on either. It is like seeing a blonde woman partnered with a nigger…she is obliterating her DNA as surely as if she was putting a loaded gun to her head and pulling the trigger. There is no better way to erase yourself completely from the gene pool than to fuck ANY TYPE OF 'person of color'…asian, nigger or poo. All the recessives are completely wiped out in 3 seconds of ejaculation…even being shot with a gun takes longer to die from.

I guess since they were 'part of the jewish system' I feel no mercy for any of them nor do I think their DNA deserves to be passed on. If they want to be part of that system then they deserve to be obliterated completely from the planet. Think of it as a kike shit test…If you are buying into their system you are 'self-exterminating'.

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Oh I see…

Just so you all know, if a feral bloodsoaked nigger is chasing a White boy when I am driving down the road I am gonna run him over with my car. I won't even ask a question about 'why is that feral blood soaked nigger chasing you with a knife?" It will be a 'Charlottesville' moment.

Looks like the Aussiemutt police are making this person get robbed.


lil dicks keep finding reasons to stay lil dicks. As usual I don't see any evolve for your simple minded shit shiners. But enjoy staying in the closets faggots. We should've never taught these albino cave monkeys how to count

Hapas are souless bugmen and a disgrace to all that is white.

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If its not white it goes in the oven.

Everything is the kikes. Christ insanity started 2000 years ago and has destroyed much of the thinking capability on this planet. Feel free to kill yourself TORnigger. Just misspelling a word doesn't override every other redpill since the dawn of time.

Hapas are fairly acknowledged as white in Hawaii. It won't be long until the rest of the states adopt the same. It's like how Italians and Greeks became seen as white when they mixed with other Americans.

Why would they not be seen as white?

Whites ran the capitalist evil in the 19th century.

Even when showed the wheel, Bantu black niggers could figure out how it worked. Islamic semites came and raped and murdered your dumb monkey asses and you still learned nothing from them over the 1,400 year long brutal enslavement of your entire continent.
In the 1800's when the Boer showed up in South Africa (after 1,200 years of the most brutal occupation and slaughter by kikes and arabs) YOU STILL HADN'T GRASPED OR MASTERED THE WHEEL. They thought of you rightfully as the part humans that you are; since 80% of your alleles are chimpanzee…meaning that you are actually not HUMAN but one of the great apes.

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Because they are mixed race according to genetics.


There used to be an old paradigm of 5 races, though it's fallen out of common knowledge and belief. America has been adding groups of people to the white umbrella term for centuries. Hapas are just the newest addition in Hawaii.

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Anti-substance abuse material

Dude has opinions!

i want to see the parents in pain. upset and regretful about what they've done to their son.

Does the article say why the nigger killed him?

are you fucking new to this world? were you literally born yesterday?

They aren't upset. They understand this is part and parcel.


Only blood matters. The parents didn’t care enough about their own blood that they adopted a nigger who then killed their bloodline.
They are at fault as much as the nigger they invited into their homes.

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Go to Facebook, I bet they are issuing statements and getting a lot of emojis and likes out of it. But if you "really" wanna see them regretful, you need to kill them yourself, while looking into their eyes. A nigger will have the opportunity though, since they even helped the refugee escape, according to my automated translation. It is a shame I still procrastinate about learning german.

I'd really just prefer if someone here did all the legwork and just posted it ITT.

In england, they have graphic pictures of rotten lungs and other shit on the packages of cigarettes to dissuade you from smoking. Most locals just shrug it off, but the first time you see it, it's rather shocking.

Apparently they have to put posters up now too.

State sponsored IRL gore posting, who knew?

i dont feel bad for the cucks
although couldnt you invite one of these rapefugees in kill them, dispose of the corpse then say they left for germany or something without getting caught

Stereotypical dickless boomer dad tho

The boy is still alive, he was "nearly killed".
The family dog saved his life.
The Ape-fugee said, he had to kill the son, because his mother saw him naked in the shower and no woman is allowed to see a muslim naked…

Me too user, I don't even own a fake profile TBH famalam. Anyone can provide us screencaps of the mother facebook?

Is this really happening? His mom invited a refugee so she can get jamal's dick?


I think if he hit the nigger, the rest of the chimps would have stabbed him.

i dont even think facebook has anything except fake profiles.

Gutmenschen deserve death

Comparing niggers to dogs is unfair. Dogs will sometimes piss on the floor. Niggers will smear shit on the walls.

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I got banned from YT last night and all I felt was relief that I was doing enough for the cause of Whites to get me banned for 'hate speech' (rather than free speech; since subhumans can't handle free speech). Anyway I think we would be better off without 'kiked' social media. IDK about you but that just freed up 15-30 minutes of my day everyday to do something for myself. All and all I call the whole situation a total win for me and mine.

The mother of the kid publicly stated that she's appalled at the anti nigger sentiment this case caused. She's more concerned about staying a do gooder than her now 12 year old son who's developed PTSD over getting nearly killed by the cute chocolate child his deranged mom invited to their household.

Also, the reason for the stabbing this lightbulb head stated at court was that the mother hacked his smartphone to retrieve nude pics of him to post on faceberg and make fun of him. The reality is with 99.99% possibility that the retard nigger in a fit of being horny made pics of his dick and posted it on FB upon which the woman told him to take it down.
He expected the woman to praise him and when she didn't he felt offended and tried to get back at her by killing her son. This kind of thinking is typical nigger behavior.

oh and I forgot: none of the articles I saw about this mentioned a father so go figure

Probably never because you can't even learn to make a proper thread.

They must have put a new algorithm into play then. I got banned again last night too. I wasn't even getting all that crazy either.
It's so adorable that they actually believe this is going to save them from what's coming.

i quit social media altogether almost as soon as it began. once facebook wasnt for colleges, and didnt sync with other students in my schedule i bailed.

anyone smart did that.

I adopted late and quit fast. I have this 'thing' about 'addictions'; can't stand feeling like I need something…and I started to feel like I needed people to acknowledge what I said. I thought about it for two days and then deleted everything. If I feel like I want to talk to someone I will pick up the phone and if I don't bother with that it is because they were never my 'friend' to begin with in the first place. Then I watched how crazy it got with breaches of security and info dumping/selling and I was like, damn…I am so fucking glad I don't invite the kikes into my life like that anymore.

We will see. If you win, then parasites are truely the best animals of the world and thus deserve world domination.

But, youve been winning a war of wich no1 has been aware off. Many people are waking up to the parasitic problem and Zig Forums is only a very very small part of the people waking up. Truth is the most powerfull weapon to make people take action. You have only been winning because people have been falling for your crying behaviour. The Muslims you have imported in Europe are the behaviour that makes people recognize parasites more easily. Your time is not yet up, so have fun for as long as you can dawd.


Especially White Nationalism

99% of the time it's not Boomers who do this, hire them and adopt them.

Come on, I thought it was funny that BOOMERS had an 11 year old…in the (((OP's))) mind.

I don't think the vast majority of Millennials (and younger) actually know what a Baby Boomer is. They use it like a placeholder for "someone more successful than me".

Were they christians?

Good God thats a shit narrative.


too bad it is accurate…there is no reason other than the kikes fucking with people and dividing WHITES YET AGAIN for any of our people to insult their elders.

No its not, it would be accurate if you'd said "someone older than me".

Our elders were shit and made this shit world through their actions. Age alone does not warrant respect, but rather, the wisdom of age… But our elders gained no wisdom.

Depends which Jews. Yids have so much white admixture that their IQ is naturally similar to ours, and then slightly increased by the fact that the overwhelming majority of them are rich. Greater wealth = more resources for learning, and learning can increase or decrease IQ by ~5 points.
Now if you're talking Semetic Jews, I have to agree, considering that they are racially indistinguishable from Arabs.

When a single happa anywhere successfully breeds I'll consider this as something one step above the desperate boasting of a genetic dead-end and literal MGTOW incel who projects his hatred of himself onto his white father.

You're not the future, Brenton Yang. You're a living proof of the commandmant of God that mixed children must be bashed against the rocks while their parents watch. "Blessed is he who bashes their little ones against the rocks." Nothing has changed in six thousand years.

There was an OP on here that showed that the whole kikes are intelligent meme was a complete fabrication. But really? Apply yourself user. DO you think someone who destroys everything they touch is really 'intelligent'? By your measure niggers with a 60 IQ or lower would be classed as 'intelligent'. Kikes are retards, but 'clever' retards…they are trash people just like niggers. They don't understand work or effort they are a WELFARE NATION that is parasitic in every aspect of their being. Their only understanding of wealth is that they need to ritually human sacrifice humanity to get it. They are literal demons. I think you need to study them a bit closer and then you will give up this 'fantasy' (LMFAO) of kike intelligence. Also, in the time I have been monitoring IQ they have changed all the sources online to reflect that they don't have a 84 IQ but a 95 IQ HOWEVER that does not change ACADEMIC OR PEER REVIEWED DOCUMENTS…in an actual case study you will see that they still have an 84 IQ no matter what strings they were able to pull to make it look like 95 IQ still PITIFULLY LOW AND NO ONE WHO SHOULD BE IN A POSITION OF AUTHORITY IN ANY WAY.

Did you ever wonder why nations prosper outrageously when the kikes are thrown out? There is a reason…when the parasitic RETARDS are kicked to the curb, things run smoothly and without incident…how much more do you need to understand that they are not much higher IQ than a fucking Gorilla or a nigger?

THe best part of this is that THEY LITERALLY DON'T KNOW THAT THEY ARE RETARDED…even at 95 IQ they would be literal retards compared to someone like me, with my IQ…

Maybe they are sterile…I hadn't actually considered that they are infertile as a hybrid cross…sure infertility occurs most often with hybrids. I will have to look into whether or not majority hapas are infertile.

"Elders" implies ones who plant trees to that their children might enjoy the shade.

Every definition of boomer fits snugly into the "fuck you I got mine" category. They're just foreign people contributing to the GDP at this point.

My friend had a hapa dad. German japanese happa. His daf married a spaniard and he turned out ethnically ambiguous but kinda mexican. My friend then married an anglo and made blonde vaguely finnish looking kids

Every definition of a WN fits snugly into the anti White category.

Never you retards. Feels over reals. It's fucking CY+6 you bigots. :^)

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And now they will learn that no one gives a fuck if a boy/man dies. Only how it effects wahmen.

user that image… fuckin epic

They were brainwashed for years and not informed of the danger about letting a migrant ape in your home. The warnings are hidden, the propaganda drowns it out.

haha xD so epic haha post it on reddit and facebook haha, this society is collapsing and everyone is thinking its fucking epic haha xD

kill yourself faggot