French Foreign Legion

This might be slightly offtopic but I have come to feel some of you guys as brothers in spirit so I prefer to post here.
user from Europe, 21yo. /Fit/ af. I have decided "normal" living and wageslaving is not for me. And I have a flaming desire to experience WAR and combat.
My plan so far is to join the FFL (as title implies), get the best training, serve my first contract while saving all the money and then seek to be employed as mercenary to fight in say Africa. Or volunteer in an ongoing conflict in other parts of the world.
Is there any user that has served at FFL?
Is there any better way to do it?
Any thoughts, ideas etc will be highly appreciated.
Stay strong

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Imagine being this stupid and falling for somebodies authority and implanting yourself in a downie pyramid scheme. good job moshe you caught another tard.

You will be a good ZOGbot.
Jews will appreciate this

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In a few more years you'll grow up some and realize how retarded you were for wanting to be a zogbot soldier.

Might not even go to africa if there is any conflict in europe by then i might just volunteer
You do not join the ZOG, you use its structure to actually gain access to a lifechanging and possibly transcedental and metaphysical experience that will put your inner nature to the absolut test
There is no plan besides going to war. I have ideas on what to do afterwards but I know that a war might as well be my end

This doesnt even make sense

You'll clean 24/7. You'll eat 1000 calories on a good day. The legion did not taste blood in recent years and will not taste blood.

If you get deployed even once in your 5 years of cuckoldry highly unlikely be sure to act like a tough guy.

Also you'll look like a holocaust survivor marathon runner, unless you start doing roids.

I have 0 interest in becoming a "zogbot soldier". War is an experience that tests the inner nature of a man and can have transcedental and metaphysical implications if you approach it with the correct mental attitude. I have had my experiences (streetfighting, hand to hand clashes with riot police, fighting with antifa) and I strongly feel that my nature is that of a warrior.
So I seek war. How is killing niggers in some random african shithole "becoming zogbot"?

Yes I know that it is not likely to see combat with the FFL. My plan is to get the top training, save all the money and then join mercenary force somewhere in a shithole conflict or volunteer somewhere

France fights only for Israel.
I'd actually hope you would go and already die because you sound dumb as fuck.
We do not need people who fight for kikes.

I have a contact with a guy from my country in the FFL. I will see him in the summer and ask about that. Do you know it first hand?

i shiggy diggy

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Sorry but you sound dumb as fuck. FFL has not been deployed in years. My plan is not to go to FFL hoping I will fight in a war. Even if it happens it will probably be in a ramdom african shithole like last time.
After having the best training and money saved I will seek to join a mercenary force or volunteer somewhere.
Ok so if you were a man in WW1 would you try to flee? Because no matter the side you would be pushing kike agenta.

You sound dumb as fuck if you think anyone cares about a post about FFL in Zig Forums. Its not like we are discussing bombing a parliament (in minecraft obviously)

In WW1 minecraft simulation, I would attack the real problem - Synagogues.

free training can be had in any military army.
more pay then FFL in many military
Look at France's spec ops hostage rescue that just lost two of their "finest" in africa while only killing four kidnappers and rescuing four hostages
FFL yes, if;
you are from a shit country with a shit or no military or a wanted criminal and have a passport, then yes FFL will take you.
if you want to see guaranteed action. get dead ALMOST finishing your five year contract, pic related…

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more pay then FFL in many military
The thing is training in my countrys army is shit and minimal, even in special forces

Can you give more info in that?

you are from a shit country with a shit or no military or a wanted criminal and have a passport, then yes FFL will take you.
if you want to see guaranteed action. get dead ALMOST finishing your five year contract, pic related…

Thanks for effortpost. Are there other armies a foreigner can join that provide superior training and a higher chance of combat to ffl?
Even if I dont see combat as ffl (which is very likely) I can then join as a mercenary or a volunteer

Well then maybe war isnt for you user

I dont bareback and I havent said any personal info besides my age (and obviously will not).

Please die already

Fighting in a war is the ultimate experience and trial for a man with the nature of a warrior. Read the gita, Nietzsche and storm of steel and stop being a pussy

If you already have made up your mind there's no point in having this thread is there? You don't want to listen to the advice you asked for only the advice you like and telling you you're cool or something.

The fact you're thinking of joining the army in the current geopolitical state shows you deserve to have your lineage cut.

You seen those ZOGbots during the yellow vest marches? That's you going "I'm just here for experience and training I'm not a ZOGbot this is a test of my mind" as he shoots an old white man in his eye with a gas canister. "
"Just a bit more experience and I'll rebel"
"Time's not right"
all the way to retirement, in the end you'll be a good little goy wondering where the good fight was. You're just lookin for an ideological excuse to join the ZOG rank and file without being honest to yourself and seeing you're a cuck.

Sage for double.

If you actually aren't a shill or retarded you stop posting now when you have some dignity left.

You sound like Jocko. Get a grip on your life, retard.

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he says he wants to war
we are in the greatest war yet, the war for european survival

The thread was to ask if any of you has any better plan for me to consider. The goal is: EXPERIENCE COMBAT. I have come up with the ffl->mercenary or volunteer thing on my own, if anyone else has a better idea I would be glad to listen. I do not claim it is the best solution, thats why I posted the OP in the first place

You either completely misunderstand my intentions or you are willingly fighting a straw man.

you're not fooling anyone


Op says hes fit af but hes probably 160lbs and would get raped by any jungle bunny.

You are a retarded double digit IQ bot.

isn't it kind of weird how they never offer an alternate explanation for what we're actually supposed to do with our lives, or why wage slaving for schlomo is somehow a better alternative? it sounds like someone doesn't want people on a right-wing politics board to get military experience for some reason. i wonder why!

When I was more naive, I joined the usaf. I still feel disgusted that all I did was to the benefit of jews and not the people who mattered to me, and that the concept I had of “my nation” was a lie when in reality the us is flooded with traitors, shitskins, and (((parasites))) who are actively killing the White people who made america what it was when it was great, ages ago.
It’s a filthy feeling, waking up and realizing you were a pawn for jews.

isn't it kind of weird how retards never think for themselves for what we're actually supposed to do with our lives, or why killing schlomo is somehow a better alternative? it sounds like someone doesn't want people on a right-wing politics board to get militarily enslaved by ZOG for some reason. i wonder why!

right mate i don't know how to tell you this but the kikes (or however else you want to refer to our nefarious global ruling elite) own everything in this world from the food we eat and the air we breath to the ground we walk on. virtually every single thing we do in this world, short of being a NEET on welfare who gets essentially paid by the state to stay out of trouble, works to their benefit, when we buy anything, even food, we finance evil by padding the pockets of giant conglomerations, when we work our tax dollars go to the state to pay for massive unchecked immigration. they've set up the entire system so that short of giving up your stake in society by dropping out of it and getting on welfare, you work for them and their interests. given this, bitching about being a pawn for the jews by doing x, no matter what it is, is retarded. there is no alternative to this - they have all the cards and have all the power. what this means is that passive resistance is useless and the only thing that actually matters is how useful you are in terms of actively resisting against them. to this end it doesn't matter if what you did was to their benefit - it would be just as much to their benefit if you were slaving away at some shitty office job somewhere, giving them your tax dollars and inflating the GDP. to this end i think military experience is always beneficial, even if you get it by fighting in pointless wars for evil people. if you didn't, they'd still be importing the shitskins and you'd still be paying for it

yes, goyim. killing fellow Europeans is the ultimate experience what a goyim can feel. Now, kill your fellow goys, while we sit in Israel and watch

How come working 50h a week (+commerce) to pay loans, mortgage and taxes so your (((goverment))) can fund the subhuman invaders doesnt make you "zogbot" but getting payed to get combat experience in eg africa does?
Who is more of a threat to zog, and more useful to the cause in a revolutionary chaotic situation?
A tame citydweller or a combat veteran, hardened from years of special forces training and the experience of actual combat?

Unless you actually live in a hut in the woods and on wellfare you are serving the ZOG. Even then one could say that you are serving the zog by not doing anything!
So this "muh zogbot" doesnt really mean anything, unless you are talking to an actual willing kike shill


I've heard that the FFL is a really bad deal. Like a really bad deal. I considered it once, but that was a long time ago, So take what I say with a grain of salt.

As other anons have mentioned the pay is shit and you won't see any action. On top of that the normal training is a pain in the ass and you are more than likely going to be dealing with shitskins galore and criminals all across the board, except for murderers I think. This pretty much ensures all of your comrades are going to be off kilter for one reason or another.

Another really good reason not to go is because you will probably be rejected anyways. I've heard that even if you qualify for everything mentally, and physically you still have like a 1/8 chance of getting in. You can increase your chances of getting in if you are french/ whatever bilingual or have some kind of technical skills.

The French foreign legion gives you a fake name and identity that you can give up after a certain amount of service(a year or two I think?). And in this time you basically have no contact with loved ones or friends or the outside world really. That can kinda make you go crazy.

Also their uniforms look extremely gay.

Finally the last reason is because if you are going to serve the zog or whatever you might as well just join the marine corp. At the very least you won't have a gay rapist hiding from interpol fingering your butthole during training exercises and you may even get to shoot some gooks or sandniggers to boot. I think there is some kind of program that they have for foreigners so you could look into it if you aren't american.

FFL is a really bad deal though.

Thank you for effortpost.
The reason I am considering FFL is because I am European (eastern europe). If I wrre an america I would definitely join the american special forces and try to get a solid combat role, that would be ideal.
I havent heard anything about the program for foreigners on the marines. That would be too good to be true tbh. Do you have any more info on that?

Go to Mid East, and volunteer to fight with the Kurdish YPG. They'll take you in, and send into some combat experience. I have an acquaintance that did just this, and was such a Chad, he rose in the ranks rather quickly. Hell, he even "found" a tank, and THEY GAVE IT TO HIM!!.
Told me some nasty stories of simply just driving over ISIS cowering in holes, and making brown jelly. He's now safe and sound at home, full of experience and fire, and twiddling his thumbs waiting for the Great Slay to begin.
Sounds like all kinds of good times.

You could fight for any warlord. There are lots of them. Civilians in war zones will fly the flag of whoever will give them arms ostensibly to defend their families and business. There's no point serving some foreign cunt's government for years with no plausible hope of being deployed, and you won't know what being in war is like until you're in it, and if you're ever in it you won't like it. You're not the hero of anybody else's world. If you want to learn to survive you don't need to sign a contract. How much they get paid? How much will living cost you? By whom do you hope to be employed following your service? Do they value ex-FFL? May as well just move to Donbass.

Check it.

You can't just join the special forces. You join the military and maybe you can get in. You might just be a potato peeler instead.

Why would you not join your local army? Eastern Europe is based as fuck, and you wouldn't be shipped off to fight sand niggers in some desert, you would be there to protect your country from invaders. I can think of no nobler calling.

What can generally be said, is that FFL only when:
There are also pros to the service, of course. If you are pro-active, you can get some nice knowledge and experience, you can get plenty of specialized training. You can also see whole lot of world - real world, not cucked hyper-civilized first world. Having FFL under your belt also still has a ring to it, so you will have it easier with your future employer, should you stick with security/law enforcement. French passport is also nice. Money are okay. Not bad, not really great either. But if you are not a retard, then especially after third year you can make solid bank. If you save, even more (hint: you wont). Quality of training, amount of suck is similar, or slightly higher than any western military. Doesn't apply to 2REP, they are very different.

I would personally recommend joining your own military first and see where you land from there. You are young, you have plenty of time to try what you like. Leave FFL as your last resort, you can always go there.

t. Served.
FFL is five years
Other military is 2-4-6 depending on contract guarantee, education, etc..
Undocumented into US military is fast track to US citizenship.
USMC basic office pogue is better trained than most countries Infantry. many go usmc minimum enlistment, leave as citizen, go to US army spec ops. etc. or just go US Army airborne, ranger, etc. many ways to skin a cat.
GL user

now ask yourself, where have you ever seen war and combat?
do you think that joining a military organization will make you see war and combat?

war is a hoax. There is no combat. There are not opposing uniformed armies combating to secure land masses. U R A FOOL. WHILE IN MILITARY SERVICE, YOU WILL NEVER WITNESS ANOTHER PERSON POINT A RIFLE AT AN 'ENEMY' AND SHOOT THAT PERSON WITH A BULLET.



Military are a bunch of gypsies. The military is a gypsy organization, you are not related your co workers, you are not the same race/religion, etc. Then, the leadership moves you around from place to place, you have to move every 2 years and live in some ghetto base housing with strangers.

faggot, bs.

Are they still accepting random foreigners? the fight against daesh isn't entirely over yet but their propaganda is switching to the whole "international commune" meme.

Oh hi cervens, is the pull-up unofficial standard still at 15?

All these slides made in the exact same way by the same asshole Purge this cunt and the slides all disappear. Of course the cunt mods are the ones shitting up the board so of course nothing will be done.

Personally did 10 and enlisted just fine. We had a guy who did 6 and they took him as well. But more is always better.

I'm only quoting, but it seems they are now arming up to fight Turks, so they supposedly do accept volunteers. Not really sure how much fun and games is to fight against air support though.

Ah good to know since I max out at 11 currently, is there much point even trying if you're a 1st worlder though? dead-end wagecucking is getting to me and being a glorified janitor for 5 years for the sake of some life experience is looking very appealing.

YPG's website doesn't look to have been updated much since 2016 so they're probably still hoping to officially become one big American air base.

I remember thinking like you did. Ultimately, that got me into the Marines. I did deployments to Sangin and Kajaki as an Infantryman. Yeah, I got some combat experience out of it. Hasn't done me any good. I got a lot more despair out of it than anything, since losing guys you care about for a jewish puppet war will happen regardless of your motivation for enlisting. If I could do it all over again, I'd probably just move out to rural Arizona and pay a few mexicans to shoot up my house every couple of days. The experience would've been about the same, and I'd probably be a lot happier than I am now.

It depends on if you really want yourself. They are well-aware that you are stepping down in regards to wage and living conditions and they will ask about that, so you need to have some non-bullshit explanation ready. First worlders have it a bit more difficult I think, especially lads from USA. There is a reason why the legion is now full of Slavs and guys from South Americas, because by service they will upgrade their life and thus they have less motivation for desertion. But if you are resolute about that, you will get in. Some story about living on minimum wage/in poverty would also help a lot too.

I've got some time booked for Autumn so I'll work on my sob story and aim for 15, thanks for the info fren.

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Good luck brah. Also:
Also run a lot before joining. During the selection the run test is easy (check out the beep test) but you will start running 8 and more km rather soon, every single day in very brisk pace.

What war is the FFL fighting that isn't jewish? You should consider oil rig or fishing work. I'm not sure if fishing pays well in Europe, but it still pays in Alaska. Oil work is huge in North Dakota, pays really well. You'll get tougher AND richer doing oil work or commercial fishing, than you would joining any modern military. You could also buy yourself a bow, and get alone inna woods. Hunting is very satisfying too. I think woodcraft is more important than combat experience, unless you really want to learn combat engineering.

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Why would you need to pay mexicans to shoot up your place? It will happen for free sooner or later.

Imagine some nigger lands a lucky shot and domes you
enjoy being a zogbot, you'll get vaccinated with a thousand shots, lose your previous countries citizenship and risk your life fighting to save christian niggers from IslamoNiggers…

You don't.

Maybe not, but we belong to zog wherever we go. Actually enlisting in it's armies though is some kind of special stupid. What's the get at? Unless you join to handle explosives, build things, or fly bretty gool jets what are you doing? You can satisfy your manhood by hunting, and there are better ways to toughen up and make real money than marching, waiting, and serving zog.

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Get paid peanuts to have abuse screamed at you and then get marched into a combat zone covered in booby traps (most casualties are from booby traps, statistically it's unlikely you'll ever even see the enemy at all) and depleted uranium dust.

You will die young after a prolonged mysterious illness.

(too big a file to upload here)

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Nietzsche never served in the military. kek
seems pretty based to me famalam

This is true. Plenty of people there are straight up natsocs, lot of Ukrainians who served in Azov etc. Pic related is a watch post at FFL base in Mali, read the signs.

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LMAO he's not wrong. Should've been a POG buddy.

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to fight in a war. It's natural for men and our normal calling. If you lack it, I would argue there is something wrong with you. The difference however stands in which war you want to fight and for whom benefit. That is something that should be always strongly considered. Enlisting to get all the experience and martial knowledge, that is also a good reason in my book. After all, all revolutions are usually lead by people who were ex-military or have ex-military people under their wing and there is a good reason for that.

- Mussolini.
- Spengler


The FFL is literally just a bunch of retarded niggers, honestly it'd be better to join Azov and Azov is shit nowadays.

There is very small number of niggers serving there. Per capita I would say way less than in American army.

Why does that surprise you? Armies still attract right-wingers, and men who love big fucking guns. Of course that means zog wants to throw you at any bullshit even more than they would an average votecuck.

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Yes, this. Be your own boss. Do business with other whites, and charge mudskins more.

What's the reason for not learning French or acting like you don't know any?

Also I speak English and German, and have lived in both the US, and Germany, but I've heard you need to essentially pick a mafia. Which is the better choice?

Pack your stuff and become a vagabond, dont join that globohomo army and fight for Le Califate de le Parise.

US Field Manuals are publicly available, you have the do/k/ument, maunals on how to build basic guns, you dont need to join some zog army to learn warcraft anymore.
Foreign Legion is full of Niggers and Slavs who will Dedovshchina your ass, if you want to LARP as a soldier join some kosher euro army.

If you speak French you will give you few volunteers who do not under your wing - to translate orders and explain them what to do. If they screw something up (and they inevitably will) you will be punished too.

No, I would say way less than US military.
Yes, plenty.

Holy shit what a fag lol

How was your time as a zogbot?

it's POG and no they aren't fucking better trained than other country's regular infantry lmfao. There are many US Marines who don't even shoot their rifle once a year since you can skip your yearly rifle qualification if you score expert the year before lmfao. If you want to learn to fight then join the infantry but, just know that your life will suck and everyone will hate and look down on you except for your fellow infantry brothers.

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Wow epic, what to choose!!! So many wany ways to go die in pointless wars for jews who control our governments, instead fighting at home to remove the real enemy!!!

Do this. You will find lots of jobs in Africa (SA is a goldmine), also south America. You'll get to travel the world and knock up some qt to take home from third world country. Grandfather brought home a chink.

You usually need to have some rather extensive military experience/background to score jobs like maritime security. But I've heard that the job is actually pretty good, if you don't mind the time on the sea. Weeks at a time, then they will drop you somewhere in port in some third world country, where you wait for another ship to board, sometimes days or weeks too.