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Zerohedge is the ultimate doom and gloom news site. Owned by ABC.

Gtfo stock market rat.

eventually the truly "free" market will prevail it is ruled only by the laws of mother nature herself perversions of the free market are eventually VIOLENTLY corrected

Who are ABC?

Media jude

A free market is a just a power vacuum.

My tiny little company did really well in the credit crunch. When all the yuge companies were kvetching.

I hope its like that again.

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The left still can’t meme. Fuck off faggot.

Not that ABC though, is it? Regardless, they're making a lot of money with their panic shilling.

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Oh no, I'm scared. I'm so scared I don't care about this thread anymore. My mind is pre-occupied with being scared, I can't be bothered with this thread.

F-off move to China and STFU OP


But Muh Urinal Tea though?

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i'm worried more than anything, really worried about the future. what will become of me now that i have read this thread?

You are the left, subhuman.

Look at all this one and done judaism defending the ZOG emperor.

little drumpfkin only has memes and global war! sad!

Get a load of this nigger.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those kicks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frighting

Good. I'm waiting for the recession and collapse.

leftypols new tactic while shilling is to accuse everyone not on their shill team of shilling. their board is in disarray and they blame Zig Forums so this is their "revenge". i do feel sorry for them in a way, there was this one anti-german thread where they were all thanking each other for being so supportive near the end, it was like something from a trauma support group.

Trump is not at home here.

In the UK hundreds of bank branches have closed and thousands of their employees fired in the last 5 years. They do this while insisting they're just 'streamlining' and the economy is booming. Because as everyone knows, a healthy, growing business closes branches and does less business.

It's not about saving costs, tho. It's about forcing people living in the rural areas to move into the city. By destroying the local infrastructure and making cars incredibly expensive they will succeed in the long run.

True. Probably the only holdouts will be people who live like Varg.

Oh, I thought it was about creating a fully traceable cashless society?

Oy vey Trump is bad orange for not supporting our globalist agenda

le doctor hair maymay
Do you think its still 2014?

4d chess is working. Kikes won't survive the economic collapse. All heil god emperor! we are winning!

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global trade collapsing is good.
how is this supposed to make me dislike trump?
could OP be any more of a kike?



I think it's funny, fuck you.

what you mean like china? wait what?!

Yes, it's coming. Cash-less currency, universal income and social credit system. What we are facing today is the end of their debt usury scheme which transformed the worth of money into nothing but debt and thereby destroyed the entire economy of the western civilization. Of course that could easily be attributed to jews alone, and so they created the world wide poverty racket, with 3-5 billion people under the official poverty line, in which they bred poverty into massive numbers for many decades now. They did this to exploit them endlessly with every crime in the book and are now using them for migration warfare, to destabilize the western civilization with unavoidable race-wars.

And as if that wasn't bad enough they are planning to stage a massive false flag to put all the blame on the whites, for which they will ceremonial destroy their oldest racket on the white men, which is Christianity. When that will be exposed, the whites will fall into total despair and fight back senselessly, which gives the jews just the right excuse to rile the rest of the world into exterminating them. for what they did to all the money. Afterwards the jews will let China and Russia march into the west to offer "peace" with the aforementioned slavery system, under the condition to accept the jews as the new rulers of the world. shalom.

China is the test run for the upcoming social credit system, crypto for the cash-less currency and universal income is pushed by all kinds of politicians globally as we speak.

Probably not but food prices will skyrocket this winter mark my words.

cashless just makes usury easier, think negative interest rates and everyone connected to a central computer that monitors your behavior and taxes you accordingly.

imported food may go up. but that just means more domestic goods in grocery stores. much of US food goods are superior, but rot on a truck because of high taxes to make room for duty free mexican produce.

cashless will only be rolled out if >85% of consumers stop using it entirely. The first world will not be forced into cashless. It all depends on the people. i guess it is a case of use it or lose it. once cash goes the mask will drop and it will be hell on earth. i was in europe recently and it was quite encouraging to see the sheer amount of people using cash.

You have your own place to circlejerk and be delusional, go to reddit or cuckchan.

At that point monetary worth doesn't exist anymore. The jews will have the entire world competing with each other for freely manipulated monopoly currency. There will be no more economy, just an AI running a simulation, that the jews can play with to cause unrest at their convenience. It would mean, no more wealth in the hands of individual humans. Imagine what that would mean for example for hobos? This system would force everyone to participate or face consequences.


You mean the people who are now ethnically replaced by millions upon millions of 3rd world trash? The people who are forced out of their voting rights by communism and media censorship? user, wake up, it's all gonna happen and we are right in the middle of it.

You have no idea. The migration invasion deliberately attacks the middle classes by stealing all their money away and into migrant hands. All the local lower classes are prevented to find jobs and homes to rent. Fucking Germany has German students on the street unable to provide for themselves. The homeless rates are skyrocketing, while the Muslims invaders are driving Mercedes, the banks are plundering the locals by enforcing subscription models to even use the account, the hospitals are overloaded with disease ridden 3rd world scum, all the supermarket food is contaminated by 3rd world workers deliberately placed to handle fresh food, the renters are steadily pushed into homelessness, the middle class jobs to maintain the cities (trash, truckers, post etc.) are all given to migrants only. The genocide is in full swing over in Europe.

do you even know how imageboards work, user?

Sage because it hurts your feelings.

possibly, but i saw a lot of cash being used. most people in the supermarket queue were using cash. there was actual physical stuff exchanging hands, it felt comfy.
did see a lot of immigrants though, mostly homeless i am guessing or drug dealers maybe i am not sure. not much mixing though very segregated compared to the anglosphere.

Awesome, I'm sick of shitskins getting all the gibs its time whites got in on it



Good. Fuck commerce.

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I had him filtered before he even responded to me

That is correct, and even with self processing registers the regular lines are always used. Europeans are also the most resistant to using credit cards or go into any form of debt, but then again this is all about demographics and these are under heavy fire now.

You forget that universal income will be implemented after the jewish debt usury will nullify every cent you own. It will be a global reset and you can bet your ass that the banks just couldn't find the proper documentation to reinstate your account balances afterwards. Again this is the end of their old debt usury scheme, which was created as pyramid scheme that will end the worth of money. Today (with the dollar being worth -22.2 trillion) your money is only worth as much as the jewish promise of it. Let that sink in.

Suck trump cock somewhere else.

why are you kikes always saying such gross homosexual shit? cant you turn it off for a minute? its disgusting.

Good picture.

only this one was me…


how is he not supporting globalist (((agenda)))?



meanwhile the trade war is destroying both iran and venezuela, fabricating war with trade in attempt to topple nations for oil, slavery and migration, explain how this isn't (((their))) plan.

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Who gives a fuck? Faggot, this is a White Nationalist board. Get the fuck out.

not an argument. behold the "white nationalist"

Behold the anti-white shit-skin who thinks he fits in on Zig Forums. You don't even know how to properly talk like a channer, nigger. Get the fuck out.

Take your meds schlomo, you aren't fooling anyone.


So, Disney. I fail to be surprised.

it's not owned by ABC or Disney, it's just schizo posting.

Come get some.

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wow surprising

The US is energy independent, food independent, and one of the least dependent on exports. We could nuke every other country on Earth and gas prices would just go up like 30 cents.

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Everything is goig according to plan
t. Illuminati


Allowed to post here.

In addition to this, our exports are majority resources like food, steel, oil etc. If the world goes to shit, we'll just live in excess.

I don't even know what they're kvetching about. If you can't make money in this stock market you may have a case of the dumb.