Based Trump says Poland should pay israel

The Trump administration and Polish officials have been in talks for some time to establish a new permanent U.S. military base in the country to counter threats posed by Russia and Iranian regime assets known to have plotted terror attacks in the region.

However, many members of Congress and top Jewish communal officials behind the scenes have been lobbying the Trump administration and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to amplify the matter.

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The Communist dictatorship in Poland was a Jewish dictatorship until Stalin saw sense and put them in their place. When are the Jews going to compensate Poland for that?

ZOGnald thread.

Yeah we get it Trump sucks kike cock, nothing new also this is a reverse "orange man bad" yawn

Saged and reported for pedophilic content

Apparently you don't.

Vote that bum out of office and vote in Joe Biden! He'll tell Israel where to get off! American democracy works! Don't forget to vote!

Why Biden and not Patrick Little?

Trump is a pedophile?


**These fucking subhumans should be driven out of German lands when this is all over==

He was exposed a while back.

Oh no, no zogbot occupation bases until that?. OH NOOOOO.

Trumpcucks are pretty mad it seems

Source dude trust me?

Sorry Poland, our president is a total cuck. You deserve better.

they already gave them half of germany lol

But no bases is great news. Don't worry, our president, prime minister, equivalent of congress etc are jews too, they will pay to themselves. I can see fake "conflict" they push in media already.

Thats for lands we lost on the east.

Gained in the west what they lost in the east. When are the Jews going to compensate the victims of the Cheka who were almost all Jews?

Why would Poland let another foreign entity to set up a command center in their sovereign nation?

to think redditfags used to call you shill for pointing out drumpfstein

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Never. They let Salomon Morel go free, and kept playing legal games until he died. Fucking kikes.

Too much social opposition to migrant genocide, they need to keep us in check with military. Plus they want to start war with Russia eventually.

Joe Biden is a whore for Israel as well. Skip to around 55 seconds.

He did hang out with Jeffrey Epstein on his private island, did he not?



but then they are a little cowardly aren't they? instead of asking for their actual homelands back from whoever took them they fight tooth and nail to keep what isn't theirs to begin with. maybe western europeans and easterners have a different mentality when it comes to land.

There's nothing wrong with pedophilia.

best case scenario and probable intended outcome: poland doesnt pay israel and US pulls troops out.

I like America but its best that we stay away from the ZOG anyway
time for a new Warsaw pact

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Private jet, not island. I find it hard to believe a big name like Trump wasn't guilty of some kike sex act, whether it was pedophilia, sodomy or just having sex with a lot of the beta kittens they have to tempt the goyim.

What did you expect them to do, refuse the German lands after being invaded and occupied by them and then start a suicidal war against the Soviet Union?

doesn't it feel shit to have accepted such a bargain? i mean the bones of your ancestors are still buried there. if france took a piece of england and gave england a piece of scotland, it just would not sit right with me.

But the Germans are now the biggest cucks in Europe so the less land they have the better. Meanwhile Poland remains white and proud so the more land they have the better. Realpolitik.

a bunch of afghans with manpads took down the soviet union, i don't think would have been hard for the poles to weaken the soviet union

sweden is more cucked than germany. and honestly so is the UK but we're splitting hairs judging whos more cucked between germany to UK; but sweden wins that contest by a stretch.

I don't understand have the germans been cleared?

but that's a gypsy argument. like i say i don't mean to offend, but i guess there is a difference in culture and worldview between western europe and those eastern peoples.

No, it's just that the jews wren't done sucking poland dry, and because in '46 there where pogroms of jews(NKVD officers mostly) who were rounded up and killed. It's the same deal with the hungarian uprising under communism. The jews thought they could be bloodthirsty murderers forever like they where in russia but the people didn't stand for it very long after having just fought a war against jewry.

And he jews want payback.

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Trump make a speech and his words where taken out of context.

See this video of press interview!

Don't you remember how the Polish menace simultaneously invaded the Soviet Union and Western Europe, all while gassing 600 million ethnic Jews on rollercoasters in Krakow?

what about the giant electric chair? or the eagle/bear cage? or the motorized brainbashing machine? or the good ol' bury them up to their necks and march horses on them?

why go straight for the holocauster?

You can't be serious if you truly believe that the soviet union didn't dismantle itself, just as ppr did

Then let that orange nigger pull-out his rapist slackers that would pack they shit and retreat once real shit would go down. Fix your shit burgers, it's fucking embarassing

And so the organized crime extortion racket continues…

Having just been occupied by Germany and then immediately occupied by the Soviets they weren't really in any position to weaken anyone. What realistically did you expect them to do?

What do you think happened to the other 5.4 billion Jews?

“Give the Jews shekels or else you won’t get the privilege of having a bunch of niggers and spics imported into your country to rape your women. CHECKM8”

yes, but only mentioning the holocauster downplays their suffering. its important to remember ALL the ways jews have suffered.

We had no say, plus it was mostly Ukrainian and Bielarus lands and got homogenous country, so it wasnt that bad.

This world would be a much better place without the jewry….

See? Anti-Semites always try to twist reality. It was pedal-driven, you stupid goy!

Their MyShoah phone app said the wait time for the other rides was too long.

Checked. Poland should keep our green niggers out. The Poles would probably fight better without our mamzers around anyway.

Read a book

btw, Apart from a few regions in Belarus and Lithuania, none of the former Eastern Poland regions are majority Polish. There is no justifiable reason to hand over non-Polish land to Poland.
The same is true for Germany.

Even if the holohoax were real, Poland was on the "victim" side by their own story.

a pedal driven machine powered by a goy is just a machine.

I'm so glad I didn't vote for that fat cuck

Do you think the orange man isn't bad?


When he got banned from Gab for being an antisemite?

Take back it to >>>Zig Forums

Being a Polish policy maker is so easy

sabotage demoralisation etc same as the vietnamese.

If you count being bitched at by Morpheus "exposed" personally I think that only makes you more credible

well by that globohomo logic we should be getting ready give over birmingham to the muslims.

why the hell would poland want a goddamn burgerkike zogbot advance post?

Russian jews, they are in quite the kosher sandwich position

yeah they really wouldn't have been able to take down the soviets, retard

Final Word on Zion Don:

Donald Trump needs to win the election in 2020. To do this, he needs Evangelical votes. Evangelicals literally worship Israel. And so, Donald Trump worships Israel. At this very moment, christcuck preachers across America are telling their flocks to vote Trump because he's mentioned in the bible or something.

Will this continue after his re-election? Nobody knows. But I'd appreciate it if the Blormpf cucks could grow up and kill themselves. That would be pretty cool.

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He also had some kind of break with Goy Talk, because he's in favor of redpilling blacks, like Rockwell's mentor, DeWest Hooker, who was meeting with Farrakhan through the 90s, was. It's funny, those same people will make excuses for Mike Enoch and his jew-wife, and Jared Taylor's philosemitism and kike protection, but wanting to turn the negro golems against the jew is just too far.

He isn't just courting Evangelicucks, he's owned by the jews, as he has been his entire life, and his father before him.

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Good for him. I'm not defending the man's actions, but I'd like it if more people understood the forces acting on not just him, but any president.

We will not solve our problems by voting


Benito, get the gas

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They did plenty of that. Do you think they welcomed their new Jewish rulers with open arms? In the end though Stalin replaced the Jews and turned on them, which placated the locals. You can't blame them. I mean if your prime minister suddenly started calling out the Jew wouldn't you support her or at least not oppose her? I assume you're a Brit.

Brave Germans tried to save the jews and help to take their minds of the trauma and pain of Polish Antisemitism which is passed on with mother's milk, like immune system among normal people and built holiday resorts for them, but perfidious poles overtook them and repurposed all the facilities, swimming pools were filled with acid, gyms were twisted into torture dungeons, movie theaters into gas chanbers, showers into gas chambers, chairs into electric chairs.

Building a US base is like inviting Chicago, Atlanta, Juarez, and a heap of kikes to squat on your land. Worst of all, its a giant X that says "nuke me in my ass". Our military's fucking useless, why would anybody welcome it? Why does ANYBODY welcome foreign armies to squat in their homes? Fucking hell, we killed red coats over this shit.

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So we dont get more ZOGbot occupiers until we pay? That would be good, unfortunetly jews who rule Poland will pay

You absolute fucking retard, the Vietnamese had such a good run because this whole thing was happening in a Jungle, and their soil allowed plasticity and the subsequent quick construction of tunnels. Regardless, the Polish people were constantly conspiring against the judeobolshevik menace that terrorized them so your whole point is fucking moot

Nice fake Voltaire quote, Kevin.

Arabs aren't White, retard.
The idea that we need to return Europe to the same borders that existed middle ages is retarded. I sincerely doubt that anyone who unironically argues that we should start ethnically cleansing Europe so that it looks the same as it did in 1912 or 1806 or 1550 is even White.
There is no logical reason for a racially conscious White person to want to start stealing land and cleansing it of Europeans. Thus, anyone who argues that we should is probably being paid to do so.

Every single region in Europe was at some time in the past populated by an ethnic group that no longer lives there. Everyone knows this including you. Thus, my jewdar senses are tingling when you suggest that we start a brother-war over land.

Tells you all you need to know about Poland's government that they would push for it voluntarily. And make no mistake, the zionist front Law and Justice will pay up if they aren't removed.

based orange nigger is based. we should all just hand over 90% of our GDP to Israel and be done with it.

not if part of england was under french occupation and the prime minister at the time was working for the french. traitors are the worst, they need to be removed first thing even before the enemy.

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Nice to upload a selfie, Moshe.

Just use one of these. Don't give the kikes any ammunition.

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Where's the bad part?

My name is Voltaire, and I say that all the time.

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The current Polish government will pay unless it is removed.

i must say you do sound a bit odd, something about the way you argue is just a little off.

Israel outright threatened to rewrite entire holocaust narrative if Poland ever tries to extradite Solomon Morel or a few other jewish murderers.

Polish-speaking. A big difference between Polish government and one that's only literate in the local language.

Kek no one can sense the sarcasm.
Is that autism or ass-burgers?
>The statement "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" is based on Strom's writing in his program, "All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us" (1993) in which he writes: "To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?"

Kike detected.
You're not fooling anyone, jew.

That catchy title was used in 1959, too.

Not all Torposters are d&c jewish shills.
The Slavics are good people.
I married to one.


I'll just point this out for anyone new;
One thing that jews and paid shills tend to do on Eastern Europe related threads is push the idea that various European nations should go to war over land because once, 100+ years ago, that land had a different flag over it or because once 100+ years ago, the majority ethnic group was different than it is today.
Don't be decieved. Anons who are not paid do not push this.
Serious White Nationalists understand by now that Europeans at war with each other is the foundation for jewish power everywhere. Thus, base D&C tactics like
do not work.
There is only one enemy and that is the jew.

True. It's his actions that I judge here. This kind of subversion pisses me off because it happens on every Slavic thread. They come and out of the blue say "Hey, how about you Goyim start killing each other over land again? That was always profitable for God's Chosen…"

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you are talking to the crying dutchman you fucking idiot. leftypol are trying to stir shit again, they are not hard to spot. now that they have been caught with their pants down they will accuse everyone of being an anti-white shill. hopefully at some point we get maps being posted.