Reddit speaks out and the message is clear: "No more responsibility to raise your children!" Reddit has made it clear...

Reddit speaks out and the message is clear: "No more responsibility to raise your children!" Reddit has made it clear that they are tired of the oppressive system of having to raise children you don't want. The black men rejoice at such a system, freed from the chains of having to dash after you get her pregnant.

Brought to you by u/mcdonaldsjunky, a redditor who frequels r/politics and r/Israel, respectively.

So what is your opinion on such a proposal Zig Forums? Shall we do away with raising our children? Perhaps we should give them to the state?

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One poster isn't Reddit. You faggots are too stupid to argue anything.

2700 upvotes and tons of comments supporting it.

Seems Reddit has made it quite clear that parenting is taboo.

learn to read you absolute retard. A woman has complete power over you and can force you into 18 years of slavery just because you had sex once for recreation.
So currently women can have recreational sex with zero consequences and men cant.
Naturally that gives women extraordinary social power and confidence, which is undeserved and wrong.

I agree fellow J-I mean user, we should be allowed to go out and fuck every single woman we want, getting them all pregnant with zero repercussions.

I'm sure your black friends would agree with this legislation quite a bit.

I refer you to you dirty blind nigger.
Weird how this honeypot is at the forefront of widespread opinions and common sense which then leaks out to internet garbage dumps like reddit even with all this CIAniggers and shills here.

Since you guys are too dumb to see what they plan for this 'liberation'.

It's all designed to destroy the family unit, remove responsibility from the parents to the state, and destroy genetic bonds.

However, it seems I have to spell it out, even with it being literally in their plan, because you've become too stupid and blinded by hate for roasties to see the truth. Goddamn I'm surrounded by retards. The white race may deserve it's death, it's too stupid to see past the tricks of the enemy even when presented at face as such.


Actually, this isn't designed to do that at all. Currently, the system encourages roasties to get pregnant and obtain payments from the father. If you couldn't get payments from the father, women would have to marry the fathers before having children. As a result, you would see more marriage, and most importantly, less roastie behavior, women would have to vet fathers, and not just fuck the local drunk biker chad. Of course, this assumes the state doesn't come in and become the substitute father. That would make the current situation even worse.

I'd like to think that women would quit being total whores on their own, but with the system the way it is, it's not going to happen.

So basically commies told women they need to work, but they keep letting everyone fuck them, so they need to steal money from the men who actually do work, instead of just supporting working men by raising babies and sharing everything with their household and offspring.

lmfao. Don't even know why the Jews shill here, you people are fucking idiots.


Heh, y'know, I wasn't on board with the whole kill whitey thing, but since I'm MGTOW and hate roasties, let it burn, heh.

Zig Forums is unironically just a LARPfest for virgins

Antifa must've heard actual truth seeking was engaged in this website. Is that why we're getting faggots like OP?


I don't mind so much the aspect of paying for own blood, im fine with that but there is a fucking limit when you aren't allowed to see your kids for no good reason at all while the cow is sitting there making up shit about their father.

The larger problem here is the courts, the fact that women are allowed to seperate from marriage so easily and irresponsibly with no regards for the children their wants or their needs even though they love the father as much as the mother.

In a marriage you don't see men taking out divorces over 5 missing pieces of silver, or if the hole doesn't get wet enough or if she's not willing to put out atm. But you do see the reverse over the most stupid fucking shit.

No, You only see that shit with some women who could care less about the kids or their dad, if their kid has a father figure or not, the bitch dont even care if the boy grows up to be a fucking unmanly loser and beta because father literally wasn't allowed to be there to telling him to man up.

She initiates the divorce all of the sudden and is allowed by courts to kick you out of your own fucking house that you may have bought and worked for and make you pay for it. Deny custody, sit there and propagandize their kids to turn against their father when they ask where their dad is so they quit asking.

It's fucking sick.

Men and women are not treated equally in most (((family courts))) and it's way of a bigger issue than anything. It's like a knife on the throat if you live in a fucked up judeomarxist country.

Or, let's say you have a happy marriage but then all of the sudden you risk having your kids stolen over bullshit.

It's set up by evil (((people))), by design to stop whites from having healthy relationships and children. Right out of the frankfurt school's teaching to destroy the west

I'm not advocating for or against marriage and nobody should let freak shit like i wrote here discourage them, but at least be aware of this and choose a good woman, today you must be together and bond for a long time before marriage.

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Yes, goyim, stop raising your kids goyim. It's the only solution to (((our))) child support system.

What's that goyim? Disagree? REPORTED AND HIDDEN, stop having opinions.

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justify your shit thread

Give me one reason that it's shit Schlomo

If you blindly put pure money over your own kids especially when the mother doesnt work congrats you are literally fucking scum of the earth.

Only a jew from reddit could come up with such a fucked up irresponsible idea.

The courts and differential treatment of genders there is the bigger issue. This is second grade shit. There would NEVER be an issue if it was harder to initiate divorce or destroy custody rights.

Seems you and me are alone on this idea. This board is filled with Jews pushing this agenda

You've reframed what the faggitor said. That is what Jews do.

change the divorce laws,(((common law marriage))), and regular ol' child support and you will save the family unit. if not bye bye to white people. white knights cannot stop placating women (who are childish and selfish). anyone who calls this out is labeled incel. women will never willingly give up the right to steal mens $ and life so untill white knights are slaughtered or see the light then civilization is done for