Be Aryan

So this is the power of the Aryan masterrace.

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Faggot thread.

Someone make a decent thread on pic related instead.

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How does it feel outnumbering the Jews 100-1, but they still control half the wealth, have more geniuses, inventors, nobel prize winners, and have managed to covertly conquer half the world?

Truly a pathetic race, Aryans are.

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I think we'll be just fine. Sooner or later another war is going to break out, and that's when whites shine brightest.


Lying, cheating, and stealing, isn't "conquering" anything, you mindless rat.
If we do lose to your subversions, you'll only be the "masters" of the corrupted pile of shit you've created, and all the shit fucking subhumans who crawl through it.
(as though they won't just slit your throat while they rape your flayed body once we aren't around to protect you.)
Enjoy yourself, bitch.

*eats more popcorn*

Truly, Machiavellis of our time. How could the white race be doomed with such fine men whining about the Jews playing unfairly?

lmao yeah right! you weak ass crackers got your asses handed to you by mongoloid untermentch! jokes on you and you will lose the next war! mongols are the true master race

"Da meanies dey played unfair :((((((, they wuz supposed to use armies, dey breaking da rulez"


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Jews seem to be incapable of learning, literally thousands of years of jews being destroyed and evicted from everywhere on earth because of their jew behavior. It's going to happen again Rabbi. This time however the new world be built upon the jew ashes.

Good luck in the future jews. The goyim are awake.


Only way to find out right? And we're looking forward to it.

Jesus christ, you faggots make it so obvious that the tables are turning by your constant need to kvetch endlessly on Zig Forums and anywhere else where pro-White (and anti-jew) sentiment can be found.

As far as dying out, you'll bite it first finkleberg. You're dying out, and your state can't exist without Aryans to hide behind. If your bankers do outlive the white man, congrats on ruling a brown, decaying world. Your messiah will appear in 600 years, turn and kill what's left of you all, because he's only got sheboons to fuck and the secret of mosquito nets is the most expensive luxury he can buy.

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Heh. You flatter yourself. Just wait until we're playing by your "rules", parasite.
It's actually quite cute that you believe in your hubris so emphatically.
The only reason you're here spreading your frayed, and broken peacock feathers is because you're afraid. Deathly afraid.
You know what's brewing around the entire world right now.
Everyone is waking up to you, and what you've done to humanity.
And so far, you're ONLY defense to this awakening, and what is going to result from this enlightenment, is to kvetch, and whine about "MUH ANTI SEMITISM!"
How's that working out so far?

We're coming.
And there is no where on OUR World left for you to hide.
See you soon, jew.

":((((( I be a twue awyan masterwace, dat's why I cwy about jews on anomyous imagebowd cuz im such a big man"

We're busy ruling the world while you scream about muh nobility. Do you think this is a Hollywood film? The good guy doesn't win in the end faggot, it's whoever is stronger.

And we, are far, far stronger.

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OP you have the best gifs.

if white people leave, the chinese will be your masters, and they wont be as kind as us.
jews cant function on their own.
you people shit where you eat and have infected your own people with your own subversions. thats why israel is the gayest country per capita.
you fucked up and your children will pay the price, even if you "win".

meanwhile whites will still be alive in remote areas with tough terrain/weather because we can survive.

being outnumbered 100-1 is stronger? Imagine if 10 of those goys are awake, how about 20? Ruling is a temporary state. You should be concerned about what happens next.


tbh i do feel like we are living in a bad hollywood movie where the good guys lost and its up to the "resistance" to finish the job. that reminds me of wolfensteina nd xcom 2

Ah, you finally admitted that the war is lost and all you can do is run, a fitting end. Enjoy your incestuous mountain adventures hahahahahaahhah

Goyim do as their told. "N-nu-uh!"

The power of propaganda on our side is enough to get you to genocide your own people for fear of us. Not one step back.

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We know why you come here.

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It's more like 400 to 1, but let's not fuss on the details eh?

Thank you for clearing that up. Like I said, the only reason you're here is fear.
Fear that our patience, altruism, and foolish belief that you subhumans will ever evolve has run out.
It has. You know this. You have not prepared for this because, no, you are not superior, or more intelligent in any way.
An ancient, illiterate world, disconnected, was easy to hide from. We are now fully aware of who, and what you are, and the entire world is communicating through today's technology.
The same technology that is going to exterminate your filth from our world.
Do YOU think this is a Hollywood film?
The "good guy" doesn't win?
So you admit to being wicked, evil filth, and that's why you "win"?
You come here to spit in our faces as we wake?
You poke the Bear and Boar?
And you think you're smarter, and stronger?
The massacre is coming for you. No, I do not think this is Hollywood. I've thought on this for along time. I know what must be done, and I've faced that reality.
You schizophrenic neanderthals can't help yourselves. You WILL make the final mistake that we are all waiting for, and that's when you will be exposed to the entire world of sleeping sheep.
That's when the fun starts.
I can't wait to meet you.
Sleep well.

We'll see won't we Rabbi?

I actually don't know what the ratio is, but I was just using the OPs number because it's already sufficiently ridiculous. 400-1 is ludicrous level.

and these fuckwits completey ignore AI and other advanced technologies!! lmao at the state of our "enemies". Like AI will do a much better job than dumbass snow niggers so i dont fear their "threats"

incestuous? theyre not jews.
you go ahead and enjoy your brown, gay, degenerate, godless world full of pain and suffering. its the bed you made for yourselves.
do you seriously consider destroying the entire planet a "win"? your kids will have to live in it. but the places that will be left will be occupied by whites.

lol you idiots really think the 500mil was a joke larp? a couple of whites will remain as a reminder of yolour failure

These are't threats, nigger.
These are promises.
We have a contract.
The balance is well overdue.
See you soon.

Ratio is actually 37.22-1 in the US, non-hispanic whites to jews, 197 million - 5.3 million

Keep poking.

What makes white society the best is our co-operation with each other, good nature, willing to lend a helping hand, our empathy. These are instincts which make us vulnerable to exploitation by the Jew and which we must overcome to escape his shackles and oust his obvious agents AND disguised cryptokikes from our midst. Each enforces the other.


Who do you think controls the AI goyim? Surely the people that run every national bank in the entire world might have something to do with it?

We could wipe you all out with drones alone. Not a single casualty on our part.

You're going to have to if you want to save the white race in your mountain refuge, Cletus.

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i never stated a number, but many whites currently live in tough unreachable areas, and they'll continue to live there because nobody else wants to.

meanwhile jews destroy the entire planet and are forced to live in it as subhuman animals devour their children. enjoy.