"You Jews, I'm Gonna Get You" - Jogger Arrested

‘You Jews, I’m gonna get you’: Jogger arrested after spitting on elderly Jewish couple


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This needs to become a Zig Forums banner.

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Based Emmanuel Petit

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Stop wasting time you idiots.

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Fucking Chad looking dude. Nice.


Oy Gevault

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Wait arrested for battery even though all he did was talk shit? America lol

Okay I kekd


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5 felonies, with the jail time he is facing for spitting he should have simply shot and killed them all, then at least the charges would be more inline with reality.

anti semitism is just part of living in a white country

"I'm going to get you"
Ironnically that's what niggers say to whites when niggers get pissed off. Whites are niggers confirmed.

This is a jewish country.

Daniel Valerivich "I'm not a baby, but you can still eat my dick" Starikov
Daniel Valerivich "Eat My Dick, Hasidic!" Starikov
Daniel Valerivich "Hold my coat, I'm gonna fuck your throat" Starikov

You'll never be white and you cannot live with that thought, huh? Learn to cope with it or perish

33 years old
33 years

Learn to recognize Masonic propaganda when you see it. You blind fuckwit.


Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Info

State: Florida
County: Dade County
City: Miami
Facility: Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center
Inmate Locator: Login to Locate Inmate

Number: 786-263-5600
Name: Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center
Address: 7000 Northwest 41st Street, Miami, FL, 33166
Phone: 786-263-5600
Jail Address: 7000 Northwest 41st Street, Miami, FL, 33166


I'll send him a greeting card when I go on lunch in a bit. If some user wants to send him the Tarrant Manifesto or something that would be cool too.

Freemasonry is Jewish and you don't belong here.

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I'm white you Jew.


Not surprised that you completely missed the point, you fucking retard.

Who benefits from this story???
Er duh uh fmmmgh
The fucking Jews you absolute ficking moron.

The only reason they published the age of the man was so that they could slip in their magic number. This happens all the fucking time.
What other possible relevance does the man's age have to do with the story?

Hi Jim!

Daniel Valerivich "Spat on jew, made the news" Starikov
Daniel Valerivich "Spat On Rat" Starikov
Daniel Valerivich "Raspberrycaust" Starikov

Jim is a Freemason half-Jew and Ron is a sodomite half-gook.

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absolutely degenerate passive aggressive rope tier faggotry

Dubs are OUR numbers now.

You have't done shit to the jews, you don't have the balls you fucking retards. look at that dude on the Op, he said some mean words against us and now he is on the fucking slammer, what can you even do if this what happens for a simple exchange of words? nothing, you can do nothing. but sure, go ahead keep insulting us and if g_d wills it you will get sent to prison too where a bulky nigger will rape you to death.

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I doubt he spat on them. Jew sometimes spit while their talking so they figured it would be safe to accuse him of that.

No one cares Grandpa

Exactly. The 33 is just so that other kikes will now that it was one of them that orchestrated it and they have nothing to worry about

Now you're just being stupid.

This what?

How is this retarded conversation even happening?

Both of you just derailed the thread with the most inane fucking point.

Are you a legitimate autist. Like, you don't fucking understand the context of what I am saying.

What a fucking retard. Post some more pics that have fuck all to do with anything. What a fucking waste of breath you are. Fucking mouth breather.

I've got to get back to work, so I can provide for my healthy white family. Excuse me while I enjoy the sin and the wind on my face while doing invigorating and technical work outdoors.

And you have fun gwtting more pale and sickly in the dark cool corner of whatever building you spend your day in.
Oh, and please do kill yourself, faggot.

An otherwise amusing thread derailed with MUH FREEMASONRY bullshit.

Good God.
I drop the Mason bomb and look how the shills come out of the fucking woodwork.

I guess I hit the nail in the head and this is theirs.
When you're catching this much flak, there is no doubt that you're over the target.
Thanks for confirming all of you faggots. No kindly go die of ass cancer and leave the world to those of us who deserve it.

You actually believe he did it?

Gaggle of jews just got out of temple.
Gaggle of old jews with withered bodies jealous of superior aryan /fit/ running every morning while women swoon over blond demigod.
Gaggle of jews talk about the insult of such flaunting of white superiority.
Gaggle of old jews decide to all claim he did something 'anti-semitic' because nobody ever refuses to believe them, especially when several say the exact same thing.

Either false flag, or frame up. No fucking way this is for real. Why wouldn't he just crush them outright, what sperging out is so much fucking better?

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If the punishment for a couple of words and spit is that severe, why not do something worth that amount of time?

This faggot cunt.
You have no power here, kike nigger.
When will you learn?

I can tell because you reflexively failed to capitalize jew.

Jew-user does have a point here. My first thought while reading OP was
Of course it seems that random accelerationists may be dropping by to deliver more lasting criticism of their behavior. But so far there have not been enough to make it a trend.

If there were any jews in my area I would make a video asking them calmly about what the word "goyim" means.

Can one of you make this happen?

And those jews surname? Smollet.

So he's goddamn 33 that has fuckall to do with anything whatsoever. You're gaslighting is ridiculous and unfunny.
I'm gonna shove my dick down your throat.

The quality of this board is terrible now. I'm ashamed of what's happened to this place.

Cuckchan 2.0

What the fuck are you talking about

Kill yourself.

What I said in applies even further to this post. If people are going to be punished for nothing at all, there is no reason for them not to act.


It's only one thread so no need to be over dramatic. But goddamn what a retarded basis from which to derail a thread.

Can't tell if Boomer or kike but I hate you all the same.

Feed me young faggots.

Your butthurt strengthens my Will.

And how do you my spacing?

Fucking lol at all of you queers.

The red text kike jewess thinks playing dumb will hide her glow.
Fuck you cunt.
All of you bitches are going to get raped to death in our Caged Nigger Rape Machine.
You might actually like it for a short while.

Get out Jim

I meant the quality of the posters, not the OP. This used to be a purely NatSoc board with some of the greatest minds on it.

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This thread is just fucking cancer now.

Thus is the power of repeating integers.

Reminder that you're a race traitor and your own son hates you for it

Yeah I don't care. You helped derail it too, you bit the bait.

Lol seems legit

Does't it suck when your Superior opposition figure out your bullshit, thousand year old coded language without even trying, and completely BTFOing your bullshit false flags?
You don't have anything left, and nothing in your quiver works anymore.
And this, here, doing what you're doing, is your new strategy and solution?
"Chosen Ones" my ass.
You're already extinct, cunt.
I hope to meet you myself.

Yeah, because jews aint a race of unnatural fucks.

Yeah you got me, I'm an alien escaped from Area 51. Don't forget. He's fucking 33.


If only you could see your glow from here.
You'll never be White.
You'll never know Spirit.
You'll never be human.
We're going to put you out of our misery.


This faggot.

Another jew.

I glow because I'm an alien, we glow naturally. I'm obviously not human, let alone white. Go ahead and taken on my space shit biggity bitch.

The "God" of the old testament was a "Demon", but 'what' do you think I mean by "God" or Demon"?

The ancients descended into darkness.
Why is this relevant in any way?

Religion is legalistic superstitious gibberish that is designed to pacify small minded fools.

Do you think that this 3rd dimension is all that exists?

None of that matters now anyway… Get ready for hell on earth.

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We all know it's you faggot cunt.
It's funny that you shit stains are incapable of feeling shame.
You're just another dumb bitch who doesn't know when to shut her dumb cunt mouth.

Why are you responding to this seriously? You should be banned for being off-topic. But no.

Aliens do not know shame, it's not an emotion we are familiar with. 33 year olds must all do our bidding. Mwahahahaha.

It correlated to his presumptive correlation.

It's not working, you silly sarcastic, kike cunt.

Excuse me? What the fuck did you just say? Are you calling me a faggot? I will fight you.

What's not working? Wait how old are you?

Everyone point and laugh.

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You're the one who thinks every report that mentions 33 year olds must be carpenter propaganda.

Nice strawman, cunt.
No, I believe THIS one is a false flag for many reasons. 33 is just the obvious kike bullshit that . you idiots believe still works.
You glow, kike cunt, and there's no where left to hide.
We're coming.

What's the matter? Too afraid to say his True Name, which is Moloch the Betrayer? Ha. Your kind are so hated, you are dependent on laws to silence criticism against you. We remember Gehenna, shabbo.

I mean obviously. All numbers are kike bullshit. Fuckin mathematics bro, how does it work? Math is for jews.

Completely off-topic my man.

More strawmen?
Pretending that we don't know your shit won't make your recurring nightmare go away.
We're coming, kike cunt.


Who needs straw when you have statements like "33 is just the obvious kike bullshit".

I want proof Daniel Valerivich Starikov even exists.

You do.
And all your kvetching isn't going to stop it.
You're pulling your hair out about how the fuck do I, and most other anons here, see you, and your assblasted D&C from 1000 miles away.
We've studied our enemy diligently.
You have gotten decadent, and lazy, and wholly dependent on the subversive systems of your demonic ancestors. You don't even know how any of your antiquated shit even works anymore.

We do.

You really should run along to Israel before it's too late.
pro tip: It's too late.

I like how all the low IQ cuckchan posters here missed the entire point of this thread.

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Wait! You guys!

We may have actually just discovered an ancient secret!

Think about it!

Although, who ever the Jews are, they built the pyramids.

Who ever they were was lost.

What if the Jews are the Ancients, and they have no special DNA because the Ancients were a global society????

The reason Jews always Jew the Goy is revenge for being enslaved.

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You're really frightened over the realization that I know your a kike cunt.
Maybe I know where you work?
Maybe I know where you live?
Maybe I know the names of your loved ones? (if subhuman yids are even capable of love)
Maybe you should stop posting on this board, and start tying your noose for me?

Mossad false flag.
That spit looked like video compression.

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the only time I am sure something's true is when they shill so hard like they are to an inconsequential story like this
You are right to be afraid, the narrative is beyond your control. The snowball has only just started to roll down the mountainside - life will be hard for you jew, get a helmet.

Even gamergoyte killed Gawker. Imagine the number of elderly kikes who got heart attacks from losses.

What a severe disappointment. My suspension of disbelief was nuked trying to wrap my head around a frail kike faggot, with that schnoz taking up half his hollowed out face, as the "brave warrior savior innawoods!".
These fucking vermin truly do think highly of themselves, despite the blatant reality.
Everyday that goes by without blood on my hands, singes my Ancestral Soul just a little more.

it's the future

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People are joking you autist, who the fuck would put time and effort into faking someone spitting on a jew when they could make up a much better story, like neo-nazis taking hostages at a synagog, or nigger israelites taking *White* jews as slaves

It is a national socialist board.

We're still here, but the jewpets lower the average IQ