Really activated my almonds

Really activated my almonds

If women get a choice but men have non isn’t that gender inequality?

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Half the responsibility.
Half the say.

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It's too late. You Jews should have pushed this decades ago when it mattered. Now it is to late for you.


shills love redtext

strawman to make valid criticism of the (((courts))) look silly

American culture is so shallow, look at this kids, she knows about fashion but does she know the Periodic table…. fuck no, will she grow up and get a master degree in molecular biology or chemistry? Serious doubt, will she be a party whore? more than likely

user I am not and if you are not jew then you fel for jew trick. Not all red text is shill. It is a style feature:


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Oh it's as if.. I don't know, she could use some male guidance in her life. Oh too bad, Tyrone will take care of her, wise college boy Brenton would get in trouble if he would talk with an underage girl.

jew have seperated beauty and smarts in the US and in much of the world. They make movies and shit with Norse women as bitches and stupid and such. Then they show that women can get rich and famous by being fucked by African on the interent. Even in children's shows like Rugrats the Blonde (Nordic) was a cunt, the ginger (Celtic) was a coward, the twins (Slavs) were dirty bug eaters, and the bald kid (jew), braided girl (African), and additional character (Asian) are the heros with moral compass and bravery that surpasses all the other characters.
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Watch this video to see why jews consider non-jews subhuman goyim. Go to 18:00 for extra subhuman content. Fact is, it should be legal to beat the shit out of women. Parents should be allowed to physically correct their degenerate children, husbands should be able to knock the shit out of a woman that is out of her place. Can't remember who said but he was right: women are the niggers of the white race.

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I didn't watch your video but where im from jews were always the most disgusting sluts or drug heads especially the "rich" jews who drove beamers. All the non-jews had self-respect and were only weekend partiers.

Well then it makes more sense why jews promote degeneracy.. so they could blend in more easily. It took them only 50 years to conquer the greatest nation on earth so..

The stupid is strong with you. The questions are in no way comparable. Neither men nor women are off the hook for child support if a baby is born.

Women can override a man’s choice whether to keep a kid or abort it. She can choose to keep it when he doesn’t want a kid or abort it when he does want one, with no repercussions.

Lel. jews are servants to their own jewed ideology more than anybody and josephus did it all for free.

Yeah, women are stupid. We get it.
Thing is, barring the presence of jews, it would never have been and issue. Barring the presence of jews, we could deal with it.

But now we have jews.
The solution is to get rid of the jews, and put the women back in their place.
Problem is, to get rid of the jews basically requires civil conflict, and most Western Whites are still too apathetic and pussified to do anything besides masturbate to internet porn, work a job they hate to buy more shit they dont need, and complain about jewish media on the internet.

Any white woman who gets an abortion should immediately be sterilized afterwards.

Take your meds.

For thoe who don't know,
javascript is game over.
The local or linked libraries allow any attacker to do anything, such as identify your motherboard or send you fbi pizza payload (like weeping angel), connecting you to every action you take on the internet while running jewscript. It does not matter if the site only uses jewscript to load images or render text, which only a dumbfuck would do, or use it for authentication, which is retarded still, or even if you read it, the libraries are still there to be used against you.

Server-side jewscript is fine since it never runs on your computer.