Cuckistan and facial recognition technology

Just when you thought the UK couldn't get any worse than it already is.

>Big Brother Britain: Extraordinary moment police FINE pedestrian £90 for disorderly behaviour after he tries to cover his face from facial recognition camera on the streets of London

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When are you Britfags gonna 1776 already… seriously?

Holy shit they're going full force into stalinist levels of totalitarianism unchecked, just like i thought. The UK will soon be stalin's wet dream. First in europe.

Next they ban emigration, get the fuck out of britain while you still can or stay and make a stand.

Never, all the good Brits are dead and there were never many of them to begin with.

In the US facial recognition is unconstitutional, as is networked surveillance. At least for the gvt to ue it. Obviousely capitalism is being used to further marxism and private companies will still use it to violate the feedoms of everybody. The good thing is that this will either be ruled to violate equality laws such as Equal Rights Act, because "ai" is "racist" and thee places are "public" in that anybody can come in or it will be upheld and discrimination by public-facing private businesses will be again protected. Can somebody say "whites only". Also people cannot be compelled to help police, it is not obstruction to not do a job you are not requiredto or compensated for. In the US. You can move here and fight your war from afar and then take our 1st and 2nd amendments back with you.

When Playing AD&D
Follow these tips. We have seen players not playing the game
When you are playing the game you must be sure to.
Kill your enemies Politixial opponents while they are carrying out
NPC tasks.
Don't go to the NPC's place of whoreship.
Area of of effect weapons that kill many NPC enemies at one time
are not effective for building +rep points.
Remember, Squad leaders and chieftans should be dealt with
1 on 1 so that fear points can be applied throughout the enemy
mobs and they are thrown into dissaray. This allows mobs to
no be able to organize effectively against your player character.,
Make use of poisons and potions effectively through the instance.

Don't pretend we wouldn't do the same. We would. "muh civil rights". Fuck that; either you have the will to power and destroy the eternal enemy or you ain't.

I am british and this is joke what they are trying to do and if I see a cämera too will cover my face and if they try to fine me I will give the cops a piece of my mind and take the thing buþ I will be taking it to the high courts and Iam sure I wil, have plenty of people standing by my side.

The cops really should just kill themselves for doing this tbh.

Why do you pretend that your country is any different? Britain is like China in that regard, they don't give a fuck anymore and just do it out in the open.

If I was a paki, I too would too rape british girls and beat their men into submission, they absolutely deserve to be humiliated by any means necessary.

When are you Amerimutts gonna stand up to your Goverment and put a stop to them giving all your countries money to the Jews and the Muslims building terrorist camps on your back door step?

When are they introducing this to northern ireland?
After all, we are still british AND the lost 13th tribe of israel!

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I can say the same about the USA aswell.

That sounds more like warcraft than AD&D. You might be a filthy 4e player.


In the end both Britain and the US are getting fucked over in one way or another.

literally facecrime

This man is a jew, learn how he speaks.

tours over for bongs. this is what happens when your culture is once you reach a certain age you turn into the worst caricature of a tea sipping smug elitist who cant be criticized.

i cant stand british isle accents, id rather listen to a central european or slav speak english any day

And when do you little whores ever do anything? Even Australians have used guns to better use than you faggots. You treat guns like it's bling or some soy boy toy. You have 55 different Nations crossing your Southern Border right now and they aren't even hiding, they are just walking over you. You fucking pussies.

You might not have access to pic related but you sure can fucking find it's parent (Remington 700) and do something with it.

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Even if I was a fucking kike, what are you doing about it ?
everybody fucks you in the ass.
Your government, the yids, the immigrants… meanwhile you do absolutely nothing but whine and whine and wait for someone to do something for you.

Is Zig Forums controlled opposition?

Woah there goy, thats illegal, didnt you hear about the small group of fags that where just patrolling the border and ened up in jail? happened a few weeks ago

Britain is literally Airstrip One at this point.

This thread was not intended to be for White in-fighting, anons. If you're here, then you know how dire the situation is for our race. The jew fears a globally unified White race.

britain is basically what all these 3rd world dictatorships try and fail to be. When it comes to totalitarianism with a soft touch there's no country quite like it. The americans call it "turn key tyranny". in UK schools kids are not taught civics or their rights either so no one cares.

And the USA is literally mexico at this point

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I just ranted to my father about this and he said he didn't mind constant surveillance and facial recognition cameras because he has 'nothing to hide'. I literally told him NSA and other intelligence agencies are capable of reading all the information contained in the services he uses and he said he would sacrifice his privacy and liberties for security. Normalfags are so far fucking gone it's unbelievable. My dad is an absolute government bootlicking cuck. I need to DEFOO ASAP!

Its actually the Jewish Beaner Zimbabwe, but we're only five times the population and including Canada like 50 times the size of Britain. There are still swaths of this country nobody cares about or have explored, which could sustain themselves on tariffs, mining, and oil. However, the UK is as badly raped or worse, and have been kiked by yid banking for way longer. At least you don't cut your dicks or have to deal with evangelicucks.

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Hey, I know guy fawkes did something revolutionary over there but that was 414 years ago. Lol

How quick you are to forget the satanic cromwellian jews in your government were allowed to enslave little white kids up untill the 1900's and had a dysgenic policy that favored and advocating for literally overtly starving/eradicating "lower classes", how the FUCK can you NOT have a civil war about that, meanwhile the US had a civil war JUST about your gay imposed taxes for fucks sake.

God what an idiot, what the fuck is wrong with people, it's right in front of their fucking noses at this point but some people just outright refuse to acknowledge what they see.

Trust me, It won't be soft touch forever, it will be something along the lines of a modern, worse version of the gulag archipelago.

There's no fucking way you're telling me you can keep diversity in order without a communist militarized police state in the NEAREST future. Your communist leaders have already showed their true red colors. They've started banning/jailing people who just disagree or are rumored to disagree, so there's no question that they'll start killing soon enough.

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I'm not saying you're wrong, but don't act like you aren't fucked too.

Im not, niggers only come here so they can sneak into the UK because they dont need passports to move to the mainland, the rest of the niggers are down in dublin. only problem here is the constant american tourism

Land cuck

At least they aren't speaking German

Hello baruch cromwellstein

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Yeah you are, you just don't know it yet. The jews want ALL Europeans gone. The reason they focused on the Germans, French, British, and Americans first is because that's where all the power is. Once they're gone or golemified, they'll just crush the smaller and less prominent European countries with numbers. You and your country aren't safe, you're just not up against the brick wall yet.

I guess they live in your head rent free

we are safe, the major countrys wont end up 99% nigger, because if they did, they will have civil wars whilst irrelevant countries watch from the sidelines

This is already widespread in America except in rural communities.


You can pretend it's just as bad in the US, and, honestly, the US is bad, but you really can't compare, it would be silly to do so.

Open your fucking eyes, you idiot. Exactly what you say can't happen IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

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Personally I would have thought America has got it way worse

Fuck off niggerpill

clam ya wee fookin pidgeon egg cunt daft bellend

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rent free

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All countries are on the hit list, don't delude yourself

Are these cameras capable of identifying you with a low sitting baseball cap? What about the cap and sunglasses? I doubt it.

Both are a good everyday disguise to defeat facial recognition.

You could also add a beard to make it even harder for the badge niggers to identify you with these shitty cameras.


I know, but my country is too irrelevant, its on there but they're gonna have to get rid of much bigger countries, which will never happen, just because something is on a list doesnt mean its going to happen

That's CIA and you know it

My Mexi-French gf is white

They already did.

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it isnt whataboutism, americans brag all the time about their ability to own guns yet they never used them

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Okay, leave.

I dont blame you

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Brit cope

What's wrong with the last picture?

Where are you getting cuckery or advocating giving up land to niggers from my post?

How difficult is it to fight bong police? Seriously, you should be able to just beat these fags with a broken table leg.

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"A piece of your mind" won't stop tyrants. It would be better to pretend you had no idea. Pretend you are fine with your enemy right up until you destroy him.

jewish education


not very, they are all cucks, weaker than the average /tv/ user, have no weapons, mostly manlets and women,etc only thing stopping people from doung a coup d'etat is that most people are fat layabouts that watchfootball all day and dont want to risk their benefits or hurt abduls feelings, you could easily kill any cop as demonstrated by those niggers with machetes that regularly behead them

I might have African blood in me because seeing that picture triggered a need to attack him

I never said that it was ok, weasel bitch. I never said britbong or btfo either. Get a hold of yourself.

One thing I will disagree with is fat laysbouts assuming you are American you know you are the most obese country in the world? Just thought I would point that out.

Generally speaking it depends on age.
Anyone 40+ and still on the streets is a serious threat. Since theres a good chance they've been a copper most of their adult lives and thus predate the modern police pussification.
If they're tall then that's definitely a strong indicator they're an old bobby. Since the police used to have a minimum height requirement.
So unlike their younger counterparts they'll be fairly tough and know how to use their truncheons.

Younger police officers will have entered the force through various "placement programs" and the community support officer route.
They're not generally that dangerous. The former CSOs might be since they may have been quite committed to joining, but the rest are unlikely to be any threat as their placement is more about correct politics and knowing people.

The modern day police exploit our polices traditional preference for talking things out and deescalation to make people not notice just how fucked the constabulary is these days.
Generally they rely on numbers and calling in heavily armed goons to get the job done.
They know that so long as they can ID you then they'll find you sooner or later and make sure its on their terms.
So while yes you have no trouble with constables Laqeesha and Jerii. They only need to remember enough about you to get an ID then the police can come and kerbstomp you in force while you sleep.

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sure, then why bring up that niggers dont matter because you can just move to another place like some white flight coward? surely if it wasnt okay you would fight to keep your land with those guns instead of running off like a coward?


Stop complaining and start killing.
Those who don't kill their enemies will lose.

Five Eyes gets around it.

It is just revolting. A shame.
Can we have the source please?

Pardon me, this pic looks like a joke with a grown up in an antiquated toy car.
Is that serious? I know England has a knack for absolutely absurd humor but this is beyond my ability to process.

I don't really have much to say other than Brits are a total fucking embarrassment. My ancestors were from England. They left that shithole to come here to the new world, then they helped kick you red coat faggots out of our new country.

(((Perfidious Albion)))

The Plastic Paddy problem on Amateur Night (March 17th) was pretty bad in Canada, I can imagine the added bonus of drunk burgers. Outside Dublin where would you recommend for a nice white vacation?

Please see Mr. Brock and have him review the cliche list with you so you are fully informed about not using them here. Another infraction and we will have to end your contract.

I was about to say it's just the opposite. You need to be using open body language (in addition to not hiding a spray can like an uncultured dindu). Cops develop a sixth sense over the years, I always look for the sergeant if there is a major scene.



So that's where Hotwheels went.

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The favoured term of the redditor when he or someone on "his side" is called out for being a gigantic hypocrite.

True, a lot of false accusations whataboutism occur when a person cannot see that two issues are connected by principle. However my usage in this thread is legitimate, in that the person was changing the subject to something totally irrelevant in order to remove the focus.

wew lad

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literally breitbart tier of fake news

Because almost all revolutions are led from the upper class not the lower class. The upper class always uses the lower class, uprisings also happen when some of the lower class manage to get into the upper class and seek vengeance for their general shit treatment when growing up. You think a bunch of white boomer millionares give a single fuck about Jonny 3km away from his gated community getting culturally enriched by a pack of niggers? No. Think these type of people care that migration sourcing property inflation and so on horrendously fuck up everyone beneath them? No of course not it doesn't affect their own riches.

How hard can it be to molotov/bomb/saw those cameras?


Then you weren't talking about whataboutism, you were talking about changing the subject. Whataboutism has only one meaning and it's to be a faggy redditor's attempt at defending hypocrisy.

Not hard but most smug npc britlets are too cucked to do anything, i think they'll follow their leaders into the grave even if it means self extermination and third world jew bazaar police state. Meanwhile frenchmen they like to mock has been rebelling now for months.

national action was literally the only exception there in the current year but they were banned and later labeled as a "terror organization" for just disagreeing" with jew policies, UK is an epic communist dystopia.

if this were happening in america, i'd fucking shoot them then surrender to the fbi

Source, please read it.

Destroy all their jew commie shit user, remember to put on a balaclava or mask.

Honestly if there are some real british people left form a gang with your friends and do this, seriously.

At least Britain is trying their hardest to force integration whereas America just stopped giving a fuck about people of color in the early 00s. The surveillance method is the only way to control "troubled youths" aka black men looking to fuck and suck anything within a ten mile radius. Good on you Zig Forumsfags.

4chan posts give me aids

they're not people if they're of color



And not to mention genetic behavior.

Can you go out in your neighborhood and talk with white people about forming an elaborate gang to continuously enslave and rape little girls for years and later kill them by doing shit like pic related? No you fucking can't.

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