Service Animals

I can only speak for my home-state, but what the fuck is up with the rise of Service Animals? Is this just another way of getting people to tell doctors that they have PTSD or some kind of mental illness? (so their word can be discounted in court or other matters)

My apartment complex is littered with dog shit because 6 other tenants have “service animals” and they don’t pick up after them. So the company sends message after message saying the dog shit is unacceptable only to add at the end “pets are not allowed on this property, unless they’re service animals”. Dogs are allowed in fucking restaurants, libraries, even classrooms. I don’t mind animals, I don’t feel strongly towards any of them either though. Just sick of these mental invalids parading their shitty animals around.

What’s the goal with all this shit anyways?

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Humanity (not jews) have been symbiotic with animals for a large portion of their existence, it's bred into us to keep them around.
We also are pathetic, having converted to the religion of money changing which means we have no use for them. they become "emotional support animals"
Start a farm.
dogs and cats are both beautiful animals.
Cats remove vermin.
Dogs help work and hunt.

Does Pepe count as an emotional support animal?

Dogs take the place of weapons in prohibition states.
dogs also take the place of children
Unfortunately I have no proof of this.
I suspect that dog attacks are more common in liberal zones.

I don’t think these service animals are of any use as a guard dog. They’re just pets under a different name

The entire idea began with good intentions but was quickly squandered as a loophole to enable greedy cunts to loophole otherwise sane regulations.
The same was seen with so-called "medical marijuana laws". Dirtbag hippies suddenly succumbed to some form of cancer overnight.

It’s that but worse though. Thousands of people are perfectly willing to have their mental well-being called into question so they can have a stupid dog everywhere they go. It reeks of childlike mentality being brought into the adult world

They're "emotional support animals" not "service animals", fag. Educate yourself. If blindfags get to bring their doggos everywhere with them, so can sadfags and normalfags.

We all love dogs but I mean come on, emotional support isn't an illness. Blindness is an illness

Its a false sense of security.
The same logic is behind the rise of people buying fighting breeds when they can't handle them.
Another scam is getting the service dog outfit for their pets.

Kill yourself.

Hey fag, do you not understand that they can know say that emotional support animals are service animals? Like you can say that to a realty company, your employers, anyone. They’re not even allowed to question you on what service it provides anymore. It’s another symptom of kike lawyering. Institutions don’t have any claws to enforce real policy anymore. Plus all these weak pussies who need a fucking crutch everywhere they go.

Fuck, *now not know.

But I’ve also heard of government employees bringing their emotional support dogs to work and causing distractions and employers literally can do nothing about it. It’s pure faggotry

Should have learned to code I guess.

Negro is afraid of dogs we should all get service dogs

Have fun being one of those guys on too much soy raising a dog rather than a white child.

Dogs are great pets to have around children, but you should leave them at home when having a family meal at a restaurant or travelling on public transport.

Neither of these things should exist.

Oh sure, bottom line though is I’m sick of seeing dogs treated like humans, hell they’re even a protected class for 95% of normalfags, it’s like get a grip on reality, animals do not think the way we do

Dubs somewhat confirm, you should be making your own family dinners and transporting yourself around.

That being said eateries and restaurants are a valuable part of civilization.

How does having a dog prevent me from raising my family? What a strange comment you have made.

It’s a known thing that more and more millienial couples have dogs over children. I know 6 in town who say they never want children but have 2+ dogs. It’s disgusting.


my mother has 11 fucking dogs, she' a cunt and the only way I try to cope is by reading:
FAQs for Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium
btw, 11 is the number of grandchildren she doesn't care about, the jews broke her mind with publications such as Cosmo when she was a young and worthless whore. They piss gallons in a $650,000 residence.

Psychiatrists are now calling any animal a service animal if you have depression or some other such bullshit. They're doing this so more people get diagnosed so they can have a comfort animal in exchange for their ability to purchase and own firearms, because most places dont allow dogs but will allow service animals.

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total god damn boomer nightmare, seriously, the grandkids thinks she is nuts because they will get a text that says………. your blue eyes are beautiful in this picture, they haven't seen her in 7 years, they are mostly adults now,.

Right but now it doesn’t matter if places “don’t allow dogs, but we allow service animals” everywhere allows service animals now, because everyone lies about it and most are snarky dicks about having a mental illness so they can have some mutt everywhere.


Kill yourself shitskin.

I have a dog, one dog, cool pets, completely different than 11 constantly barking (for no god damn reason) shitting and pissing noise makers. Mother will donate hundreds of dollars to any jew sponsored animal charity that crosses her path because of puppy tears. I blame the jews for subverting society. Her mother wasn't like this. Her mother was a traditional female that raised 7 children to be well adjusted adults, this fucking loon of a mother, roastie x 10. It's a sad god damn miserable life for her, but she feels she is doing the right thing, reinforced by constant jew media.

and here is another god damn aspect of the modern jew nightmare. The littlest, most vicious, nosiest 4lbs mutt if left along will jump on her bed, piss on her pillows, and bedding, take a shit in the middle of her bed, and it has a service animal vest to wear when she takes it publicly.

To each their own right, but she is close to 70 years of age now, and they set me in such a bad frame of mind I'd like to blast the entire fucking horde of mutts in the living room with 12 gauge. She likes that I feel this way, doesn't give two shits it makes me feel so extremely uncomfortable. One of the fucking dogs bit me for no god damn reason other than my back was turned.

I am a dog owner myself, so the animal hater definition has gone out the window………. but seriously, I had been told I hate animals over and over because of the unreasonably of the situation.

She will die in isolation, and her dogs will eat her before anyone is aware she died in her home………………….. total god damn nightmare, this is the result of female empowerment.

So she’s a cat lady but the cats happen to be dogs. Sounds like your dad was a pussy and never set her straight

I'm sad all the time, can I take my fish with me to the dentist?

I could build you a torso tank if you want.

There's nothing wrong with abusing the system that abuses you. I plan on doing so I can bring my buddy everywhere I go, I don't even feel sad, or have a disability. I just plan on bullshitting so I can bring him everywhere. Only shitskins and faggots (literal and metaphorical) don't like animals, don't get me wrong though, I don't believe in the service animal being allowed EVERYWHERE, like certain types of workplaces, or into restaurants. But otherwise, I don't mind dogs being allowed more places. Granted alot of these people who """need""" a service animal, are typically limpwristed fags who's dog will be untrained, or not very well trained, and be a nuisance.

We whites need to round up all pitbulls and make them service animals… then do the same with rottweilers.

The Mexican government won't see that coming!

dogs not only crap everywhere, they eat shit too. They lick their own assholes.

dogs are filthy. I know, they'll defend you in a fight but only because they depend on you for dinner, as they have never been trained by their own mothers to hunt in the wild.

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its a fake meme that roasties and their soyfriends use as an excuse to bring their furbabies everywhere with them in public

just be a responsible dog owner. Like most of you are responsible NASDP fellows, am i right.
The world is only as great as the individual actions of its inhabitants.
Like anything else if you have a dog, be responsible and pick up after it. It's not the dogs fault for being a dog. It's the owner being a fucking faggot fuck, and should get the gas.


It's a way to get easy attention and slightly play the victim. "Look at my dog!" (oh and me too :^)

I live in a liberal hell hole dog fucking heaven.
There is a constant flow of dogs walking down the side walk.
Old country boy can size up a dog in a second, totally know when they will jump up on me and want attention.
Depending on what liberal faggot is walking the dog I can either reinforce the behavior or punish it.
Keks are had.
Biggest keks is watching them walk along with a little bag of dogshit.
Service dogs other than for the blind or a few others are a fucking boomer scam throwback to hippy days with dogs named gandolph and kona with a neckerchief around its neck.

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Haha, fucking cucks. "My furbaby!" Dogs should be for rural life as a role on the homestead. If you drive around everywhere with your dog and let it sleep in your bed and such, use it as a replacement for children you're in the danger zone. Of course nobody will tell you this in real life, they will only reinforce your sad behavior because it's all about good vibes, man.

It's just part of bullshit disability claims

Oh yeah a lot of men use service dogs as replacements for wives or girlfriends. Somewhat understandable given the Tinder era of dating, but it's still ultimately pathetic, unfortunately.

sounds like you're a kike faggot that needs to swing from an oak tree anywhere

Real and imagined mental illness is on the rise. It's also a way for people to have a pet without it being classified as a pet, much like how people get around USA gun laws. "It's totally a pistol that I can shoulder and shoot like a rifle". Also dogs are replacing children among the brainwashed/mentally ill

We live in talmudic times so people resort to talmudic, semantic means to get what they want

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Why don't you take your sorry Hindu ass back to your own shithole where you let cows block traffic and shit in the middle of the street you paki or indi cocksucker, don't care, and can't tell the difference between you

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I forgot to mention that people abusing the gay nigger loving ZOG system doesn't really bother me, it's that many of these people tend be have a sense of entitlement and expectation that other people and businesses have to cater to their demands for their "service animal". I work in a restaurant and these fucks come in happy as can be and get pissed off when they can't as one person take up a huge table for 6 just so the dog they brought in that shouldn't be allowed in there anyways can sit under the rest of it. Fuck those entitled people. People with war ptsd or the blind sure but anyone else can FUCK OFF

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A very confused user with mother and dog issues seek help immediatly or kys

Lol, the truth hurts eh?

Calm down, user. You can still keep your dog in the Fourth Reich.

We'll only see more special snowflakes going forward as people seek to fill the void in their life with a social niche to give them a sense of purpose, however bizarre and unnatural it may be.

It’s so faggots can bring their dogs anywhere. They aren’t real service animals. There is no governing body for them. It is illegal agaivstvthe ADA to ask for any kind of license etc. you may only ask two questions. Ifvits a service animal and what service does it provide. It’s fucking retarded

Its a child surrogate and a slave mixed into one!

They are not service dogs. Many people are exploiting the laws for selfish reasons.

i haz a lizard as my emotion support pet. he is specially trained to hep me when anxiety get real bad. i drop my lizard and broke bones in its back but he loves me.

The problem is shitty animals. Dogs are often overbred which removes natural instinct and problem solving abilities required to survive without humans. I have a dingo hybrid, never had to house train him, never really trained him properly at all because I never had to, he comes when I call him, shits as far outside as is feasible and then buries it, I even have him with me whilst working in an abattoir and he'll sit and watch the kills from the boning room and not even try to step on to the kill floor. Stays on unfenced properties and doesn't run away. Drops whatever is in his mouth if I say so. I hose him down like once a year because he stays clean and doesn't stink. Little cunt just understands English. Actually all the best working dogs [as in cattle/stock dogs] here are bred with dingoes for this reason, they are smart and loyal to the end if you earn their respect. He hates black people though, I never taught him that.

I would never own a dog that isn't part dingo. My little mate has got me through some hard nights and certainly everyone should have the opportunity to share company with whichever animal they happen to bond with, but people don't realise that you gotta earn your dog. Can't just get one, train it from a textbook [and probably fail], and expect everyone else to put up with its bullshit. Yeah we have an ancestral connection with beasts, especially dogs who were created by Europeans, but people are forgetting how to use that connection. We're forgetting how to talk to em. That's bad.

Problem with irresponsible owners. They should be beaten for their faggotry.

You are wrong.
PROPER public transport is a great thing. Less traffic, less pollution, less stress.

The transportation system in Nipland is just divine. I couldn't belive how low the traffic in Tokyo was and how gren the town was.

Dog saliva is supposed to have antispetic effect. Which is why they lick their wounds

You're complaining that they ARE picking up after the dogs, like they're supposed to?

Lol nice job not training your dog to bury its shit. Now you’re a fag who works for your dog

All pets are NPCs.

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Their NPC owners keep them as a status symbol that they are high level boss NPCs.

I bring my dog to work (construcrion) and its not a service animal, just a well trained dog. Nobody has a problem with this. I don't mind the service animal thing because I can just say she is one and go anywhere with her. Nobody questions me either because she is better behaved than most of the "service animals" I run into anyway. Sorry to hear people aren't picking up after their dogs though, that is a dick move.

Smear their dogs' shit on their front door. It's the only way to train the owners

Service Animals Vs. Emotional Support Animals:
Service Animal Defined by Title II and Title III of the ADA;
A service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.
Guide Dog or Seeing Eye Dog
Hearing or Signal Dog
Psychiatric Service Dog (note "Service")
Seizure Response Dog
Under Title II and III of the ADA, service animals are limited to DOGS ONLY. However, entities must make reasonable modifications in policies to allow individuals with disabilities to use miniature horses if they have been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for individuals with disabilities.
Other Support or Therapy Animals;
They are NOT considered service animals under the ADA.
Even though some states have laws defining therapy animals, these animals are not limited to working with people with disabilities and therefore are NOT covered by federal laws protecting the use of service animals.

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So much fucking this. And their metro cards work almost like a fucking debit card. They work on like 80% of the vending machines in tokyo and there's random shit you can pay for with it. We were in a big Sega arcade building and you could play using your metro card.

Also, cats are much easier pets. I love doggos too but i grew up with a kitty so I'll always have a softer spot for em.

I'm so glad I moved to Asia no one would think about bringing a dog into place where food was sold. I was honestly grossed out when I came back to us and saw multiple people walking dogs inside a produce section of a grocery store

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There are also no niggers, spics, mudslimes, chinks like how there are in the us.
Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Yes. Yes he does. Praise Kek and shadilay

Hey Gordon hows it going in sk today?

Chances are they aren't service animals, businesses don't care anymore due to bullshit lawyering. I worked at fast food and a few restaurants before. Every location has a sign that clearly says no bikes inside, most even have a bike rack outside but nobody uses it. They all bring the bikes inside

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I didn't know we had a sand nigger infestation. Why haven't you fuckers been banned yet?

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We have very shitty mods who, at the best, are lazy and incompetent, and at the worst, are subversives like jews and their government and leftist pawns.

You think that means anything anymore? They’re passing new laws that makes it so you cannot, repeat CANNOT, question the service the animal provides, you can only ask if it is a service animal now which everyone says yes to.

So that’s all out the window now

You're not even worth talking to. You're a supposed "nadzeee" version of the schizophrenic anarchist that thinks abolishing laws, borders, and governments will solve all problems and create a utopia. There's no logic behind your words. You think public transport and places you can pay to get a meal instead of baking one yourself somehow contribute to destruction of society because you're a legitimate nutcase.

Is there a canine version of plasmosis gondhii that infests minds and makes people slaves to canines?

Anybody concerned with their "word" should take another look at the process for traffic/travel tops where you are compelled, at threat of deadly force, to provide proof that you didn't steal the vehicle you are operating and to provide proof that you are not wanted for other "crimes" by surrendering your vehicle and personal identification information to an armed low-iq jewloving nigger.
This is a violation of your right to due process.
A court must decide that your "word" is not to be trusted and provide you with an opportunity to defend your "word" and otherwise "good" name before such a decision. It is supposed to be "innocent until proven guilty", not "guilty until proven innocent". 'Stop and Identify' laws are also unconstitutional.

Vote for me.

How is this not QTDDTOT.

Saddly this logic is solid. Egalitarianism isn't equal or fair at all.
See the new SAT affirmative action change.


where can I rent one of these fuckers, I want to parade a miniature horse into my local Starcucks, the grovery store and not even bother to clean up it's shit when it dumps a couples bales. FFS who has ever watched a parade, horses whit as they are walking, no big fucking deal. F'ing Clown World.

No, but this is related to the "furbaby" epidemic, where people treat their dogs as they would children.

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True, but the rabidity of dog defenders makes me think there is something that manipulates opinions in that way.

Women get dogs or cats with their partner instead of children these days and by 35 their pregnancy is considered "geriatric". ee plenty of hot moms in their late 30's early 40's with infants. Sux they have to have them at hospital in emergency room. At least in the US.

Precisely, China mass produces shit-tier "service animal" vest harnesses for any pink-hair freak to buy for a few bucks and slap on their ugly useless Pug or Chihuahua and thus get away with taking the only poor creature that will ever love them on airplanes and wherever else they shouldn't be allowed.

It is so goddamn infuriating when I see those smug mentally-ill faggots strutting around with their oversized rats. It's like those shitty vests give them license to be unmitigated assholes to everyone.

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I think people simply like their family friends like they do family and friends. I wouldn't wan't niggers keeping you outside when they are let in.

people put thier pets in a dog kettle which they have a relationship with the ER animal hospital . the kettle cage farms will put them there if the dog is limping or sick to make a profit


the division of labor and living at the expense of others is jewish.
If you exist (get paid and can't provide for yourself) at the whim of another person who can easily replace you. you're a slave.
Good goy.
Go eat at resturaunts.
Spend all your money.
The flow of money is the ultimate good.

Take your meds.

Fuck off jew. I think you faggots love that word because it has all the same letters as 'shit' and you get off by thinking of shit on your dick.

Mental Illness dogs (whatever the real term is) aren't certified service dogs. So no real training is involved.

That is the end goal of capitalism.

Do you even read what you write? Take your meds.

Capitalism's end goal is individual specialization to the utmost extreme.
Consider the ideologies you defend and don't get every single opinion you have from fox news.


Continue eating your own asshole kike.

Capitalism's end goal is to ensure and protect your right to own things, such as your asshole, or your house.
Communism's (Marx's) end goal is to use this protection to ensure servitude to a system of control through the exploitation of "choice".
Please do not conflate true meaning with jew meaning.

Take your meds, bot.

how is that jewish? National social germany built and supported transportation public transit