Jews dont exist

Jews dont exist like they used to, all jews exist simply to support the biggest death cult of all time, Christianity.

There is absoltely no jew on the planet who doesn't know about christianity, if christians fail to protect themselves, its up to the jews to transform into christians, rape and murder the goy until christianity becomes a dominant force again and go back to being jewish.

The true purpose of a jew is to support christianity which secures their existence for jews and jewish children, judaism where jews have never heard about christianity don't exist, and if they did they'd either become christian, or like regular jews silently support christianity like the rest of the jews but pretend not to. Or they'd become atheist and a perfect rape object of the christians and cease to be jewish.

Judaism = Making sure Christianity survives.

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I don't like Christianity, but there is a difference between the international jew and the religion of Christianity.

Oh man, you're really overplaying your hand with this shit

no the zionist despise the christians more than any other group


There are dozens of chapters IN THE BIBLE about nothing but how evil the Jews are. It literally states God's wrath is kindled against them FOREVER.
They hate God because he showed up and told them the truth of the behavior he expects from human beings, and that He would burn every fucking one that doesn't repent and then they DOUBLED DOWN… LIKE FUCKING IDIOTS.
There are no 'elite' in heaven, not one. They are totally deceived by the counterfeit god lucifer. Or worse the logically broken idea of atheism; when you reject God you are literally stepping into a lie. No one can help them.

The only group pushing "jews = christians" are the pagans raised by evangelicals equating any christian doctrine with jews.

Catholicism is a joke because of the satanic concept that is a Vatican Council. Protestantism is a joke because today's protestants decide to follow by a tick Luther's works, but conveniently decide to leave out his books about jews. The only real based christian doctrine today are sedevacantists and non-KGB linked orthodox christians. The rest are sellouts.

This is a false flag thread created by >>>Zig Forums so the kikestians can swoop in and save the day by attacking the planted OP and coming out on top.

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Is God racist?

Bible Verses About Racism and Prejudice

Anti-European Jews and Christian Churches are Causing and Fueling the Non-White Immigrant Invasion in the United States

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Last I checked, before Germany lost to jews, it was 99% Christian.

So it was a resounding success. Jews get to exercise their psychopathy and play with the goy for a little while, but if anything truly goes wrong the christians are there to rape the jews enemies.

USSR was atheist because of its jewish control. Christians especially were persecuted. Your theory is bullshit you want to believe.

This thread is legitimate thread.

Implying you browse this board.

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Every single Christian thread on this board devolves into shit flinging by ideologue anti-christians who bizarrely attribute liberal or Zionist attitudes to all of Christianity.

John Earnest is from an OPC church. Do you know anything about the OPC? Machen saw the theological sexual revolution coming a half century away and reformed evangelicalism. Rushdoony wrote the best case against Miscegenation of all time, expounded right from the Bible.

Christianity is the only true religion, because there is one God and he gave us his word in the Bible.
Come talk Bible at >>>/christianity/

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Bless you

>And his name is (((YHWH)))
No thanks. You can keep your cup of Abrahamitic Monotheism to yourself.


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Kys kike Christians killed jew and muslim trash what have you done?Other than steal oxygen

Two arms of the same kraken.

I got news for ya bout the Many Masks of the Morning Star my man: You are a satanist.

The greatest lie "the devil" ever sold was getting us to believe he was the one true divinity.


Many such entities, Abrahamite. You enjoy your eternity with your godly niggers, I won't have any part in it.

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Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all facets of the same thing my man.
You worship a demon.

Gosh I wonder why. Lets check the dogma/histories.

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Modern judaism exists to subvert Christianty and the will of god.

What happened was pretty simple. Christianity came about as a rejection of corruption in the priesthood (you can argue if god willed it or people just decided to clean house).

A bunch of people didn't like the whole "don't lie, cheat, steal, genocide and fuck kids" aspect so they created judaism. Another group of people didn't like the whole "don't murder, rape, loot and fuck kids" aspect, so they created Islam. Christianity predates both the other abrahamic religions and both the others exist to enable evil behavior.

Judaism is the worst, as it's directly about destroying Christianity, Christians and all good in the world. Islam basically justifies being a nigger.

For the most part Jews have succeeded in destroying Christianity. To totally destroy something you have to replace it with it's opposite, so that peoples conception of the original is warped by their conception of the abomination that replaced it. They've done the same with the word socialism and the idea of national socialism.

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Bro, modern Christianity is directly derivative from judaism. Directly.
Everyone knows it.

Be less jewish and stop worshipping demons because a jew told you it was the only God.

OH and self-checked for

Yes how wicked of the Bible to teach that Christians shouldn't antagonize other races. Once you become a Christian you have to marry a nigger and tithe to the splc, that's the rule. Everybody knows that fundamentalist Christians are the biggest Marxists in the west.

Christ insanity is a product of kikes. Nice strawman to try to get the goyim to stop noticing though.

What the fuck are you talking about? Shit from the (((middle east))) has NO place in Europe over Whites and never did.


thats funny you just strengthened my faith even more