The Gentile Manifesto

Our mission has changed from saving the white race to saving all mankind.

Save from what? Save from enslavement and/or extermination as written in Judaism's sacred books, Talmud etc
They really believe it, and many policies point to that direction..
Most of us became aware of our situation (W.G.) and who was behind @ 2015 and later.
To make a long story short, in an attempt to fight back we are now part of a movement called the alt right, pol or whatever.
A movement that most of us won't even tell our family and friends about.
A movement that may get you fired from your job, expelled from school and on the radar of law enforcement and law makers.
What the did a bunch of nice white kids end up here? There's so many conflicts of interest, like what about our non white fam and friends, are you really white etc. Because of all this, this is are dark, depressing counter productive movement most likely created by our enemies.
Have white kids or whatever but outside of that focus on helping all races and religions to stick together and resist disguised policies and movements, the time is late. You can do this and still have a good life. This is the path out of the darkness. You guys can re-brand the movement

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You can fuck off now, thanks for posting here.

I don't mind non-Whites as long as they are Nationalists and on their side of the planet killing anti-White (((satanists))). But where is your discussion of money or infrastructure? It is one thing that gets overlooked everytime on here. Why are we scared to talk? Because we lose our income. Well, if we had our own businesses or saved up enough money this wouldn't be an issue.

If having a good life means letting Tyrone and Jamal rape my wife and daughter while shlomo convinces my son to cut his dick off, I don't want any part in it.

So what's our endgame? It's not kill all Jews, it's to debunk and resist Judaism so much that even the most orthodox Jew begins to doubt their evil prophecy.


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Speak for (((Yourself))).

You're the one who wants more divide and conquer, How's the weather in Tel Aviv?
Save it Schlomo.

something smells like rot in here.

Save the White race, save the world

This is going to result in Communism you dumb fucks…

Kill yourself jew.

Wrong, Communism was written to fulfill Jewish prophecy, global enslavement and/or extermination. Hence the term Communism is Judaism.

Nice idea but none of those groups are ever going to work with Nazis.

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My endgame is to gain a foothold for Whites to have what is called a homeland. Now if that is regaining our traditional homelands of the 20th Century, then great. However, if we have to cut losses for a decade before moving back out and taking ground, then I this is also an option. My point is that anons on here shit themselves when confronted with the notion of making money and coming together with other Whites because it means doing something that works. They are all SHTF which is a lazy faggy way of doing things, but ask them to do some ground work with money and housing and watch them squirm.

non-whites can help us fight against kikes. However they will have to GTFO of our countries.

What if they have opposing interests? Say, Gnostic Luciferians under the Black Sun vs Abrahamists and Materialists? Or Muslims and Christians. Or any race vs any race in the history of historical history in the history books. This isn't a white person thing. You have a childish view of the world. Also your picture states Neocons are worse then muslims. Clearly never touched a koran. You are a reddit faggot

LE resistance confirmed

I support this, but Mein Kampf is the only manifesto needed.

Jews are Athiest Dark Magicians and the bible is a Grimoire not Prophecy.

not the good athiest ethier

Neocons are worse than muslims, you idiot

"Neocons" are Templars fighting the Muslims. Meanwhile covertly battling the jews, leading you here while accepting kabbalah awards

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Where, the web? The Aryan invented it. It was the Wild West all over again, but then mothers, jews, and corporations invaded. Its still fun to shitpost, and National Socialism is true.
Ah, so you're a mutt. Instead of finding your way, you bitch nobody here loves you enough. The one place we can still call you a nigger without going to prison for sexual assault or whatever.
I'm happy. Maybe you should get a different job, because you suck at this one.
The kikes aren't interested in killing anyone but aryans. The other races know this for a fact, and they've already organized with the kikes against us. Zig Forums isn't a political movement, and that's really for the best. There are no political solutions to 21st century problems. If anything, "we" are a spiritual awakening.

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jews are in a parasitical relationship with the human race, just as much as the human race is in a parasitical relationship with it's host (our ecosystem). Nature dictates that the host must fight the parasite to death, which gives us very few options.
a) jews win, humanity dies, ecosystem fails, jews die
b) humanity win, jews die, ecosystem highly unstable, therefore humans must follow natural law or die
c) ecosystem wins, all humans die.
d) nobody wins, ecosystem collapses, everyone dies

There you go. Whatever happens, the jews will ultimately die. The question is…how much do they take down with them?


jews want to maintain this illusory slave camp, we want to heal the fisher king wound

cuckolds, you meant.
They are the jew-serving leading force in current world.

Are you kidding? The entire black race was socially engineered to be slaves to the jews, the Hispanics got drug wars, poverty and deliberate destabilization from the jews, the Russian slaves where exterminated by the jewish bolsheviks, jew funded Mao killed Millions of Asians to force communism upon them. The entire middle east is a non stop war zone, slavery stronghold and poverty stricken thanks to israel. Then we have the Korean wars, what happened to Europe, and let's not forget what they did and still do to themselves. I mean the Israelites are treated like dogs in israel, the hasidics have a serious problem with raping their own children, and then there was something called a "burned offering", which was a ritual sacrifice of over 300k jews by other jews. And while I'm at sacrifize…check out the planned parenthood abortion numbers since it opened in the 70s (millions of murdered children, mostly Black and Hispanic). And this is not even all of history. The jews are at this for 5k years and have killed billions so far.

Oh, it's very much real. 3-5 billion humans today are under the poverty line, which is part of the world wide poverty racket the jews are using for drugs, organs, slave labor, human trafficking, sex trafficking, tax fraud, money laundering, migration warfare, pharmaceutical tests, religious sacrifices and to fleece the rich out of donations. And that's just the illegal shit, on the legal side we could count anyone handling money as enslaved to their whims…taxes, insurances, rents, subscriptions, materialism itself etc.

Yes it is all real within the illusion yes.

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Checked. And you are going to piss off the jew shills OP. They are going to oy vey hard

Vietnam was their idea as well as WW 1 and 2. The wars in the middle east are theirs too obv.. When you get the totality of what they've done and the fact that they're running around collecting billions in reparations up behind some propaganda. Just think about the people in Iran, Venezuela and palestine going hungry right now because of sanctions.

We don't have time to be a white movement, we have to all get together or we're done.
$22 tril in debt, corporations and billionaires can bribe our reps and the Chabad mafia in power.

Your boss in Tel Aviv should be fired

Of course the masons come crawling out of the shadows…

Well all jews need to be put in the oven. But I shitpost for free. Unless you're offering me a job.

Other races don't give a shit they are worse crabs in a bucket than whites.

Preach it, user. I talked truth to Muslims and eastern Europeans for decades now. They're predominately waiting for a shot at the jews. Same with Russians, same with the few migrated Chinese I talked to about. Ironically the main hurdle to act is not fear, it's religion. Especially the Muslims have a profound hatred for jews, but cannot be moved to question the jewish involvement in the corruption of the Koran, after Uthman was killed and all interpretations of Mohammad's original ideas for Islam were destroyed. I get nothing but support when we discuss sephardic jews running the middle east, but questioning Islam is too much for them.

Another cringe Manifesto

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Shitskins would rather be slaves to the jews with whites extinct than live in freedom with whites surviving.

We see today non-Aryan races uniting with the Jew to destroy the European and European American. We find ourselves in a rare but not entirely bad situation. Whites ruling the world is quickly becoming a matter of survival. If this all plays out as planned it will be we who rules them for all eternity.

Op meant to say our mission is to not be subject to rulers who can't tie their own shoes.

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Goyish pride worldwide

Back to reddit

I had a movement a few hours ago that was more solid than your ability to write any persuasive argument. You seem to think it's a joining of forces to fight jews. You're wrong. It's actually an order list:

1) jews
2) leftists

I'm perfectly fine with leaving the mudshits to their shit hole countries, they'll end dying off anyway.

ordered/end up

I'm tired.

Jews are an ethnic group and they are GENETICALLY toxic, not just culturally. Lurk more.