Trump Issues Full Pardon to Jewish Mogul Conrad Black
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Read More about Conrad Black's crimes here:

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Zion Don

I’ve been tired of his version of “winning” for years now. Voting hasn’t fixed anything in ages.
Time to keep pressing on the accelerator.

What a cunt

Trump is such a fucking kike it's unbelievable. I hope he chokes on a kosher cock.

This. It's time to crash this plane.

This is really getting out of hand.

I hope someone manages to shoot him with a bow in arrow in minecraft with mods

Liberal girls who rejected me must be crying at this moment!

Liberal girls don't read the news.

unironically hand yourself with a wet shoelace

What were those other two places the US bombed first ?

They read the headlines then fill in the rest.

Where's the evidence that Black is a heeb? If you just go around calling everyone a kike you end up discrediting the reality that jews are over represented among the world's most evil people.

yeah this whole thread is bullshit and OP is a fucking nigger
Conrad Black is guaranteed white and the pardon is long overdue

Conrad Black should be publicly burned alive. He's a worthless piece of shit.

The owner of the Jerusalem Post was a gentile?
That's unexpected.

That's some hardcore 4d chess from Trump again,

most Zig Forumstards do not understand that Trump destroys the Jews by doing exactly what (((they))) tell him

Normies already hate Trump, if Trump says he "loves Jews", he will make all Normies hate (((them)))

That's how he is planning to win against the kikes. He plans to push the NPC mindset to hate Jews.

Side note, help me spam this Jewtube video

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Good LARP. No (you) though.

shoo shoo shillary

Lord my ass.

Donald Trump pardoned da Lawd, oh my sweet baby jesus!

The US had embargoed Japan into a corner, because nobody wanted war and provoking attack was FDR's only chance. If that's what you mean. Economic warfare is a strategic weapon, better than any bombers can match.

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Looks like he's not a jew, but a shabbos goyim.

Don't worry, the Mods are on it

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could be a crypto

This guy seems fucking BASED.

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jew wife

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It gets even better, Kissinger was behind the pardon.

>Trump’s press secretary said the former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, himself a former director of Black’s company Hollinger International, “vouched for Black’s exceptional character,” as did conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh and British singer Elton John.

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Yeah, this dude is kosher.

And there it is.

A man married to a jewess is as good as a jew himself.

I agree it feels that way sometimes.
He has leftists calling out "using office to get money" when he makes money at his hotels, which would affect getting paid money to do speeches for obam and hil, and almost got them to shut down the National Emergencies Act to keep him from stoping mexicans, which would have required the US pull out of all "wars" or foce congress to vote and actually declare "war".
He and kush both had dads that may not be jews but larping as jews but they just seem like jewloving jews.
And wtf about bumpstocks ???

Get the fuck off this board Boomer

Never post again.

lol stop i'm dying

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Jerusalem Post, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Daily Telegraph of London, along with more than 140 smaller newspapers
Conrad Black is an ethnic Jew no different from Pelosi. Low IQ tards think these (((Catholics))) can't be Jews.

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Oh to live in a country and voted for a president that loves and adores the Jews. What a kick in the balls that must be.

Liberal girls reject noone.

Conrad Black on Facebook

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Nice try, shill


They're making their orange goy gimp suck off the other goy gimps.

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Even if he was white (he's an ethnic Jew) he shouldn't be pardoned. This man has ruined countless lives. When people embezzle tens of if not hundreds of millions of dollars they should be killed. They're no different than bankers.

Make with the proof rabbi. He married into your tribe, he's not a real jew.

It's time to deport the Israeli president.

Go somewhere else if you don't like it here, kike.

Conrad Black was the only one who was saying that Jody Wilson Raybold had no business being attorney general. Maybe because he knows, like I do, that she and her father were blackmailing Trudeau and are members of the Indian Mob organized criminal gang. Gerry Butts and Warren Kinsella too.

Let's see how quickly this is slid now, like the last time this was posted.

Being Roman Catholic while jewing was his only crime.

Spend twenty more years around them and then come back and tell us what a bad shill you were, and that Mr. Brock screamed at you in the elevator after ripping your ID badge off.

Trump knows what he's doing. You know how you don't talk about Fight Club? You don't talk about dealing with them.


No one wants liberal girls, they are gross


This, R_TheDonaldfags have no place on this holy board

Now this is what I voted for MIGA

Reminder, he has thus far only pardoned KIKES, CRIMINAL KIKES.

He revealed his nation during the 2016 rallies.

*nation -> nature

Meanwhile back at headquarters…

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How many kikes has he pardoned now? What the fuck.

Well your country did vote for him so you will have to deal with it. Imagine though he won a second time round.

I've started to notice that actually - so many, SO FUCKING MANY, (((Roman Catholics))) are married to ethnic and religious jews.
The Catholic Church is basically just a wing of Reform Judaism at this point.

He wont though, because of his own actions and cuckoldry.
In fact, he will likely be the last White president of the US.

Reminder that Matt Hale is still in prison despite committing no crime.

I see the Bernie bros are still here.

She happily did all the dirty things he ever dreamed of doing.

Unsurprisingly, Conrad's telephone calls began to reflect Barbara's views, as well as his own.

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Reminder, you are an idiot who doesn't know what the fuck you are talking about.

I feel like Trump's very aware that treating the Jews well is the key to staying in power.

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the_zognald needs your baste bantce gogogo

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The Catholic Church was basically founded as a wing of Reform Judaism

He's in Epstein's Black Book, but since his name wasn't circled, unlike the ZOG Emperor, he apparently wasn't fucking underage girls, at least not to the knowledge of the butler or whoever he was.

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Its working. People at work who are straight leftist sensationalist retards openely admitted…in a social drink settin… They dont want to live around kikes. Well they used the word jews but i say kike. Normies are waking up. Trump was still the right choice and will be for 2020 unless hitler is reincarnated.

How many times must it be pointed out that you goyim are slaves to us Jews?

Whether or not he works for the interest of the Western World is irrelevant. He is now buffoon enough, and the wizardry of the chans strong enough, to Will whatever the fuck benefits Aryans on the back end of his idiocy.
Media is dead. Memes rule.
The lemmings wake.
Get in the way, user.
It's that simple.

Point it out all you like, yid.
No one is listening to you anymore. That's why you're here. You're afraid. Chutzpa isn't going to save you this time. There is no where left to hide.
We're coming.

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You're still doing this LARP shit eh?

Yeah except the US president and every other goy

All you nazis do is say "LARP" and "jew" all day. It would be sad if it weren't so damn funny

You actually believe that changes anything?
That's cute.

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Keep nervously giggling.
It will help change things.
You promise.

Why would I be nervous? I just woke up to another great day in Israel. None of you can touch me

All of your "pardons" and paper "laws" are going to burn, jew. How do you not understand this yet?
This proves you're already extinct. You can't even see it coming, you delusional psychopath.
I love this timeline.

Do you not own a map?

I'm not a fan of 12 dimensional chess anymore. Hitler chess is better, just knock the jewish chess pieces of the board.


Searching yields too much spam and repeated disinfo-speak. Please provide some bread crumb keywords, so as to see past the media parade?

What did he do/cause? Pull a few Sears-Holding vs Sears-Stockholders/Employees games? i.e. Conflated and used his position as chair to loot "his" own corporations' assets (variant 1) or leave the corporation saddled with the debt of purchasing spin-offs that he advised because he first acquired the spin-off (variant 2). But which is it, how was it done, where is the ledger? Page after page, site after site, I just keep seeing the exact same sentences and phrases… I can't seem to find a first person account of what he did.

As an aside, why is it the Canadians, and the British, and the Canadian-British, and the Royal-Kikery characters are all over this? The anglojew radar is going off – but this too seems added on afterwards. Where the hell are the articles of dissent from back then? Purged? NeoGoogled?

Ignoring both an actual first story of account, and the dripping-with-circlejerk anglokike media, is the complaint that CB (CMB?) turned and helped Trump with various media and a book (either as "jumped on that train opportunistically" or "was genuine"). So now there's butthurt over being released from previous sentencing? Which, if this is the case, how the hell did he manage so much media messaging and a book, from supposedly prison? Couldn't have been that imprisoned. Not like he was punished then, was he? If the butthurt is over "release", where is the butthurt over "never being bound in the first place"?


Gibbs please. Need more info.
Thank you in advance.

Once the pretense for "rules" are dropped, and ignored…
By all means, though, keep deluding yourself into emotional keeps. You'll corner yourselves like the rats you are.
Like I said. I'm loving this timeline.

You goyim don't dare change anything. You love being slaves to Jews. You keep proving it. The only ones that consistently fight us are the arabs and that's only because they're too dumb to stop. I'll give the rest of the goyim credit, they're smart enough to know when they're beaten

Haven't you noticed the rising tide of antisemitism, and the desperate attempts to suppress it? How do you think you will survive without the meat shield of the USA?

As someone who lives here, Israel has more than enough to survive and thrive without any US intervention. I've been over this before, but we don't even renew the money that comes over to us every year, because we actually don't need it. The US renews it for us. Israel also keeps several different international currencies, so we can trade in any global market. We don't need weapons either, plenty are manufactured here and we already have massive stockpiles.

There's nothing you can do at this point. You're going to have to accept Israel and Jews.

We didn't know we were supposed to be "fighting" you. I thought you were poor, genocided pussies, who needed our protection, and generosity? Had we known you were going to stab us in the back in our sleep with 100 blades, we would have walked Hitler to your front door ourselves, yid.
Your plague will be eradicated.
OUR universe screams for the balance.
Don't blame us, jew.
We're only following Natural Order.

Yes. Sleep.

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