Now they are making Batwoman a lesbian

The SJW agenda it seems is strong here. The new batwoman is a lesbian who has a crush on a nigress. Every manner of degeneracy rolled into one.

shame on them

They forgot to shove the tranny agenda in there somewhere. You could be right

Or fat or ugly.
Does she even have cats?

They did this back in nu52 years ago. Just an fyi. Don't make a fool of yourself thinking it is just happening for sjw points. The character has been brought back and cancer for years.

That's nice, moshe.

The new batwoman is a kikess with the hots for a negress. Did you know that?


How many more episodes before the batwoman kikess starts pimping children in Berlin?

Will batwoman take a day off from being a hero when she has her period?
How will she fight the bad guys with her smaller female frame and weaker upper body strength?

I wonder if it is antisemitic to fight crime on Shabbos

Batwoman IV Das Pedo Pimp

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The only people who watch CW shows are actual faggots and dykes.

Thanks mate.

Barbara Gordon fucks a black guy on the reg in New 52 (Batwing).

Who cares.

We don't care about (((superheroes))). We don't care about talmudvision. You won't do a single thing to STOP this, ever, so why should a thread be wasted on you?

this is a slidethread
Katherine Kane was rewritten as a lesbian Jewess back 13 years ago as a result of the 2006 "new 52" following the 2005 "Infinite Crisis". They rewrote Renee Montoya as a lesbian during that time as well and had them start fucking with each other, as well as upgrading Montoya (who you might remember as Bullock's partner in Batman TAS during 90s) as the new "Question" to replace Vic Sage.

There is absolutely nothing at all fucking new about adapting this to the Arrowverse. Thus this is a slidethread meant to whine about something which has been established in the new DC for over a decade.

Who gives a fuck about the Arrowverse anyway? Isn't Arrow coming to its last season? It also presented Mister Terrific as a gay black man which I am 100% fine with. Obviously encouraging white men to coalburn in Flash is degenerate, though black Jimmy Olsen getting cucked by Mon-El in Supergirl is fucking hilarious.

Demoralization will not work here Shlomo. It will all be stopped. ONE DAY

This is the filth that is being pushed on white kids. It does not matter if it is popular. Attempts are being made. If it perverts even 100 white kids into degeneracy that is 100 white kids lost forever

Keep dreaming, yid.

kek. The 6 gorillion learned that not to be true. The hard way.

this is by far, the cringiest shit I have ever seen

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Cape shit was invented by jews with the purpose of turning white men into comic book nerd losers to keep them from breeding. Batman was created by (((Bob Kane))) and (((Bill Finger))).

You fucking faggots who get in the way, shall be removed from da wey first.
You're fucking static. Stop.

Doesn’t it make some sense? She’s tough, she flouts society’s rules, and she’s in contact with swathes of the best and worst in society. Batwoman isn’t exactly a good housewife, haha!

fuck off


Defend jews at your own peril.

What the fuck, schizo? Damn.
Just fuck off.

interracial lesbian at that big black pussy lips or bbpl

I can read just fine kike.

Nah, yid. Not going anywhere.


I think they are overpaying you Chaim

Rminder, anons.
THIS is the best they have.
These are our "masters".
…tick tock.

The little kike seems to have fled

They will turn Barbara Gordon black. Checkmate bigots.

Yes, this is what we should be focusing on when we are in danger of being erased from the world and our history forgotten.

Good god, what species does this creature derive from?

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This is how we are being erased. Our kids are being perverted into various types of abominations. Comic Books are one element apart from television and social media


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Reminder, THIS is the best they have.

state of the art gender switching surgery

That it isn't a tranny muslim spastic dyke shit-eating goat-fucking tattooed illiterate child killer makes me sick to my stomach. This racism has to stop.

Its just sad at this point.

It’s only every manner of degeneracy if (((they))) included the following:
And etc.

I care

The bat superheroes are 100% jewish anyway.
As well as being thinly veiled BDSM fetishism.
What did you expect?
Video related. If you can't feel the kikery oozing out of this movie, I can't help you.

No shit, it's all over the media. They even show fags and trannies on kids cartoons now, like it's just a normal thing. The question is, what are we going to do about it? These writers, animators, directors, and producers all have names and addresses.

When is she going to put on a strap-on and peg Batman?

Reminder, THIS is the best they have.

You should just kill yourself. Might save those smarter kikes who handle you, some shekels

you're retarded.

You will never be white, jew.