Abortion and Black Genocide


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here is the black baby blender, but, goy, you'll have to throw your white babies into it too.

Any crackwhore who randomly gets pregnant and decides she wants to kill her baby shouldn't be having children in the first place. It's far more merciful to the child to put it down, rather than have it raised, unloved and neglected, by a mother who never wanted it in the first place.

wow this changes everything i love massive nigger population increases now

Whoah there bud, think you're being too optimistic


It lists abortions by birth for all states, going by the race of the mother. Of course, the real number of black abortions is a little higher than that, since you don't know the race of the father.

so basically white women account for 49% of all abortions? wouldn't that mean white population would grow with or even surpass the amount of nigger babies born? obiviously halfrican account for something in that 49% but i'd be willing to bet the overwhelming majority of those abortions were white women aborting white babies.

Abortion is not black genocide since:
1. It's not killing black fast enough.
2. It's not just killing black.

You know what would be black genocide? Spraying bullets on them.

There exists a mother instint for a reason.
Some of them will have a mentality change when their first kid is born. Which should happen as soon as possible.
Much better than paying abortions every 6 months. And relegating them to NOT have children.

What do you call a black woman who has had five abortions?

Crime fighter.

…and that is easy to do! The black population is a self limiting problem. They are not effective in warfare. Let them pile up in the streets and go hungry.

I'll post this again.

Women's rights activists are race traitors.

The abortion debate is about the insatiable female appetite for dicks. A lot of young men don't know about this.

Women love a good dicking, no exceptions. That's why you have to control them, so they can have a good life. Giving women sexual freedom is like giving a child candy freedom. You're going to have a fat balloon child in no time. With women you get used up whores, mentally unstable, unsuitable. This is the basic reason for low white birthrates.

Women are like children, in motivations and agency. They need to lose all political and most legal rights, and we will take good care of them. Nothing is worse for women and better for capitalists than requiring women to wageslave. Expecting women to work outside the home increases production and destroys wages, and it wastes female lives in slaving for a company. Not only does it destroy the family, but male productivity also suffers from not having a trustworthy assistant in the home.

If we allow all the libshits and nignogs to abort their babies, then one day there will be a glorious future when only healthy, sane adults who don't practice infanticide will walk the Earth.

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"While our European people, God be praised and thanked, are left to become the victims of moral depravity, the pious missionary goes out to Central Africa and establishes missionary stations for negroes. Sound and healthy–though primitive and backward–people will be transformed, under the name of our 'higher civilization', into a motley of lazy and brutalized mongrels.

It would better accord with noble human aspirations if our two Christian denominations would cease to bother the negroes with their preaching, which the negroes do not want and do not understand. It would be better if they left this work alone, and if, in its stead, they tried to teach people in Europe, kindly and seriously, that it is much more pleasing to God if a couple that is not of healthy stock were to show loving kindness to some poor orphan and become a father and mother to him, rather than give life to a sickly child that will be a cause of suffering and unhappiness to all.

In this field the People's State will have to repair the damage that arises from the fact that the problem is at present neglected by all the various parties concerned. It will be the task of the People's State to make the race the center of the life of the community. It must make sure that the purity of the racial strain will be preserved. It must proclaim the truth that the child is the most valuable possession a people can have. It must see to it that only those who are healthy shall beget children; that there is only one infamy, namely, for parents that are ill or show hereditary defects to bring children into the world and that in such cases it is a high honor to refrain from doing so. But, on the other hand, it must be considered as reprehensible conduct to refrain from giving healthy children to the nation."

Make to sure to join a better board mates.

They're niggers, but it still sad… Blacks in america have been the guinea pigs from the jews in their social engineering.
I can't be sadder because it makes the country more white, but when you see the hand of the jew behind it, it's a bit scary…

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That's like saying if we let gays be gay, they'll die out.
Which they would, if they didn't reproduce through rape and owning the media and education systems.



Yeah gays are an usual aberration in that they reproduce by infecting others mentally.

Our JIDF Overlords are very displeased with our stance that murdering one endangered baby panda in exchange for murdering one hundred baby cockroaches is fundamentally a bad trade and not in the panda's best interests. They have informed us that we will keep having this thread posted over and over again until we show the correct opinions. How dare you love your own people and be capable of basic math, you filthy fucking goyim.


Filtered, reported, thread hidden. Goodbye, Jew.

is it per capita?

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The same applies to women having abortions. We live in a massive mechanistic hellkultur devoted to poisoning hearts and minds. It is constantly convincing more women (not apes) to have abortions.

but why do black girls get knocked up so much?

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If I could trade the baby of one illiterate, mountain dew drinking, baby-killing hillbilly for 100 niggers I would in a heartbeat

Yeah it's terrible. Alabama, aka nigger capital of America, just passed the anti-abortion bill.

They're easy meat for niggers. Niggers will chew everything, since back in bananaland that was the most effective strategy of survival.

Besides the main fact that they are the same race, and naturally come together.

My first and only gf was black, I was blessed that she was born… the Jews almost killed her.

You sound like a communist jew, not a nazi! The neo-liberal status quo IS NOT EUGENIC! It's just fucked! This is much different from what a true egenic project would look like! This is uncontroled destruction!

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A lot of "right wingers" tend to be anti-abortion and I don't get it. Blacks and lefties are the ones getting abortions. If a baby isn't wanted by its parents it probably isn't going to contribute to society. I'm against the late term crazy shit but come on.

10:1 Female to male ratio in the nig community (jail, killing eachother etc).

That's why 2 will fight over a male and he won't give a fuck during or after, because he could just as easily pick up a 3rd while they did it (and still get 1 and 2 regardless).

Because more whites are killed through abortion more than blacks.

It's not uncontrolled, the people who do it are choosing themselves. Either it's easily brainwashed people or genetic thrash.
Why would you want the lowest of the low, who will go as far as to murder their own children, to have them?

Because these whites still have plenty of potential.

I don't think you realize that more than a billion people are dead due to abortion.

This really is just 4chan now isn't it?

Since when are women good decision makers?
You fucking nonce.

Statistically, no.
A significant portion of the abortions performed are on Whites. The fact that the impact on the Black population is larger, due to its relative size, does not change the fact that millions and millions and millions of little White babies have been killed.

But it goes beyond that.
Its a matter of principle in your society.

If your society is one wherein a young woman, bereft of anyone elses oversight, can murder her unborn baby in the womb, with the help of a medical professional (sworn by oath to protect life) no less, what does that say about your society?
How in the fuck are you in any way meaningfully different from the Carthaginians, rolling babies over Moloch's hands into the fire, battering on their drums to drown out the screams of burning infants?

You are not.
There are grounds for application of abortion for eugenics purposes, but young women deciding to kill their unborn children because they "arent ready" and being allowed to do so is imbecilic and downright evil at its core. It shows a profound lack of appreciate for the sanctity of the lives of your own people, particularly when ghoulishly justified on the basis of killing off members of a competing people whom you lack the will or power to simply drive out of your lands.

This kind of shit right here
is the paramount of fucking copes on behalf of people who know that this shit is soul-killing nightmare fuel of the highest order, and who still hold onto the vain and utterly-retarded notion that what they have now will remain, that what they had in the past will return, or that they have a future without bloodshed and tears.

Sure whites with actual good genes should not get abortions, so we should concentrate on that.

I know women are only one level above children but they are still somewhat able to make decisions (to murder). I have already said that most are foreigners or racially impure/inferior swarthy whites, it's the same in every european and american state.

I never said they weren't able to make decisions. I implied, and now state outright, that they are SHIT at making decisions. Its not that they can't do it, its that they can't do it WELL. That's why men have historically held the oversight, especially of YOUNG women.

And offered no evidence of this that I can see. It sounds like you're the same faggot I've seen in several of these threads, making big claims without backing up any of it.

End of the day, just sounds like you're pushing the Carthaginian Cope as described here.

To clarify: You beat the drums of racial war to drown out the cries of the dying children of your own volk, and to further cope, you deny those dying are your own.
Its pretty sick shit man, no joke.

People who are killing their own babies aren't from the best stock to begin with, so they aren't that big of a loss. Without abortion, we'd already be a minority. Do I have ethical issues with abortion? Absolutely, and it wouldn't exist in a perfect White society, but that isn't where we live today.

Like thread

Provide proof of this.

Or we would have fought back already instead of simply fleeing to the suburbs while the mongrels grew in those dens of vice and streams across our borders.

You aren't making any meaningful progress as far as demographics where abortion is concerned. You're shooting yourself in the foot, no less.

But you're short sighted just like the Carthaginian above.
You don't see the whole scope. All you can seem to see is whats right in front of you.

more niggers = more nigger crime = more redpilled Whites

You mean national socialist user?

Who cares? That's the first time I've ever seen someone who says 'nazi' on Zig Forums with a narrative that wasn't jewish swill.

I truly don't understand how someone cannot see the flaw, at a level of principle, in allowing such behavior in a society.
You cannot recover such a society while retaining such behaviors, so long as it stands you are, at very best, treading water, and at worse, actively sinking further.

If your society is one wherein a young woman, bereft of anyone elses oversight, can murder her unborn baby in the womb, with the help of a medical professional (sworn by oath to protect life) no less, what does that say about your society? It says that your society is garbage, that's what it says. And so long as it remains, your society will remain garbage.

Funnily enough, the same could be said of a society of White people that tolerates the presence of Blacks.

Then what makes you think stopping it will magically save the white race and its birthrates? This is nothing but moralfag posturing of theoretical abstracts with no basis in reality or grand scale. Noone thinks abortion is a good thing that should be done on white people, but based on the greater per capita impact that nonwhites have with abortion it speaks for itself.

I can't give you evidence, but I have a thesis:
Mental impurity is related to racial impurity.
Therefore impure thoughts, and in consequence deeds, are at least partially caused by impurity of the blood. That is the reason that impure and inferior humans flock to religions like islam and christianity, they recognize their own impurity and seek a way out (heaven, being a new and pure life). And have you ever seen a blond marxist irl? I haven't, but have seen enough that were dark haired.

Sorry if I don't argue from the same dystopian perspective as you in the VSA where racial purity doesn't seem to matter much to you. Being a coward and not accepting responsibility for your own actions goes against the essence of being german so I don't see them as my own people, wether they are german americans or the ones living in my country.

Who the fuck said that? Not me.
What I said was that it will certainly help White birthrates for Whites to not murder their babies out of convenience, and that more Whites becoming redpilled will be similarly beneficial to the White race in terms of existential concerns in the long-run.
Now do you have a fucking argument against that or not you worthless nigger?

No, its a valid argument that you have nothing to come back at with except a weak strawman.
Go beat those drums nigger, drown out that cognitive dissonance.

No, it doesn', thats exactly what I mean.
But you're too fucking stupid to realize that.
I say again:

Woops. Check those digits before you shitpost in reply.

Then shut the fuck up about it you nigger. Why the fuck are you bringing up your 'thesis' if you don't have any fucking evidence to back it up?
What the fuck is WRONG with you?

What the fuck are you talking about?
Racial purity? Nigger, your entire statement here is reliant upon your evidence-bereft 'thesis', which means its based on nothing. You are fucking stupid.

I like it too, that's a great ass

Abortion isn't moral, but it IS practical. We are in an all out war to save our race - if some niggers and leftists murder their unborn children, I don't really give a shit.

Abortion is a net benefit on society, and I don't care about what any moralfaggot says about it. It's one of the few reasons we still have a fighting chance and why the black population is steady at 13% and not 20% as it would be without abortion.

We need to expand Planned Parenthood. There should be a PP within 10-15 minutes walking distance of every black neighborhood. The abortions should be free, and PP should also provide sterilization services, which should be incentivized with a $1000+ reward, for both males and females. Jamal would jump at the opportunity to end his line so that he can purchase new Jordans, the latest game console and some Henny with that $1k, plus never risk of being accused by Shanaynay of fathering her sprog since he has the vasectomy receipts. Precious would be able to hoe around as much as she wants without the risk of getting pregnant since she is too broke to afford birth control or Plan B.

Consider instituting moralty when this country is capable of accepting it from a demographic standpoint. Currently, morality is a joke - the problems of this country are strictly mathematic and statistical.

Yeah, kikes are FURIOUS. They're really pressing the "14/88 kill all niggers" angle.

And this is why you fail.

They really are going all out on this one it seems.

Here's the rub though: THIS ENTIRE DEBATE IS BAIT.

This entire thing is designed to get us to NOT talk about immigration and foreign policy, but to quibble over whether or not murdering your baby is acceptable as a societal norm if it kills half the yearly niglet crop.
The answer is a resounding NOPE, if only in that no such society can or will endure.

If you want to the White race to prosper, providing them means to keep their own birthrates down while keeping the nigger population in check - rather than running rampant chimping in a way that would draw White response and further tax the system - is not helping that goal.

What "we need to" do is killing niggers, cut the fucking middle man.

inb4 muh false flag tho

Thats about the sum of it, or at least deport them.

This shit, abortion as a norm, is societal poison, its a cancerous growth on the soul of people, and so long as it remains, no matter the justification, we will not recover.

A white race that advocates murdering their own children is not a race worth saving. There will be time to oust the 13%, for now we need to save ourselves.


At least spoiler that shit for fucks sake

Are you retarded? I'll say again, if despite all this anti natal propaganda and women getting abortions that isn't making an effect on demographics according to your own words, then what makes you think the reverse will be true? Show me evidence it's not having an effect, because based on this that millions not just on the immediate non white fetus lost, but millions more from calculated genetic loss over time.
Why? Because more niggers are around? That's your big saving grace? Based on your post and statement of:
more niggers = more nigger crime = more redpilled Whites
That seems to be your argument.
Your entire argument is centered around abortion being the keystone for women's behavior and societal morals. It is not. Birthrates plummeted long before Roe v Wade. If you want something to give women some accountability about their actions, take away the pill or their job.

Here we can see the mongrel angrily flailing with his arms when confronted with who he is.
Seems like I hit a nerve and there's a reason you don't like to talk about racial purity. You should have told me that it's about preserving your kind. Have fun playing in your sandbox, and remember to go to church to be saved from your own existence.

If you want to kill niggers, just kill niggers.

Why waste time waiting for abortion?

WOW! Why didn't I think of this?! Amazing idea! We should just kill all niggers! This is a totally practical idea that's going to be accepted by everyone in America as soon as they hear it due to its innate genius.

This is why moralfags like will always represent the lower rung of discourse in here. They're more concerned about "fighting the good fight" than actually winning anything.

Morality is for idiots and pussies, particularly morality that allows for an immoral enemy to replace and destroy you. The mathematics for abortion check out and suggest that it not only should remain, but actually expand to ensnare more niggers and non-whites. If you are more concerned about being moral than winning, you don't deserve to be here. Go fly a Reagan/Bush '84 flag you stupid faggot.

The lowest of the low. If you genuinely believe this you can go right next to Schlomo in the ovens.

Exactly, why don't you just kill niggers?

Why do you give powers to institution that kill white people so that niggers can die too?

You’re for murdering white children to slow the inevitable racial confrontation with hopes that someone else will take care of it. Treacherous.

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Exactly this. Any bitch who wants an abortion isn't worthy of motherhood. They're genetic waste.

Again, trusting women's decision.

Abortion is a Masonic Jewish Psy-ops designed to kill as many babies as possible for them. They sacrifice babies to MOLOCH. Blacks are undesirables, but allowing Kikes to perform Satanic procedures and blood sacrifices on them is still Masonic.
Moloch does not care whether the baby is black or white.

More of a non white population doesn't automatically mean acceleration though. That just means handing the keys to your house over to strangers. Acceleration requires initiating actions to start cycles of violence, not weakening your own position over time due to birth rates and hoping ethnic conflict occurs out of the blue instead of people fleeing and separating again for the x time.

Nigger, niggers and spics will outbreed whites with or without abortion in America.

Abortion is still illegal in Africa and South America where niggers and spics are made.

I like you. The moralfags in here don't understand because they've never actually witnessed the war firsthand. 20 years from now, when some zogbot boot is crushing the last bit of life out of their neck, they'll be thinking "at least I died honorably."

I don't plan on losing well, dying honorably, or wearing the aesthetic restrains of morality. I plan on winning. The cost is irrelevant. Fuck their cognitive boundaries. Win at all costs.

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Nonwhite birthrates are tanking just as much here, it's just that we keep importing en masse people from those countries where it is illegal.

You are more willing to have babies fight and die for the white race than you. Disgraceful.

Don't care, nigger.

The prevalence of homosexual behavior across cultures and ethnicities is nearly constant, demonstrating that it is most likely a combination of hormonal variation and environmental triggers, molestation being just one of them. This is because the majority of homosexuals, whether self identified as such or no, were not molested, and the majority of boys that have been molested do not express homosexual behavior later in life.

But knowing the state of this board in the current year, you won't actually take the time to read about sexual science because you already think you know all there is to know about this topic.

This guy gets it

Those moralfags annoy me more than anything, because they don't understand that their precious little principles will not matter one bit if the enemy wins, since the enemy will vilify them to no end; and on the flip side, if our actions are less than moral during the process of achieving victory, that doesn't matter either because we will be the ones writing history, and we will present ourselves as paragons of moral virtue for future generations to read about.

The actual process is far less important than the end result.

So let's have less white people for less niggers?

Never mind the spics, the chinks, the muds who don't abort?


Let me put it to you this way, my mathematically-challenged friend. Whites and Niggers don't abort at the same rates - far from it actually. Read OP's post; if not for abortion, the black population would be 16 million higher. 16 million more niggers is enough to make this country permanently leftist. You wouldn't win another election again. Spics actually abort at higher rates than whites too.

Now lets talk about the whites who DO abort. This isn't a random selection of the white population - they're a self selecting group, almost entirely made up of trash-tier leftist white race traitors living in cities. Do you think their offspring would be useful to us? No. They would just spawn more leftists if they weren't given the opportunity to abort. Conservative women aren't having abortions.

Muds and chinks are a fairly low percentage of the population, and both black and hispanic women have lower birthrates than white women in America once you're in the 2nd generation (blacks and hispanics born in America).

Abortion should not be a form of contraception, but expecting niggers to be responsible is like expecting one to voluntarily pick your cotton.
Force is the only way to make them behave in a civilized manner.

Are you really a couch potato who believes in easy solutions in current time and age?

Honestly this, everything about abortion is inherently eugenic

No it's not; high IQ people with future time preference get abortions, and either way its murder so fuck off with that shit, kike.



Giving women sexual freedom is like giving a child candy freedom

Giving women sexual freedom is like giving a child candy freedom

Giving women sexual freedom is like giving a female dog an infant in a bowl of pig ears inside a cage in some niggers section 8 back yard infested with lyme disease ticks

Is redtext posting always cancer

it seems like they are only outlawing abortion in the black and brown states, while the white northern and mid-western states keep it legal.

its just another attack vector of white genocide. the goal is to brainwash your daughters into being moms. good luck.


This right here. If abortion needs to be outlawed anywhere it's in Montana and Maine. White states. Not Alabama.

However even those who decide to kill their babies in Montana are still trash and better off not reproducing.

Where's drug overdoses?

Tell that to the South Africans.

nigresses get 50 abortions per month but still manage to spawn like 15 nigglets in their lifespan
baning them from having abortions will just limit the time in wich they can get pregnant to once every 9 months
nothing will change in nigger demographic legal abortion or not
meanwhiles whites are smart enough to use contraception, even if some dumb cunt need to abort her mistake her whiteness surelly will make her think twice about unprotected sex the next time she rides the cock carrousel
white women who get abortions are likelly never having children, but niggresses will just spawn more nigglets no matter how many abortions they haverather than banning abortion, i'd make it fully legal, but with forced sterilization atached
that would certainly solve the problem of niggreses and leftards reproducing

Absolutely, nature only knows the morality of winning, all else is irrelevant in context of natural law.

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Just take the stupid rhetoric elsewhere, you sub-80 IQ faggot.