Brenton Tarrant was a failure yet Zig Forums praises him. Why?

Control the finance, entertainment, education, health, military, religious, political, and social aspects of society.

Shitposts on a Babylonian smegma cultivation imageboard and all anynymous comment sections of the internet.
Greatest acts of defiance amounts to bi-annual lone wolf shooter massacring random non-Jewish pawns which only severs to garner more sympathy for the Jewish agenda.

How did the Aryan fall so low? When did he become Shekelberg's bitchboy?

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infinity chan is a NAZI board.

If you go to a NAZI rally you'll only find jews and FBI agents there.

These shootings jew spittings etc are all bullshit stories.

AWWW youre other thread on cuckchan didnt work either. Sad. At least you can enjoy the lovely fragrance of this sage.

A failure?

You are the white man's enemy as well Ahmed. Slaughtering 50 muslim cockroaches is like dessert. Kikes are still the main course.

Don't worry. Kikes and Kebab. We will kill you all


Collectivists don’t value being alive. They aren’t in their own brain. They’re in the skin of their whole (arbitrary collective). It’s a form of interior slavery. Corrupted individualists manipulate collectivists to further exalt the corrupt individual, while honest individualists work to fray collectivism so that all people may have individual lives worth living.

Joyless people who do not even know pleasure lie about pleasure to sucker others into mirroring the self-abuse of hateslaves. Schizophrenic posters in denial link images to texts in order to try to create associational screaming in the minds of their fellow broken. OP is a great example of this. They’ve tried to link the sane perspective to yelling refusal to perceive (ie, the actual thing that people screaming support for the broken an-hero “saint tarant” are doing).

Because this place is infested with kikes.

Delusional kike projects his own history. You'll never leave Babylon.

Brenton Tarrant is a Hero.
So are all who kill mudslimes, jews and leftists.
You are powerless to stop us.
White Men are living Gods in this world.

Tarrant created so much activity on here; and, you're just some faggot trying to get in on some of that attention.

Saint Tarrant will rise again, and go on to be regarded as one of the greatest men to ever live.

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And how much closer exactly are we to creating a white ethnostate? For every mudslime killed ten more are coming out the womb.
One step forward and three steps back is what we essentially have to show.

How does one become a failure after successfully attacking their primary target, rabbi?

We don't.

Hate to break it to you, but reincarnation will turn you into a worm.

Define white, burgerfat. You guys count indians and iranians as white. All I know is European ethnicities, and those have natural borders. Sorry your founders screwed your country up so badly during the inception, but that's your problem not ours. So good luck figuring that out.

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pleasure comes from the folk

That is where you are wrong. 10 mudslimes are coming out of the womb regardless of whether they are being killed. 50 dead mudslimes is a start. A morale booster. Soon it will become an epidemic they cannot stop. The shitskin purge is only beginning

Buttboi kike seems butthurt. lol

Spit on the jews, by reading and publishing their tactics. They really hate this:


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There is nothing "natural" about Europe's borders and the nation states of those countries want you dead.

Where were you for the past few months?

For the same reason they delete Purple user threads yet keep tons of threads devoted to a Jewish terrorist who did nothing for white men but make it all the easier for kikes to systematically oppress them with the organ of the state. Tarrant was a traitor if he even was white all his little stunt did was give sympathy to the enemy and a crackdown on us. All acelerationists are informants, shills, or human scum that would be better off committing suicide than doing what their inferior intellect thinks will help the white race.

There are ethnic borders, retard. You don't find Frisians in Hungary. Furthermore, we're all occupied by the Jewnited States of ZOG anyway. If they fucked off, our governments would have no legitimacy at all.

im just a shitposting Indonesian doing it for the lulz :^)

Finally. A man with sense.

Kek. Nice agony post there Abdul. I'm concerned that you are hurting so much

You guys have so many ways to phrase the same concept.

pic related, get off the board, wimp

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One (1) white guy killed fifty (50) mudshits.
that is a 1:50 ratio where the white guy didn't even get suicide'd.
The odds are very good, we just need more red blooded whites.

So attacking non-Jewish pawns instead of the merchant masterminds pushing their immigration is your primary target. No wonder the anonymous comment sections of the internet is where we are relegated to. Impotent rage at its most sublime.

Once we exterminate the Islamic Subhumans, People like you are next in line!

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okay sholmo


this is the type of reddit responses you can expect from the do nothings

just played out adjectives

Learn to sage

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Fuck off, you worthless faggot.

this thread is a bait, but it's also true
3/4 of the board here doesn't even belong to any nationalistic organisation

You will be lying in a mass grave somewhere. You will be in no position to do anything Abdul.

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do you want tarrant to wipe your ass up too?

Why not both you pansy?

Imagine being so mad someone doesn't agree with killing practically non-existant mudslimes

9/10 of those "nationalistic organisation" are petty do nothings

which propaganda agency do you work for?


Not a very good one.

Are we not doing our part by waking people up? Belonging to an organization isn't necessary or in the best interest for the movement.

Maybe, but the rest of the bodies in the grave will be hundreds of sandniggers.

If they practically don't exist, then he practically didn't kill anyone.

Yup. Your uncle, auntie and their other aunties will all be there Abdul. Possibly 72 virgins too

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Wow. Looks like I hurt poor Abdul's feelings

Fuck Tarrant

Nah. Praise Tarrant. Praise dead muslims.

Wasted trips
go home.

Kill yourself Abdul. That way we won't have to.

underage, please leave


shills be like

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Okay Ahmed

lot of mad shitskin and kikes in this thread

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You're not fooling anyone here kike

maybe when it comes to Zionist wars

Your lies will not save you. Like I said, kikes and kebabs. We are going to kill you all

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How's the night shift in Tel Aviv?

It's unbelievable how Zig Forums can't comprehend how detrimental this was to our cause. It just adds to the litany and narrative of"crazed racist" killers that our enemies can point to and use as justification to clamp down on any person speaking redpilled truths. Expect more calls to ban guns in the short-term and castration of red-blooded white men in the long-run. It was tantamount to masturbation. Felt good but achieved nothing of value, and leaves you tired and drained. Wouldn't be surprised if Tarrant was an agent in on the whole thing. Which makes even more like buffoonish for praising him.

You take out what you can Ahmed. One day their turn will come too as will yours.

Tell that to your ancestors who got enslaved by the Turkish Empire. Look at the nordic faggots in iceland who got dragged to Constantinople in chains.
If vikings are barbarians than we are the god of barbarians.
As the holy book of arab says we Turks are the ultimate evil and enemy of all mankind that will destroy everything that does not bow before the master race.
Erlik Khan ordered that the Turks would be the master of creation and when the holy day comes and you wake up to the sound of sirens it will be time for us to take back our birthright.

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Stop this pathetic attempt at trying to fit in. You are fooling no one

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imagine falling for kike tricks like a typical NPC

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People like you prove the night shift actually exists

Okay cuck

t. seething kike

You kikes talk about him more than we do

sloppy joe mossab

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before tarrant they hated all white people and wanted to genocide them

and after tarrant they also hated all white people and want to genocide them

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dumb kike thinks anyone ask for his opinion

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wew lad

kek. My boy sent 50 muslims shitskins to meet their 72 virgins. I understand why you grieve, Ahmed

Just go to sleep kike, you'll feel better in the morning

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Zig Forumstards are funny.
50% say he's a hero
50% say he's a Kike false flag because they know in their hearts white people like themselves could never actually DO anything besides whine on imageboards

mad shitskin, you cant bring back the 51

*Anything happens*

20 IQ People: "Nice try Mossad! America is Israels puppet Hitler was the good guy''

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That's what he means by "white", dumb ass. Most whites in America are of mixed European descent, but still full blooded Europeans. Mongrels aren't white, our kike statistics count spics and certain Arabs as white, and your country is just as kike ran as ours is, so quit being a faggot.


Show me where I said that

leftypol you guys legitmently cried when mudslimes died. BTFO'd once again

How are the night shifts in Tel Aviv?

That is what your posts look like Ahmed. You seem awfully upset that Tarrant took out 50 muslims.

Unironically swallow a shotgun shell

Sorry Ahmed. No one here is shedding any tears that 50 mudslimes went to mudslime heaven.

I'd assume it would be pretty good, watching all the model rockets getting shot out of the sky, and seeing airstrikes light up Gaza and the subhumans like a fucking Christmas Tree.

>no one is sad that (((Brenton))) didn't take out any kikes on his trip to Israel
Tell your boss to tie a wet shoelace around your neck and throw you off a building

Just fuck off.

I hope the bodies are still covered in bullet holes and filled with lead when they get to "Mudslime Heaven".

If only this culture of death would cease. Also 300 vs 20000 with no casualties is something that would happen among the church. I remember hearing similar accounts of victories among other people.

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