Evening lads, 40k here, tabletposting as I'm currently in the Wirral. Just sticking up a cheeky bunker thread so you can continue FPT and we keep our presence up until I get back and can create the proper one.
Hope you lads are ok anyway. Stopped through Ludlow on the way here. Was proper nice tbh. Anyway, on with the thread….

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Testing to see if embedd works on this device I'm unfamiliar with…

Wew success!

I keep seeing this every time I check in here and it's a longlist of oldgeezer posting with craftbeer and e s o t e r i cs n'shit.
I'm just gonna assume it's the grandad containment zone and move on.

Actually carry on, Contain'd.


That's because it's a long running staple lad. No one is forcing you to be here if you don't want to be. Plus I'm not that old…

Very metal lad


Much obliged lad. I offer these harmonies to Lugh.

I'm sure Lugh appreciates the harmonic offering tbh lad

Just trying some songs related to my path. Most of them I've found are metal. Most are much heavier than these.

Sam tbh lad and also stuff I'm nostalgic for. Helps remind me what we are fighting for.

This and searching for clues for my path are pretty much my main main reasons for listening to music these days.

Ahaha I knew it, I bet I brought the median age in here back down into the 80's just by posting here twice.

It just looks like "I looked into the tealeaves and saw arenige's butt in it, this clearly means he'll be giving uis a press conference soooon". Some dude in the other thread was making miniatures, it feels like I've wandered in on some IRL hobby forum it's great.
Anyway have some rocks near where I live as payment for disturbing your circles, you like nature right? maybe they have pixies in them or something.

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Second portent in a row. Agree too there is significance to our musicposting beyond that of pure merriment. Harmonic resonance plays a bit part in etheric working as does intent. The "intent" of musical offerings to our chosen deities plays a significant role in the B.O.N.D ritual. And there is power in ritual itself too…

Respect your elders. We have wisdom and life experience you lack. You can gain insights from your elders.

I realized that the reason I was getting so many off by one's was due to hesitating/second guessing my intuitive writing and choices mostly, but next mostly due to having a thought about wanting/getting digits before the post. Even just a split second of incorrect intentions threw it off.

You do realize that you don't have to poke your head in these threads if you don't want to right? They have a place, being a major part of the metaphysical forefront of the nationalist movements across the western world. In other words, this is a part of Zig Forums's magic division, more specifically, the druidic branch. Every other thursday, though the date is sometime pushed/pulled, the lodge makes bardic offerings to the Druids of times yore. The songs can also be made in offering to deities as well, such as has been done itt for Lugh. Otherwise, if you weren't being a sarcastic twat, I actually would have otherwise said "yes, those are some lovely landscapes, which would be nice to see in real life."

Don't get me wrong, this is clearly your (oldfaggots) place, everyone needs one even you guys.

They're kinda shit to be honest because it's all Yorkshire-quality moorland as opposed to actual grass you can walk through without worrying about losing your shoes to crab grass or disused quarry shafts but yeah they're alight I guess.
Now that's why people don't and can't take actual issues like muh nationalism seriously, somehow Catholics can get away with it with their body and blood thing but when it comes to esoteric Celtic tuathas you're lucky if you get more than an eye roll because three headed gods have kinda had their day.

Third in a row now only goes on to solidify your point. Spot on lad. Too much to be coincidence and we all know there is no such thing as coincidence anyway
Three consecutive portents just goes to show that even though it's been a quiet FPT by normal standards,it's still been a resounding success as numerological proof has ascertained the offerings have been accepted. Kudos lad.

Don't be condescending you young whipper snapper. Druid/pol/ is your ally and beside, I was probably out shagging birds while you were but a tadpole in your daddy's ballsack.
Also don't discount or underestimate the power of the esoteric without experiencing it firsthand. And the only way to do that is to walk the path yourself.
Seriously lad I've seen spooky shit that would make the fine hairs on your neck stand on end.

For the most part, the time for arguments has come to an end. Bending over backwards to make oneself more appealing to normalfags is only a breach of integrity and a show of weakness/willingness to submit. The normalfag will never be satisfied with anything but what gives them some form of immediate pleasure. Christianity offers a lot of "feel good" statements and doctrines which just are not at all realistic. The reason they will never really truly take to this sort of thing is their desire for comfort, pleasure, and stagnant sameness. This sameness and stagnancy gives the normalfag a sense of security and stability, because they just don't have the capacity to tolerate anything that is challenging. That's why its so easy to "crash their operating system", so to speak. Surely, you've seen it. They pause, the little light in their eyes retreats to some place deep inside, and they have the flouride stare for a bit until they come back with some hostile, defensive, often entirely unrelated response.

I'm glad for it too. I hope that I can continue to speak from the heart with correct intentions, and make proper offerings.

You accomplished a bang up job of it imo lad. I think that's the first time I've ever seen three consecutive portents appear from one single poster in succession. Obviously doing something right there…
My final offering for the eve as I must try to get to sleep soon as I've gotta be up early tomorrow.
Pleasure posting with you as always lad.

Gerontocide when?
I'm the sort of virile ANGLV BVLL who likes to jog through dimly lit woodland at odd hours and the spookiest thing I've ever seen turned out to be two cows fucking, the supernatural escapes me.

At least it's not Thule-society level in here with the Qlarp nonsense and all that but the portentious revelationisting and general sesquipedalian loquaciousness isn what does it I'd say. Like with the body and blood of Christ just look at all the shit c(uck)ivic "nationalists" get away with just by using small words. I'm guessing the thesaurus filter is intentional though to gate out the plebs? You're right about them, but that's just the good old 90/10 split between actual people and the lemmings in action.

Seems like I overstepped myself a bit there. Also forgot to mention that keeping up appearances for the sake of blending in and staying safe is a different matter entirely. I should have just kept it short and simple with: "it doesn't matter what the normalfag thinks, because they won't ever change."

I discovered the secret to digits, but it's difficult. I need to be humble, speak intuitively from the heart, with the correct intentions, state the right things for the right reasons, and offer the right song for the right reasons. In the last post, I had thoughts about digits, and I also went a bit too far with my rant on appearances. I shouldn't have said much, if anything.

Lad I'm 37. That's hardly "old" in the grand scheme of things.

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Missed some things.
Have a goodnight, lad. Sorry I missed this the first time. I need to slow down and collect myself, it would seem.

Feeling's mutual.

He's probably some 18/19 year old that's found the board less than a year ago. He's still full of anger, fury, angst, and lacks the perspective, experience and knowledge to respect his elders. I hope with time he'll realize that most of this D&C stuff he's fallen into was just that. That, or he's a shill.

Effectively ancient, may as well start drawing that pension.

I may be 2016cancer but I'm practically middle-aged myself thank you.

Then what precisely are you questioning? Either I'm not getting something or your beating around the bush a bit much.

The general wisdom of reviving something the Romans wiped out millennia ago for general/pol/ack purposes. To me, a newfaggot, it looks Wicca-tier, is it?

I'll do the best I can to answer this in a way that's clear. Rome as I'm sure you are aware, had a very long history that varied quite a lot. Those in power changed many times, and with this, the actions of the country changed. In the earlier days of Rome, it was "pagan". Although, they never would have used the term "pagan" themselves, and I personally shun its usage when referring to the B.O.N.D.. The term "pagan" is derived from Latin "paganus", which means roughly "rural retard". This term was not popularized in reference to the traditional worships of European peoples until after christians took power. I'm myself unsure of the word "heathen" as well, but I would rather use this than "pagan". Somewhere I have an infographic on the laws in Rome before christianity and after christianity, but I can't find it atm. I also have one on Nero vs. the jews, and a folder full of quotes, but my folders are in shambles so finding anything is currently a monumental effort. I had some, but then posting this hung, so I had to reload, and lost them again. Now, I do like to refer to Rome for a lot of things, they did many things well. Tactics, philosophy, engineering, etc. But Rome was not infallible, and fell into decadence.

I can't claim to know the reason for the destruction of the druidic orders and conquering of the many nations of Europe. I can however compare what has survived with personal experience, observation and the traditions of others. Traditions that survived more fully. A good place to look is Vedic tradition. The Vedas have a lot of similarity to Norse mythology, and is a good reference to try to fill in gaps. For an example of looking to other surviving ancient Aryan knowledge, the (V)Eddas speak of 420,000 soldiers of Valhalla fighting in Ragnarok and the Vishnu Purana refers to 420,000 years which the Kali Yuga is said to last, IIRC. The Hebrew script itself is (no surprise) stolen/altered ancient Aryan wisdom, as it was the ancient Hyperborean peoples that created writing. The Vinca writings as well as the Runes contained in the Eora Linda book are proof of this. I had the image showing the Similarities between Vincan script and ancient Hebrew, but that was lost too.

As for the comparison to Wicca, there are some similarities, but it's almost entirely superficial similarity. The Wiccans do believe strongly in their practices, but they are generally not based off of the same things. The Wiccans even worship many of the same gods. The Wiccans interpret the same texts differently and are largely, primarily I would argue, influenced by New Age movements and revisionism. What the B.O.N.D. seeks is the creation/restoration of a healthy, pure, Karmically positive druidicism built around the ancient philosophies, beliefs and wisdoms of our ancestors. The lodge currently has a philosophy of allowing one to take to their own practices and beliefs to a large degree, asking for self initiation. That's not to say "anything goes", though. Gay orgy magics would be detested by all members. My personal path is what has come to be commonly called "Esoteric Hitlerism", but the path itself has existed since at least the sinking of Atlantis in the last cataclysm. It has come to be called what it has because of Serrano, Jung, and Evola's influences as well as it's usage/inclusion in the reich, particularly the SS. It is the same path of the Siddha, just told in a different way that's more understandable to a more germanic/norse individual such as myself. (To make it simple.) For me, and I would argue every member of the lodge, the goal is eventually ascension/attainment/enlightenment. Wiccans are mostly just normalfags taken to some new fad of sorts to fulfill their desire for something that is to them, novel and fringe/edgy/hip, while retaining their ability to take part in their every biweekly pansexual flagellation sessions.


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Another way to explain the difference, I suppose, is that the lodge has some practices that have been co-opted, corrupted in most circles, or otherwise given a bad image. The lodge itself is a lodge of light, that adheres to a moral code of honor, even if I have yet to see it said as such explicitly. It's purpose is to be "the real deal", rather than the fake and gay approved orders.

Ultimately, nothing is perfect, but the lodge is magnitudes better than what's out there, and the fact that the spirits of the long dead Druids even commune (through digits) with the lodge shows that its on the right path. There are other things too, such as the Kabbalah/Qlipoth that might turn some away, but again, I would more soon think it to be stolen and smeared than strictly evil and jewish. My personal intuitive response for a long time was to stay away from it, but I think I'm ready to begin to study it now that I have a better judgement for these things. I won't claim that your concerns are illegitimate either, it does really seem that every new "group" that pops up engaging in magic in anyway whatsoever are all in some corrupted.

Also, it is my understanding that there is more than one organization going by the name "Thule Society". Just the same, Luciferianism is not Luciferianism is Luciferianism. That is, there is a difference between dark hearted individuals sacrificing children to "Lucifer/satan", a practicioner of the LHP, and a Seeker of the Dawn, a practitioner of the RHP. (As a Seeker of the Dawn, this is the primary reason I would never call myself a Luciferian, but also because it's more about achieving Nos than Lucifer anyway. So, despite being technically able to call myself Luciferian, it's not an all too fitting title, and very easily confused.)

Lastly, I'm by far not the most knowledgeable regular in the lodge, so others very well may chime in and prove me wrong on some things or just outright make me seem like an ignoramus. I hope this has helped give you a better idea of what the lodge is. The very last thing I would say about it would be in regards to the hobbyposting. The hobbyposting helps build the bond between members, lighten tensions, reduce stresses, and generate positive loosh/vibrations/colors, which to simplify means that it just makes people happy. If you know how meme-magic (and by extension all magic) works, it's all about intention, will and emotion, so these things help make the lads of the lodge stronger/better at what they do. If everyone was always super serious non-stop, eventually they would grow to be too stressed.

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What does druid/pol/ think about Bal-Sagoth?

Check the lyrics for bonus points.


I couldn’t have put it better tbh lad.

Fluoride makes NPCs ‘floor eyed’.

I as well lad.

pic related
It has been nonstop portents today culmating with me dressing Her shirtless in the rain at dusk. The portents included:

And lastly harvesting Her. The violent crescendo, a living out of the allegories in Suffolklad’s greentext from the last thread. As I said in the last thread, I didn’t want to because of Her age(teenager equivalent) and gender. However, she returned two nights ago with her mother; both of whom savaged our fruit saplings again. I deduced they were not agents of Cernunnos, because they did not mind the taste of liquified bovine marrow I had sprayed the trees with. Clearly, they were golums of Kali and the demiurge. I also believe them to have been a shadow projection; a microcosm of my country’s taco invasion. Seemingly harmless to normalfags, neighbors fed them, but they kept encroaching and taking moar. I tried everything short of fencing, which would mar the natural landscape. I pleaded repeatedly with the gods to keep them away, but was not answered. Not twenty minutes after returning home, were they in the back yard. I calmly put in my ear plugs, took up my 12 gauge then ‘sliced the pie’ around the house. They let me walk right up to 7 meters distant and looked defiantly in my eyes. I planned to take the mother, but when I drew she fled. The yearling took two trots before I took her. The clean headshot left crumpled her in place. Twitching, I was certain she was dead, but I emptied my second barrel to be sure. I cut the veins of her neck and drug her to the wood shed. Positioning her thorax to face downhill I summoned my Blood Memory; I had never processed game larger than a pheasant. It was perfect. Both kidneys, liver, heart, and ovaries are soaking in water now. Her left lung had many small black pearls on it; they had spread to her spine and down to her colon. It was a relief tbh, I spared her a painful demise. In total darkness, I took the entrails deep into the forest and made some prayers. On the return hike I stopped at my blot tree and made some moar. I then prepared a silver bowl of fruits and 8 apple leaves, offered them to the spirit of Her with more prayers. I felt no joy, no pride, nor anger at the gods. My heartbeat was even, I had done my duty with detachment as Arjuna. I fed my family. I secured the existence of my pear trees and a future for white cherry blossoms.

I shall return for more analysis, scrying, and so forth after some fasting; more prayers, offerings, and shadow work than I have already given tonight. Pic 2 are the random drops form her perspective while hanging in the shed. It’s possibly a sig rune or a W on its side
All I see in the entrails is a sad merchant, thanks Zig Forums.

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Speaking of Fluoride, I've heard Borax can help decalcify the pineal gland when taken as a dietary supplement. I take half a spoon full stirred into a tall glass of water once daily.

Good work with the clean headshot.

Very well said lad

Nature provides her bounty.
Exemplary clean killshot btw lad

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Politically, shit's fucked and we have no idea how to unfuck it. Praying for King Arthur is the best we have right now.

Thanks lads. I had to lead her one head since she took off. It still felt off taking one in my backyard as opposed to a proper hunt. On the other hand, having my wife and baby witness natural fascism from the living room window was excellent.

Here’s the archive of the last thread; XXXI
Here’s a tardy musical offering I intended to post last eve after getting home. Though I was quite busy with the deer. The album ‘Throwing Copper’ was the first I bought as a lad during the grunge era. I now throw copper offerings into waterways and have a pale blue eyed baby. Wew the memes lads. I offer this to said baby, my wife, Her, our ancestors, and that most ancient Pilgrim in the wide brimmed hat.

Why the fuck is this on Zig Forums?

holy hell, you're STILL here to bitch and moan? Pathetic.

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This tbh although reactionary forces are gathering in both the mundane and etheric spheres. The political situation is unsustainable and henceforth transient. It won't last forever. It will at some point involve a collapse of sorts though so the best thing we can do at this particular juncture is to focus on family, self improvement and forging out a spiritual path in order to provide light in dark times.
We are in the midst of a turbulent aeonic cycle. It won't last forever - they never do.

I think this is the first time iv seen proper and successful visceromancy performed here. Kudos lad. We are entering uncharted scrying territories now…
I audibly kek'd but at the same time, I kind of see it too.
Good stuff lad and you are right. A clean mercy kill is highly preferable to a long suffering drawn out death.

Truly lad.

Thanks lad, I’m honoured to be a pioneer. I’ve ascertained the meaning in the lungs. Perhaps, the sad merchant is the portent. I’ll have to make a blogpost in my containment thread in the grove about the sum of it after some rumination tbh. Have a good weekend lads.

I respected that deer and still shot it in the face with a 12 gauge point blank. Imagine when I subscribe to Minecraft ya cunt.

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I wager you'd very much be an asset in Minecraft tbh lad.
I'm serious on the visceromancy too. Iv mentioned it in passing a few times but never attempted it myself bit hard to do where I am unless I can somehow scry crab entrails kek & I genuinely can't think of it being performed in a better way. A hunted animal that trespassed, was spared a painful, wasting disease death and its presence and sacrifice served many a purpose beyond that of purely selfish means. THIS is how you do RHP sacrifice.
It's almost as if it was meant to happen…..

Lots of portentous synchronicities as of late. As we walk out Paths, the way becomes clearer.
The causal threads are binding lad. I can feel it.

Got a few pics of Liverpool Cathedral while I'm at my grandmother's btw. Pics don't really do it justice (because it's about 5miles away here) but it is truly a mighty ediface. I may not be a practising Christian but fuck me do I appreciate their victorian gothic architecture. It proper dominates the skyline.

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This tbh.

Also this. Aside from Washington DC and a few cities back east, the architecture here is disharmonious modern trash. The chathedrals were mostly built by pagan masons hiding their power levels anyway Kek.

Hope you are all well lads, saw this the other day and couldn't wait to share it with you

Tower of London saved from prophesied demise after first ravens in 30 years hatch inside


On one hand it's still them keeping an artificial number of ravens at the tower (the origional lt all died or were driven off during the Blitz and the current ones wings are clipped) but the fact they're breeding makes me wonder

25 year old here myself tbh

Excellent work lad, the way I've always saw it was that hunting was merely taking from Cernunnos and that by making offerings to him I am thanking him as well as the usual act of devotion

Only one chapter is digitized it seems

Cheeky cunt. But you're welcome to stay or just post whenever you feel tho. Everyone is welcome and it's always good to have some new blood here, just don't be a total dick that's all.

This has me wondering what Druid/pol/'s average age is, not that I'm going to datamine or anything. Someone said 25 and I'm guessing 40k is our most venerable Druid. I'm turning 34 in a few days. I bet most of us are over 25 tbh.

Check out the Youtube channel "Survive The Jive" as far as paganism goes. It isn't really a political channel even though he's /ourguy/ but you can get a good sense of what pagan revivalism is. He also does videos on genetics. Normies love paganism and folkism btw, open any lifestyle magazine during Easter or Christmas and you'll see articles about ancient pagan celebrations for example. They just need to be exposed to streams other than Wiccashit fakery.

Fresh Way of the World on his email connections thing, sounds like he's not doing it any more because it was too successful.

Afternoon lads. Beautiful weather. My final day in Birkenhead today so I'll get the new thread up either tomorrow or Monday, depending on what time I get home. For now let's just keep using this bunker as it has served us well.
Hope we are doing OK anyway.

It does seem like it proved popular. People are crying out to connect with the like minded.

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The ravens certainly seem like a good portent. A few were killed by a fox a while back too iirc. I figured London was long lost but maybe I was being overly pessimistic. Even in the darkest times, hope springs eternal.
Things are really beginning to shake up now and there seems to be a paradigm shift occurring in the consciousness of the national psyche. Slowly but surely - like our own "long march through the institutions" but this time its a quicker march through the national zeitgeist. The antidote.
Some esoteric irony there lad. The universe seems to have its own (obscure) sense of humour, that's for sure

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Given that the ravens are imported replacements and a collapse at this point would hurt our enemies more than us, I'm not sure I share your optimism in this case.

Good observation. The portents could be interpreted in differing manners. The sooner collapse happens the better imo, I don't disagree there. We just have to see how this plays out.

Many ravens were eating caterpillars species that killed it's host plant in my front yard today, weird synchronicity. Also portent? Maybe a cleanup soon.

The collapse will happen. These Spiritual omens gives us implications that it will collapse in our favor.
Even the Universe is afraid of the "Crazy White Boy".
The Fire Rises.

Hopefully aye.
And portentous timing on that post too lad.