Come to /pol3/

So chode nigger since you can not properly moderate your board I will move to /pol3/
And it will be your replacement.
You thought anons moving to nein cucks or any other inferior site outside of this one was gonna be a problem?
You fucking niggers forgot boards can be created out of thin air.

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try making a thread before promoting your new board nigger

There already are threads faggot.

Also the board is fairly new.

Also daily reminder
Fuck the kikes.

What will make it different?

Apparently BO will ban anyone who doesn't back up any claims with facts. So, they'll definitely not be a ton of leftycuck tier shite over there.

Better moderation and genuine discussions.

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This. /fascist/ is based and has the best effortpost : shitpost ratio I’ve ever seen without modcucking

Hitler digits confirm.

But is not Zig Forums
There is /3rdpol/ and /natsoc/ but those should be used for info
Debates about ideology and political ideas would be better used in /pol3/ you also are required to show evidence.

Sounds tempting, but can you expand on your definition of those 2 points at all?

Sounds like a recipe for modcuckery

I can copy paste the rules.
1. Do not post, upload, discuss, or link to anything that violates United States law.

2. Troll and off-topic replies, indecipherable text, and porn, furry, or pony/brony images are not to be posted or uploaded. Gore images are allowed, but must be spoilered.

3. Submitting false reports may result in a ban. Replying to a thread stating that you've reported it or another post is also not allowed.

4. No spamming or flooding of any kind.

5. Advertising in all forms is prohibited. This includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc. This also applies to game servers, YouTube and Discord channels, etc.

6. Do not attach signatures to your posts.

7. Ensure that what you are posting is on-topic, legible, and coherent. Low-quality threads and posts will be deleted.

If interested you can make a new thread and ask questions to the board owner but the board just began user.

Evidence is important, but yeah it could be used as a way to niggerate the narrative in any given thread.

I'll give it the benefit of the doubt I guess. See you there.

ideasguys were a mistake

Better than this shithole just have banter and discussions is definitely possible.

no thanks

If /b/ stayed /b/ instead of bowing to animefags and genderqueers then Zig Forums would have stayed great. Alas, it was not to be.

o and flags, really nigger?


Okay post your porno back to /b/ or else where faggot.


Great job, dumbass.



So if you have facts the board owner decides are fraudulent he can just shut you up? No thanks


Sorry no degenerates allowed.

inspired by this gay OP i made my own board that'll last a few days join me desu

What the fuck is the point of that board?

100 boards full of degeneracy to choose from and you're in here bitching about no ponies allowed. The absolute fucking state of Zig Forums

If you can keep the queers at bay then I'm all in.

Welcome fren.

to jab at OP's retarded idea uwu

Guess /b2/ must be a retarded idea and look how that turned out

win the attention hungry games

It will.

Do the needful.

Nazis run forever because their ideas suck.

It has nothing to do national socialists moishe reason moving out is a good idea is because.
1. The moderation sucks so much ass.
2. Lack of genuine debate and discussion
3. The amount of derailers and kikes
4.the amount of slide and shit threads.
So if chode nigger could hardly take care of this board nor the mods then expect Zig Forumsacks of all kinds not necessairly the national socialists despite being the majority.
Natsoc can easily do fine with debates arguments and rhetoric.

I didn't know Nazis were so easily offended. They need their safe space

You do realize you are free to come over to the board and be able to debate right?
Hell there is already an /ancap/ general.
No where in the rules said that you would be banned for not being a natsoc.

Same old Stormfags for the Jews.


Shills seem to be out in full force.
Yup this is a good idea.

I welcome information from all groups including natsoc. The ones I have met here just call me a Jew if I have an opinion different to theirs

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Not an argument kike spammer.

I would take half of the third pill


Is a way to keep the advertisment up.

>>>/liberty/ (really?)

Their used as bunkers anyway.
Another/pol/ board like this one years ago is needed.

See, no one goes to Stormtard boards because it's well…Stormtard. So they have to force their shit on everyone else here.

Thanks for the bump.

Good. Take your jew crew with you.


You're Welcome.


no fanx

What did you mean by this?

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