Purple LARPer Right Again

Remember that namefag trying to get us to help the dirty hippies last week? I sure do and he is looking less and less like a LARPer each and every day. For a SWAT team to storm an embassy in violation of the Vienna Convention is a first in geopolitical history. I cannot stress enough how unusual this event is or implications it casts. Essentially if this is allowed to stand a country can choose exactly what part of government of a foreign country gets to represent it internationally. Forget undermining sovereignty this latest stunt by Trump's DoS to do the work of Jews has completely undermined international diplomacy. Can't believe I'm starting to see merit in this LARP.

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Wow I'm a retarded fuck sorry anons sorry for no link.


Original VZ Thread By Purple:

Embassy Thread:

Purple LARPer also gave us Jared and Ivanka's DC address two weeks before this dropped today.


Of course owner of the home they rent is a fucking kike billionaire Andrónico Luksic.

Then this…Rush agitating the Boomers for Jewvanka 2024


LARP looking a lot less like a LARP after today.

Nigga its called "predictive programming"

Yeah this guy is growing on me. Mods nuked the thread of his right after someone made that post about Kushner and look and what leaked today in that article.

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It is actually really crazy how desperate the jews are coming across.

Four hippies stayed behind?
Weak, hippies. Weak. They should have gone on a hunger strike and come out on ambulance stretchers to news cameras.
Fasting would have been good for the health and their need for self denial, solidarity with the Venezuelans, and ascendance SJWdom.

Swatting them is bad form as well. Boo to that also!

(cont.) There was no excuse. Most of them had plenty of fat reserves. Their warrior side is lacking.

Checked. Imagine that
Tyrian was right


I'll at least give you this these are a lot more substantial than Q (((proofs))).



itt: TRSodomites

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He's also the one who Zig Forums collectively shouted down when he suggested we make memes over Mr. BoneSaw and the WaPo asset. How should one think about that event now?

I don't think it's "TRSodomites trying to regain credibility" as much as it's a LARPer who happens to be a TRSodomite, and is an apologist for them.

Only one of those is actually a post by Purple and in it he say TRS are shills you irredeemable shill faggot who spams every thread involving him with this shit. Unironically kill yourself faggot.

could be. either way mods need to perma-nuke trs threads.

Don't samefag within 1 minute of your first shill post Chaim. Anyone claiming Purple is a TRS shill or has anything to do with TRS is a paid disinformation agent taking kike's 30 pieces of silver if they aren't one themselves.

One post by Purple the other are 3 threads you faggots created yourselves to try and associate this with TRS to smear it. Your kike bullshit is easily detected. shoo jew.

Was swatting four hippies really necessary? How long could they have held out?
Now it's bad optics and complete disregard for the Vienna Convention.
Did someone forget to have breakfast the morning they ordered that?


The first post (((PurpleAnon))) aka Mike Enoch posted on Zig Forums, which was shoahed by mods, he defended TRS and claimed they aren't controlled opposition. See the first pic here:

Now fuck off Mike.

Purple said they need the Gaydo's point men inside the embassy to do 24/7 PR in US media for military intervention. As it looks like there VZ adventure is falling apart they are getting desperate hence the swatting.

I don't know or care what TRS is, and just ignore all TRS talk. I don't really care either if one can correctly spot a shill or not as long as they are not pushing someone constantly that ultimately turns out to be a shill.


Is there an Zig Forums PurpleAnon thread prior to 2/18/19?

Sorry user mislabeled you but that is a hazard of torposting. You are right Purple was definitely trying to stir up the meme machine to attack MBS and Kushner after the embassy killing. Apparently MBS/KSA are essential to clown prince Jared's peace plan for greater israel.

What's the hurry? It fell apart already. What good will it do now? Are they pushing for it again? Venezuela had to do with the SA Aramco IPO and the Middle East peace plan (which comes out June 15 afaik) according to user's thread, but does it all hinge upon the other - Iran sanctions, pushing for war?

No problem at all. Didn't even see the mislabelling, just generally expressing that the TRS thing is a non-issue for me, and I just ignore their trolling.

cant even remember, all i know is that it was really controversial because the mods were shutting threads down so quickly. and then a tidal wave of shills appeared. whatever he was saying i guess some of it was important.

There was someone that was probably him around October last year but he was a lot more vague and didn't answer questions but same formatting and pushing hard against Kushner and suggesting getting rid of MBS was way of fucking with Jared. In circumspect wish I archived those two threads if any other anons have them please post.

that is my question. Please show us a PurpleAnon thread prior to 2/18/19 on Zig Forums.

Qtard boomers said the EXACT same things you're saying RIGHT NOW to defend Q. Same with all the prior "insideranon" LARPfags. You're shilling for a fake LARP. Kill yourself.

Eunuch would never say anything bad about Jizzhands. AnCap the Nation is one of their top podcasts.

It definitely hinges on MBS getting what he wants most which is his IPO a few trillion and control of the kingdom until his death in 50+ years. Even the leaked version in israeli media this month are now saying the Gulf monarchies especially KSA are paying for more the 70% of entire plan and that is what they are publicly talking about now.

kikes run controlled opposition campaigns constantly.


Purple IS a rebranded Q. Same bullshit larp. Same bullshit premise. Instead of targeting boomers with quizzes, they target younger crowds with better imageboard lingo skills. You're chasing the promise of magic insider namefag predicting and saving everything instead of taking action.

hey fuckface. I asked you to provide a link or an archive to a PurpleAnon thread on 8pol prior to 2/18/19. Thanks.

I believe Purple also suggested doxxing Jazzhands to take away his cushy beltway bottom bitch salary. Really great TRS psyop you know suggesting to dox each other, that they are all paid shills, that people outside feed them talking points.

The absolute state of the nightshift in Tel Aviv my friend.

I have the thread, and no, you rude asshole.

When the Venezuelan people beg for help…

When Trump wins the election, the Leftist media claims that Russia rigged the American election.

When America actually did intervene in Venezuela,

Hmmm…. so… Russia Elected Trump, then Russia defended Venezuela from Trump??

Wow kike you must not be able to read.


2/15/19 and he posted threads in October and November but those only dealt with Kushner, KSA, & MBS.

I wasn't talking to you, Torfag. Why don't

stop samefagging?


I encourage anons to ctrl+F "Enoch"

Stay defeated, Mike.

If I wanted to samefag your retarded jewish ass all I would have to do is create another VM and run a VPN on it not stoop down to using a service created by the NSA and US Naval Intelligence.

I can't even say it. What a mess. VZ, Iran, China, NK…

Yeah, but I was talking to you, and you're getting paranoid delusional if you see me as the same person everywhere.

let me make a dank infographic for (((you))), mikey


2/15/19 is before 2/18/19 what is your rebuttal you insufferable faggot?
October and November but those only dealt with Kushner, KSA, & MBS.

Taking friendly fire here, lol. Unapologetic Tor user so all Teflon.

all namefags and tripfags get the gas

Tor is fine unless you want to do some serious things don't worry user. This shill is absurd. He asks for a single thread before 2/18/19 gets one from 2/15/19 and then proceeds to pretend like it never was presented to him.

What is your rebuttal kike shill?

Would me posting the thread here shut up sewer mouth over there, or would it give too much information about our glowanon's posting habits? I'm leaning towards just filtering him.

Maybe Langley learned to chew less cock and put up a little more evidence?

Post em so the other anons realize what shilling faggot sewer mouth sodomite is.

user in question mercilessly mocks the CIA. If it is a psyop it's not being run by CIA as they wouldn't have made comments user makes.


stay defeated, mikey.

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LARPing is a kike shill term that is six million percent meaningless–didn't read the rest of your gay OP.

Did spergy glowanon say they already know who he is? And if some know, not everyone knows. I don't want to be responsible to him being road pancake. Sorry, but I won't post it for now.

Conan, boy detective, is on the case!

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2/15/19 you faggot.

High quality shill image there it's almost like you think we are all too fucking stupid to understand context in OP's thousands and thousands of words of posting or that the last images in your faggot infographic were added and edited by you and last one isn't even from fucking cripple chan.

The absolute state of the night shift in Tel Aviv.

Can you post a screenshot of your "8ch screenshot" folder? I wanna see how many files are in it

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If seweranon wasn't such a faggy brainlet, he would likely remember the thread that had a lot of considered and passionate replies, or glowanon's multiple appearances here, and if he doesn't, he's not enough of a regular Zig Forumslack and should shut up about things he doesn't know.

lel i used the thread you yourself posted here:

how defeated can you get in a single thread?

it's modest but growing

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Reminder a manlet like you couldn't defeat anyone


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You realize this is the internet right?

Has been provided to you 3 times you stupid faggot.

Sorry, "information" was too nice. I should call it dribble.




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At least you can admit to being a manlet. Not like you needed to. Anyone that boasts doing deadlifts in between posts gives that away

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Invading the embassy like that probably means things are on a schedule, and timing is getting rather desperate?

Cope harder, shorty

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Alright, calm down small fry. The images you're posting describe your mental state too well

Go eat some tide pods and it'll send you back in time so you can go be a nazi with hitler.

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Annnnnnd you're done. One thread. One infograph. One manlet Moarpheus. One Mike Enoch defeated. One (((PurpleAnon))) exposed. Tell me something: what's the feel like?

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See this is what I mean. You think anyone reads your dribble. They don't. I didn't.

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This shill is priceless.

Show us on the doll where Mike Enoch touched you?

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is same.

Alright. Teh lulz have died up. Just remember: no matter how much time it took you to cook up this marketing attempt, Enoch, it only took me one maymay to destroy it. You're inferior m8.

stay kvetching

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Tell me, do you actually believe that your oversized mspaint edits affect powerful jews? please say yes

Look at the absolute mental state of this loser. He does believe it.

im kicking a dead horse at this point. enjoy your thread.

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Kicking a dead horse would involve actually doing something

Show us on the doll where Mike Enoch touched you?

Also you were already buttblasted several times you mentally ill faggot. 2/15/19 is 3 days before 2/18/19 your rebuttal Schmuley?

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btw thanks for showing how much being called a manlet gets to you. You usually go for over (100), but call you a manlet and you give out at a measly (21)

Kill yourself nigger.

newfags, be sure to filter, sage, and report.

Did mikey make your bum bum bleed?

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Did Mike not use any lube is that why your ass still hurts so much you come here to shit up the board?

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Whatever do you mean user? Conan makes great 134204x478282 mspaint images! SO informative!

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