Why don't white shooters take out high priority targets like hyper-aggressive anti-white politicians, journalists...

Why don't white shooters take out high priority targets like hyper-aggressive anti-white politicians, journalists, media conglomerate CEOs, etc? I commend Tarrant's bravery because I am too much of a pussy to take action, but if you're going to snap you should at least reach for the stars.
inb4 sloppy joe mossad, glownigger, etc

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They don't have the balls and would rather hit soft-targets which are ultimately more counterproductive. It takes more effort and training for the big ones at the top. Increasingly disgruntled whites are even ignoring prep, leading to shitty attacks (Earnest). If you do anything, take the Iron Guard-pill, they actually killed a prime-minister, political opponents and attempted pic related.

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Y'all posting in a slide thread

There are no "white"[sic] shooters.
They're all actors, no one died.
Utoya was a hoax.
Christchurch was a hoax.
Mandalay Bay was a hoax.
But you still don't realize that the mass media is a reality TV show. So I'm pissing in the wind.
And there it is, the jew understands you so well that he can script the protagonist in such a way as to ensure the zealous and uncritical support of swathes of young White men, who will feel personally slighted if their jew actor is attacked.

so if i went out right now and shot some shit up the media wouldnt report on it?

Why don’t you just die.

Like the offices of the Norwegian government? Looks like you need to sort out your narratives.
Is just part of the script.
Just part of the script.

First of all you wouldn't do it, and that's really the point.
But let's assume it happened, then yes. The facts of the event would not be reported (unless they fit the objectives and the narrative.)
But White right-winger attacked jewish center would probably not be reported as such, because it would beg the question:
People might dig. People might read. People might learn that the actual problem is the kike.
This is why the media would almost certainly report your actions as being Arab terrorism.
You also have "gang related violence", "a drug deal gone wrong", "a disgruntled ex-employee with marriage difficulties."

A fundamental tenet of the cultural marxists, and the jews, is "no platform for the right."
The moment a manifesto is published, discussed, critiqued etc, you know that it wasn't an organic action, as the last thing the controlled jew press would do is give any kind of platform to enemy actions.
Even posthumously.

this is how i know you suck dick

Did the demon in your head tell you to post that?

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Name one.

Because they are mentally ill cowards that serve the Jew's interest. Like all White Nationalists reading the internet and fall for the bait.

Yes, he should have killed neoliberal politicians and capitalists! They are most responsible for mass immigration!

Don't let your memes be dreams, pussy user.

Kill yourself, you Muslim sandnigger!

The politicians are not our future. They serve short term while the children being trained to persecute us and demolish our freedoms will last forever. You should know how long it takes to uproot terrorist organizations and I'm not really feeling sympathetic towards these people who got shot.

Not smart enough to figure it out?

Yes, but the capitalists and their neoliberal puppets were the ones who let the Sandnigger into white countries in the first place.


You actually think being genuinely worried about the fate of the planet is going crazy? You've got it wrong. All of these defeated people are what you should call "snapped", you might as well consider them the dead that live amongst us.

It’s insane cowardice to break and attack innocents. I have the courage to live forever in this world, but racists don’t. Die then, slaves that you are! If this world is too unpleasant to live in, we have need of you not!

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Demoralized people don't have the drive to undertake training and operational dry-runs. They just want to go out with a bang.

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White people are not that good. I'm white and other white people won't let me have sex with their farm animals because they are afraid black people will want to do it to.
I'm pretty much having my time and life wasted because the majority of my race are schizophrenics who have delusional excuses for why they won't let me do things.
The worst part is that they influence the submissive colored people into their delusions by offering them food as if they were animals.

Allah likes to be fucked in the ass!

Yes he does. And so does Shitler and Stalin.


No, Stalin likes to fuck Allah in the ass, you Muslim sandnigger!

Your Asian tranny girlfriend break up with you Adolf?

Probably. That's why all the fags got freedom and they disrespectfully deny that I have the right to practice my beliefs of sex with farm animals.

Why is there such a flood of pro-kike threads on Zig Forums lately?

Is this becoming halfchan?

What the hell.

2016 seemed to attract stupid people.

They've moved into a rear-guard action by making the place so shitty new recruits won't be 'radicalized.'

Kill yourself kike, white men don't do that shit only (jew)

If this continues, they should merge with halfchan.



The retard known as Op wants us to explain another person's thinking. Guess what you cumdumpster of a failed human being, known of us knew him.

If you want us to speculate, then the obvious answer is, to kill some shitskins like your mother instead of being gun down by some ex-special forces type who guards that, 'anti-white politician'.

Anyway, your next shlomo.

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