Merkel Says USA, Russia, China is the Enemy Europe must Unite Against

Angela Merkel Identifies U.S. as Global Rival That, Along With China and Russia, Europe Must Unite Against

German Chancellor Angela Merkel lumped in the United States with Europe’s other global adversaries on Wednesday, arguing that the countries on the continent need to band together against the challenges posed by Russia, China and the U.S.
>“There is no doubt that Europe needs to reposition itself in a changed world…. The old certainties of the postwar order no longer apply,” Merkel told the German media on Wednesday.

Based Merkel is /ourdyke/
Remember that Merkel declared that multiculturalism has failed and is centrist on immigration.

Is Europe still relevant?

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Literally "invade the world, invite the world."

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At this point, I want to see the US, UK(post-brexit) and Russia squash the shit out of the EU. Literally replay WWII. Enough is enough. Remember how the Germans were welcomed in Ukraine as liberators, now the tables have turned.


Let europe fucking die. I want genocide of native populations on biblical scales. Seperate the wheat from the chaff and maybe the embers left of that rotting giant can make the claim to the european throne that their kiked ancestors lacked the balls to.

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This is from a year ago you fucking faggot

FUCk Merkel, Nuke the eu

Is America really the Great Satan(adversary)?

Wow so the Greeks were right. Merkel is the next Hitler.

No retard, the great satan is the semites. Read a book already.

We're well acquainted with the jewish world view here.

She already oversaw enough damage.

Angela Merkel Identifies U.S. as Global Rival That, Along With China and Russia, Europe Must Unite Against

Do it, faget. And maybe read Thucydides on your way down.

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Don't you even compare the fat polish kike bitch to adolf.

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based merkel. is she pol/our/gal/ our gal now?

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Europe was always greater than you, so after you lose your multiethnic empire you can decide to become part of it or decline and go under in history.

It's that German blood, you get me?


Isnt she a half polish rape baby?

So when will she kick out the Rammstein base?

She is a traitor and are pushing WWIII first so the jews can control it first instead of white people. Use your brain.

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EU politicians shouldn't say this.

It triggers the US.

Macron should watch his mouth.

Real organic thread, only a few actual anons even checked the years the rest is just pointless talk and shilling

It looks like Soro's younger sister.

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The US had democracy from the start we have been jewed for a while give us a break.

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Don’t put the bullshits into Greek mouth in order to D&C us.

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This is just a little bit of fear mongering running up to the EU parliament elections next week.
She simply seeks to reunite Europe under (((EU))).

These translations are complete bullshit

Merkel was shilling for a EUSSR controlled by the same Jews as America and against European national states. Russia and China had nothing to do with that.

And what, Merkel, must we give in return?

Oh, Lawdy! She Comin', Merkel Comin'!

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Once Barbarossa awakens beneath the Kyffhäuser, she will be beheaded. There is no bigger traitor to the Volk of Hermann than Merkel.

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Eurabian Union is maybe the strongest resistance against Zionism.

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She is senile and I hope no one obey her.

Merkel is right. I recommend that Europe start massively increasing immigration from muslim countries in order to protect Europe. That'll teach the US, Russia, and China a lesson.

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Stop buying the medias lies.

Yes, keep the goyim fighting.

(((post-war world order)))vs(((kosher-populist world order)))vs(((revisionist proto-authoritarian capitalism)))
Wow, this new timeline is bringing about some Jew produced Avengers tier free- for-all. This won't end well for any normal group of mentally sound and physically healthy people if it escalates in to a full blown war.

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It's kind of funny if you think about it, jews know China is a no go for them, and Russia would probably take too long. With all the goyim waking up in the US it's no longer a guarantee we'd be good goys. All they have left that is a sure bet is Europe.

So where do national socialists stand in?
Just spectators?

Why no yu STEM wizards no broadcast Merkel Pool Dance Party clip on Germany TV time? Sexy PM Pool Party dance raise Germany birth rates. Germany good. Fratricidal wars bad.

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Who cares? EU is worse than Kikes.

Dude, Merkel is from GERMANY. She speaks GERMAN you dumb shit. If these were REAL Merkel quotes then they would be in GERMAN.


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Ah shieeeeet. Merkel was actually lurking on those D&C shitposting threads I made. Now she thinks America is actually gonna try to kill the Eurocucks.

I mean, we will, but I didn't want the leader of the Eurocucks knowing we were planning their downfall.

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Being drafted and sent to the frontline on suicide missions, realistically speaking.

No and they will become even less relevant as their nigger and muslim population gets more and more uppity.

She putsched in Austria, removed the most based Military Minister, installed the EU puppet Johann Luif, and I swear by God and fatherland if they remove General Brieger and install the fat stupid Prussian bastard to push the EU army and betray Austrias neutrality I'm gone kill our president!


WTF I called dibs on ZOG sitting president assassination. Easy peazy my _______

No you bitch, you are the enemy, just like your jewish oligarch handlers.

They really want WW3 don't they?
US vs China vs EU vs Russia vs Random Player

Remember that ZOG agents cannot be trusted and their words have no value and exist only to confuse you.