How to weed out a fed

Everyone always talks about fed infiltrators, but how would you actually discover and remove one?

Lets say you have an organization, and you have a mole. you know nothing but shit keeps getting leaked. How would you single out the mole from 1000 members and then snatch em?

Once you identify them, do you feed them false information and try to legally entrap them, or do you immediately cut them out?

Any good reading on how to uncover spies, moles, and general neer do wells that are rekkin your fun?
Asking for a friend.

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user, I don't think that thats possbile

Come join.

A rubber mallet to knock them out, cable ties to restrain them, gorilla tape to keep them quiet/blind, a pick up to carry them to a location 15+ miles outside of what ever urban dumpster you live in, and a 12 gauge homemade slamfire pipegun to dispose of them once you're out there.
Any other stupid fucking questions? Also, wear doeskin gloves. No fingerprints.

Hillary Clinton asking for all non hillarites to be locked up for saying lock her up.

Also, pour a finely ground mixture of calcium hydroxide over the body before you inter it. Better safe than sorry. Polite sage.

Just… live so you don’t have to care..? Don’t be violent or lawless. People shouldn’t be lawful in fear, but being lawless always eventually sucks, so leave it to the people who are trapped in a single moment in time. They can’t understand the eventually well enough to not be lawless. I remain convinced there will eventually be an answer for people like that, even if it involves new implanted coprocessors.

I wish I could have a stipend as an idea generator in politics.

You realize that your lack of telepathy will have you overwhelmingly killing innocents, right? Serial killing won’t make your operations secure. You’ll just be a slave chained to necessity, trapped in a worsening spiral.


Good advice, but make sure you have the jump on the individual in question. Feds stick out. They're always agitating for violence when you just want to have a couple drinks. They're always pushing you to "do something, pussy", and they've always got the right "toy" for you to "do something" with. If you've got one hemmed up, invite him to your house. Once he starts talking about acts of violence and why you (not he) should commit them, tell him you want to grab a couple of beers. Use this opportunity to get behind him and garrote him with an electrical cable or knock him the fuck out with the aforementioned rubber mallet. From there, proceed along the path 9d3fc1 described. Don't talk any shit to him. Assume you are always being verbally recorded.




I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed.

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They glow in the dark. You can see them at night.


May be relevant, a classic Assange quote:

The more secretive or unjust an organization is, the more leaks induce fear and paranoia in its leadership and planning coterie.
This must result in minimization of efficient internal communications mechanisms (an increase in cognitive "secrecy tax") and consequent system-wide cognitive decline resulting in decreased ability to hold onto power as the environment demands adaption.
Hence in a world where leaking is easy, secretive or unjust systems are nonlinearly hit relative to open, just systems.
Since unjust systems, by their nature induce opponents, and in many places barely have the upper hand, mass leaking leaves them exquisitely vulnerable to those who seek to replace them with more open forms of governance.

Once you hang out with him mano a mano, he can invent anything he wants to claim that you said, and write it up in a 302 report and file it.


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How would one go about making a secret just system?

Awoo posting shit eating MAGApedes deserve a shotgun blast to their misshapen craniums.

There's always the classic "give different pieces of false information to each suspect and see which one leaks out."

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Step 1: Compartmentalization.
Step 2: Isolation.
Step 3: Reduction.
Step 4: Repetition.
Step 5: Deduction.

After finding your leak, you have a few ways to approach this.

Scenario A.) You suspect you have only one infiltrator.
1.) Compartmentalize around them. Put them into a group you trust to watch them, give them nothing of value, allow them to stay to keep from having to deal with more infiltrators.

Scenario B.) You suspect you have multiple infiltrators.
1.) Same as A.1, save that you inform your most trusted people (the ones you've known the longest, the ones that are least likely to be traitors such as blood relatives) of what's going on and then REPEAT COINTEL STEPS TO ROOT OUR FURTHER TRAITORS.

A.2) Kick out the traitor. Warning, the feds will probably send in a new traitor. Screen all new applicants thoroughly.
B.2) You suspect the feds likely already have other traitors who are smart enough to spot COINTEL ops used against them in your group and don't want them there. Disband the group. Wait. Reform the group with your inner circle of most trusted people–relatives, lifelong friends, etc. These people are only allowed to invite their own relatives and lifelong friends, and so on. Do not allow random people to join.

So, suppose you manage to secure your group against infiltrators but the feds really, really want to know what's going on in there. How do you prevent this?
A few basic rules:
Every wireless phone, from smartphones to 'dumb' phones, to burner phones, can be tracked, intercepted, or have call and text records extracted or subpoenaed by LEOs. There are backdoor programs that will allow LEOs to turn on the mic and camera remotely and record everything nearby. Never take your phone to your meetings. Leave it at home. Screen for phones at the door and if anyone brought one, everyone is to leave for the day.
In the first case, you're relying on having a building that's completely cleared out of everything but the most basic of the basics–lights and heating/cooling, maybe not even those. This place should be completely bare, with nowhere for anyone to hide electronic snooping devices such as cameras and mics. If you're careful, and consistent about checking for bugs, you'll likely be safe.
In the second case, you're relying on the 'open field' tactic. A pasture, an old fire road at a random mile marker, an old fire station in the middle of nowhere on some backroad no one ever travels, but somewhere away from people. Bring a large tent if it's going to rain. Park all vehicles close to the meeting place, open doors, turn on radios to play loudly–or bring a battery powered radio or two for the same purpose, that is, fucking up anyone trying to use parabolic or laser audio snooping.
Never mention specific places, times, people, or plans out loud. Use notepads and burn the notes after if you have to. Never mention aloud a desire or plan to commit violence.
No tattoos, no hand signs, nothing. You will know your members, their immediate family, their wife/husband, and their children on sight. Have nothing visible to tie your group together if you gather somewhere in public.

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And we are trusting people who tell us the info on how to detect and remove feds? Come on. They probably have a whole system in place if the situation of the people figuring out there is a mole. The method you said at the start is the most used method ever. They probably have a way to avoid getting caught.

Do you have any better suggestions, user?

OP we got him

Fair point. Nah I don't. I think we need to improve on how to find out moles.

and probably not here. Within your society. Anyone could be a mole here.

There are men in the armed forces who hate you enough to compromise your operational integrity, Shlomo. Just thought you should know. t. Infantry SNCO

Uh. What?

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Roll of carpet and lye if you're looking to dispose of bodies glowing compost.

Or just, you know, not physically remove the compost and instead shovel it outside firmly but politely.

Always assume every fed/cianigger/undercover LEO is wired and lojacked and that there is a backup unit standing by within a mile of your location in case things get violent.
user's idea of reporting them to the police is probably the most effective. Especially if you have the forethought to record it.
Remember, you are just an innocent, average Joe frustrated with your government but you're not into that 'hey kid, want to blow up a federal business' nonsense.

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i will share with you all the The Golden Rule for spotting the Fed.

i learned this rule from a prostitute i once knew. i asked her "how can you tell if a dude is a cop?" she told me she can always tell when a dude is a cop because of one small thing that gives them away: they never show any fear of getting caught. since they know they won't be arrested, they don't try to hide or watch out or exhibit any paranoia.

that's how you can always spot the Fed. whoever is the loudest voice, whoever is screaming for someone else to commit acts of egregious violence or to escalate breaking more laws, whoever isn't even trying to choose their words carefully to avoid openly incriminating themselves, whoever seems to be totally fearless of the police or any reprisals–that faggot is the Fed among you.

t. feds
You do know that their organization is aware where they placed their agents in, right? Them not contacting their organization within a time frame will get you arrested.

The real solution is to keep your group transparent so that their attacks are neutralized. That's why 8ch is still up and why IRL groups like IE fell. Leaks in secretive organizations severely damage it because members drop their guard and spill revealing information. On these public outlets however, people keep their guard up and play smart. They learn to decipher effective plans and genuine members from how they speak/act.


I would rather just have sex with farm animals. I don't have a reason to go looking for feds but all the people who have problems with the feds want the feds to go looking for me to take feds eyes off themselves.
If the feds were smart they would know people are making my sex life difficult to screw the feds. I honestly prefer the feds over most people who would commit fraud against me and ruin my life. People are just not good.

i would also add my other Golden Rule: never fear the Secret Police, rather, figure out how to hack back and made the Secret Police work for you instead.

who cares if the FBI faggots have a mole on your team (in Minecraft)? who gives a shit if the NSA is recording every shit you take and if the NRO is reconstructing your body in hi-res 3D from space? let the faggots watch, it still won't help them.

remember, that the FBI had dozens of moles in Elohim City watching McVeigh, they had McVeigh's phone wiretapped, they fucking knew every step McVeigh took. (Because the surveillance wasn't to bust him–it was to make sure their investment–their asset hit his targets and accomplished his assigned mission.)
But McVeigh was still able to pull it. you have to realize that if your plot (in Minecraft) is audacious enough, if the spectaculars you are attempting are so devastating that you become politically useful, if your covert op is aiming for a high enough score, then the Feds won't even try to stop you. no, they will in fact dispatch informants to fucking help you. shit, you might even get second thoughts and try to abort, but it's too late, the Feds won't let you quit and they will entrap you even further to ensure you finish your assigned job. in the Fed's myopic selfish minds, they want you to succeed, because it will mean more budget and more power for them, even though they never consider the blowback of your success which will destroy the Feds in the long-run.

so the key lesson for you to learn is to not fear the Feds knowing every damn thing about you and your plot, but instead you accelerate and go big enough to reverse entrap the Feds into working for you, not against you. and if you can rope in multiple Fed agencies, such as getting CIA to fight FBI over access to you, like the case of Barry Seal, then you're golden because the Feds will do the job of covering up your spectaculars (in Minecraft) in order to protect themselves from being implicated and hauled before Congress and indicted. always remember thing one thing the Fed fears more than anything else: pissing away 25 years working as wagecuck bodybags for the Deep State and then losing their pension over some procedural fuck up.

Just pretend you're an Antifa group lol

Just gonna say, a lot of folks here posting about physical removal of feds via violence. Wasnt what I was looking for. Mainly just trying to figure out how to single out the infiltrator. Removing them is the intent, not disposing of bodies.

I like the idea of keeping the infiltrator in for the purpose of keeping deterring future need for infiltrators. Give him enough bread crumbs to keep them from starving.

Just slash the throat and leave him bleed to death.

This guy probably has the best infomation that he has just posted.

Ignore absolutely everything here about murdering and causing violence. They are probably feds themselves. The guy who posted this link

has basically gave us a guide to aviod rats in general. Use it. Do not murder the feds when caught. Just walk away.

You don't, if you have an irl organization you have to pretty much operate within the confines of the law, at least at the highest level, lest everybody goes down on RICO charges.

I used to have some material a long time ago regarding this, and it was more detailed than I can summarize here, but here are a few good tips.
There are basically two types of infiltrators, if we're talking law enforcement. Either they are actually law enforcement officers acting under cover, or they are informants. Usually the informant is someone that has got caught up in the legal system, and is now making a deal with the government to rat on people in exchange for leniency. Strategies and tactics for unmasking them will likely be different, and some advice I will give you will apply more towards one than the other.
One of the easiest things you can do is to get them to bring you to where they claim to live. Agents typically have nearly empty houses. They don't actually live there, it's just a safe house. You'll notice a surprising lack of living items. Check the medicine cabinet; people who really live in a place will fairly quickly fill it up with all kinds of junk. If you look in their bathroom and you didn't even see toothpaste or shampoo/soap, you know the person doesn't actually use the place for daily hygiene, and hence they are an agent. But even then, there should be lots and lots of stuff there, not just the bare essentials.
Another thing you can do is meet their family. If you request to actually meet their family, and they are hesitant, it's almost a sure-fire sign they are agents. The FBI isn't going to go through the trouble of hiring a bunch of fake actors to pretend to be the person's family, so they're just going to refuse, or have a convenient story about them living somewhere else, or being dead, or potentially even admitting to being adopted (this is because they're trying to get ahead of you, to explain why the people they're telling you are their family look nothing like them). In this day and age, you might even be able to get by with simply social-media stuff, but I wouldn't announce to them beforehand what you're doing if you go this route.
Another good one is the job. An undercover law enforcement officer's job is doing what they are doing, and hence they have no other day job to actually go to (this might not be the case with an informant, however). A refusal to let you visit them on the job should be treated with even more suspicion than not being able to meet the family. Anyone who claims to be independently wealthy and doesn't need a job should also be suspect, as well as people inbetween jobs. If they say they're looking for work, offer to help them get a job, see what they do.
These are the major tells, but there is also a lot of other things that should give a person away. People who insist on access to things like membership lists are probably the most obvious. Contrary to what many would think, advocating violence isn't something agents do .Though an informant wanting to quickly get out of being around you might want to do this, a law enforcement officer is going to want to ride out their assignment as long as possible. This has been known for awhile; FBI agents making up shit about their targets, simply to inflate their danger level, in order to keep them from having to do real work.

That's going to be a yikes from me dog

That's probably a safer version.

They might pay you to saw off some shotguns, though.

what you do is a kiki camarena on them, drill them out with power tools, drug them over weeks at a time, keep them awake and never let them sleep, also brutal torture is good……… oh sorry it's a joke, it's satire, I'm simply parroting a JEW produced drama series I would have never known of any of this if I didn't watch a JEW produced drama series.

Yeah, nah. Even if this was nothing but a D&D group I'd tell you to fuck off if you asked to meet my family.
Asking that is a sign that YOU are the infiltrator.

Your wrong on multiple accounts, unless this is a simple drug running gang in the western United states that brings in less than a mil a year or a very small cult fringe group. you will get fucked by following that advice if your name holds weight;
1. Do not break the groups down. Despite what the Departed told you breaking people into small groups and feeding them doctored information is wrong. You are right compartmentalizing information is correct, however your organization should already be compartmentalized like a corporation and have rotating teams within compartments so you can easily pinpoint a rat by determining which single person has been in every team that had breaches of security. If group A was breached in July, Group B in June, Group D in August, and Bob Jackass was in those groups in that order you shoot Bob. It shouldnt be a get organized and start weeding out rats event, you should have your organization setup so rats weed themselves out naturally. Furthermore beyond all of this you need to make your people compete, they need to fear for their fucking lives if they are a rat. Make sure they know they have 20 eyeballs and ears on them at all times just waiting for them to slip up so their position is open for the hero. That is mostly how the cartels do it, by creating a culture around killing people.

2. As far as cellphones go, dont buy American, buy foreign phones and load your own software or some sort of tails kernel onto the phone. Phones are as necessary as any other job, and if you properly setup your orginzations phones you can just PGP text over data without the feds even being able to locate you on a GPS, let alone send or recive texts from you, even if the rats give them your phones.

3. Forget searching for bugs or stopping the feds from hearing you if your in a meeting with associates. If they are serious about catching you they wont just send in a guy with a wire like they do for small time dope dealers, they have the tech to make pin sized microphones that can pick up a duck shitting at hundreds of feet away and have for 20 years now. Just assume they are always listening and act accordingly no matter how overly paranoid you think it is.
Everything below that point you said though is spot on.

If you find a mole, at your size of an organization, that means you have lost. They already know *everything*. They have the names and location of every member, and one hundred percent of the electronic equipment are bugged and keylogged and all the vehicles are GPS tracked.

The one and only plan, Plan A. Plan A says go poof. Vanish. Smile and nod and walk out the door and head directly for your bug-out bag. Leave everything behind, including your phone and keys. Take nothing but the bag. Head to the secure location far, far away which you have already set up using your backup transportation scheme. Once everything is secure, press the button which tells other members that they need to vanish, too. They'll follow the same procedure and in short order most if not will be safe.

Start over from scratch again next year.

Yes yes goy, just stay inside and post memes only. You wouldn’t want to be called a glownigger, would you?

What he linked @ was actually a very good resource. Go fuck yourself.

When laws are dictated around what you can say, hear, read or think being "lawless" to such abstract evil(which they already are), it is only a duty to gain freedom and remove the enslavement by any means.

You for instance a meek cuckold for instance, you by default deserve slavery, and deserve to be a slave, you're the retard that posted this garbage and so you deserve to be the plowmen and vinedresser, a serf to Jews. Since your only idea is servitude and acceptance to what your masters consider for you, not creation and not society building. You do not deserve freedom and you are worthless until you realize that.

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why would anyone need to worry about the feds? what are we planning?

what's wrong with casual discussion?

do you know whats being planned fellow anonymous user?

Yeah, we're gonna detonate a nuclear warhead we obtained from bulgaria in tel aviv/washington dc in about 12 hours.

You never know when you will want to start a paramilitary group or a multinational corporation on a whim one day. Its important to be prepared before the day comes you are looking around wildly at your creation and realize the US government is using you to ship guns to south america, using your production lines as a cover for classified technology assembling, and laundering cash through your books, and realize that doing anything other than staying quite and skimming cash off the top will end with a "heart attack" while your familys assets are repossessed and your name slandered.

If you have an ISP and are in a five eyes country, you are likely already in a sealed indictment. The fishermen never bring up their nets half full when they are in plentiful waters. It is just a matter of time. Best thing to do is be best.

You're not wrong about any of that, but as was pointed out in the thread about the CIA recruiting at comic conventions now, the alphabets are getting so desperate and full of diversity hires that the whole "assume you're being hunted by James Bond and Jason Bourne" spiel isn't going to hold water for much longer, if it's even holding water right now.

I'm not telling people to not be careful and secure, they always should be, and if you're worried about your own safety and the safety of others, this is all great advice. But it's important to remember that this is also how the Soviet Union died: in the end, their insistence on gulaging everyone capable of independent thought created a system where every single person in a position of power or authority was an absolute moron, as were all of their agents, all of their hands and eyes and ears. The hungry machine of progress and diversity marches every onwards: the tumblr posters and superhero aficionados of today are tomorrow's FBI ground teams and CIA operation specialists.

One of the consequences of driving all intelligent white men onto the other side of the law is that the law inevitably won't last for much longer after that. On some level, they know that, which is why they're starting to panic and reach out to anyone and everyone who might be even remotely qualified to do something in their field. But that's going to backfire on it's own, in time.

Literally a fed doing a threat assessment writing this post.

Holy fuck you're transparent AND glowing like a nigger.

You tattle on them to uncle sam

I'm starting to think the only way is to compose a more radical cell is if you do it with people you've known basically your whole life. If you do any public recruiting the fbi will see it and send a guy, their budget is infinite they can send people all day with a full gov paycheck and a faked background.

There is no false information you can feed them, if you lie about a plan their testimony means that plan is "true" in a court. They can just sit quite until you feed them something they can act on in court.

Redpill them and then you have an asset, not liability. Just include some materials that applies to agents speifically.

Do this to 1000 people got it.

Actually it doesn't matter that much as long as the smaller cells do their work.

But yes basically when things are started, you do it with people you've known many many years to, basically your whole life.

Initiation. Give them a gun loaded with blanks and tell them they have to execute a traitor that you designate.

immediately, always.

Now, for some random red pill posting.

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Actually, yes. In fact, this is such a good way to uncover a fed (at least a law enforcement one; an informant might be able to do this), that it should be mandatory operating procedure for any group that is actually doing violent and illegal things.
This user doesn't explain why they feel this way, but allow me to connect the dots for people.
They wouldn't want a violent White Nationalist organization meeting their family, because the organization might actually go after them in the case they are indeed an informant. That's also the beauty of requiring that people recruited into a violent organization let them meet the family. It not only allows them to figure more out about the person (assuming they are genuine), but also provides an avenue for violent retribution in the case of betrayal.
There will come a day during the White Nation Liberation War, where we will go to the home's of traitors and simply kill everyone we find there. You want to rat on us? Well, we're going to kill your entire family as punishment.
How hilariously stupid. The ZOG doesn't even really setup violent groups as honeypots. The most they will do is setup LARP groups that do nothing, not even advocating violence. So no, there is nothing to fear from a group that is asking to meet your family. The ZOG already knows everything they need to know about your family, your job history, your education, any criminal records, etc. They already know who your family is. The people who lack this information are violence resistance groups.

Consider sending in your resignation letter along with your weekly donut box, stupid swine.

Nothing preventing them from creating a fake family. If you've read Siege, James Mason remarked that feds probe for information while having unlimited money. Count their funds and compare it with the spending habits of your other members.

That's pretty silly when you can kill someone a lot faster than a bleedout time without a weapon if you know what you're doing. No one mentioned sulfuric acid to get rid of bodies either. Plebs.

Dude, you’re already screwed. You need a cell structure. If you have one giant organization and there is centralized power, they can just hide at the bottom and then stage a crime to arrest the leadership if and when you are about to make a big move.

I keep telling you all: arm yourselves, get a few people around you that you know are woke and you know you can trust. Then BE READY.
No organizations, no orders, not even any real leaders.
We’re an occupied people. We can’t operate like that. Think like a sleeper agent (not saying the T word) and create your own sleeper cell. Encourage others online to do the same.

And by “be ready”, I don’t mean take action yourselves. I mean wait for use to have enough power as a collective group and wait for the right opportunity. For example, if the Democrats were to try to remove Trump from office and there were a revolution where even normies were revolting. Then you could organize teams to take and defend important installations or depose governments - local or federal. (In Minecraft, oc.)


Wouldn't you like to know, agent OP?

I'm not CIA



It's better to remain as a leaderless collective of independently acting individuals, giving glowniggers virtually nothing to infiltrate.

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