Daily Reminder Thread

Reminding you that there are no good Jews, and any political figure or organization which is not expressly anti-Zionist is, by definition, expressly anti-White.

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There are no good Jews, and any political figure or organization which is not expressly anti-Zionist is, by definition, expressly anti-White.
Today I will remind them.

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Just a reminder:
There are no good Jews, and any political figure or organization which is not expressly anti-Zionist is, by definition, expressly anti-White.

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Sheeit, I thought Whites and Jews were the same white devil I learned about from me homies on the street.

All white-looking people were whipping and mistreating us back in the day. Nothing has changed. Jews atleast say Sorry when they mistreat us, but they still treat us like shit like their European counterparts.

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So what about those organization that is anti-zionist but also anti-white?

To me, these white people too.

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Oh, a negro! Dear me, it sure is a good thing I know the ebonics!


'''Ay yo bitch nigga, git yo dick outcha ear and hear me dis shit: Dem jew niggas owned da slave ships yo! Fo reel doh bruh! Check dem names nigga, you see that Port-u-geez shit nigga you know its onea dem triflin' ass boujee jew niggas yo. You feelin' me lil nigga? Dem Euro-peein' niggas ain't be doing nat shit yo! Check it, where'd most of our ancestors go mah niggaaaaa? Weren't to the White people places! It was dahn wit dem Ibeereerin nigga yo! Yo nigga, Whitey was ready to give us Africa back yo! WAKANDA NIGGA FO REAL. Big Head Yakub done fucked shit up, but the White man be ready to give us that shit back yo! Ain't no lil yella chinamayne gonna do dat shit, and them jew niggas sho as FUCK aint givin' all that sweet melanin and 4skins up bruh!"

… There. I think that should suffice.

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"Nah nigga, dat ain't not Euro-peein' shit son, dats some straight-up Levanovaltine niggas yo. Dey like them brown arab niggas bruh. You think dat shit we went thru was reel? Nigga, dem arab niggas - and dem jew niggas yo - cut a niggas dick off! ALL OF IT! Like that nigga on Game of Thrones nigga, "root n stem" n sheeeeit. Nigga, Whitey be a bitch sometimes, but at leas he got some honor, plus dat nigga crazy I seen him make friends wit a lion n shit, fo reel. Das da sorta nigga you wanna have around, some shit go down, nahmeen? Deez other nigga doh… Tch. Sheiiiit. Fuck dat. Aint no jew nigga gettin' mah root nigga, less she got some big ol' milk truck you feel me? Even then nigga, I drop that shit and go! Ain't taking my stem but on a rental nigga, nuh uh!"

… Yes, well. I think that'll do. A fine reminder.

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I think yer on to sump'n.
Meme this shit m'ninjas.

The EbonicPill!

Might need to modernize it, look for twitter slang. Deadass, cope, and all that other stuff.

Yes my accent is a bit dated.

Yeah. That was some 90's nigger jabber.
Good effort though.

Hey, remember when we were all fooled into holding hands with our destroyers, and believing we were gonna fist pump into the sunset together?
Good times.

There is no "Jewish" race, and there is no "White" race.
Look at the DNA results.
What now bitches?

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Aksually, the jewish race does exist, their genetic is the same as the arabs, being of the same race after all.

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Ashkenazi=phony jews


In a round about way, you're absolutely correct.
Bummer it's now how you were hoping to frame it.


Too bad they mudfucked themselves with aboriginal neanderkike mold.
Kikes aren't "White".

Yes, and obviously so.

Yet the east-ZOG faggot still denies the kike DNA, the very same kike DNA that give him goblin-like appearance.

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Salvini can't afford to be openly anti-zionist though. No one can do that on the European continent.

The plan is now live PM2020.



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Someday the words of Antiochus IV will be manifested.

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Oh boy, we got a christian identity nigger over here!

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Then the fight is over and I guess we can just give up and go die in a hole someplace my man, because so long as you're willing to accept someone being an open traitor as requisite, you're going nowhere fast.

SAD! Us Jews are White! We look White and we love White people!
I am a Jewish girl and I am blonde with blue eyes and I am just as Aryan as any of you!

Whatcha sliding moshe?

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Kill yourself.

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the jews were black dont you know?

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