Senator Josh Hawley Delivers Maiden Speech

Senator Josh Hawley Delivers Maiden Speech

This is how you properly do the optics, like this guy:

>(((elite coastal centers)))
>(((they undermine our way of life)))

Good riddance.

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wrong revolution bucko

You're also dead wrong on what this faggot is trying to get across, OP.

It really, really isn't.

Hawley, like with Tucker and Kobach, present controlled opposition thinly veiled as a “resistance” against kike globalism. None of these gatekeeping shills are worthy of breathing, much less having a platform.

Glad you replied so fast you didn't even have time to watch the video.

You're implying he is against jews. He isn't. He is lamenting the decline of America's ability to force jewish cancer on the rest of the world and turn a profit doing it.


His speech is essentially identical to a National Action street speech, but he's not zeig heiling and wearing black hoodies with a mask on saying he is going to gas people.

Accept he explicitly says the opposite, complaining of the "empty consumerism" instead of "family."

He's another Israel-firster.

Shut the fuck up you pedophile kike nigger. Hawley should be killed along with every other GOPe for whites to even have a chance at “waking up”. Republikikes are the worst thing that has happened to the white race ever since they and the Dems switched sides initially in the 20s and then completely in the 60s.

The ferocity and immediacy you shills popped into this thread tells me all I need to know about him.

And he's only whining about it now because America is in total collapse and younger White men have rejected his party's agenda.

Not even mad.


You can’t be mad if you’re dead.

No I will live twice just because it makes you mad.

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There was no switching sides. The Republican party has never at any point stopped being the niggerjew epicenter of America. It is the Democratic party that was subverted. The Republicans just have great marketing and very dumb voters.

Dead and born again, I live forever.

I stand corrected. I identify as a Jacksonian Democrat FWIW.

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The proper political attack vector has always been, infiltrate the Democratic party and make them look crazy. Waking up whites will only happen when the left goes full Stalin.

That would be a massive improvement.

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Left already gone Stalin and worse, fuckboi.

We are talking about white genocide now.

This Senator appears to be a National Socialist.

Please consider. There is one (1) National Socialist US Senator.

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great interview
sage for offtopic


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Indeed. This guy is a true national socialist and definitely not another Israel-firster playing populist.

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j e w i s h

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jewishly jewish

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OP fucked off out of his thread after getting BTFO.

No still here.

god, i fucking hate conservatives. they speak in platitudes and idealise mediocrity.
eat shit and die

Why? Why do they do this?

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Cuckservatives are trash.

There are no good jews and anyone who is NOT expressly anti-Zionist IS expressly anti-White.

okay, the point about the new elite is good
cut the whole first half

the first half was utter dog shit

There are no political solutions. Too bad you like this guy, because one day he'll have to swing too.

I want to believe he knows what "our" means

You may want to, but you'd be a fool to do so.


You win.

Posted these two PICS with only select friends able to see. Needless to say I now have friends dropping off who can't deal with being added understandably as a lot of them have kids, so who could Blame them?Considering fb constantly adds people you haven't requested and it never keeps you logged out and does not offer a log out timer. That website is hilarious.

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Forgot to add the date of the patriot show, May evening 16/17 morning

sorry about your brain tumor

With this tier of shilling I might watch the video. This guy must be pretty decent if shills are taking their time on this thread.

Our Judeo-Christian culture, with emphasis on the "judeo".

What makes you think you should not have to practice vigilance? Lest you forget what happened to those who followed those who practiced inequity think criminal elements of Israel throughout history the old testament is a good reason to passdown the practice of vigilance no matter how big the landslide it's American culture to not let the country fall into chaos. Jesus spoke about a man who's righteousness should surpass that of the pharisees, if you think Christ is King why do you say we do not have the power to use anyone's deeds ally of enemy for our own prosperity no matter their track record or motive?

While it is important to keep these statements in mind, I would argue that this particular speech is filled with euphemisms and dogwhistles, and ultimately the rhetoric itself has value when added to the discourse, even if the man himself did not mean it. Quotes are to follow:

More quotes:

The greatness of this speech is the rhetoric he is using, which I would argue surpasses that of Tucker. He attacks capitalism, degeneracy, the destruction of the family, muh GDP, (((Hollywood))), (((the elites))), (((academia))), (((the media))), (((big banks))), (((big corporations))), (((big tech))); you get the picture. In fact, he labels all of them as the "new aristocracy" and makes frequent use of the word "revolution." He is literally introducing revolutionary rhetoric into mainstream discourse, and in the Senate Chamber no less. He also introduces the concept of generational struggle and the revolutionary idea of looking far into the future when making policy.

The caveat, of course, is that he might not mean a single word of it. The Overton Window, luckily, doesn't operate based on whether someone meant what they said, just the fact that they *say it* is enough to move the needle. Although, if he even believes in half of what we said, that's better than we get from Trump.

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If you are not explicitly anti-Zionist you are implicitly anti-White.

End of story.

When did Zig Forums turn into this?

We are anti-jew, not anti-Zionist, that's the USSR's party line.

Nothing has changed.

The 'right' keeps putting forth people who are zionists. There are no pro-White zionists.
They do not exist.

Yet, people keep trying to push them forward with vague excuses about it being necessary. Its not.

If you are not anti-zionist explicitly, you are anti-White implicitly.
End of story.

You got a mouse in your pocket son?

He means it in the same way Trotsky meant it.

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Posts Shitler

If you cant name the jew your message isnt true

So like republican party rhetoric of the last 60 years?
Just liek trumps campaign in which he said all the right things?
blow it out your ass

Fucking THIS.

I don't want dog whisltes. I don't want euphemisms.
If you try to appeal to me that way, you will fail.

I don't trust these faggots. I want fucking pledges. I want written contracts.
I will not respond to ephemeral statements requiring interpretation to discern the meaning.

And if you support israel in any way, I will not support you. End of story.

Assuming you're just a sperg and not a kike shill. National Socialism isn't only about tearing down the Jews, it is also about third positionist economics that is both anti-capitalist and anti-communist. In this speech we get all the third positionist rhetoric that we could dream of, which is essential to the ideology. Also, anti-capitalist rhetoric is inherently anti-jew.

When has the Republican Party ever advocated for third positionist economics and engaged in anti-capitalist rhetoric in the past 60 years? Learn to fucking read before you shit all over effortposts newfag

Nobody said otherwise so why are you saying that?

Yes, great.

A bunch of drivel from a pro-Zionist cumbucket.
Shut the fuck up with this trash you fucking mongoloid.

Its not enough user.
It simply isn't enough.

If you are pro-Zionist, nothing else that you say matters, because you are pro-Zionist, and that tells me all I need to know about you.
You are a traitor, a pawn, and an enemy.

Any person and any organization which is not explicitly anti-Zionist is implicitly anti-White.

In fact, I'll go even further: Any politician or political organization which does not engage in explicit White advocacy is not pro-White.

Because anyone so uncompromisingly anti-zionist as yourself is likely NatSoc or a shill

You are not pro-White if the only thing you wish for is the destruction of Israel. There are 10 MILLION kikes and kike adjacent gentiles (spouses, half-breeds with kike father and gentile mother) in this fucking country. Attacking their power and breaking the economic shackles they place on us is what will free our people.

Let me put it another way: if Israel were to disappear off the face of the map tomorrow and nothing else changed, White Genocide wouldn't be stopped.

You totally convinced me guy im on the trump train to maga 2020

Fuck you, kike. Pissrael is the source of ALL our ills. If that strip of land were to one day return to your semitic cousins, most of our problems would disappear. Take your greatest ally garbage to r/the_zognald

The Republican party isn't the party of 1776. It is the party of 1860.

Yet Israel didn't exist during the rise of Hitler and he found plenty of ways the kikes were destroying his country and his people. The beginning of tranny research, hyperinflation, the control of the media and the politicians. All done WITHOUT the existence of Israel. Israel needs to be destroyed yes, but the kikes themselves that are embedded in our nations are a greater harm to our people

We're talking about America, you filthy yid. Figures you'd invoke the only nation to free itself from your tribes grubby claws.


The American right-wing has been infiltrated and subverted by Zionist jews.
That is why the position of anti-Zionist is REQUISITE for anyone to be proclaimed pro-White: if you are pro-Zionist in public, you are giving a clear signal to jewry that you are their pawn. You are further telling anyone with a brain that you are not pro-White, no matter how many implicit statements you might make, because you are EXPLICITLY supportive of the very people who've infiltrated the American right and turned into Cuckservative Inc through their aggressive imposition on anyone EXPLICITLY pro-White.

Pro-Zionist support on behalf of a political asset is, thusly, a dog-whistle in itself: It is saying "I serve jews before I serve Whites".
And those dog whistles, from what I've seen, bear fruit far far far far far far far far FAR more than any similar 'dog whistles' directed towards Whites on behalf of such political assets.

Hence my previous statement:

>If you are pro-Zionist, nothing else that you say matters, because you are pro-Zionist, and that tells me all I need to know about you.

You cannot appeal to me AND appeal to my enemies, and all historical evidence suggests that if you appeal to my enemies AND me, the appeal to my enemies is a legitimate appeal, and the appeal to me is a lie to gain my support.

Thus, I have no reason to trust anyone who proclaims themselves allies of my enemies in explicit terms, and allies of my people in implicit (at best) terms. Why would I?


Fuck off commie jew. You're better off dead. You hear us?



100% organic conversation here, fags

see also

I didn't present your statements in any other way than you put them. I cited them word for word and yet here you are accusing me of misrepresenting you. Own up to your own statements schlomo

Even here, you basically demonstrate my point for me!


*You are a gutless yellow fuck.

That's all I had to say to your last response. I own my statements, you misrepresent them to present me as single-mindedly focusing on opposition to israel, when in reality, all I'm doing is using explicit support for israel as a signifier of your implicit statements towards me being falsehoods.

Its about taking the Republican party and making it our party. Or taking the Democratic Party and making it our party.

Or better yet, taking over both.

I'll refer you back to my previous statement

Hitler was Pro Israel, until he wasen't.

I didn't hear anything in this guys speech that was anything other than Pro white. Again you shills just want some fake nazi guy with an AK to run around zeig heiling. Its fucking stupid.

Thus, I repeat myself:

Any politician or political organization which is explicitly pro-Zionist is implicitly anti-White.

Any politician or political organization which does not engage in explicit White advocacy is not pro-White.


Give me a time-stamp for explicit White advocacy in his speech or STFU loser.

No, he was not.
He was pro-getting kikes the fuck out of germany.
That does not equate to pro-Zionism you disingenuous faggot.

You spergs will never accomplish anything, your won't go full Tarrant, and you won't play the political game either. Absolute waste.