Man Castrated, Given Surgical Fuck-Pouch with Authentic Scent

A woman has become the first transgender person in the world to undergo successful vaginal reconstructive surgery using the skin of tilapia fish.

The 35-year-old, who prefers to be identified only as Maju, underwent the procedure as her vagina began to shrink and close up following botched sex reassignment surgery.

A medical team led by gynaecologist Professor Leonardo Bezerra, of the Federal University of Ceara (UFC) in Fortaleza, north east Brazil, revealed that the pioneering operation has given her the chance of having a sex life again.

The procedure, called neovaginoplasty, has also vastly improved her self-esteem.

It used a tubular-shaped acrylic mould wrapped with the skin of the freshwater fish in the form of a biological prothesis to rebuild and extend the vaginal canal in a three hour operation on April 23.

Three weeks after treatment Maju said: "I’m absolutely thrilled with the result.

"For the first time in my life I feel complete and like a real woman."

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Too bad a unVagina can't rearrange chromosomes or grant working ovaries and a uterus, lol.

Or change his DNA that will still say he's a man if his blood gets analyzed

Don't make me have to cross my legs just viewing the catalog.

nice dubs
Do you cross your legs when you sit down to pee as well?

Re-read my post.

how long until someone tries that?

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Brozil went there, gave a tranny a fish scale vagina wall. That's hilarious.

I seriously felt like throwing up after reading that line

Then we'd live in RuneScape where you could pay a Make-over Mage to successfully change your sex.

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Absolutely Weimar

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This thread is /b/ tier.
Daily reminder that mods allow this.

Yeah sorry I can't read when it's 6 am and i have been awake all night

You mean the entire world is /b/ tier, user.

There's going to be a fuck-ton of problems with that. Do you realize that during pregnancy a woman's organs actually move out of the way to make room for the baby? Good luck with that in a man.

Why the fuck does a tilapia fish have to suffer because some dude wants his dick to be cut off?

Sounds expensive compared to rope or an elevator ride to the top of a building.


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After puberty, you're basically stuck with the secondary sex characteristics (Bone structure, organ placement, muscle density, body hair, etc.) that nature intended. That must be why they're so desperate to "reassign" little kids - so they can more thoroughly create their own future sex slaves in the way they choose them to be.

Every man a king, and that king is Elagabalus.

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I can see the future; we need to start raising billions, trillions of hummingbirds in captivity so that each human being can lay claim to his birthright to a large pie made of hummingbird tongues pickled in honey from Hyblus

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A uterus transplant has already been successfully performed on a woman, how long until some mad doctor decides to try it on a tranny that started early?

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You're a poet, user. A genuine wordsmith.

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Surgically implanted artificial fetuses into the abdomen seems like the next step. Unless there is a great collapse in the food supply or financial system "Postgenderism" will continue unabated.

Going into the far future the "female" sex will probably become obsolete and the "male" will be some form of "neutered" individual using biological processes to pro-create like a meosis.

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Strange how not even feminism can stop transretards. It's almost as if feminism were simply the tool of some deeper power.

I'm going to leave this right here.

I'll take my payment in screams and tendies.

What a waste of perfectly good fish.

Isn't tilapia the same fish used for making tacos? If so, congratulations to the Jew who thought of this little plot twist. It's the kind of detail that shows you still really care about our fictional timeline.

The entire purpose of sexual reproduction is to scramble the human genetic code so that parasitic microscopic organisms literally can't "get our number" to prey on us. Whichever micro organsim gets to crack our genetic code and triumph over the human immune system will win the lottery and get to feast upon the biggest biomass on the planet.

Creating a new person without scrambling the genetic code by combining two codes to form a unique individual would invite any one of tens of thousands of micro organisms to crack our code.


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So this tranny wants the classic fish pussy smell?

the Democrats (and by extension most of the Republicans) are fanatical in declaring that anyone on the planet can come to the United States legally or illegally and demand free medical care for any medical condition they suffer from. It is their sacred right. This cannot be contested. To do so would be facist, Hitlerian, on the wrong side of history.

If millions of spice monkeys or niggers or spics suffering from gender disphoria suddenly appear on the shores of America demanding sex change operations with buttock implants, breast implants, long term hormone treatment, artificial vaginas, Adams apple shaving and so on, according to current Democratic party logic the American tax payer must give this to them in state of the art facilities using heroic medical procedures.

The "Feminist" movement originally started because White Men allowed Suffrage to be given to Niggers, thus betraying White Women. The White Man if he was the true lord of his land and keeper of his women then he'd never give up his place, but now we are here.

I think this Anti-suffrage pic is fitting for this thread.

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Forgot the archive

Not exactly the chestburster future I always wanted but the first couple of children born will be horribly, horribly mishapen. Might even be so soulless that it kickstarts the apocalypse.

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yeah wtactual fuct?
timeline, please?

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"Like a real woman"


I looked this up. This person has been living peacefully and successfully as a woman for twenty years. They pass. None of you would know.

The use of fish skin is due to a combination of chemical similarities and good cell growth properties. Fish skin grows in better than human skin. There’s no odor, not that any of you care enough about truth to pass on screaming at the world about how eagerly dishonest you are.

Why are fish such good transplant carriers? I've heard of using fish teeth transplants for patients as well.

t. tranny

Fish biology grows enthusiastically with predictable shaping and not a lot of concern for the tissues it grows into. Fish cells make good graft stock.

It’s dry, but I enjoy the comical sci-fi implications. Assuming it all worked the same, how much of a human could you replace with fish cells while having them still be homo sapiens?

Get PETA on this. Fish do not belong to you. They are not there for you to mold into your butchered cock wound.

*pretending to be a woman for twenty years.

fuck u

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I wonder if it smells like fish, rotting flesh, or both

fuck frankenpussy.

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Tilapias already get butchered in vast numbers daily so you can have your fishsticks and fish fry.

Okay, I read a bit more. This wasn’t a novel treatment. It’s been used on a number of women who needed vaginal reconstruction. The novel part is using it on a transsexual. Medicine advances on all fronts.

Looking at pictures, it’s remarkable how far into the process it gets looking identifiably still like fish skin, but apparently it works really well. I’ll be real: this might be a surgical reason to never look up a girlfriend’s crotch with a penlight, but who does that? The fish skin grafts better than human flesh, so the result is stabler and more authentic… assuming you don’t notice an oddly grey interior, haha!

And in fairness, I’ve found a number of pictures of people in scrubs stripping and trimming tilapia, but I haven’t found the penlight picture. Maybe the color normalizes when the tissue perfuses with human blood.

I don’t know if I ought to safe or bump. I’m pretty ambivalent on this site, out here trying to save the fallen (heh), so kicking things that amused me to the top isn’t a service I’m happy to provide. I’ll sage. Someone else can bump.

You will never pass tranny.

Just pointing out honestly no one on here gives a shit about animals being slaughtered brutally for food, so why act like you care all of a sudden.


"Malodorous." AKA intestinal mucus. Mixed with fish. And the infamous clumps of ballsack hair.

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You should cut your head off and try to fix it with fish skin

Reminder that this is somebodies fetish.

fuck you dysnomia

unironically neck yourself

I think somebody in the future will replace their entire skin with fish grafts for the sake of perversion.

Check the hands, genius.

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After that fish spoils, imagine the smell.

That was solved already with blockchain technology.

Fuck off kike, you're not from here.

Go back to reddit.

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you write like a fucking woman, get the fuck out of here

At least it'll smell like the real thing.

"Passing" is a myth.
"Passing" is not a measure of how successfully the tranny can deceive others, it is a measure of
>a. the willingness of those around them to pretend that they don't notice
>b. the effectiveness of conditioned blinding by Hollywood, through the lifelong use of transgender "women" in their productions.
However, with the advent of the Internet, men are reversing this learned blindness, and with the screeching overreaching demands of the trannies, also becoming less willing to pretend.
tl;dr there is no such thing as a passing tranny, only people who allow them to pass, whose numbers are decreasing daily as knowledge spreads.
No "but", if even the best examples of his kind, those employed by Hollywood, with multi-million dollar surgery and make up budgets, are now being outed daily, what possible hope for an amateur?
none, just more self-delusion

fuck off the skin is the most tasty part of the fish

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Then Unit 731 did no wrong and the US owes Japan reparations.


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Damn there's so many different models now.

The point is to get PETA to attack the trannies, you dumb cunt.

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Kill yourself cunt.

Nigger, try catching a fish that isn't in a pan.

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Doubt it can be done successfully
I remember there was a study about implanting it in men. Guess the results.
The study said it couldn't be done because of back or spine bones. Something along those lines, I don't remember.

So if they want to make it work, they would need a new drug to make bones more flexible before implanting uterus in men so they can get pregnant and have children.

The old pussy smells like fish trope is so gay.

In fact, the faggots where I came from called women "fish". With a hissing lisp no less.

Some women do smell like fish. Some women smell worse than shit. And then some women, beautiful immaculately clean healthy women smell like wild desert flower honey, and that's without any perfume.
I dislike perfume.

A beautiful woman that smells delicious and sweet has lacto bacteria in her vagina. Bad smelling women have bowel flora growing in their vaginas.

Having one or the other is a function of the pH level in the vagina.

trannies btfo