Day Shift in Tel Aviv comes on Unapproved Threads get Deleted

Remember that namefag trying to get us to help the dirty hippies last week? I sure do and he is looking less and less like a LARPer each and every day. For a SWAT team to storm an embassy in violation of the Vienna Convention is a first in geopolitical history. I cannot stress enough how unusual this event is or implications it casts. Essentially if this is allowed to stand a country can choose exactly what part of government of a foreign country gets to represent it internationally. Forget undermining sovereignty this latest stunt by Trump's DoS to do the work of Jews has completely undermined international diplomacy. Can't believe I'm starting to see merit in this LARP.

Original VZ Thread By Purple:
Embassy Thread:

Purple LARPer also gave us Jared and Ivanka's DC address two weeks before this dropped today.
Of course owner of the home they rent is a fucking kike billionaire Andrónico Luksic.
Then this…Rush agitating the Boomers for Jewvanka 2024
LARP looking a lot less like a LARP after today.

Bolton 39.004039, -77.134215
Pompeo 38.836086, -77.022762
Kushner 38.916758, -77.055026

Why is it every time that it's 9am in Tel Aviv this board gets a major pruning?

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It's funny watching the president rubbing his big Jewish dick all over your freeze peach. Whine harder faggot.

The chutzpah of Trumpkikes in 2019

Kushner is hung like a hummingbird, faggot and now every sperg on here knows where he sleeps at night.


Delete your shitty thread and remake it without mentioning your LARP in your first sentence.

Ironically I just saw your other thread get deleted the moment I woke up.
Even though I dislike purple and namefagging, this still stands: MODS ARE FUCKING GAY.

Mods are making a fuckton of money from boomers off of the Qlarp maybe if Purple cuts a profit sharing scheme deal with them they won't nuke his thread XD

Not as shitty a LARP as it appears apparently. I'm still not sold but it's def not Q 2.0 at least.

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oh and sage for double but weird how mods prune 1 thread but allow 3 spam thread to exist. Perfect logic of clown world mods.

Ignore fag phoneing.

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They did the same with NK embassy in Madrit in March.

Remeber, there are no rules or morals.

(((One law for me, another law for thee, goyim.)))

is there an archive of this thread? this is gold

Goyim really will believe anything, huh?

never mind i found it, it's the last link

That's where the LARP got the idea to try to play a new Q (note he tries to play the Ven raid as being a first of the first ever). It's funny to watch dolts fall for this lameass shit but it should be LARP'd on >>>/b/ or some other crappy board.

They're larping on us, divide and conquer .
Turning Point has as sponsors Blaze which is funded by some Jewish billionaire who plays poker, same guy funds Crowder.

Retweeted by Sarah Silverman btw go to her Twitter if you wanna see her tits.
Las Vegas

If you still support Trump you are the traitor here faggot.

oh Zig Forums you're incorrigable

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Daily reminder purple is Q 2.0, tailored for non-boomers and designed to look more legitimate.

Daily reminder Purple wants to punish Trump for his treachery by taking away his reelection, does not like Jews and names them, and has provided literal classified information and dox instead of faggoty (((proofs))) based on cohencidence. Purple is the anti Q.

Plus he said he wanted Anons to get rid of Bolton and provided security Intel. Then said if successful he would provide information on Pompeo. Quite based.

You aren't fooling anyone moshe.

It's literally a jew LARPing as a jew LARPing.