President Trump Announces Mass Deportations for Illegals


Just when I've given up all hope on the Don, he says this on twitter. Is it even feasible to mass deport the 35 million beaners who are here illegally? How would that be accomplished from a logistics standpoint?

And here's some encouraging news:


Terrorizing illegal immigrants sounds like a pretty respectable hobby, it's a shame I don't live near the border.

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

You’re interpreting his statement the way you want to hear it. He didn’t say all the illegal spics are getting removed. He said all the ones who “are coming here now” will be leaving “soon”. It’s hedging language and doesn’t really mean anything. He could be referring to a very small subset of spics.

He also included the stipulation “as the laws are changed”. For fucks sake, if you couldn’t change the laws with all three branches of gov under control, you’re certainly not gonna do it now with a Democrat house. This is hot air.

"Our plan includes a sweeping modernization of our dysfunctional legal immigration process . . . The system will finally be fair, transparent, and promote equality and opportunity for all."

He's just trying to legalize the spics that are already here you fucking double nigger. I know a lot of you, myself included, really thought this guy could be different and that maybe he was a rogue after all who really was going to "drain the (((swamp)))", deport millions of spics, and throw Hilary Clinton in jail. Well guess what? Absolutely none of it has happened. Illegal immigration is up, Clinton isn't in jail, bullshit gun laws are being enacted nationally, and this fucking nigger has done nothing but suck jewish cock the entire time. He is not literally Hitler 2.0, his family are literal jews. He is just another zionist controlled faggot. Democracy is useless. Stop shilling this kike you fucking scrub.


In other words, never

Tell me more about these vigilantes.
Can they use extreme prejudice in removing illegals?

"All people that are illegally coming into the United States now will be removed"

He specifically didn't include any amnesty

You cucked shills are dumb as fuck

Protecting the border is a legitimate militia activity. Citizens are empowered with a freedom of defense, and may defend themselves and country as necessary. This includes any and all militia activity required to secure our borders from invasion. There is nothing that can abrogate this, ever, and anyone who attempts to propagandize invasion as immigration or attempts to impede this exercise in sovereignty becomes an abettor to enemy invaders.

Not when trump the mega cuck jew decides to prosecute the militias for simply protecting America

I don't understand right wing people who don't support Trump. You realize the only alternative is socialism at this point in time. What exactly is the game plan if you manage to get a liberal elected instead?

If only Trump's twitter feed were reality.
He's tweeting stuff like this to encourage his supporters, even though there's a 99% chance he won't follow through.

My standards for Trump are pretty low at this point…all he has to do is make progress on the immigration front, stop the beaners and create a strategy for deporting the tens of millions here illegally.

I won't even bother criticizing him for being a zionist puppet, since all presidents are basically zionist puppets. Trump can't even meet my lowest standards.

There really is no political path forward for folks like us, at least not in America. Some of you already realized that a long time ago, but I was an optimist up until recently. The continuing stabs to my back have taken their toll.


Don't go black pill on us. Just need to realize how much worse off we'd have been with ANY other candidate, left or right. Go read the Trump threads if you haven't kept up on all of his successes.

What successes? Jerusalem doesn’t count.

Trump is a lying fucking bastard
he will not do shit, but he will direct billions to Israel. fuck him, I hope he has a heart attack, I hope his son in law dies, I hope his daughter dies, I hope the whole fucking family dies encluding his two faggot sons, the deer hunter and that other goofy looking fuck, fuck them all off this planet, pieces of shit

Here's a story that is related:

I'm not sure I could ever forgive him entirely for his rampant zionism, but actually deporting millions of illegals would be a good first step.

Also you might not realize it but Trump single handedly got Netanyahu reelected which kept isreal the nationalist state that it is much to American jews chagrin. Total win in my book

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That point you brought up did nothing to benefit us.
You are a really shitty shill.
Also, I asked you to post successes, here, examples, and the only one you mention is jew bullshit.


Make a thread when he fucking does something

yep trust the plan.

You dumb cunts have no sense of strategy, You know he has to get reelected right? He's not going to always do everying you want like your mom cooking you tendies while you vanqush dragons in the basement.

Don't be a lazy nigger. read the fucking list I posted.

yes, ok, I see what your saying

allow me to expand on my point, Trump is a lying piece of shit, a rich faggot and his entire line needs to die. They are all truly creepy when you look at them. Can't believe I voted for this lying fucking bastard.

love it. keep it up. my town used to be riddled with beaners. now the only ones left are the few legal ones that plan on leaving because their families are in another country.
companies are taking out ads for job fairs and competing for workers. even the landscaping companies have had perpetual "hiring" signs up.


Trump HAS to do this. Reporting of illegals at workplaces, making govt programs an inforced crime and illegal invaders will mostly self remove. Local and State Police Natl Guard US Mil can deport the remnent

Sage. Where the fuck do you think you are, redditor? He announce this 3 years ago. He did nothing.

No one believes you.


I hope when Trump does have a heart attack it's in front of cSpan cameras, he falls down a flight of marble stairs, pisses and shits himself for all the world the see and that is his final legacy.
Cock sucker thought he, his faggot limp wristed son in law, ugly hook-nosed daughter could shit on his voter base………. truly fuck him


he is such a fucking faggot

Remember when Trump tweeted he was going to end birthright citizenship. Yeah nobody else does anymore either

I refuse to believe anyone is actually this stupid

she lost dude. let it go.



So fucking based, holy shit. I'm going to adopt a nigger baby from Namibia and name him Donald, in his honor.

your anger makes it obvious, user.

Exactly, this is all LARP to lower our guard. Never forget Trump is a Zionist. Ivanka and Jared are whispering in his ear. It's fucking sickening.

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Don't flatter yourself. No one in power does anything with White Nationalist feelings in mind. This is not done to lower our guard. It is done to throw a bone to the White masses in general.

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Where’s the wall? Where’s the mass deportations? Take your head out of your ass faggot

Either way it's all shitty optics.

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where are the mass deportations? my town (and only my town, apparently.)

The MIGApedes are hopeless, user. You may try this approach though.
A few might start to see the pattern and snap out of it.

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Interesting question. Did that latino family in OP's picture hold the child against it's will to obtain benefits?

vigilantes don't ask for permission from cucks. Hence why the .gov's always fear them.

It's Elián González.

So extrapolating from the OP's original statement I think we can assume that Jared is tightly bound with duct tape, a huge dildo inserted in his anus, in the Lincoln bedroom.

Well at least the first picture in your post makes sense. That photo is Trump with MBS.
MBS kidnapped Princee Alwaleed Talal and extorted all his money out of him. So indirectly Trump had his vengeance on him and in return he got MBS to invest 1/10 of a trillion $$$ in the US economy.
The art of the deal indeed.

Total bull shit… 9th circuit would not allow it..

Yes, did his relatives want to keep him for welfare?

That's what he always does. Empty words on twatter are all that Trumpniggers like you need.

Maybe "as the laws are changed" means the Supreme Court is going to ream their asses.


Nigger, use the original.

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I hope so user… for the love of God, I hope so…

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you're like a clingy ex girlfriend

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I voted for him, won't do it again. voters need to vote with the 2nd amendment in mind

government is so jewed there is no way to redress grievances or throw off sedition and subversion with the elected establishment.

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Oh gee, that's a relief. This board doesn't support the left or the right, as we recognize that it's a false dichotomy where both sides are controlled by the same lobbyists that support Israel. The third position, also known as National Socialism, is the way out.

Kill the LEGAL immigrants, or nothing will change for the better.


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The Lobbyists support the Corporate agenda…

It really isn't THE JEWS…

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Get out

Just stop, kike. You're getting no where with these tired old tricks. You can't stop what you've created. Love your family, eat good food, take lots of naps. Cherish the rest of your limited days.
See you soon.


You're lying. It's that simple.

Amnesty has been a Republican goal forever. The party was founded on mass murdering White people to make niggers "Americans". It is the only party that has actually granted a mass amnesty to illegal immigrants. Under the Republican party, the largest influxes of illegal immigrants has always occurred. They were responsible for the 1991 Immigration Act, which no one ever talks about.

Trump has been pushing a second amnesty for decades. He has always spoken in favor of it in interviews and his books. His vice president was hand picked because he was the touchback amnesty architect, the same touchback amnesty that Trump and his son, Eric, explicitly advocated for by name during the 2016 campaign.


I'm not convinced they are all zionist puppets to the same extent, though. If you go back, they killed Kennedy. They soft-couped Nixon out of power. They went after Bush 41 and Clinton, with the no new taxes and Lewinsky things, after both of them didn't just roll over and give israel whatever it wanted. They fronted Trump to undo everything Obama did, especially on the foreign policy front.

Every president that allows Israel to continue existing is the same level of zionist puppet.

More chutzpah from the orange kike.

Qtards will jerk off to this tweet until they suddenly realize they're in an explosive Zionist slave collar like from fallout 3.

How did they get in in the first place? He already fucking failed to do the one thing he was actually capable of achieving.

checked, show pics of the nigold

You're correct about that. They all pay lip service, but some came to learn the jewish question. Those who did were killed, kicked out of office, or otherwise.

I'm reading Bakunin right now and he was just talking about the USA and cursing the libertarian south who are slave owning democrats and he's praising the Republicans to the skies. This is in the 1850's

It's pretty remarkable stuff. He's basically saying exactly what you're saying only he's a freemason Scottish Rites socialist anarchist opposed to centralized state government.

Yea he's bussing them deeper into the country. The exact opposite of OP claim.

One of the related solicitations


The contract is now open to any company that can transport 255,000 "asylum seekers" over the next 4 years to sanctuary cities across the US while they await their "asylum hearing" court date.

That is if they show up to that court date…. after they settle down here awaiting that date……..





Then when are we going to start said event?
I'm tired of debate and other bullshit.

Its time to make some grass grow via blood and iron IMHO, in the FF7 remake.


wtf I love Israell now??!??!?!

Imagine falling for candidate Trump again.

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muh kosher fucking sandwich.

Trump is no different from Shillary.
They said a lot of shit they never intended to follow through on and serve the jews.

People always seem to ignore the historical fact that people will haul ass if things seem bad or threatening.
If you were to go into a spic neighborhood and kill a hundred Mexicans, illegals would start pouring out of the country immediately. You either nab them while they do so, or let them go.
In the event of a race war, to turn a state white, simply shoot a minority of a minority and watch the rabble flee. Screencap this. It's important.

I wish I had voted for Hillary. She was a self-serving narcissist who never gave a fuck about anything except her own pocketbook and thirst for power - that's the kind of person you can work with. Trump is obviously a philosemitic ideologue. If the white voting bloc had been loyal to Hilldawg she wouldn't have thought twice about appeasing us and gassing beaners wholesale, because she didn't care about anything but power, while Trump just wants jews to massage his prostate 24/7 and never thinks about anything else. Hillary was unironically a better candidate.

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Oy Vey orange mans bad still mad

she is so HOT