Eva Braun

The National Archives yt channel releases 8 Eva Braun reels. I haven't watched any of them but there's alot of footage. Maybe you guys may be interested in going thru it.
High quality video

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Oh wow, this is great. More material for outreach videos. Bumping for great justice.

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What did she even do?
Was she good enough for Hitler-sama or was she just some roastie thot leaching on the most power she could?

These are some of the most wholesome videos on youtube

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How long until (((Blue Check Twitter))) starts kvetching?

New stuff ? Any BBC in it ?

What else is zog keeping from us?

Great vid I just wish I could archive it in a near lossless state

What's your point? You can link directly a timestamp, you know.


If you read Table Talk and know about Hitler’s beliefs regarding women in general, Hitler would never let a roastie thot anywhere near him. Reading some parts of Table Talk are like listening to Schopenhauer talk about women – pure, unadulterated truth

honestly, imagine being this brainwashed that literally EVERYTHING reminds you of pornography. I actually feel bad for you.

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How long until these are taken down for making Hitler look too ‘human’?

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A roastie thot? You must be joking. The Führer would never allow a woman like that to get close to him and believe me, there were plenty who wrote him letters and threw themselves at his feet in that fashion. That was actually one of the reasons he never married until the end, because he thought it would take away his appeal from German women. There was even this famous incident during the 1936 Olympics where an American woman made it past his body guards and tried to force herself in for a kiss from The Führer multiple times. You can see here how he was having fucking none of it but he keeps a smile on his face because he knew he was being filmed. He was reportedly fucking furious with his security afterwards for allowing this to ever happen.

Below is the parts of the Führer's Final Will and Testament about Eva. Also people in the bunker we're astonished to see him kiss her shortly before the end (before the marriage ceremony kiss obviously) They had known of Eva, she'd been around for years and people said that they would retire to the same bedroom together at night when the Führer was taking time away from running the state at the Eagles Nest or wherever, etc. But he had NEVER shown any physical affection in front of anyone else till then.

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He's gone so far it's hard to tell if that's a white man or nigger behind that post. Could also be a kike, with a nigger cock fetish.

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There is nothing in TT that strikes me as unlike Hitler.

I have long held the position that I don't care if the TT are genuine or forgery, they are wisdom distilled.

Only people who say TT are fake are people who've never read it or assblasted Christians. TT is one of the most fascinating books you can find, and is clearly unadulterated Fuhrer.

Is that jealously I hear?

David Irving, author of Hitler's War, has seen the original Bormann manuscripts and has vouched for their authenticity. I am not saying there are not translations errors in the widely available version but to disregard it completely ridiculous
From Irving's website:

>>TWENTY years later, in about 1970, I found myself interviewing the mild-mannered, mouse-like little man who had actually written these compelling documents. Heinrich Heim had been the adjutant of Martin Bormann, who was the Führer's Secretary and much-feared leader of the NSDAP. When I interviewed Heim, I found that he had the disconcerting habit of not looking at me directly, but affixing his eyes on a point roughly "11 o'clock high," and to one side.


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God damn what a chad and a gentleman.

Also fuck kiketube.

Is that not the book that claimed Hitler masturbated often and other degenerate shit?

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I gather you fall in the category of "Never read it".

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Nope I believe that is Voice of Destruction, a book written by a man who maybe met the Führer once? He attributes wildy over the top comments to him and says ue did shit like sat in the corner and rocked and screeched randomly
Its totally disregarded today.

Table Talks are actual transcripts of The Führer's dinner conversations

Bump for Historical importance and Table Talks is legit

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Come to think of it, user might have been thinking about the kike shit that was prepended to it. I had to take a breather not to punch my computer screen when I read it. I find it funny how I deleted the offending pages from the PDF, posted it on /pdfs/ and "my" version is what now you can find on most sites.

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Irving's word means little now that's cucked himself to the will of the jew.

He's an old man who they took literally everything from, including all his original documents and manuscripts. He is as far as I know the only man ever to be LEGALLY DECLARED A HOLOCAUST DENIER by a court of law in the UK. This man, who first brought the burning of Dresden to the mainstream with his work Dresden, 1945 and wrote the most important book about The Führer ever, Hitler's War, and who was praised even by mainstream historians for his ability to get down in the trenches as it were of the German archives and find documents no one else ever had… Well I don't think his integrity need be doubted. And anything you refer to (I assume him conceding in recent years that some.gas chambers existed) happen LONG after he wrote these works or even wrote the stuff about the provenance of Table Talks posted in this thread (most shit on his site is from the early 2000s and he rarely updates it today)

Honestly, there's nothing even that controversial in Table Talks and most of the conversations are about history or other subject. Nothing on the Holohoax. The only things I think make some reject it here are the critical comments on Christianity (even though he praises Jesus) and the comments on Slavs. They're bitter slavniggers or Christcucks that push the 'MUH TABLE TALKS IS FAKE' narrative and it's bullshit because it steers other anons away from even looking at it.

That's quite interesting, dude. I am glad you disseminated a version with the cucked preface removed. I think that it is what caused SOME of the bad opinions on it but honestly I think it's just parroted word of mouth.. some anons say 'lol fake kike shit' other anons see that and repeat it, etc and pretty soon none of them have even looked at the fucking book and already believe it's fake.

Damn what a gentleman.

she died Eva Hitler

call her Eva Hitler, that was her name when she died

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Also, this.

He probably doesn't like it because it mentions jewsus is not so positive light.

American women are cute. Hitlar was a nigger to ignore her.

Because hitler wasn't a degenerate like you.

I see (((you))) there.

Big if true.

Fuck off Christcuck

wish they'd release the never reproduced german movie reels they've got hidden away

Best you can do, huh moishe?

Nice videos
clip 3B seems to include some footage of Iceland. Didn't even know Eva Braun-Hitler ever visited, though some friends of the family did.

Your devotion to an ancient kike desert cult has clearly slowed your mind.

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not exactly Hitler's words

Please. Their names are so stained by their hoodwinkery, they literally hurt the value of TT, if they are in any way valuable.
We have the Bormann-Vermerke volume but its authenticity has never been confirmed and according to Mikael Nilsson, it is definitely lost, like Picker's notes (which included Heim's own stenographed notes). The few notes that were captured by the US and now reside in Berlin don't address religious topics.
It is safe to say that we will have to wait for a proper complete translation of Mikael Nilsson's latest work and judge from thereon the reliability of the TT.

Trevor-Roper just did the preface. Genoud may be a conman for faking the later Hitler-Bormann 1945 documents, but David Irving himself saw and confirmed the authenticity of the originals. He confirmed Bormann's signatures on each typed up conversation were legit. He borrowed the originals to write Hitler's War. He also interviewed Heinrich Heim, Bormann's adjutant and the man who typed them up, who also confirmed their authenticity. Are you saying Irving is a liar then?

I understand where you are coming from, but we can't help that Genoud was the one who happened to purchase them from Bormann's widow. We can't help Trevor-Ropers cucked preface, but we can remove it, and Ostara Publications which is the copy I own DID remove it. Those things shouldn't make us discount this priceless piece of history out of hand and in my opinion a man like David Irvings endorsement is gold.

I may have misread your intent here I see now. Yes, I do believe that some of the things are probably mistranslated. Irving said as much though but said in his opinion they were of no major consequence and were mostly nitpicks.

People rejecting the comments on Christianity always make me suspicious. It starts to sound like NatSoc Christcucks not being able to swallow the fact the Führer may not have been a fan of their desert cult. What would be the point to insert those falsely on Genouds part? It's not that controversial and I would say normie Christians would actually prefer to see he was critical of Christianity but not enough of a motivation to fake from that angle either as most people just think of Hitler as evil and don't care if he had religious beliefs.

I just don't see there being a good reason for Genoud to fake parts of it. I don't see what gain he would get out of it.

NOW, if you want to talk about the angle of Bormann doing it… Well we DO know Bormann was an avowed enemy of the Church and in fact wanted to purge all Catholics from the party in the future. He hated Christianity. Could he have done it? Perhaps but I don't believe he would have had the balls to do something so sneaky and twist the Führers word. Bormann was certainly a schemer and conniver with his fellow party and government members but he was totally loyal to The Führer.

bump for eva hitler

Great videos OP, thanks for posting them.

RE: Table Talk
The fundamental problem is that it's all second hand accounts of what Hitler said, published after Hitler's death. The contents of the book simply cannot be taken as Hitler's final or definitive opinion on anything.

It was fucking stenographed by Heinrich Hein, Bormann's adjutant, AS Hitler said it. It was then typed up and signed by Bormann. How is that second hand? Its not recollections after the fact, theyre fucking transcripts with irrelevant shit like jokes and other superfluous remarks as any dinner conversations have. What, do you want a fucking tape recording to believe it? Thats extremely unreasonable


yes obviously tape recorders can be faked, we have no idea what hitler even sounded like it couldn't be verified.