Jewish obsession with cabaret clubs

Jewish obsession with cabaret clubs

It seems these places were solely run by jews to corrupt goyim and to find shiksas to work for them, but given that they can't let go of these places from days long forgotten there must be more to it.

In masonic rituals cabaret like performances are acted as well.

Help an user understand…

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Rhianna doing the same dance in (((Luc Besson's))) movie.

Sex magic basically. Sex is a powerful source and male/female binary are the two fundamental powers in any ritual. It isnt complicated, you are just prevented from knowing more about the occult for a reason. Cant have the goyims knowing their own power.

This goes beyond degeneracy. It has to do with channelling your sexual energy. Most people waste it on sex. A small percentage of others more enlightened use it for raising the chrism.

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I don't believe in #nofap.

Monks are likelier to develop prostate cancer and to engage in perversion than regular Joe.

I'm always willing to be convinced otherwise but so far nobody has done so.

Traveling troops aren't really a solely Jewish thing, the word History comes from Latin Histor or Storyteller\Actor.

The Jews are obsessed with all history and want to insert it every, first, before the goyim can naturally slowly, deeply, wholesomely learn who and what and why they are.


I agree; it's important to blow out those pipes regularly. Use it or lose it.

True. I jerk off to Asian women almost every day.

The most famous was the carosel club in Dall Tx j run by jacob rubenstein AKA jack ruby

what a waste of life force

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Nah. Look how hot these Asian cam girls are.

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UUFFF… mamacita

Well, I lied a bit. She's a HAPA. But she's Asian enough.

This is why these infantile jews are still at the first level on the totem pole of the spiritual world.

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it originates from the fact that jew dwells in and makes money from everything that is not true and not real - not coming from Logos, if you dig Michael E Jones. this is a basic idea behind movies and theater - not 100% accurate but in this case its the reason. there was even a branch of Christianity/order in the history that banned theater as jewish satanic tool to subvert society. dont remember their name

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Could it be that jews are, first and foremost, degenerates and a by-product of that is the destruction of the host country? They appear to lack decent (Christian?) moral values, so ultimately they will poison and weaken any host that recognizes that degeneracy must be curbed to create a stable, productive society. This is why they have never been able to create anything of value, their natural desire is for debasement to feed their animal nature.
Maybe TPTB just use this to their advantage.

Nobody cares

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That's pretty good. Thanks for this. The 1930's was a truly shitty decade in every way.

Masonic kikes can go take a hike.

Watching that video makes me think of what Nixon said about the Bohemian grove.


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Shirley Temple really was an amazing actress. Even at four, she could emote like a professional. When you have an idea how hard that is to do, it really dawns on you how talented she was.

Remember her abuse when the time comes

Faggiest. He said faggiest.

Hitler did. Good enough for me.

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Remind the jews they're being good little bitchmade jewbots today and that they better not say goy or goyim in public.

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If you REALLY wanted to know, you could figure it out for yourself, that there's SOMETHING to it, in about a month of basic Taoist sex energy exercises.

The reason so few do this stuff on their own, is because it's hard, AND it doesn't serve a lot of purpose, UNLESS, you want to be some kind of ultra disciplined magic wizard. 99% of people don't want this, and shouldn't want it. I certainly count myself in the 99%. All I did was poke my nose in (did the work). Saw it wasn't bullshit, then ducked the fuck out.

The thing with the occult is that before you can get anything interesting to happen, you have to learn that it's almost always really stupid to make anything interesting happen.

The non-physical world is just like the physical world, in that everything has a cost, and everything affects everything else.

Jesus, Germany really is autistic.

Hitler was a weirdo that hung out in gay clubs when young.

Here's your comment, but in the original Hebrew:


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I didn't promote nofap. I am answering a question that was posed by OP, and simply elaborated on so I would not be misconstrued as promoting sex degeneracy to do magic. Is the vid in the OP promoting nofap?

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cries about degeneracy, misses point of thread.

What a fucking shame this board has became.

Its always been variations of this. A soldier doesn't complain about the bullets being fired at him by his enemies in the expectation that they will stop.

OP, that shit has been dead for decades. Now it's just whore houses (Pissrael is filled with them) and strip clubs. They're obsessed with them because they're filthy, vile, degenerate perverts.

all that shapeshifting and she couldn't make herself non nigger?


If only the pedos were as subtle these days

Their involvement in sex crime rings continues:


The whole public space, and now growingly all private spaces, are their "cabaret" Do you see the connection or must I spell it out?

pretty much this
sexual dancing can play important parts in rituals and act as a kind of "charging" action for sexual energy

Every single form of entertainment is jewish, made to present fake "realities" with the sole purpose to make people waste time, waste energy, and be brainwashed, becoming stagnant and consuming entertainment as an addiction, instead of working to improve themselves.
Theater, cabaret, cinema, tv, etc. Every single form of entertainment is poison, and it all must be eliminated from society.

It arguably is as it is the kikes most effective weapon against us. Feminism us ultimately about sexual freedom and degrading the morality of the people. The media is rampant with sexualization, not to mention pornography. Kids are pushed into sex from all sides, media, internet, education, friends. Sex is a natural desire meant to get one to improve, find a wife or husband and then have kids. The kikes have warped it be about immediate pleasure and orgasm only. The sheer amount of sex positivity pushed onto us combined with all the feminist laws and rhetoric have destroyed the relationships of whites.

They hate "shiskas"


Fixed it for you. There is nothing wrong with wholesome entertainment. Kick the kikes out, put our people in, bring back the Motion Picture Production Code, get rid of kike messaging, change public perception towards better, loftier things.