New episode 8

I went outside in public and filmed people without their permission again. Enjoy

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lol did the kikes really mass report the thread? Amazing how this is Zig Forums related but the cucks get so buttmad while they allow ever other fag to keep their shit threads up


howd you get that red color text?

You get it by lurking 2 years.

If only there was a way to embed a video on a laurentian abyss seasteading board.

==kek, kys newfag==

happy to see someone pick up the torch


these are the same cucks who report every thread while at the same time keep threads up about some retarded 14 year old kike jewtuber. Just keep that in mind, the cucks from cuckchan are here infecting this board

the faggot in the OP is from cuckchan you stupid shit, he has a thread up there right now

so many faggots, so little time



man, i wonder what happened to him. hes a real inspiration.

what do they mean with this?

And how would you know? Oh yeah that's right, because you're from cuckchan

I mean you are having lots more conversations with people, rather than just filming them without much of a reply.


Begone newfag



some cute girls do tho

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Nothing about this shit is Zig Forums related. Hang yourself.

Derail implies it was headed somewhere to begin with. This is a spam thread by a guy making jewtube vids

lol, fucking kikes man

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You're the only one bringing that up, hang yourself strawmanning kike