Eighteen months in prison for antisemitic remarks "of unprecedented violence"

French sentenced to 18 months in prison for antisemetic messages

Source (French) : archive.fo/9PVZf

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Cool, how about post them or shut the fuck up. All of these articles expect the reader to take their claim as fact. It's why shitty sites like dailymail are actually worth something, because they show fucking images.

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Can you still say "nigger"in France?

You mean nègre? No there's a perfume called nègre but (((they))) want to make the word illegal because of it's racist context.

Nègre or négro

It really is getting to the point where it's just as dangerous to go out and actually kill people you want gone as it is to just complain about them.

I wonder what the results of this could possibly be.

You might as well just kill them in minecraft if they are going to jail you anyway. Would you really put it past them to find a way to throw us in jail for the rest of our lives? They book you for 18 months but what is to stop them from keeping you forever? The law? They re write it on literal whims. You have no power.


Good. The more people they throw in prison for speech, the more they will turn people against them.

Real story, or fake news for a chilling effect?

Actually for what I remember, it's funnier than that.
Their upper class has been so cucked for generations that they have been using English words for decades now, hardly protecting their own language. This has trickled down, obviously, through media and the press, spreading to the whole population educated into using Black to refer to niggers.
Figure this, literally saying noir (like the movie genre, which means black in English) is already perceived as racist. You must say a black instead of a noir. I know that because I experienced that shit first hand when out with friends and people we had to meet west of Paris, like eight or nine years ago so I suppose it had worsened.
One of the French guys talked about business stuff, he was like 40 yo so he knew some stuff and he was not mincing his words. Now I can't remember what he said exactly, but then he mentioned a nigger who was a complete waste, totally crap, I think a man on tv an actor or so, and when voicing his opinion about this nigger, he said la noir. Yeah, suddenly hell froze, you could feel the tension. Almost in an instant, one of the posh bitches sitting next to me just couldn't help lecturing him and said "blah blah black you mean?" or close, with the whole tone of some kind of sjw inquisitor. No kidding, I was like what the f— just happened?
It looks like the race denial is absolutely massive in France and they don't have free speech like here. I also learned years later that they do not talk about races, they don't exist. Several years ago they had a bill or something similar, that attempted to define racism so as to refer to any discrimination against any person or group. So say you didn't like a homo or someone because of this person's religious customs? by this law, it would have been called racism. This because being called racist is the ultimate slur in France iirc. Just that insane. Helps understand I guess why the Yellow Vests wouldn't get anywhere. It's just proles foaming at the mouth. period.



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It's illegal to post illegal comments in France. Say I went insane and said something true, like "the Holocaust never happened, but it should." Now, they can prosecute me for this, and they will do so to the utmost extent of the (((law))), but the magistrate who brought the case and is conducting the prosecution will never utter the phrase in court, and it will not appear on the record.

After my jail term, the full-page notice I'll have to buy for EUR 10,000 from the kike newspaper to apologize for my crime also cannot mention what I said. I would just have to pay to publish something like: "I apologize to the Jewish community for my effrontery when I spoke uncouth words in a moment of je ne sais quoi."

People will have to read between the lines and guess what I said. It's surreal.

Sorry, the redundancy was too funny not to comment on.

Lol Europe.

Jews are rats

Fuck, they'd throw away the key if they ever saw my posting history

You simply don't post there, ever.

This will surely stop antisemitism!

They're moving into their terror phase. Be vigilant.


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Africans who live in France and speak French and dress like a Frenchman are still Africans and will never be French.
The French government deserves death by their own legion.

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Note how shills present (((news))) to the wrong audience to make noise. French cunts have never had free speech.

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Jews calling each other Jews. On the sabbath as well.

What it's really about.

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I'm OP. C'est quoi ton problème enfant de putain ?

Shabbat is over in yid aviv.

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Répugnant blatte Israelite.. Ne t'en fais, ce fil va rester en première page.



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You're the only one here trying to censor my thread about Jewish tyranny in France. If no one gives a shit, fair enough.. I'm used to what Zig Forums is these days.
Still, calling French people as "cunts" really tells a lot about you.

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Ne lui répond pas, filtre-le.

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Sale race.

En effet, j'ai signalé ce yéhoudi de merde..

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It's one of the "ama" helms:
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NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps) motorcyclist helmet.

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Wearing motorcycle uniform, goggles and helmet.

Checks out, definitely not a motorcycle corp guy.

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Guess what, the US is just as kiked

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Yep they are the most kiked country in the world.

It's funny because these niggers know that calling anybody here an incel immediately outs them as not being from here, yet they still can't resist the urge to toss it out there anyway.

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Jews should all be gassed, government can't do shit about free speech, they can write all the jew laws they want but the SCOTUS has already said otherwise

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I loathe socialists.

These type of laws get passed right before they drain a nation of every last shekel. Yes, they have done this before.

What should happen is every low-level fuckwit that refers to "raycisms" in ANY country should get fucked up.

They're asking to be lynched.