Latvia about to have a Jewish president

Meet Egils Levits
>As Latvian constitution preambule author puts (((Christianity))) as one of main values in Latvian identity
(Latvians fought for their people, and are one of most pagan peoples in Europe) (english)
>Opposed to "populistic" political forces an advertises west que this video:

>Dreads "fake news"

>As of now majority of parties put him as sole recommendation in presidential ellection
which happens in May 29th

A different Jew or a bloody covert nation killer?

Also the election will be open, so it will be possible to see who votes the Jew.

Also mediafags published a list of his supporters

A neat summary of what is going on

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What is a different Jew ? Please explain.


The 0.0001% chance him being not a zionist shill.

Also for last two years, there has been a media trend where a lot of stuff is about "russian trolls" and "far right" being Russian agents.

There is no chance of that, user.

Eastern europe has always been a plaything of the Jews. Hitler had good oversight.

Come join the future.

Looks like Wolf Blitzer.

The Baltics, Poland, and Ukraine are zionist outposts. You would think people would learn after how badly the Ukrainians got played, but I guarantee you Poland is going to cough up that money to the jews for the military base. The anti-Russian project is a jewish one.


for those that don't know Latvia is a beautiful country. really really nice people living with a susceptible 1950's mindset, no crime, kids run around freely, it's one of the places I'd like to live. Now, with this news….. I'm sure it will turn into a child raping, drug infested, vice controlled hellhole…….. it's what jews do best, exploit populations

Just like the Soviet days, it is clear that jewish power has significantly more obstacles to total control in Russia, but we are still fed a steady diet of the same King Faisal talking points.

Latvia is indeed a beautiful country with a lovely and lively Folk culture.

Aren't 7 out of 8 major "Russian" oligarchs jews?

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sure it'll be a kickback to Israel, for a US base funded by American tax payers, to the Jews, with Poland as the middleman, directly funding Zionism. It's subjugation, no more, no less, to evil Jews.

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Sure and they have significantly more obstacles to total control.

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I once was a subscriber to a lativian girl, what an amazing county, so childlike, she went about exploring places with her friends, and I used to think to myself how childlike it was, no drug dens, no homeless, no criminals, no creeps lurking in a back alley. Truly idyllic, like America used to be in the 70's. Cool girl and her friend would find an abandoned building, climb fire escapes, sit on the roof……………. so highly dangerous it's no longer allowed in America. But, kids explore, and Latvia, the city of Riga is amazing……………

fucking jews ruin everything, so bummed

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Truly, this is what Holy and Sacred is. You can feel how the doors of the Mystery are opening to you; the fresh wind is blowing, and you get back your confidence and rootedness. And the name is important 'The Milky Way', where Souls of noble people journey when they pass from the earthly existence.

This is what 38 billion dollars in aide to Israel buys you, not a country (Lativa, Poland) which supports the US but a country which can be pilfered by Zionists fucking blindly. The Lativian people are amazing……… actually one of the very last holdouts of pure Ayran blood in all of Europe…… it makes them target number one for Jews……. what filthy fuckers they are, all of them.

We need that here.

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Like what?

In Poland 5 or 3 years ago cuckservatives were also constantly talking about russian trolls, leader of anti-NATO, anti-Zionist leftist party "Zmiana", Mateusz Piskorski has been released recently after almost 3 years in prison for allegedly being a Russian spy

It's sad how fake mainstream "populist" parties are. AfD supports banning BDS, so all of you pushing the narrative that BDS is banned in the US because of Evangelicals are liars or misled.

Just off yourself, kike.

Nah I think you are talking about my country Lithuania
Ever heard about "Romuva" and our pagan rituals

Seems like all the Eastern European nations have been getting Kike presidents recently. I think the kikes are trying to speed up (((progress))) in the east.

I think Latvia had a Canadian as a president for awhile. Every Latvian I've met that left has little desire to ever return. Once your country is taken over by communists, it is like living in a crime scene.

Latvia, Riga…was my first independent trip alone in Europa and I loved every second of it. I have visited several times and admire the rich cultural traditions they still hold close. I hope the Latvians can either btfo this guy or find a way to not let his government destroy their country.

This kike looks like that other kike Wolf Blitzer

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You see "jew" anywhere, the chance is gone. ZOG wont allow goys for that high of a position, (((nato))) would be talking about bombing them for long time already.

Bobby Fisher, dude literally prayed to Hitler and regarded jews as the devil put into flesh. He also said the Holocaust never happened but should've.

Holy shit did he actually do that? I've never heard of him doing that.

It's what I like to think of as "The Anti-Jew." A certain super-obsessive type that begins to hate his own kind. It happens to every race of course, but watching it happen to an actual kike is something else.

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Wow we can have a world first non mossad Presidential Assassination!! Yo Bring it!!!

Believe it's more popular in Latvia.

t. Lithuanian

Well, he's not wrong
Based jew

Well he's not jewish by jewish law so..

A jew is a jew.

First Ukraine, soon Latvia. The kikes are making a power grab for the highest offices.

Jews are a racial group, it doesn’t matter

what about hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania?

Ill fated friendship with a (((Latvian))) in engine school. He wore one of those nameja rope rings. At the time, he was dating a nigger bitch; and seemed to thing it was funny. When I casually complained about jews, he focused jewish tricks on my shit getting fugg'd up. As it turned out, there was one actual Latvian, who was the drafting professor. He was proper Latvian. Semitic ethnocrypsis is the single most destructive reality in the Occident.

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Still paying the after effects of Jews rushing towards Eastern Poland and also later, accumulating into that vaaaaaaaaaast Pale of Settlement.

checking Full House Hitler Dubs in agreement, but also to ask if Latvia or Lithuania was the country judenpresse were calling too white?

Who are the Jews in Politics?
- Poroshenko
- Sebastian Kurz
- Trudeau
- Macron
- Netanyahu (unconfirmed Jew. Might be Khazar).

Donald Day had nothing but good things to say about Latvians.

Jews, Poles and Russians not so much.

"As soon as I fell asleep, I woke up
Men are coming to me like wolves
They will break the door
They will tie my hands
They are bringing me to the yard

They have brought me to the yard
On the black fields of Autumn I have no white horses
My home burned upon those fields
With bridle and horses too
White parents have white misery"

Lyrics for the song

Šodien saule, šodien saule
Šodien saule meitu deva
Eee ai ai jāā

Šodien saule meitu deva
Mēnestiņa dēliņami
Eee ai ai jāā

Kam tie zirgi, kam tie rati
Pie Saulītes stāvām krūtīm

Dieva zirgi, Laimes rati
Saules meitas precinieki

Saules meita aiziedama
Lūdz Pērkoni panāksnosi
Eee ai ai jāā

Pērkonītis aiziedamis
Nosper zelta ozoliņu
Eee ai ai jāā

Pieci gadi Saules meita
Sastaigāja raudādama
Eee ai ai jāā

Sastaigāja raudādama
Zelta zarus lasīdama
Eee ai ai jāā

Gan tā stāda, gan tā laista
Ne tas auga, ne zaļoja
Eee ai ai jāā

Kam tie zirgi, kam tie rati
Pie Saulītes stāvām krūtīm

Dieva zirgi, Laimes rati
Saules meitas precinieki

Rough translation

Today Sun, Today Sun
Eh eh eh, ayyaah
Today Sun giveth daughter
Eh ayay yaah

Today Sun giveth daughter
Eh eh eh, ayyaah
To son of Moon
Eh ayay yaah

Whom those horses, whom that wain
Standing bold near the Sun

Gods horses, Lucks wain
Sun's daughter's courtiers

Sun's daughter away goeth
Eh eh eh ayyaah
Asks Thunder pay a visit
Eh ayay yaah

Thunder away goeth
Eh eh eh ayyaah
Struck down a golden oak
Eh ayay yaah

Five years, Sun's daughter
Eh eh eh ayyaah
Walketh in tears
Eh ayay yaah

Walketh her in tears
Eh eh eh ayyaah
Picking up golden branches
Eh ayay yaah

Does she plant, does she water
Eh eh eh ayyaah
Not it groweth, not it greeneth
Eh ayayyaah

Whom those horses, whom that wain
Standing bold near the Sun

God's horses, Luck wain
Sun's daughter's courtiers

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Trump is more Jewish than him.

How do Jews become the leaders of these tiny, monoethnic European countries when they can't even pull it off in America or Canada? You'd think it would be the other way around.

Honk honk

Kill the (((kike))). Destroy and dissolve all (((juden))) and (((jews, evil, illuminati, soros, negative, trilateral comission, bildelberg club, negative entities, blackpills, rothschilds, rockefellers, etc…))).
We are Free.

Ukraine has an actual Israeli president.
Poland's president's wife is a kike.
With so much kikery in Eastern Europe, you don't know what ISN'T kiked.

Checking the based digits!
Bobby was /ourguy/

He's just an actor, you never see the ones who call the shots.
it's already jew controlled, all of Europe is.

Shit just happened

Glad to see they are using the # symbol.

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