Why aren't you doing something?

First of all, I would like to establish that you guys are the absolute best bunch. I'm not here criticize you without reason. I'm not here to demoralize you, and I'm not here to bring you down. However I have been lurking for quite some years now, and I must admit that we have sunk into a horrible rabbit hole.

I and many others chose to abandon this board for good, but I couldn't leave the rest of you hanging. I am clueless as to if you are just helpless incels, or just crippled from the infinite blackpilling - but surely you aren't doing a fraction of what you used to do. It has all become a place for shitty news from the clown world or simply posts from people stuck in the past.

STOP discussing National Socialism and stating obvious trash!

And the list goes on.

I'm not saying you should stop posting news, happenings and so on - but we are getting nowhere by only discussing the Jews. We cannot change those in power, but we can change people. Go redpill your family, friends, neighbor, whatever - it is much better than trying to win against some paid shill online. Maybe you should follow the /SIG/ threads, and maybe you shouldn't, just STOP being autistic. Go get friends, try to get a girlfriend, go somewhere, go have a life and don't expose your power level, go lift some weights, but DON'T do it because I say so, or some other dude on an internet board says so. Do it because it makes sense to you, and do it to find your own way of life. Do something to actively support our course, which is ultimately regaining our identity and throw out foreign enemies. Could be stickers, could be joining a local group of political activists, or simply just starting a family and doing a demographic Reconquista. Unlike what any Israel obsessed nigger will tell you, there is nothing to win by criticizing jews - it all starts from the bottom, not from the top.

Personally, I don't believe in a democratic or peaceful solution to our current problems, mostly because every politician is funded by (((someone))). However i WILL not just sit at home and wait for the end, and i will do everything in my power to try and win peacefully and through politics - even though it might be all for nothing. For those who would like a whitepill, Denmark is currently going through dramatic changes, as a party called "Stram Kurs" or Hardline has won power in the parliament. The have become insanely famous for calling out sandnoggers, the media, politicians and so on (also burns Qurans to prove how retarded mudslimes are). They are Ethno-nationalists, and with that title, i would have never thought they could be voted into having any influence. I have linked some examples.

There is not much to say except, a bright future is ahead of us, and it's not because you have been posting threads about eugenics, but because of those who left their pc and did something. Go be the best man you can be, become a political activist and go out there and win. Hail Victory!


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someone post a brown pill so we can move on

Yea, you've sure convinced me you've been here for years and years. Back since at least 03' am I right bro?

It is one thing to say "you should do something", it is another thing entirely to say "what should you do?"

Personally I think it's a terrible waste for an intelligent young man to throw his future away, just to shoot one smelly old jewess who would have died from some rotting malady in short order anyway.

Just lashing out aimlessly is as stupid as throwing the greatest army in history in the frozen wastelands before Stalingrad.

Not exactly. I didn't even go to school back then.

Running for Congress in my district. May get shot for shitting on Israel, but at least we'll know for certain that we can't vote our way out if that happens

Not sure if the OP is a boomer or a kike. tl;dr, b urself and don't criticize g-d's chosen, the post.

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Where do you suggest a woke user in the middle of a liberal shithole go to find good women and people?

Where should I go to be the best activist I can?

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Depends on where you live, and how old you are. There are a ton of different ways, and my personal experience says that going to pubs is the best way, and once you get a few friends its a slippery slope. Activism on the other hand, i can't help you with that - thats for you to find out, all i can i say is that something is better than nothing.

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From what exact thing did you interpret that i wasn't doing anything myself?

This will be my last response though.

Thanks OP, pubs are probably the best demographic for me.

I've been redpilling everyone I know, but meeting a ton of resistance. Hopefully time will smooth everything out.

The brainwashing is extremely bad where I live.

I've been thinking about starting a gun/survival club, my thinking is that it appeals to mostly white conservative men. Would go on hikes, camping, practice survival skills and discuss politics.

I feel like looking to join a group would set me up for an undercover bust at some point.


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Speak yourself you fucking faggot, I do something everyday.
Today I educated my boomer neighbor who just retired about the central bank after walking my dog from my house to coffee shop stopping by his house on way home. All before 8am.
Network friends and continue to awaken others.
Daily reminder that the battle is waged every day at your local community city halls and chamber of commerce meetings.

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Reminder, all astroturfers that constantly spam "You will never do anything" are glowdarks that want to force movements not realizing that action has to be brought when it is due.
Sage astroturfers, hide astroturfers, kill astroturfers

So, you're saying that the Jews are in power when the Communists, Socialists, and Muslims are actually in power…
You're wrong… Why don't we discus that?

You mean when white genocide is complete, because somehow being minorities in our own countries and treated as the enemy even among our own brainwashed people isn't "due time" enough?

Nice try, yid.
We all know (((who))) is behind each of those horror shows. Fuck off. You don't survive what's coming.

I'm sorry OP but your cancer is inoperable.

No, seriously…
Most Jews are Atheists… Most Jews voted for Obama who supported the Iran deal.

The Socialists are going to take over the world, and you're going to be blaming the Jews until the Socialists send you to a reeducation camp where you will most likely be raped to death by a prison gang.
It is the Leftists you stupid fuck… You even blame the Jews for the existence of the entire Left… you damned fool…

you must be new here, or is correct with his comment.
not without a fight, we just need said socialists to continue to escalate and cuckservatives to continue to their feel good actions.

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I got you, homie.

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You are an absolute retard, projecting your incel angst onto the rest of us.

This party hasn't won shit you pathetic shill.

a million Hitlers and Himmlers are alive right now.

They are. We are Luzifers Hofgesind.

now you are just trying to show off morty

You are afraid

You are here, aren't you moshe?

Are you a woman? or just fag?

Wrong you are here right now kvetching. That is a Win.

So you will do nothing and criticize those who might potentially be making an impact because YOU don't like their methods?


They are the same people lol

oh boy hahahahaha

garbage OP. Zig Forums is where we post uncomfortable facts about life, politcs, society, etc. often through funny memes. Normal uninitiated people are attracted to the memes and become redpilled simply by staying around long enough. That's the power of it.That requires reposting the same shit over and over because it is always some lurker's first day. Zig Forums isn't a place to start a political party. It isn't a place for moderating your thoughts and ideas. It isn't where you make friends or whatever. Your retarded shallow peptalk or blog or glownigger subversive shit or whatever this gay post is is evidence you don't understand the true nature of Zig Forums.

Jews are only .04 of the Global population… you stupid fuck..

How does .04% = 30% ???

asking a question as a preposition for a blog post.
We are the kettle, currently simmering, we've not yet reached a boil.
when we reach a boil, you're going to get burned, then your question will be answered. You'll not like it however. No one likes crying

what a total fucking FAGGOT
My county Sheriff, local Police chief, mayor, council members, all of them are ADL SPLC flunkies……………..



This guy did not sense a bit of sarcasm. lol.

Not how you use green text, Shlomo.

Fuck off jew shill.

College admissions quotas.
jews are over represented.

If unifag, go to art school where the good chicks are. Art school dudes are fags though. Applied art schools have good chicks and based dudes. Industrial Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Mechanical Engineering, Animation, and Art History all have 90% trad girls 10% thots. Go to community college for local girls from any place you want one from. Go to a state school or university for girls you don't care where from. Sharing interests is more important than sharing values if not sharing values means never enjoying each other but both is best ofc.

I'm totally one of you guys: the post

Weird that a post like this gets shilled this hard.

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This doesn't even apply to my post, nigger.
Besides, I'm only 13 and sponsored.
Tor works to seperate IP from routing.
Anons must seperate identity from IP.

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Okay jew.

Nice deflection, moshe.

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get lost

Damn good thread

Good call thanks user

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You gonna make an mspaint edit about it?

I'm planning to go to southern Bolivia, start a farm and make a large family


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Thanks White Nationalists for helping the Jews do this for decades.


Whites meeting up. Get off the internet and do something.

Jesus Christ dude, this is even worse than your shitty LARP threads.
Why do you faggots do this shit?

I can't help but laugh at civic nationalism - its a self-defeating meme.

Look at the US.

We hear civic nationalists talking all about these Constitutional principles that they hold dear.
Freedom of speech. Right to bear arms. Limited government.
Yet these same civic nationalist principles, they claim, demand judgement on the basis of the individual only, not as collectives… Of course, their claims are somewhat suspect, given the men who derived those princples initially were slave owners and created the US as an explicit White ethnostate, but whatever.

The point is, this hyper-individualistic outlook forces them into a cognitive box, limiting the extent of their philosophical-willpower. It does so, in that it forces them to reject judgement in the context of racial groups as a collective, despite races acting as collectives.
For example: Hispanics support gun control (60%+ in favor, 30% against). And hate-speech laws (50%+ in favor, 25% against). And expanded government (70%+ in favor, 20% against). And Hispanics overwhelmingly identify with the left-wing political parties (60%+, increasingly from generation to generation after entry to the country to upwards of 70% by the 2nd generation). AND Hispanics demonstrate an elevated fertility rate relative to White populations in the US (still above replacement levels).

Thus, by upholding civic nationalist principles in judging Hispanics as individuals instead of as a group, many Hispanics would be (and have been) allowed into the country - for example in the amnesty of Ronald Reagan - despite the fact that collectively they do not believe in the principles upon which the nation was founded… Not that they would say as much if attempting to gain entry - deception exists, and civic nationalist arguments as-goes vetting procedures are underwhelming, nevermind the prospect of enforcement of civic values after entry (let alone over generations).

And this last point about enforcement is important, because evidence suggests that, like most ethnic/racial minorities in the US, Hispanics do not demonstrate a collective belief in the civic principles of the US (certainly not to the proportional degree seen in US Whites), but they DO behave as a collective, supporting left-wing political groups in overwhelming majority. Those promoting civic nationalist ideals do not demonstrate the philosophical-willpower to enforce these civic values, have offered no methodology to alter this condition, and all indications suggest they are bereft of such a method - if they were not, the populations which have been in the US for several generations, exposed to the values of the country and civic nationalists' arguments in that vein, would espouse those positions, but they do not.

While on the subject… Why do Hispanics support left-wing groups? Are they actually more left-wing in political view? Yes, but that's not the whole story - they vote as a collective, and they do so to serve collective interests. Left-wing groups in the US are the groups in favor of serving the left-wing predispositions of Hispanics (hate-speech laws, gun control, expanding government with more programs) as well as increased immigration, which they promote loudly, and increased immigration leads to an increase in population for the respective ethnic/racial minority in question, which in turn leads to an increase in the political power, electorally at the very least, wielded by that ethnic/racial minority. Hence, regardless of their political stance, Hispanics support left-wing groups as a collective to serve collective interest. We see the same sort of behavior on behalf of Blacks and other non-Whites.
In fact, we see the same sort of behavior on behalf of Asians, who also primarily support left-wing groups in the US (50%+, increasing generationally), even though polling of their political views suggest they may not actually be left-wing politically - they're merely acting as a collective in serving their collective interest.

Left-wing groups are, for whatever reason (ideology, personal desire for power or wealth, etc), very happy to assist in this endeavor, and in fact, the left-wing political party of the modern US is an amalgam of minority groups acting collectively in their own interest despite an absence of shared political belief betwixt the tribes. They are, effectively, a collective composed of collectives, each acting to serve their own interests, and a great deal of their effort is maintained in securing each individual collective's support and avoiding conflict among those groups where their perceived collective interests conflict. Further, these left-wing groups - aided by left-wing political/social organizations (several particularly influential examples bearing an overt Jewish composition or philosophy) - explicitly advocate for, and support the explicit advocacy of, the respective non-White minority collectives, whilst simultaneously doing everything in their power to silence, slander, demonize and deplatform any and all explicit White advocacy groups through accusation of association with 'racism', 'White supremacy', 'Nazism' and/or 'anti-Semitism', amongst others.

That is to say, the left-wing in the US, particularly the influential Jewish wing, advocates against explicit White advocacy. Which is why no such explicit White advocacy organizations exist in the US today which are not so slandered, and certainly none which exhibit institutional power and perceived legitimacy as might be claimed on behalf of other ethnic/racial groups' equivalents (the latter of which often exhibiting a far more seedy character than the former).
Ironically, this seems to form a neat little circle for the left-wing (especially Jewish) actors: by advocating against White advocacy and White advocates using accusations such as 'racism' or 'White supremacy', Jewish left-wing organizations create anti-semitic sentiment in White advocates and White advocacy organizations, which those same left-wing Jewish organizations then utilize to further slander them through accusation of 'anti-semitism' or 'Nazism'!
Its important to note that the left-wing political factions and their accomplice political organizations in the US also employ such accusations in opposition to any efforts to inhibit left-wing political aims at increasing immigration into the US from non-White sources, promoting globalist multiculturalism and miscegenation, and degrading national borders, even national sovereignty.

The left-wing has been so successful in their efforts in this regard, that the US population demographics are beginning to disintegrate. The White population - the only population which demonstrates anything close to majority support for the ideals which civic nationalists claim to hold most dear - is being displaced.

What conclusion do we reach from such analysis of circumstance?
We can discern that the civic nationalist position is philosophically-unequipped to combat this hazard, in that their civic nationalist ideals demand they make judgements on strictly individual grounds such as to ignore ethnic/racial behavioral trends. They will thus seek to argue in favor of judging a long line of individuals, as individuals, on principle, who can and will present themselves as sharing a belief in the principles civic nationalists claim to seek to uphold if such is required to gain entry to the country, and who will subsequently act collectively in their own interests once in the US such as to create new demographic conditions within the US that are no longer fertile substrate for the individual - and thereby societal - espousal of civic nationalists' proposed ideals.

tl;dr: Non-Whites don't care about civic duties or virtues, they act as collectives to serve collective interests, and civic nationalists do not have any mechanism at their disposal to change, nor combat, this state of affairs, even as they vehemently protest, on the basis of their civic nationalist principles, White advocates attempting such a feat. These civic nationalists are thus demonstrating that they are operating from an obsolete playbook, attempting to espouse civic nationalist ideals of individualism that were only able to be maintained in homogenous White nations bereft of competition from myriad non-White collectives (each serving their own interests), and yet, despite this failure, demonstrable throughout electoral politics in the US (and the West overall) over the last 30+ years, civic nationalists continue to suggest the old playbook is valid. The conclusion is thus that, if civic nationalists are allowed to attempt to carry out their proposed policies in the US, there will cease to exist a substrate for civic nationalists' beloved Constitutional principles and these principles will cease to exist in application in the US. Self-defeating meme.

Finally, I'd like to sink one last nail into the coffin of civic nationalists' hyper-individualistic ideals, specifically surrounding the conceptual notion of individual judgements in the context of immigration.
Regression to the mean.
This is a well-documented phenomenon in population genetics whereby the offspring of outliers within a population tend to gradually 'shift' toward a state more in-line with the average of their ethnic/racial group. The result is that judgement of individuals is an entirely static exercise.
Typically, those promoting such a methodology of selection will dictate a set of standards which are non-biological in origin, but which effectively act to indirectly ensure that only the outliers amongst non-White ethnic/racial groups will be able to gain entry. Of course, this is innately faulty in practice, in that the individual's offspring are not necessarily going to espouse the traits which meet those standards, particularly if the individual being judged initially was an outlier amongst their kind, which will be the case by-requisite as regards non-White ethnic/racial groups, yet those offspring will be granted voting privileges if born within the US.

Professed ideals of civic nationalism require a substrate of individuals who believe in those ideals in order for those ideals to be espoused in society, and non-Whites do not represent such a substrate, such that demographic replacement of White populations by non-White populations eliminates such substrate, resulting in a cessation of populational espousal of those values at the individual, and thus societal, levels.

The US citizenry was 99% white before the slaves were freed- even after that it remained about 90% white until the 1965 immigration act.
This warrants addressing.

The United States was 80-90% White until the 1980s, which was a direct consequence of the Hart-Cellar Act of 1965. Its important to note that the people in the 1960's WOULD NOT have supported that legislation - and they weren't given a choice. But if they were, if there had been a referendum, they would have voted it down, doubly so if they knew what the US would look like today as a result.

And that's the real kicker: The people who pushed through the Hart-Cellar act EXPLICITLY stated that none of these things - demographic displacement most of all - would happen. They said it explicitly, "This will not happen". They said that if you said it WOULD happen, you were just doing that because you are a racist.

Take it from LBJ, in Jew York City, 1965.

"Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Ambassador Goldberg, distinguished members of the leadership of the Congress, distinguished Governors and Mayors, my fellow countrymen.

… This bill that we will sign today is not a revolutionary bill, it does not effect the lives of millions, it will not reshape the structure of our daily lives or really add importantly to either our wealth or our power.
Yet it is still one of the most important acts of this Congress, and of this Administration, for it does repair a very deep and painful flaw in the fabric of American justice. It corrects a cruel and enduring flaw in the conduct of the American nation.

… And this measure that we will sign today will really make us truer to ourselves, both as a country and as a people.
It will strengthen us in a hundred unseen ways.

… In the final days of consideration, this bill had no finer champion than the present Attorny General, Nicholas Katzenbach, who with New York's own Emmanuel Cellar, and Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, and Congressman Feighan of Ohio, and Senator Mansfield and Senator Dirksen constituting the leadership of the Senate, and Senator Javitz, helped to guide this bill to passage…

… This bill says simply, that from this day forth, those wishing to immigrate to America shall be admitted based on their skills and their close relationships to those already here. This is a simple test, and it is a fair test.

Those who can contribute most to this country, to its growth, to its strength, to its spirit, will be the first to be admitted to this land. The fairness of this standard is so self-evident that we may well wonder that it has not always been applied. Yet the fact is that for over four decades the immigration policy of the United States has been twisted and has been distorted by the harsh injustice of the national origins quota system.

Under that system the ability of new immigrants to come to America depended upon the country of their birth. Only 3 countries were allowed to supply 70 percent of all the immigrants. Families were kept apart because a husband or a wife or a child had been born in the wrong place. Men of needed skill and talent were denied entrance because they came from southern or eastern Europe or from one of the developing continents.

This system violated the basic principle of American democracy–the principle that values and rewards each man on the basis of his merit as a man.
It has been un-American in the highest sense, because it has been untrue to the faith that brought thousands to these shores even before we were a country.

Today, with my signature, this system is abolished.
We can now believe that it will never again shadow the gate to the American Nation with the twin barriers of prejudice and privilege.

Our beautiful America was built by a nation of strangers.
From a hundred different places or more they have poured forth into an empty land, joining and blending in one mighty and irresistible tide.
The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources–because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples.

And from this experience, almost unique in the history of nations, has come America's attitude toward the rest of the world. We, because of what we are, feel safer and stronger in a world as varied as the people who make it up–a world where no country rules another and all countries can deal with the basic problems of human dignity and deal with those problems in their own way.
Now, under the monument which has welcomed so many to our shores, the American Nation returns to the finest of its traditions today.

The days of unlimited immigration are past.
But those who do come will come because of what they are, and not because of the land from which they sprung.

When the earliest settlers poured into a wild continent there was no one to ask them where they came from. The only question was: Were they sturdy enough to make the journey, were they strong enough to clear the land, were they enduring enough to make a home for freedom, and were they brave enough to die for liberty if it became necessary to do so?
And so it has been through all the great and testing moments of American history.

Our history this year we see in Viet-Nam. Men there are dying–men named Fernandez and Zajac and Zelinko and Mariano and McCormick.

Neither the enemy who killed them nor the people whose independence they have fought to save ever asked them where they or their parents came from. They were all Americans. It was for free men and for America that they gave their all, they gave their lives and selves.

By eliminating that same question as a test for immigration the Congress proves ourselves worthy of those men and worthy of our own traditions as a Nation."

… Funny how the President forgets to mention that there WERE laws restricting immigration to the US even before it was a country, and that after it WAS a country, one of the first things they did was state that only 'free White people of upstanding moral character' could become citizens. But I digress…

Now, post-1980's, after the consequences of those policies began to be felt, the response has changed. Now, when its pointed out that all these things HAVE HAPPENED, ARE HAPPENING, the answer now is, "Well, if you CARE, you're a racist".

Its also worth noting that American values prior to 1965 were very ethnocentric - Whites didn't espouse a mentality of opening their country to the world in majority. But effectively, that culture was changed with the 1965 act, and in the 2 decades that followed before serious effect was felt, great effort was put into arguing that this new state of affairs was American values as they'd always been.
Now, whenever someone attempts to levy opposition to demographic displacement - the same sort of opposition which was offered, and would have been offered more greatly with foresight, by White Americans - its thrown in their face that these new values are America's values.

Basically, we were lied to, and when you try to call someone out on the lie, they call you a racist and tell you those lies are America's values and always have been.

… In case you were wondering, the 'ambassador' that LBJ mentioned?
This is a reference to Arthur Goldberg, Chicago-born Jewish US Ambassador the UN. From the WikiJew:
During World War II, Goldberg served in an espionage group operated by the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA,[4] serving as chief of the Labor Desk, an autonomous division of the American intelligence agency that was charged with the task of cultivating contacts and networks within the European underground labor movement during World War II. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency stated, 'Goldberg's file notes that as both a civilian and a member of the Army, he supervised a section in the Secret Intelligence Branch of OSS to maintain contact with labor groups and organizations regarded as potential resistance elements in enemy-occupied and enemy countries. He organized anti-Nazi European transportation workers into an extensive intelligence network.'

Under Kennedy, Golberg served as Secretary of Labor and later as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

In 1967, Goldberg was a key drafter of Resolution 242, which followed the 1967 Six-Day War between Israel and the Arab states. While interpretation of that resolution has subsequently become controversial, Goldberg was very clear that the resolution does not obligate Israel to withdraw from all of the captured territories.
Goldberg's role as the UN ambassador during the Six-Day War may have been the reason why Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, also wanted to assassinate Goldberg.

Goldberg was a member of the Council on Foreign relations in the early 60's, and then again from 1966 to 1989, and served as the President of the American Jewish Committee.

Look, if we can get this space travel stuff off the ground, none of this will really matter. We can each go our seperate ways, and while there will certainly be conflict, with any luck we can arrange it on a larger scale such that we're not in such direct conflict: the people who want to embrace miscegenation, the people who want to accept homosexuality and gender dysphoria as just another avenue of behavior; the people who want to far-left political agendas, they can go their own way, and the people who want to discard miscegenation, the people who want to maintain traditional gender norms, the people who want to embrace far-right political agendas, they can go theirs.
There is no need for us to be in conflict at this time, only our proximity generates these conflicts, which are almost-exclusively derived from conflicts of interest that would be drastically reduced in intensity if we did not share proximity with one another.
There are already many countries on Earth that hold variable opinions, and rather than first world citizens seeking to espouse a state that demands radical cultural and socio-economic change of their homelands to achieve, should, IMHO, travel afield and pursue the introduction of diversity into developing countries around the globe to try to alter conditions in a rapid sense such that people no longer need to rapidly move about, no longer need to leave their ancestral homelands to seek a 'better life' somewhere half-a-world away. You can be sure most of the Americans who came as immigrants in the 20th century did not wish to leave their homelands - they did so out of perceived necessity, as many do today.

This cycle of movement coupled with resultant conflict has repeated itself many times before, and always with historically tragic consequences for all involved. We can break that cycle NOW if we have the courage to do so, and humanity degenerating into a morass of deracinated, demoralized, alienated, atomized, hyper-individualized narcissists addicted to social media and other banalities is not the means via which to do so - in fact, if one looks at the data, it suggests that we are nearing the end of a cycle, and that a cataclysmic social change is imminent, and that this state of deracination-demoralization-alienation-atomized-selfishness is indicative of the end of a world power's lifespan.
When one peruses the data further, as did one Sir John Bagot Glubb in his 1978 work "The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival", it appears that we are nearing the on-average 250-year reign of an Empire, and the resultant implication is that the American Empire - which will turn 250 in 2026 - is on its final legs.

I don't know if we can do anything about it at this point. Its entirely possible that we are out of time, and that, due to our advanced technology, the consequences of the resultant conflicts may prove our efforts a mere blemish upon the face of the conceptual Great Galactic Filter for some other species to consider in the midst of their own - more successful, by virtue of being on a world wherein evidence of such previous efforts exists - forays into the Unknown.
I am, however, a man of Science, and thus, a Man of Hope. We must endure. I pray that we can come to comparatively peaceable terms, but if those of certain predispositions will not even consider the desires of those with conflicting predispositions, the one's establishment of ideal vision forcing the abolishment of the other's, I can see no alternative.

Free Speech and The Inquisitorial vs Adversarial Paradigm

Free speech is often promoted in these circles as a principle, but I would posit that may be a mistake.
In the context of a normative, racinated, healthy, cohesive society? Sure! I'm all for it.
… But we don't have that. Not at all.

So let's consider what free speech actually does.
For that purpose, I'm going to utilize the paradigm of inquisitorial vs adversarial, as seen in judicial governance in Europe and the US (respectively).
To spoonfeed a bit, its basically like this: The adversarial position generates a truth-outcome via competition between two parties (in coordination with the evidence at hand) before a third party, while the inquisitorial position generates a truth-outcome via investigation and analysis of evidentiary data on behalf of a third party.

These are likewise the two positions as regards speech, or at least, these are two positions.

Consider free speech in the context of an adversarial context.
The consequential outcome of such a position is that truth-outcomes are heavily dependent upon presentation, that is, the evidence may well become irrelevant in the face of charisma and/or persuasive speech.
This position is considered beneficial in many cases, in that the authoritative body (state government in most cases) is restricted from inhibiting the speech of citizens… However, as a consequence of that position, "truth" is dictated not by evidence necessarily, but by the capacity of the presenter to espouse a charismatic or persuasive case. In other words, while it does ensure that the authoritative body cannot silence dissenters of a beneficial nature (assuming a corrupt authoritative body), it also cannot silence subversives of a malevolent or harmful nature (assuming a charismatic/persuasive actor).
Effectively, this position espouses a stance of hesitancy to accept the authoritative body, whatever it may be, as anything but corrupt, and thus untrustworthy to dictate "truth" and instead imposing that responsibility upon the masses themselves (a dubious prospect, given the masses are easily swayed by pleasant falsehoods even when confronted with enormous amounts of evidence disproving such falsehoods), and likewise espouses a stance of belief in the idea that "truth will out", despite the fact that, as evidence by our current status, this simply is not the case, particularly within such a paradigm. That is, "truth will out" is an obvious falsehood wherein the "truth" is dictated by what the masses can be convinced is reality and the capacity of those actors attempting to sway the masses (often irrelevant of evidence).

On the other hand, consider free speech in the context of an inquisitorial context.
The consequential outcome of such a position is that the truth-outcomes are heavily dependent upon evidence and the third party, that is, the evidence takes a greater priority than the capacity of those presenting it to be persuasive/charismatic, however that evidence, or portions thereof, can become irrelevant in the face of a biased or ideologically-motivated third party which refuses to acknowledge it.
This position is considered hazardous in many cases, in that, even assuming a position wherein the authoritative body is assumed to be ideal, the authoritative body is not restricted from inhibiting the speech of citizens, though, in an ideal scenario, the authoritative body's aim in application of restriction is oriented around the benefit or harm represented to the masses, which under ideal circumstances are not a deracinated and miscegenated mess, but a cohesive collective with a largely-shared identity and ideal/vision… However, as we know, the ideal conditions are not presently extant in our lands, as the authoritative body is anything but unbiased, nigh-universally acting in-league with hostile external factors whose interests directly conflict with the genuine interests of the masses, and thus as a consequence of this position it often becomes the case that "truth" is dictated by those who espouse an ideologically-motivated bias against acknowledgement of unpleasant or ideologically-unsupported "truth" and thereby any evidence supportive of such. In other words, while it does not represent significant hazard where the third-party authoritative body is acting in-line with the ideal conditions for such a body, where such conditions are absent there is the potential for significant hazard.
Effectively, this position espouses a stance of willingness to accept the authoritative body, whatever it may be, as anything but corrupt, and thus trustworthy to dictate "truth" and thus witholding that responsibility from the masses in that the authoritative body decides what the "truth" is, ideally in terms prioritizing potential hazard to the masses as the consequence of pleasant falsehoods being levied (such as in the case of Communist subversives), and restricts speech on those grounds (a dubious prospect given the potential for willful refusal to acknowledge evidence as motivated by ideology or self-interest, as in the case of most modern Western state-governing authoritative bodies). Likewise, this position espouses a stance that "truth will out" is a falsehood, as the consequence of acknowledgement and prioritization of the fact that, as evidenced by our current status, this simply is not the case, particularly in such a paradigm; that is, "truth will out" is an obvious falsehood wherein the "truth" is dictated by what the masses can be conviced is reality and the capacity of those actors attempting to sway the masses, and the assumption from this stance is then made that, given this condition, it is requisite that the authoritative body, assumed to be trustworthy, dictate "truth" and impose upon those attempting to levy "untruth", for example such pleasant falsehoods as promoted by Communist subversives and proponents of the race realism-associated "socio-economic excuse" cope, upon the masses, to their detriment.

I'm not really sure what position to take in this context.

From what I can put together, it seems that the ideal scenario of the inquisitorial position is the more preferable, wherein the authoritative body CAN be viewed as trustworthy to dictate truth in this regard; however this scenario has historically resulted in corruption and malfeasance on behalf of the authoritative body up to and including the attempt to silence those speaking righteously against the body on the basis of corruption in the form of restriction of speech for purposes other than the well-being of the populace (for example self-interest) or imposition consequential of somehow embracing a falsehood (for example many Western nations wherein ideologically-motivated individuals will act to promote political policies which, while seemingly beneficial in the context of the assumed falsehood, are actually detrimental thereto), thus arguably justifying the adversarial positions implementation, which merely takes the authoritative body (assumed to be inevitably prone to such corruptions) out of the equation and places the individual (oft bereft of knowledge, context or capacity as to effectively judge "truth") as the priority dictator of "truth" derivative from the argumentation of actors (of {both knowingly and unknowingly} righteous or malicious intent) whose charisma and persuasiveness can easily overcome any amount of evidence acting contrary to their claims/propositions.

My only real conclusion after all this is that the adversarial and inquisitorial systems suss out thusly:
An adversarial system will invariably lead to falsehoods being accepted as "truth" to a widespread, even ubiquitous degree, as the masses are largely incapable of discerning between pleasant or comforting falsehood and unpleasant or discomforting realities, and will thus tend to prefer pleasant falsehoods and seek to embrace such where there is not some force or factor forcing immediate reckoning and will continue to do so until such factor emerges as to force such reckoning, and even then they will often cling to falsehood if such continues to offer comfort or security in the face of reality.
The inquisitorial system thus appears preferable to me, albeit with the understanding that this system is functional where, and only where, a condition as-near to the ideal as possible is itself possible; that is, wherein there is little in the way of corruption on behalf of the authoritative body in terms of unjustified silencing of dissent, that is, silencing of speech for (knowingly or unknowingly) a purpose other than the benefit of the people or towards an outcome (knowingly or unknowingly) that is to their detriment, such that the body in question can be relied upon to dictate "truth" and act accordingly with regard to silencing speech.

Bereft of a mechanism to ensure such, bereft of a trustworthy authoritative body, an inquisitorial position as regards freedom of speech appears prone to extreme hazard; however, by the same token, complete removal of the authoritative body, associated with imposition of the requisite "truth" judgements upon the masses, creates conditions wherein hostile charismatic/persuasive subversives are extremely well-situated in terms of efforts to promote pleasant or comforting falsehoods as "truth" to the masses, even in the face of evidentiary data disproving such falsehoods.
IMHO, the adversarial position is one of inevitable downfall as the consequence of the mechanism via which "truth" is dictated, whereas the inquisitorial position is one of theoretically long-term perpetuation in the context of an authoritative body that has a vested and insurmountable interest in the well-being of the masses.

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They're shitting bricks. And all they can do it appeal to the traitors who prefer sportsball and drugs over their blood.


Low IQ WN proves his point.

Yea, the Jews are shitting bricks over Nazifags. Must be why they post "National Socialism" on their buildings.

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They write "National Socialism" on their buildings because they've demonized it aggressively because its the most dangerous ideology with regards to jewish interests.
The false-flagging their own buildings with NatSoc imagery is a direct fruit of that effort.

How fucking stupid do you have to be not to understand this, or to think others dont?

This is a lie on your behalf.
Another lie on your behalf.
Yet another lie.
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Adolf Hitler was the last man to meaningfully oppose international jewry, and his demonization - and the demonization of those who followed him - has served as a foundational pillar in creation of the modern paradigm.
If you can't change that, you will NEVER CHANGE ANYTHING. EVER. That's a fact which is irrefutable.
This is nonsense, this is big tent alt-right faggotry. YOU CANT FIGHT AN ENEMY WHO ESPOUSES A SHARED VISION WITHOUT A SHARED VISION!
And yet you deny them on the reg, you come in here and make posts EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE - in fact, I bet that "IQ isn't real goy!" thread your ilk made previously is still on the board.
What has passed? There is no reason to meme someone who made a FUCKING HUGE impact on society? What the fuck are you on about you incredible loser?
This is a fact. If you can't accept the reality, then you aren't interested in TRUTH.

What the fuck do you think Zig Forums is geared towards you insufferable faggot? You lurked here for years yet you don't realize this? Get real.
HOW is it better to engage in localized discussion vs internet discussion? Why can't you do both? WHY WOULD YOU ASSUME FOLKS ARE NOT DOING BOTH?

The fuck does that even mean?

What the fuck does it mean to 'have a life' in your eyes?
Why not? How are you going to redpill people and not show your power level? Now you're fucking contradicting yourself!
Again with your demonstrable failure to grasp who you're trying to appeal to, by laying the implication that people on Zig Forums only do something because someone says so.

Such as?
What the fuck does THAT mean? I don't give a fuck about mere 'identity', I care about biology.
Those promoting what you're promoting have been failing to do that for longer than most on this board have been alive.
What group is worth joining?
You're not going to outbreed spics you fucking imbecile.

THEN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON ABOUT? Every piece of suggestion you've offered thus far hinges on the belief that there is a peaceful solution to our current problems.

>mostly because every politician is funded by (((someone))).
You JUST FUCKING SAID there was nothing to be won by criticizing jews, and now you're criticizing jews?
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OP hasn't said a fucking thing in 6 fucking hours, while idiot shills are fucking up their bot-net scheme to appear as multiple people, and yet this shit festers on the board.
Meanwhile, mods are dismissing reports and deleting threads for 'spam' or 'QTDDTOT' and

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This board has become an embarrassment, which is not by accident.
The moderation staff has been replaced by 4chan /int/ users. Anyone who has been using the board will recognize a drop in quality and increase in shilling since November 2018.

They want to drive away as many of the 'hardliner' people as they can, because they want to turn this into a pro-Trump board again for the upcoming election. Probably paid off by someone, but who can say? Could be they just don't want to host a forum for National Socialists.

When they get caught and called out on it, they claim they're trying to do some kind of #resistance thing against the moderation because "the board is already dead". Its so blatant and obvious at this point because they're getting desperate - people aren't leaving, they're just digging in and shitposting at these scumbags all the harder, and that wasn't supposed to happen.

After all these years, they still haven't realized that attempting demoralize-shill Zig Forums only makes Zig Forums hate jews even more.


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They'll never learn

Agree with you 100%

All it does is push us to the next medium and soon this will be a shell of the website it once was and it will be sustained by kike shills.

It's not going to matter for much longer, they know their time is limited.

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Reminder that this sort of thing is exactly what lead to the decline OP is supposedly complaining about. It should have been obvious as a psy-op yet many have fallen for it. Why else do you think they send out Jordan Peterson to push exactly this kind of crap? They know that by setting potential anons on the path of the normalfag, for the vast, vast majority it is only going to lead to a tempering of their views, a need to hide their power level until it evaporates altogether, society molding them rather than vice-versa.

War has changed. A bunch of autists shitposting memes online now has the potential for far greater effect on public consciousness than nearly any amount of IRL activity ever could. Becoming a normalfag to pump out a few babies is something better left to the hordes of NPCs who's minds we have the power to bend and wrest control of, or at least did for as long as the boards were not too contaminated with those very NPCs but you open the borders to the Reddit hordes and this is what you get.

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And there it is. The real reason this was posted. A scared jew posing as a white man.

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Without directed, group efforts, there will only be moments of violent derangement, whether real or manufactured, to assault the public image of those upholding the positions. To win the battle of hearts and minds, make weapons of the cellphone and closed circuit. Individuals must gather in clusters, hives, upholding their ideals and doing so in accordance with the morality of the majority of media consumers. Regimes which had been monsterous for years, decades even, have repeatedly been toppled by the live broadcast of the same actions. With this in mind, the clusters of actors must act, when together, as paragons, bringing change at the local level in the way of, essentially, community service. Multiple clusters in conjunction, having won the affection of their homes, must then work together in efforts to change the culture, still pristine in conduct one and all. This generates, by it's own accord even without active efforts to disseminate, a drive in like minded people to emulate you, causing the autonomous generation of new clusters. You must know your brothers-in-arms in your local clusters, trust them implicitly, be willing to bet your life on them. The way to foster this is found in part in these joint goals, but are bolstered by efforts to improve the self as individuals, in both body and mind. Make gym Bros your brothers in arms, make brothers in arms your gym Bros. Discuss literature, media, philosophy. Develop earnest connections. Let your cluster be a family. Develop plans, execute them. Make the space you occupy a beautiful one. Make your mind and body a temple. And in this way you will generate an army of free agents, to wage the war of the liberation of our species. And know that if you have won the heart of your homes, they will cry out if any subterfuge, sabotage, black bagging, or terrorism will not be swept under the rug. If you inspire a people, you make a nation of them

Establish new communities, let the old way rot. We can and we will regenerate our culture, and take back the husks of our attainment.