HAHAHA Trump goes full Hitler


Pack your bags spics you have no place to hide mofos, libshits can't protect you anymore

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Yea…”as the laws are changed”
Good luck zognald

You a bitch ass hoe. Hang yourself Judas traitor.

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You are a nog?

A hoe is a garden tool like your mother, nigger.

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Ju Ju cum. With the amount of dick sucking in his first term I'd hate to see how much he shafts his supporters as a lame duck.

Join the chad

Trump starts two wars for his jew masters

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OP is a lazy nigger who can't check the catalog


What, neinchan not cutting it kike? Finally accepted your place as the revoltcucks of Zig Forums?

Ahman. I love trolling 8channers. Niggers get so serious. Ship them back to the hell holes they came from. Also ZoGS rule the world. These white niggers should join the party already.


based zog emperor lol

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not mine, angry jew tears are delicious

as much i hate the libs, unfortunately theyre gonna kill him.

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I love my oscillating hoe.

Who gives a single shit if it's your OP? You endorse the thread.