How jews became Satan's chosen people

How jews became Satan's chosen people

Jews being a tribe without land always had to live among people that were suspicious and often hostile to them.

What do people do in times of trials, tribulations and hardships? They turn to religion. They tried all kinds of stuff and eventually sacrificial rituals developed that invoked demons from another dimension.

They feed off negative energy - pain, suffering, despair.

They cannot enter this dimension fully and need human avatars that they can enter through totally destroyed minds.

I was bullied and severely mentally abused and these other dimensional demons infested me as well but the love of my wife made me whole again.

Narcicistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder people tend to act in EXACTLY the same way, as if a demon had imprinted them with all the tricks to abuse and destroy people.

They filled a severely abused MK ultra type avatar with a really powerful demon who taught them usury and all kinds of tricks in return for their worship / allegiance.

Thus they became Satan's chosen people.

Everything has to be upside down so the demons / energy vampires can feed off all the negative energy that is raised in this world.

There is no material end game beyond this - only suffering, death and destruction without people ever finding the true creator of this universe who is the source of light.

Does this make sense?

Jews aren't the only tribe who made use of demons btw. The parasitical Chinese traders of South East Asia that got genocided and expelled everywhere in the region also raised low level demons that enabled them to have an iron grip on all south east asian countries and raise suffering to extreme levels.

"Tiger parenting" is essentially demonic abuse to break their childrens minds and to either turn them into avatars for demons or to make them into useful idiots. Funny enough the demons often turn on their invokers - meaning they end up murdering their parents.

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The long tradition of ladyboys in Thailand (the result of extreme demonic mind destruction), the presence of vices on every corner and demonic horror movies making up a guesstimated half of all movies tells you that these demons enacted the current western policies long before jews in Thailand.

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Makes sense. Do go on.

top kek

Pretty accurate

It's a racial characteristic not this autism

These demons need the empathic races.

In a place where demons are among themselves they all turn on each other eventually.

The most empathic thus become the biggest victim of the jews. In Europe it was probably poles and I'm pretty sure Russians were not alcoholic violent mongrels before demonic communism either.

Their end game is always total control, raising themselves to god like status via an avatar (i.e. Stalin) and then upping the levels of injustice and suffering to unbearable levels to feed off the negative energy.

This is the real fight in the world. God's children VS demonic entities from another dimension that want you to be a transexual sodomite inflecting pain and suffering onto others.

How? Prove this in 100% of the cases. If you can't, this claim has no validity.

You're claiming jews "became" jews racially because >society. Postulation at best.

Hi Shlomo! Fresh out of talmud school?

Good shit op
keep going
We must form the Ordo Malleus

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Even holyjews hint that this happened and just make it a failed attempt of a smug modern kike.

(((They))) want to rub it in your nose…

Invocation via self immolation.

Believing in Satan is for 3rd graders. "ohh its the spooky demons not the jews" Everything you blame on "demons" could be dark aspects of the human psyche and u produce no evidence of demons whatsoever (because you are christian so you do not need any to abandon empiricism believe nonsense… all 4 the sake of a narrative)


Jews have always been "satan's" chosen people

Why are Whites being DEMONized?

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Not even Satan would deal with them. It was Yahweh, or Moloch all along. All this death and destruction caused by the semites - he was behind it all. Why else do semites seek the suffering of all humans?

Gaslighting / victim blaming is a prime tool in the demons toolbox of ways to destroy people's souls and drive them to despair and suicide.

What is the function of a nemesis?

"Behold , I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie ; behold , I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

Anti-Christ = Pro-Synagogue of Satan

Atheism is for cattle.

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For those doubting me:

Why do you think (((they))) promoted child abuser Angelina Jolie that destroyed her husband and turned her kids into trannies as a UN ambassador?

They reward evil behavior with more power…

Up to this point you were right, then you went nuts. Anyway, the answer is like always found in nature. The nomadic lifestyle is suppose to be a temporary solution to cover great distances into new territory. Problem with the so called jews…they always were criminals, they were rightfully persecuted for all the horrors they did and they never let off their criminal ways. Instead they learned from their mistakes and became even more cunning, sadistic and criminal. This led to race-mixing and inbreeding to hide themselves in between their hosts. Over thousands of years they stuck to this inhumane lifestyle of operating out of the shadows, while getting more and more physically and mentally corrupt.

Just like in nature being rootless is a death sentence, because you can cut a tree down and the roots will keep producing sprouts, but dig up the roots and everything dies. the so called jews found out about this and decided to double down on the path of death, and turned totally against the laws of nature, while racking in the short term benefits of being career criminals.

Every action they took is against the laws of nature, religions were created to hide these laws and replace them with the laws of men, who are all corrupted to hurt mankind, while the so called jews are exploiting the shit out of everyone, by simply keeping the real knowledge to themselves, while everyone else is blindly stumbling towards their own destruction.

The whole Satan shtick is part of the jewish caste system that controls their organization. A system that is based on strict rules and many different layers of truths. One of the top enforcer groups was given the "false" truth about a deity opposing "fake" god. That's satan and he acts as a motivator and as a justification for abhorrent crimes committed against humanity. They are brainwashing themselves with numerology, symbolism, and religious practices into followers of a dark deity, while the ones in control use them to further their own main agenda…securing their ancient bloodlines and creating planet zion.

Is for freedom

I believe those of you whom have felt compelled to congregate around each other here, we are of our Ancestral Shaman lines. It's all becoming so clear as the fog steadily lifts. I'm thoroughly enjoying this struggle with you.
Thank you.

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satan isn:t real

doesn'teven look close chaim

you just quoted scripture lol. I am not an athiest. I am an Idealist. Which is why i find you extra funny

Nice try, kike. But jehovah isn't Satan of whom you are so afraid. Go to oven somewhere else.

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But they have a land it's called Israel.

9th gate is an allegory for ego death. Depp is Lucifer. Balkan is his Demiurge. You are retarted

Jehovah is satan

As I thought. You just don't know shit of what you are talking about. Lurk occultism for 2 years before posting.

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Satan probably stands for Saturn

More on Saturn worship

the devil in the movie in the end seems to be the fallen angel (woman)

you are bright. lol

lol you are a funny guy. Probably the guy debating whether or not the elites worship Baal or Moloch. Recognize figurative language. I hope you don't believe in Jehovah. Because if you do, and you think that such a thing is "God" then I do not know what to tell you. You worship a Jewish "god" (demon)

my wife thinks we were Buddhist monks before

the sages of tibet came up with ways to avoid being stuck in the material and hollow hells which is what (((they))) want us to be

they want us to be ghosts that they can control after we have killed ourselves out of despair or when we have lowered our character when tempted by (((them)))

err, Lucifer defied the Jewish….


She is the Holy Guardian Angel. Polanski was a student of the Western Occult tradition

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No. Demons are either fictional beings created to smear the ancient gods of other people’s or a blanket term for any paranormal/non-physical entity.
If they are the latter, they are literally everywhere and are harmless.
Satan means enemy and is in reference to Abbadon, the biggest enemy of the Jewish god, which coincidentally was an aryan god…
If anything Jews are the most anti-satanic people on earth.

Kike bingo. Now go stop exist.

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Satan is clearly a member of the European pantheon, which one?

cheers, friend

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What? Did you type that incoherent response just to have an excuse to post a penis?

YHWH is not "god" but the devil in disguise and the kikes are the chosen people; of Satan.
So are the other Semites, the shitskins, Muhammad was a false prophet and Allah is a demon in the service of the fallen star.

Contemplate my favorite Schizo-Christian site for this

The Satanic Subversives ITT are the same cunts responsible for Hitler losing.
Never again.

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this board is going to need to get over abrahamism and stop reading shit into jewish childish rebel against their own cult. the Christian god does not follow a consistent logic

is blindness a part of your jewish genome?
The penis on that picture symbolises a piece of thruth i give to you, but in a peculiar way

Why do you write like that?

Why do you put one sentence on every other line?

Do you know who else does this?

People from Reddit.

Maybe you should go rejoin your people.

They need your brilliant insights more than we do.

We already know jews are evil.

Do you even know where you are?

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Kikes know better, sure
%%go die, shlomo%%

even his embrace of gentiles is backhanded and passive aggressive

christcuck, you can either play second fiddle to the jews all your life or come into the light

that picture was made by a kike. His name is Elifas Levi.Éliphas_Lévi
So you better not use this as an argument, you fucking piece of israel shit.

wtf r u talking about

Hitler was a Luciferian

swapping sides makes you a traitor, I.e. your god is a traitor

Hail Satan. Fire to kikes. Thats what im saying

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they are either your people by blood and you stand by them or you are a twisted liar

Jew itself is a subversive word.
Read MORE. Before you side with the devil.
Logic = Logos = Word of God
What are logos today? Brands. For cattle and property. More Satanic inversion

this is why you satanists will fail. I'm not a kike. And a kike calling me a kike doesn't put me off hating kikes. Because God hates kikes.

Hitler was a loser. And he damned his nation and people for a century. Because he listened to you demonic nutjobs. The Germans were of course DEMONised during and after WW1.

there is nothing logos about the christian priesthood

Which god are you speaking about? Christ? He IS a kikes fantasy lul. How can he hate them? The whole bible is about kikes. About their history

retard, go shoot up a synagogue. you clearly care about Semitic tribalism than your people.


this is why even Hitler was put off Christian antisemitism. no true European soul truly loves that book of pettiness

Jesus was right, his followers are wretched.
like a drug peddler

you have to be joking

look at op's picture, a figure locked in struggle. maybe i should become a Satanist.

i am happiest when it rains

Take your meds.

can't overcome, so you wear your agony like a badge honour

it all comes down to personality. my faith comes from there being no objective human truth, that i fall into a sea of humanity in death

ok i see you. Lapis Exillis. Why the "Hail Satan" then?. Why be extra theistic about it… Just spooks these fuckin christians. better off coming from a christian gnostic angle

i accept people for who they are

accepting people =/= accepting their will over me

First off, Jews are Edomites whom infiltrated Judea and appropriated its name. Strabo told you this circa 200BC.
They aren't tied to land because they don't build up land. They occupy and subvert what Whites build.
They always had a choice and always chose to parasite off Whites. No one forced them to parasite.
jewish behavior is the cause for hostility, not the effect. It's not White's fault jews are liars. Stop lying and subverting and they won't suffer hostile reactions. It's fucking simple, but we all know jews can't stop lying because they are genetically corrupt.
Holy shit, you are retarded. You don't know anything about history and are just making up ghey shit to satiate your lazy dumb fuck mind and sliding threads. Fuck you.
Because you're a faggot who speaks bullshit, thinks bullshit, and most likely does bullshit. You either know you're wrong or too stupid to know you're wrong, but either way, your result is wrong. Stop being wrong and you won't get bullied for being wrong. Either lurk 2 years or kys.
Sage for op faggotry.

i would emphasise with a pedo as i am about to kill them. i wouldn't say that because it would be selfish

needlessly selfish and i don't get a kick out of it

it will be a given that we share a similar fate along a spectrum


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the language part of my brain is funny

Shill ignorant faggot. The Jewish god is YHWH, Jehovah, Moloch, Yahbulon.
Satanas is actually an opposite to them and its a dragon. Also your image is a Baphomet's illustration, another jewish subversion.

Pol will become a satanic board in less than 2 years. Truth always wins in a free speech environment. Just as NSDAP political stance won. Keep shilling so it accelerates.

In the world we live in, praising angels goes against the mainstream. Step by step become the Higher Self.
Everything happens for a reason.

They were born. The end.

Am Russian. Can confirm, the history of Russia before the soviet union was one that was very prosperous. Did we have our problems? Sure, but the Tsars ruled across the land fairly and were greatly respected. Fun Fact: Alexandra Feodorovna one of the most famous Russian tsar's wife was a princess of German origin ;)


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Chose \Chose\, n.; pl. Choses. [F., fr. L. causa cause,
reason. See Cause.] (Law)
A thing; personal property.
[1913 Webster]

Chose in action, a thing of which one has not possession or
actual enjoyment, but only a right to it, or a right to
demand it by action at law, and which does not exist at
the time in specie; a personal right to a thing not
reduced to possession, but recoverable by suit at law; as
a right to recover money due on a contract, or damages for
a tort, which can not be enforced against a reluctant
party without suit.

Chose in possession, a thing in possession, as
distinguished from a thing in action.

Chose local, a thing annexed to a place, as a mill.

Chose transitory, a thing which is movable. –Cowell.
[1913 Webster]

Jews are genetically Canaanites, bred to be possessed by demons. That explains why Jesus encountered so many Canaanites that were possessed with demons, or the spirits of fallen angels. All non-white races were bred originally at Sodom and Gomorrah, Jude verse 6. The world of Noah was destroyed by God because they had bred up corrupt people and animals to the point that only Noah and family were left of the white people God had created, Genesis 6:12.

"Jew me, Sue me, everybody due me, kick me, Kike me, don't you try to Black and/or White me, all i want to say is they don't really care about us". Comey & Brennan in the 70s voted for the then Communist Party of America. Sharyl Sandberg = Jew. Mark Zuckerberg = Raised Jew he had a Bar Mizfah when he turned 13. Larry Page = Halfbreed Jew. Sergey Brin = Russian Jew. Anne & Susan Wojcicki = Russian Jews. Sundar Pichai = Indian. Satya Nadella = Indian. What are the chances 2% of the population who are all left wing Russians, Jews, Indians control the top 4 companies in America? It's all most like they're working with each other. The news is all Jewish Jews too. And so is Michael Chertoff and Sheldon Adleson. And then their is the Dr. Eoin Lenihan stuff going around exposing quid pro quo. Donald Trumps daughter married a Jew and is Jewish he' s part of the tribe. It's almost like right/left wing Jews work with each other to subvert. And Jew news works with Silicon Valley and Antifa and Discord trannies to deplatform and censor.

Russian Jews genocided and Holodomored 100,000,000s of White European Christians and Russians and Americans and Ukainians with the Ukrainian Holodomor, the revolution in 1917 while WW1 was going on and while Americans were in the Spanish plague, the great depression, and WW2 only added to the number of killed whites, Christians, Russians, Europeans, Americans, Ukrainians, and Poland suffered the worst through it all when Nazi Germany attacked their fellow white Europeans and Poland and when Poland suffered under the communism of the Soviet Union.

Americans and Europeans and Russians population has been grounded down over 100 plus years no thanks to Russian Jews and Jews and Jewish bankers. Americans and Europeans and Russians have been made to hate each other based on lies told by Russian Jews and Jewish bankers. And now the Mexicans and Muslims are flooding and invading America and Europe and all while feminist propaganda is used against Americans and Europeans and all while Mexicans, Blacks, and Muslims commit gang, cartel, and Jihadic violence and ethnic browning and ethnic cleansing of the white race.

The false flags of Israel and Mossad perpetrated by the Jewish Israeli government and Israelis and Jew Russians of Russian Bratva mafia formerly of the KGB who fled the former Soviet Union and converged Israel and her government and business and military and intelligence like a satellite and who all still have ties to Vladimir Putin and ties to the Jewish banking, financial, business, media elite in New York city such as Larry Silverstein and ties to the Jewish mafia have crippled America, her army, and her world reputation and standing and all done by Jews and Russian Jews as payback for the crippling of the Soviet Union and to trap America in Afghanistan and the desert the Same way the American CIA did to the Soviet Union and all while working with the Zionists and neocons in the Bill Clinton and George W Bush administration and all while having spied on Bill Clinton and knowing of his affair.

Amdocs surely had Russian ties and Russia was spying on America the whole time with the Jews and Russians. Donald Trump in order to get loans to build property and businesses had to seek loans from Russian banks with ties to money laundering and Russian Bratva who launder money and he let Russian Bratva gamble at his casinos to launder money he let those very same bankers and spies finance him while he was paying the loans off. All so they could spy while working for Amdocs. Trump casinos always had loose money laundering protections. He is part of the tribe and close to Russian Jews and has property and business in NewYork JewYork where many of the Russian Jew elite hail from and do usury. He is connected to Jew spies and Russians spies and Jewish and Russian mobsters and KGB and Mossad spies.

Now Google Trump and the Saudis and the Kashoggis.

Do you really think there are demon and vampires and such? Why do you belive in Jewish mythology?

fuck off. Go jerk off to your Nietzschian nonsense.

Based, this is why I still come to Zig Forums, no one will reply you because Zig Forums is infested with bots and niggers. This thread is probably a slide. You put everything, every book I've read, every movie and song and summarized into a concise post that I wouldn't be able to.

All the religion, politics and media is literally their thousand years evolutionary group strategy translated, project zion. Their verbal skills are so sophisticated, that they don't even fight wars anymore, they enslave people to do their biding. It is all about ancient bloodlines that goes back to ancient egypt. They have a book of ancient oral traditions with all their cunning, deception and sleight of hand tricks. Imagine the Egyptian book of life, but is the Book of Thieves. They managed to undermine every single empire in the world, ever improving their tactics and never fighting the war themselves. They first, artificially boost that power to world hegemony using inflation while consolidating alliances. Then they use those alliances to get hold of its economy. They undermine said economy, shorting it with inside trading, consolidating economic power and consequentially controlling the military. Then they leverage both economic and military influence into political power. Once they have political power, they establish themselves as an elite minority and rule/operate from the shadows without never getting any heat and assassinating characters, bringing them to life in an endless cycle. They have been doing this since Rome, maybe even in Egypt.

'll screencap you if you don't mind.

Most definitely true. Great post.
It's fucking insane just how much truths people seem to have forgotten in the last 2 years.

Not him but it seems pretty evident there is a non-material force of evil in the world. The (((chosenites))) are manifestations of that. Imagine if you thought evil was good and vice versa, they are possessed by this.

I know it sounds really out there to people brought up in materialistic philosophies but it's pretty much Plato's theory of forms applied to society and people.

It's the core of every argument. Literally every provable societal ill is exemplified by them

Great post. Keep spreading truth. Never give up. Your mission is a holy one.

Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

I was just reading about (((Roy Cohn))) who turned Trump into a golem for the (((russian mafia))) and potentially set him up to be groomed into presidency, it's very clear that these demons are only focused on the physical realm even upon death and want you to be a an anti spiritual atheist as well, trapped in this world that the demons can enter and control:

I am a firm believer that these people are mere avatars for demons, so harming them physically does nothing to the demon itself and you are just killing an avatar.

They only thing they really fear is love, kindness, selflessness, incorruptible.

I was kind of skeptical on Buddhism but ultimately it adds to the puzzle.

One must strengthen his ability to deal with evil with kindness and compassion if one wants to avoid rebirth and being trapped in the physical or even to descend into a demonic realm that (((they))) want to lead us to.

You're not fooling anyone

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Dostoevsky was an Orthodox Christian.

The jews' genetic diseases come from the curse they put on themselves, however, i.e. mixing with so many other races, and incest. OP is a faggot though.

Thanks user, sums it up nicely

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