H.R.5 Equality Act Passed by House

Now About That Cake

Twatter can't stop foaming at the mouth because of this shit. It still has to go through Senate and Trump, but people already going nuts. This act has the ripple effect potential to affect other laws, and will apply to virtually all public areas if it goes through. To supplement, Taiwan also legalized gay marriage so they're all fully erect.

While it's common knowledge that our primary target is the Jew, we ought to be on all fronts of this culture war that ultimately threatens our white race and families, as this is the facet that threatens to influence children, and thus, any hope for a continued white legacy. We can't expect Congress and Trump to not fuck this up.

What can this board do to further ensure to show how bad of an idea this bill is if it becomes law? I believe spreading information on gay/tranny statistics and how they've already impacted society would help, but we can't also let Tarrant do all the work. I believe we need to do all we can to bury these disgusting abominations into the ground.

We shouldn't have given them the House tbh, with how quickly they're pulling this shit after mid-terms.


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Based Trump already supports it.

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Reminder that no one will ever do anything about this, ever, at any level in any respect. Faggots are now legal. Trannies are now legal. Childfuckers are now legal.

Nice blackpill m8. Now kindly go hang yourself.

Prove him wrong. Protip: you can't. You nu/pol/ faggots call everyone that tries to do anything about it feds and mossad while claiming sitting here making memes and complaining will save the world.

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LGBT is a mental illness

Equals is not a number and these people never learned to do math.

Hey, prove me wrong. You won't.

It's proof enough when you won't do anything, not even contribute to the thread, and sit behind your screen jacking off. What else have you not done for the white race today?

dunno seems pretty fuckin based

Private property was destroyed from the moment that white business owners were forced to let niggers in their establishments. This is just a continuation of the takeover of white property

What's Zig Forums's issue with what 2 people do with themselves? They're not hurting children. They're not hurting animals. Two consenting adults. If you grew up attracted to the same sex, do you want the gubmint telling you that you can't see someone who feels the same?


yes they are

Muslims agree with you. Faggots make excellent experimental subjects to determine whether or not humans are capable of flying by throwing them off buildings. I mean yea sure, they've had 100% failure rate in proving this hypothesis so far, but Muslim scientists are truly dedicated to the research in hopes that one day a faggot may grow wings and fly away. It's truly inspiring.

Call them "sodomites". Gay is their word, used for PR to hide how miserable and militant they are. It is extremely dangerous to any nation. State laws called it sodomy.

The brutality of Sodomite culture needs to be exposed. Send memes, links to articles to Christian based blogs etc.

Look at Jeffery Dahmer. Make a meme of him on the cover of a magazine "Yes, I'm gay" mimicking Ellen and other outed celebreties.

Find other sodomite monsters like Dahmer and make similiar memes, waking up the public. The colombine kids had reports of sodomy, from an older handler that got them alchohol.

Recent shooters had same, like the Florida Club, the guy had a tindr account.

Make memes of all these guys on the cover of magazines, 'coming out of the closet'.

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Right. A child being brainwashed by a pedophile in a wig is completely normal. Fuck off torfaggot.

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Perhaps this will help you user, third pic.

you gave me an idea

Because the word of semite worshippers will be trusted or cared about by anybody at all.

I thought Taiwan rejected fag marriage.

Let this stand as yet another monument to the votecuck's failure. Bullets fix what ballots can't.

A homo is not a pedo is not a tranny. All homosexuality means is same sex attraction. Don't add trimmings and straw man with that.
The majority of Zig Forums seems to have a problem with slippery slope arguments, as your pic "illustration" proves.

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nice user, I'm greeted daily at my local Starfucks by a flamboyant sodomite wearing a skirt, a frilly blouse, and a sashaying scarf of feathers. All I wanted was a cup of coffer before the commute to work. Not have my sensibilities assaulted by a 250 overweight 5' 6" fat nigger dressed like a total faggot.


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Even Russia, as conservative as it is against homosexuality, decriminalized it. It only has laws against "gay propaganda", but Zig Forums would rather follow the ISIS example by throwing people off roofs. And you wonder why you cannot come out of the brown closet and reveal your "powerlevel".

This is an example of an incapacity or unwillingness to engage in critical thinking.

You're poorly informed if you reject to weigh the content of the article solely on the nature of the publisher. On Zig Forums of all places. Show me an article that holds a reasonable stance against this bill but isn't kiked.

I see.
The people rejected gay marriage so the (((government))) just legalized same sex marriage. I hope there will be some pissed off Taiwanese because of this.

I have asked myself often…… WTF? a shit pumping, cum eating, total faggot, it's never going to be anything close to him having a wife, children, a productive life. Unless you consider a productive life of a manm sucking cock, having their filthy mid day ass raped by another man, blow jobs in bathrooms, I cringe at what other depravities turn this faggot on,……. fucking kids I guess.

So anybody who gets fired or demoted can sue claiming to be gay. Can't be that hard to do if you create a paper trail in advance

That's exactly how it happened in the US too.

You must spend a good part of the day imagining that stuff.


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If it was just that? nothing

Oh but thats where you're wrong. They spread their degeneracy to children CONSTANTLY. I literally do not need to cite any other source (but oh boy can I) than the fact that there is an 11 year old male who dresses in drag, dances at gay clubs, and gay adult males stuff dollar bills in his underwear, and the entire left wing CELEBRATES this.

You really think this degeneracy being tolerated isn't what led to "furry" culture blowing up like it did? And you know as well as I do how many of them fuck and abuse animals

The federal government has NEVER told you you can't see them or have any kind of relationship with them. Throughout its entire existence the federal government never once said or established as law or court precedent that you cannot engage in a private relationship with anyone whom you choose to, as long as they are a lawful legal adult of consenting age themselves.

Yes, states did in fact have anti-sodomy laws, but you know what? If you faggots had had a brain in your head, you'd have realized this would equally apply to heterosexual relationships as well. Sodomy is just anal sex, essentially, and that isnt restricted to being a practice between faggots. Moreover, unless someone was in your bedroom, how would they prove you and your faggot lover were engaging in sodomy? They literally could not prove otherwise if you had told them you were in a sexless relationship. But nope, you wanted EVERYONE to know you were taking it in the ass from your faggot lover. Just couldn't keep it to yourselves and in your own bedroom, could you?

Moving on, what it (fed gov) never did before, was it never ENDORSED those relationships or attempted to support them in any way. What it did do, was encourage population growth by encouraging normal couples to marry and produce children so that the next generation would be larger than the last. That was their ONLY reason for ever doing things like tax breaks for mortgages or reductions in taxable income for having dependents and so on. All of that was specifically to encourage single adults to marry someone of the opposite sex, buy a home, have children, engage in the economy, and produce the next generation and encourage population growth.

Because that, my friend, is what keeps a society thats based on constant growth able to keep going. Its not faggots sucking each other off in seedy bars. Its not trannies making youtube videos about their dilation experiences. Its not bull dykes hate fucking each other and beating the shit out of each other in their cat infested apartments. No, what made it all work, was a man and a woman buying a home and having 2.5 kids while the man went off to work and the woman tended to the home and children.

That is why that setup was encouraged, because it is what enabled our system to function properly. A huge portion of what is wrong with our society now, can be traced back to having begun when we shifted away from that setup as a society. But the fed government NEVER told you you couldnt engage in whatever degeneracy you wanted. It never made faggot relationships illegal, at most states made sodomy illegal but not the relationships.

You really need to fucking learn something before you open your mouth

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Learn how to read, niggerfaggot. The left and most of centers won't care, because they think kikestians are evil racist homophobes and won't be swayed. The smart right and third position won't accept the source because they know trusting kikes and kike worshippers is death. All you'll catch is cuckservative boomers.

Well, they are, but there are other reasons as well. The whole idea that what people do in the privacy of their own homes doesn't effect anyone else is a falacy. There's no such thing as "as long as they aren't hurting anyone". You are a member of society whether you like it or not, everything you do, including doing absolutely nothing at all, has an effect on society, even if it seems incredibly mundane, inconsequential, or miniscule.

I'll give you an example. Let's say you're a do nothing degenerate that stays in his apartment all day, watching porn, playing video games, and smoking the occasional joint. I'll even be generous and say you have a minimum wage job. This theoretical person has checked out and effectively doesn't exist in society, right? Wrong. He's taking up space and resources while not providing any value. He's contributing to the demand and therefore the supply of porn, which is a monstrously destructive industry. He contributes do the demand of drugs, enabling drug dealers who don't just sell to him. He's not healthy and will likely have expensive health issues down the road. I could go on. The only way degenerate behavior exists in a bubble is if the degenerate lives in a bubble, and unless you live in a cabin in sibera a thpusand miles away from anyone, nobody lives in that bubble.

So I can legally identify as an Apache helicopter now?

No, they really arent. Why do you think that "twinks" have always been a popular subsection of faggotry? Because, gay men are largely attracted to young looking males.

I cant remember the guys name, but there was a black fag guy who was talking openly about this subject at one point, and I remember watching some youtube interview with him. And he flat out said he distanced himself from the gay community because of the sheer amount of them who were engaging with young men below the age of consent. He talked about how he tried to discuss this with them, but they all hand waved it away as if it were all in good times or some bullshit, they ignored how he talked about that that cannot be the case because of the sheer age gap and his case boiled down to "you have no generational overlap, no culture overlap, what exactly is it you can just do and have fun doing as people? you will have next to nothing in common, yet you're around all these young men."

You know what the situation was, they were all interested in fucking those pre-AoC boys, they were grooming them in effect. Hell, look at milo when he flat out admitted he was groomed and fucked at an early age, and how he was busted admitted he thinks its fine if young pre-AoC men are being groomed/fucked by older gay men (he tried to hide it fairly well, but hes a faggot, we all know he and his ilk always have interest in fucking young men in their teens)

You can try to split apart gays from pedos, pedos from trannies, and trannies from gays… but the simple fact is that the vast majority of both gays and trannies are pedos. And they willfully spread their degeneracy TO children. Even if they ARENT actively fucking or grooming them, they do constantly ram their agenda down their throats. tranny story time, books about "king and king" and all that other degeneracy, all of it, every bit of it, aimed at young children to indoctrinate them and destroy their sense of normalcy before they're even old enough to know how sex works in the first place.

So yes, faggots and trannies are pedos, and yes they all actively harm children. GTFO with your attempts to claim otherwise

(All these behaviors that are extreme examples that do not have to do with being a gay person but a sexually permissive and licentious person and not confined to homosexuality) =/= (gay).
Straw mans! You're tarring the monogamous gay couple at home who live within the norm of societal standards who are not much different from you and me except that they have a same sex partner, with the same things as that people who are into all forms of "degeneracy" and therefore have no boundaries, will do very publicly, and for them, transgressive behaviors includes everything including gay sex.


So you make your argument by changing the meaning of the word gay. If you want to make that false equivalence, there is no arguing with you because you are not a person amenable to reason or logic.

No no. YOU. YOU prove me wrong.

Reminder that codemonkey allows this to be posted here. Zig Forums is dead.

You’re failing. Tell your boss to fire you.

Go POZ somewhere else fucking faggot

In other words if you are male get a trans id card and receive the same benefits wyman have been enjoying and denying men for the last 50 years.

I sexually identify as a white nationalist. Don't like it then hang yourself, nigger.

Yeah, it doesn't happen to just lefty companies.

Point to exactly where I've done this.

I specifically mentioned not just examples of individual cases, but of actual actions the gay community at large takes and is supportive of (tranny reading time, king and king, the pushing of homosexual couples in childrens programing is another example - didnt they just announce some arthur character is a fag? - and on and on)

If they didnt want to indoctrinate children who are very young, to young to be making decisions about being faggots or not, then they wouldn't be creating content SPECIFICALLY targeted at those groups, and they wouldn't be supportive of it as a community… but they do just that

Tell me how that isnt grooming children, and tell me how grooming chidlren isnt harmful to them. I fucking dare you

Would if it was on-topic. But I will summarize in, based on the words in Scripture alone, that Chrisitianity is around specifically because Judaism failed. Call him a kike on a stick all you want, but need I remind you that Jews were ANGRY at this man for what he did. And Jews are still Jews solely because they rejected his message that led towards Christianity. Initially, the gospel was a chance at redemption for the Jews, but when Stephen was stoned to death for what he preached, it was finalized that the gospel would never reach the remaining Jews, and began to share it to the rest of the Gentile world in the hope that someone would listen. Does that make them still semite worshippers? If you're still jumping hoops and implying every apostle and early Christian was a Jew and still retained the same Jewish qualities today, sure, go for it. But it doesn't mean that Christians will side with Jews on everything either. This conflict, and many others are the antithesis to that.
Maybe you never considered the possibility that Jews made every attempt possible to subvert Christianity before they went for everyone else? Hell, even now there is subversion of Christianity in every category, from pastors with Jewish backgrounds, to those in politics, to those who preach a shitty prosperity gospel like Joel Osteen. I will admit that a good hand of Christians are as misguided as boomers, but it doesn't mean all of them support Judaism in its fullness either.

Reported for spam. You have proven me right.

The topic is fag marriage, you fag, not Christianity.

Oh man, a shill shilling with false info. What's new?

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You’re the only one talking about Christianity. Shut the fuck up.


>oy vey goyim it's not false, it just (((coincidenally))) happened before this bill even came into existence
>(((trust me goyim)))

See post you quoted.
You're very tiresome.

One guy talking is actual actions, is it? That's your standard of proof?
And no, your biased observations will not qualify as fact.
Furthermore, homosexuality does not define's ones opinions, moral standards or political orientation.

sage because this is a damn waste of time and effort.

red herring, it's about being concerned with how they degenerate society, and they do as has been readily shown.

We have IDs here, you fucking yid. You were proven wrong.

Why do you come here and repeat yourself every single day, Jamal?

Go away, you fucking yid.

And you know the people who want to push degeneracy will use anything to push degeneracy.
Does porn and Miley Cyrus make heterosexuality heinous?
Does MTV and sexualized childhood make heterosexuals dangerous child predators by definition?
You as a Zig Forumslack should know that and learn how to think critically.

Here in the UK, sod is an insult and you can even pretend its calling people dirt instead of labeling a degenerate.

Gay is our word. Gay used to mean something good. Take back your language.

I don't want the government telling me that I have to hire an AIDS-ridden faggot to work in my restaurant's kitchen, or a pedophile to watch my children (the bill bans discrimination based on sexual orientation, plenty of academics will make the argument that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, a judge can easily say that this means this bill applies to pedophiles, even if that wasn't the authors' intent). This bill is not about the decriminalization of sodomy, that happened long ago. It's about the criminalization of opposition to sodomy.

Oh wow, you sure showed me by absolutely ignoring every other example I mentioned

Thats rich coming from the faggot trying to handwave away any criticism of faggots and ignoring any point he doesnt like and that refutes his stance that faggots arent harmful to kids

Who the fuck ever said it did? You're just making shit up to deflect now. YOU"RE the one trying to setup some sort of moral equivelency here by saying "oh straight people can be pedos to," and I'm going to go ahead and cut you off, because I never said they cant be. What I DID say is that an overwhelming amount of faggots are pedos, and that the vast majority of faggots have zero problem with either this or the faggots who indoctrinate and brainwash children and engage in sexual interactions and such with children (ie: if you arent going to, as a community, stand up and oppose the indoctrination of children which is indeed harmful to them, then you are at LEAST tacitly supporting it, and the vast majority of you OPENLY support it, and therefore you are all equally harmful to children and supportive of pedos in your ranks)

Now, run along back to servicing dick in whatever bar room glory hole you frequent, you've only got a few years left before the aids take you anyway, might as well make the most of it right?

can't we exploit this?

Not being against homosexuality makes me a faggot, which I'm not but that's beside the point.
That's the level of intelligence and argument I'm dealing with.

I FUCKING KNEW IT, I was writing my god damned reply saying this is what you were going to do AS you were fucking doing it. How fucking predictable are you faggots going to be?

Porn IS degenerate, and denounced as such by a wide swath of society. We also do not allow children to legally view it, we have fucking rules against it. Does that mean they're always effective? No, but we do take a societal stance that kids shouldnt be exposed to it and take steps to prevent it, though the vast majority of the effort has to be on the parents themselves to monitor their children and raise them right.

As for cyrus, shes a freakshow that the vast majority of society denounce and/or at least avoid and want nothing to do with. MTV or any other example you want to come up with wherein heterosexual content (though, really, you're using MTV for this? you're far more likely to find faggotry there than anything resembling something straight) that is sexual or explicit in any nature is stated ot be restricted to not be viewable by children, with warnings to parents to not allow them to view it. Regardless, any examples like that? its all the exact same, its all content that we explicitly do not condone children watching.

Yet, faggots dont do the same thing. You openly have your little parades in public where you walk around half naked, covered in dildos, sucking each others dicks. There had to be a ban on wearing cock rings in, I believe it was san fran, because faggots were walking around naked wearing them, its somewhere where public nudity isnt illegal but they had to specifically ban cockrings because of it. Oh right, lets not forget all the fucking videos and stories of faggots sucking each other off in broad day light with kids able to walk by and view it, having no fucking care if they see or not. Yeah, SOME hetero couples do similar shit, but when you consider ratios and population percents, a FAR smaller amount of straight people do this in relation to their population as compared to faggots doing this kinda shit

You write books targeted at children, you write shows directed at children to have fag characters flaunting it and indoctrinating kids, you hold "fag story times" and the like, you push for school programs and "education" about faggotry as early as possible for kids… thats all, every bit of it, indoctrination for kids who are to fucking young to know what sex is even, yet your community is constantly pushing to tell them more and more about the "joys" of faggotry. THAT IS HARMFUL TO KIDS, IT IS INDOCTRINATION, and your fucking community supports every bit of it

I fucking KNEW you'd try to play up that angle though, you're fucking pathetic. You accuse me of false equivalency arguments, refuse to acknowledge points you cant refute, and then try to equate two completely unequatable situations. You are such a pathetic faggot

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everything I love, goes away, in the end
And you can have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

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Great rebuttal, exactly what I'd expect from a faggot.

You cant argue that faggots arent harmful to kids, to society, hell they're harmful to themselves and each other.. I mean god damn, how many fucking STDs do you faggots have to spread to each other, how many new strains of them do you have to incubate in your poz holes, before you realize how harmful your own bullshit is to even yourselves?

Theres a reason homosexuals having sex cannot create an offspring. Because your kind is a disease and a genetic dead end. You are MEANT to die. But like the insane amount of diseases you carry within each of you, you just cant help but try to spread your infection as far and as wide as possible before you die, infecting as many people as possible, and you've decided to target children mainly to do it.

You are disgusting, you couldnt be content to just buttfuck each other to death and die from aids in a corner. Nope, you gotta try to take as many people with you as possible. And you'll try to justify this to yourselves in any way you can so you can spread your filth to the most vulnerable population possible, children, because they're easily indoctrinated with your infection. You truly are a plague. Muslims are right to throw your kind off buildings.

A fucking kike.

it's trent reznor but he's probably still a kike

Fucking cringe deluxe

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Fuck you faggot. You freaks told society 30 years ago all you wanted was to not be criminally charged for your deviancy. Then it became about defiling marriage. Then tranny bathrooms. Then bake the cake bigot. Now you’re giving children as young as THREE hormones and talking about how you intend to cut their dick off when they get older. Slippery slope is a fallacy when you’re speculating about what might happen in the future. We are observing how disingenuous you sodomites have been since you’ve been allowed into the public discourse.

True. Hell, you're probably a kike too.

Homosexuals reproduce through pedophilia.

get a load of this jew

Johnny Cash isn't a kike you dumb negroid.

Probably more suited to this thread.

Here's your (((you))).

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What really happened is the Montana Freemen went online and all of a sudden the public knew (when they dug deeper than fraudulent leins and whatever the COINTELPRO suggested like cardboard licence plates and fee schedules) it was simply a merger of corporate strawmen, nothing church-like.

Disgusting buggery, where a man inserts his penis into a fecal outlet, is unsanitary, and is not a sacrament in any valid church. 'Marriage' is a legal term and in no way is related to sacred matrimony.

Try harder.

Citizens United v. FEC voids this and all "equality" laws as unconstitutional
It is compelled speech by the govt.
Wake up, lawfags.

America is not a serious country.

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Are there ANY threads you're not in?

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Statistical data suggests otherwise.

Apache helicopters are not a protected class


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Jew be mad?

Itt torpedo make a point on why they are called them torpedo.

If they've kept it to themselves then this wouldn't be a bill at all. Go fuck yourself, TOR tard.

Voting doesn't matter. It hasn't for a long time or even ever. Especially Taiwan, which is still a dictatorship on many levels

I'm pretty sure the poster's intention was to imply that it's a given Trump will support it based on previous action, user. I know we're besieged by shills everyday, but have some reading comprehension.