Why America's strict new anti-abortion laws could backfire

Why America's strict new anti-abortion laws could backfire
TL;DR there will be a shitload more of dindus to lynch, are you read for that?

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Whites aren't going to fight back anyway, so it doesn't matter how many nonwhites there are. We already have a thread for this topic.

700 Million whites are coming over to the US, from Latin America. Take your blackpills somewhere else

Fuck off, shitskin.

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Real Aryans don't fear (((deportation))) laws

red text

it's quite funny, the most murderous humans alive, whites, and it seems everyone want's to poke the beast.

The kvetching just wont stop.

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I seriously doubt that a child born of a leftist drug addicted single mom has a high chance of being anything other than yet another Antifa drone.
Women who are more likely to get an abortion are far more likely to raise a shit eating, glazed eyed NPC freak. Or they're just niggers.

Schizos have taken the board

Women are having less kids over time due the career brainwashing kikes have been giving them. Regardless of which race they're born into. Even their own women are saying no to motherhood!

Then what is "la raza" and why does it not include Europeans, Pablo? You guys had to create a whole new hybrid race in your heads that you pretend is superior to its forerunners to cope with your muttified conquistador-rape baby existences.

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Good for you, reminder that Bernies son voted Trump.
Abortions are another symptom of a sick society, its about the integrity of the entire society, about responsibility and morals, killing the unborn is never justifiable by defeatist prognosis nor cynical racial eugenics. (aborting retards is fine though)
Also these are percentages, in numbers there are still more white children being killed than niggers.


Yeah and my point stands. Statistically, leftist, drug addicted, single moms are by far more likely to raise empty headed Antifa drones. Also, is there any evidence that Levi Sanders supports Trump?


"La raza" is a natural and organic esoteric metaphor for making our Aryan race into the next Empire (Inca, Roman, Atlantis, etc). Empires must not have divisions within them, and "la raza" does this by being mean to outsiders. __The real meaning of "la raza" is the friendships you forge WITHIN it.

Don't worry the Supreme court well throw out this retarded shit

Division within a state is the sine qua non of an empire user. It's in the definition. Which is to say, an empire without divisions is a contradiction in terms.

because they're dumb

So you guys can lionize Brendan Tarantino, but can't get behind aborting niggers and trashy whites prior to them gaining sentience?

Some of you need to let go of your goofy conservative priors.


Maybe all sluts will, over time, realize that abortion is not a form of contraception. Women will become more cautious if abortion is not freely available as they used to be. It will take time, but it will happen if given a chance.
They've got the fucking pill, so maybe they should fucking use it.

Hey faggot, real question, are you also the same cuckold who does the "WHITE NATIONALISTS MUST DIE NAZIS EVIL BAD HITLER GAY!" shit?
Because you and that other loser both seem to inhabit the same sorts of threads, and you have the same MO as regards always red-texting your awful shitposts.
How much do you get paid per post?

They're going to keep doing it because THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT THE CONVERSATION TO BE ABOUT.
A nice safe easy topic like abortion.
Rather than israel or immigration.

A total cope.
Nobody gives a SINGLE FUCK what you think.

Provide fucking evidence of your claims or FUCK OFF LOSER.

It is the etymological origin for the English word 'Race'.
Read a dictionary.

DIndus aren't afraid of being criminals, they will just have back alley abortions and die of coathanger infections.


You have no fucking idea what you're even saying.

Wow, what an angry jew you are.

Lolternationalists, misunderstanding all the things. Lrn2province.

Abortion is still legal in the USA. Ala-bam-bam dun dids a thing wut wont stan’, mark mah wurds.

I agree with what he said so I guess that makes you wrong

its fucking stupid because most of that is niggers;now if you incentivize whites having children and allow the niggers to continue to kill themselves because they are to lazy for child rearing and have no concepte of resposibility to their niglets who whites get taxed for.I'm pro shitskin abortion so this is a mistake and proly planned as remember the republicunts neocon jews are the exact same thing as Marxist lthey just like to bitch at each other on exaclty how to destroy whites. Freeing up births of genetic waste is harmful to whites so all this bb but muh life are idiots we are not equal and animials are only useful when they serve a fucntion for The White (jews aren't white)Race to advance.

The United States intends to launch an aggressive negro war of extermination against the EU within the next 20 years. This is the real reason Trump is so anti-Europe, jewish money is pushing for Brexit, and Merkel is coming out and declaring the US as a political enemy of Europe. It is no coincidence that Trump has gone to bat for Macron in negro-infested France and Macron has in turn been the most vocal and proactive supporter of Trump's aggression against Venezuela and Iran.

Poland and the Baltics will be leveraged to split Europe and exterminate all Whites if the US goes unchecked. It is why Trump wants record numbers of immigrants, none of them White.

wtf even this is don't I

if you are right fuck that and what is the best counter move for Whites then ? so many love the blackpill spewing and never mention what can be done to correct(((this)))problem?

Wow his son is so fucking BASED. MIGA to the max.

I,ve unfortunately been around alot of jews growing up and they are fucking idiots and I refuse to belive they will be the downfall of whites and in fact belive they along with their religion will disappear into the dust bin with is why the war on truth they have begun already meaning they trying to counter light being shed on their bogus religion and hypocritical arrangement whit whites who they have been a parasite to for millennia.

Oh look, shabbat.

I don't know about the other ones, but the Noel Ignatiev quote is false.



Fuck off. This is a major win. Roe vs Wade must be defeated next. We will never compromise, we must push even harder.
Just like the left has done in encouraging greater and greater degeneracy, we must push for greater morality. Never stop.
Fuck your gray areas, people will have to relearn the basics and change their behavior accordingly

Choose one.

Cast your mid back to pre Roe vs Wade and get back to me


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Unlike then, niggers are getting welfare for all their kids. Cast your mind into the trash since you’re not using it.

The abortion industry kikes have a lost a big deal of cash with this. It's great.

Is that jew I smell?

remind me what those are?


We could always hunt the coons.

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No, you should stay at home, masturbate to some free interracial pornography and be glad that thanks to abortion niggers are killing themselves, please ignore the immigration from south america though, maybe (((pornhub premium))) subscription will take your mind off of that?

Post disregarded

Definitely not what OP is implying.

a letter from God

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Christians who don't believe in the holy trinity, they believe Christ was the savior but don't believe that he was a supernatural being or part of God, just that he was inspired by God.


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No you're not. You're not nearly ready for what you already have. And you most certainly are not ready to also take on the state that protects them.
You retards need to think longer than your own temporary lifespan. It's clear many of you have not had children yet yourselves. Get to Work on that, let niggers abort, as long as you procreate, let abortion fool the dumb and the nigger; let it fool those that would put themselves and their lives before their blood and its Destiny.

La raza in the Latin American context refers to "indigenous" Mexicans. Aztecs, Mayans, etc.

The reason why anti-abortion is coming out now is that white women and men are successfully divided and not pair bonding anymore. The nuclear family is pretty much dead. White women are addicted to birth control and having sex with chads. Most men just want a monogamous relationship but are rejected because they are not chad and then forever bitter and hateful against women, especially when they have the audacity to try and settle down with us in their 30s after their “fun”. White birth rate is practically zero.

The Jew has successful destroyed the bonding of men and women. They have access to statistics and know that the amount of white abortions are negligible now compared to blacks. Abortion was more about giving women sexual liberation and turning them to whores that hate men and family. That has been accomplished, now time to start abortion up again and flood us with 10’s of millions of nigger/mutt babies.

Of all the ridiculous lies that shills push on Zig Forums, this is most kiked

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This is about turning off subsidy. Other problems have to be addressed in other places through other means.

Pick an account: failed females. Then pick a specific subsidy used by that: care. Then pick a specific tool implementing that: abortions. Thus "turn off all abortion services" is reached. Now execute that. True execution should directly turn off all access to false numerals. But too many profit and cancer is everywhere. So a next best thing is to use execution of this conclusion by law instead. It will thus be a blunt instrument, but still must be done. It will thus also not stop the act of abortions, nor prevent failed females – But it will allow the currency exchange for service to lying liars who exploit it to be attacked, and do so in a top-down effect on all. Intents to address failed-female proliferation are not part of this series of actions. Such is conjecture and wishful thinking. (bridge too far; must be handled elsewhere; still have to go kill them all; ending parasitism and cannibalism is not the same thing as killing parasites and cannibals).

As the State uses things like food, insurance (health, auto), and education for subsidy-appeasement methods to shitskins, the financials of each of these has to be turned off. These subsidies might have made sense once upon a time, but that changed. And more immigration ensures this. How to do then retroactively fix prior gifting within a highly falsified and spammed 'economic' system of centralized currency and 90+% subsidized services and goods, is the question. Implements through law provide one answer method, if done well. Law, however, cannot address the animals when all animals are fictionalized as equal 'citizens'. So until the Law wakes up from this, or is permitted to admit this truth to act on it, indirect blunt answers on actions are the next best thing. Ex: drug wars (indirect proxy for shitskin male population's account access control). Ex: health care ending (indirect proxy for shitskin female population's account access control). Both of these examples have blow-back, which must be address elsewhere. Both of these examples also change their effectiveness over time, as demographic change inverts prior solutions.

When shitskin and failed female populations were small, you may have been able to argue for increasing access to services to attempt direct failure population proliferation. Which was still a wishful fantasy of the lazy, was it not? But blow past 5% or more shitskin per any given 'room', and you can trivially show that such access is now exploited. And exploited hard. The currency distortion becomes "isn't worth it," and it takes fucking decades for people to realize that the game changed decades back. Demographic change renders prior 'solutions' (often half-ass ones even back then) as non viable very quickly.

No, it isn't.

Get out, dumbass.

I expect niggers will obey abortion laws about the same as they do food stamp laws

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You're retarded and know nothing. We've been gaining on blacks since the start of the civil war. Even up until late 1990's we were gaining on them reaching a peak of like 73.3% white. The only reason it has gone down since 2000 is hispanics. Niggers in Alabama reproduce at 1.7 children per women while whites have 1.97 per women. We're still gaining on niggers and this isn't even considering the niggers that keep getting killed in shootings in west birmingham and those who die of heart disease and those are moving out of the state for various reasons.

No in America (and alabama especially) we don't fear niggers taking over, it's the hispanics who we got to worry about because they have 3 kids per women and they only account for 5% of abortions in the state. In other words niggers are never going to gain on us in the south. Abortions change nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The thing I will say is that one could look at cities (like west birmingham and Prichard/Mobile) and see more and more niggers in the area but in reality those were just niggers moving in from the blackbelt and (mobile especially) NOLA after Katrina.

White and black birth rates in the US are about the same now. Euro birth rates are the lowest…and the japs.

Prove it, blackpill kike faggot. You can't; because when the American Civil War 2: Holy War breaks out I will participate in the lynching of niggers and jews such as yourself.

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They also have strict anti animal sex laws. They thinks it's ok to label me as a criminal for having sex with farm animals.
I don't see any problem with having sex with another person's animals but it's like these people are so schizophrenic making up excuses from their imagination to ruin my life and prevent me from practicing my beliefs in sex with farm animals.
They're obviously crazy like people who hear voices and see things that arent there and that's why they had to make up a laws to make themselves look less insane. These people are potential serial killers and I don't think this abortion issue is that big of a deal when people are seeing and hearing things that don't exist telling them to punish people like myself over fucking farm animals.

They can't even fire guns, drive tanks, or hit the enemy, without killing themselves. How are you doing to send people worse than McNamara's Boys off to war? You'll be lucky to get them into the boat, much less across the ocean. You'll be lucky if you can even curate enough of them without it all falling over into a giant cesspool (see Islam). On that note, shipping migrants could topple some nations (see 1830s kike shipping, not just the current year), but all it takes is a fence and oh gee there goes your 'army'. And such all still requires everyone else to grow and feed your pets anyway – how long is that going to last? France can't even function, and needed the USA to go fight its war in Lybia to preserve its 'investments' or some shit.

There's just too much impossible object going on there. Abortions prevent nigger armies is just not sell-able – Can't army, can't curate, can't even prevent niggerdom, and still have abortions and niggerdom either way. Just not buying it.

The US already has a nigger army. It works entirely for nigger aspirations and niggerized goals. It only exists to niggerize, which it has done everywhere in Europe without fail. Now Trump, super president niggerjew, is openly assuming a hostile position with the EU where threats of violence have already emerged [Nordstream] and is allying with the Brexit movement which is led by super niggerjew Farage and his tireless crusade against Bulgarians.

The abortion issue is to start massively jumpstarting the nigger population, along ith Trump's endless waves of Hindustani immigrants and looming Mexican amnesty, in order to further suppress the White population domestically for when the open confrontation with the EU begins in several decades.

I maintain that this is about, and all that (brexit, anti-euro-union) is about turning off account access, because all account access has been turned into welfare for shitskins. By definition: animals, who fling their shit at Mankind, and wear skin as an excuse to eat Mankind.

I want an increase in account violence across the board. Leave no rock, no tree, no ocean, no desert untouched. Lying liars and failures use mimicry to masquerade, and so all masks must be attacked, in all directions. Not necessarily to kill all, but to test all, and force all to prove and provide proof that they are not shitskins. No more welfare of goods, of services, of false underwriting and centralized economics. No more China, no more spic and chink, no more period.

So you tell me, that I should pay for X and Y and Z, because it helps "kill niggers" – but by any –objective– measure, it hasn't doesn't isn't and could never make any demographic difference. Fuck you, I'm not paying for it, and I approve of sending all the glowniggers and welfare eating trannies occupying the FBI to go do something useful for once, and attack all abortion seeking and abortion providing numbers. Turn it all off.

Blacks or all minorities? If it’s just blacks then we are absolutely screwed. They are only 13% of the population whereas whites are 50%.

Either way is bad for us. There are over 1 billion groids in africa alone. They can simply import them by the millions. The whole thing is a distraction. Normies get to pretend that republicans do something besides bring in more brown people and fight for Israel and continue to bury their heads in the sand. Psychotic feminists have a new rally point to keep the fire burning. It will probably stay in effect until after the 2020 election and then be struck down by the Supreme Court. As immoral and repugnant as abortion is (outside of eugenics) we have no dog in this fight. It's just the political circus.

If it was about that, they would just rid of people who aren't White. That solves the problem in totality. They go out of their way to explicitly NOT do that.

Stop caring about laws and start killing all jews and other non-whites.

On the bright side: A huge uptick in botched back alley abortions and dead nigger mammys.

The current is limited in that it can only redress actions. And yes, while this is all going on, shitskins directly exploit and profiteer, because they all agree in both parts of their one position: to fling their shit and eat Whites. Jews also target whites, and wear white skin, and in this way, using skin as target has proven itself an imperfect proxy easily subverted in all directions.

Thus shitskins agreeing to be shit and use skin simply is. That they go out of their way to do that is by definition. But conflating that definition, with system access to facilitate that definition, is not the same. Turn off all access. If there is zero trust, let zero trust be reflected, and 0 worthiness = 0 access = 0 period.

It would be a pleasant fiction if direct action was permitted. But work is still just work. Better to do some work correctly, and leave the rest of work that is better suited elsewhere to be left to do literally other ways and by other means.

It seems prolife activists are targeting SteriCycle / Medical waste companies. Did not know.


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no, it's the DACApede troll I think

Nevermind, the woman found her spirit at the end. Finished strong. Nicely done.


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