Putin Trades Blood Diamonds

Basically, FSB provided cover for Jewish mafia operation, which purchased diamonds from African militants (the ones who commit countless war crimes and use slave work), and transferred them to Russia, and then legally transferred to Israel, where they got legalized and shipped all over the world. Israel finally got tired of that and busted them, but Russia refuses to extradite the mastermind.

Now you know who keeps the black man down. If you support Putin, you support slavery:

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In general, Russia has huge operation in Africa, supervised mostly by Jewish officers:

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Blood diamonds are only demonized because they're outside of the controlled supply flow/monopoly of the Jewish-run and Jewish-owned De Beers corporation.

They are demonized because of Central African Republic being the poorest shithole on the Earth.

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Whereas 80% to 90% of all rough diamonds still passed through De Beers in the late 1980’s, the American antitrust law suit and the subsequent rise of the Gujarati diamond empire allowed for market supply and demand dynamics, not the De Beers monopoly, to control diamond prices. During the early 2000s, countries like Australia, Canada and Russia started by-passing the DeBeers channel.

De Beers responded with campaigns (that became popular strong support from Jewish dominated Hollywood) against buying “conflict” or “blood” diamonds. Rap stars, movie stars and articles in cyberspace have been very active warning us against these stones, so no conscious American liberal would dare buying such a diamond. These campaigns insist that anyone buying diamond jewelry must be careful to select only those diamonds certified by the accepted legal Kimberley Process Certification Scheme or KPCS. This scheme supposedly prevents that earnings from rough diamonds are used to support monstrous regimes or rebel armies in West Africa, which have been characterized by rape, mutilations, displacement and outright slaughter for more than a decade.

Movie poster for the 2006 Hollywood movie “Blood Diamond”, which was explicitly created to discourage people from buying diamonds that don’t originate from the De Beers cartel.

Few people realize, however, that the concept of “blood” diamondsis nothing but another marketing ploy by the De Beers syndicate. The KPCS was created for no other reason but preventing West African diamonds from flooding the market and pulling down the prices of raw diamonds and decreasing the market share of the growing competition De Beers faces. Besides, most diamonds could apply for the term “blood” diamonds if you consider the fact that the majority of rough diamonds are mined by means of slave laborers who’re controlled by De Beers’ private armies.

No one gives a fuck about the Central African Republic.

Putin gives. China gives. EU gives, because the more problem that shithole has, the more refugees Europe gets.



Would you leave your country, if nothing threatens you and you can get a stable employment?

Especially emigrating to some cold EU country, populated by foreigners.

We have a winner folks.

The Levaev is also Jewish, and so is Prigozhin, and their operation goes against UN imposed embargo.

I.e. in exchange for diamonds they give poor niggers russian-made firearms, with which they kill each other, and force other niggers into slave labor. Currently Russia is the most racist country on planet.

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The other thing I read a while ago was Debeers had a shortage of labor slaves. There was tons of able bodied floating around but they lived in shacks and basically had no motivation to earn any monies. SO they came up with some kind of shack hut tax that had to be paid in sheckels.
Booom labor shortage solved.

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Do you really believe that some nigger from some of the poorest countries on earth, couldn't be controlled?

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Germans aren't Aryan either. Anyone who ever thought that doesn't know what the word 'Aryan' means, and that includes uncle Adolf.

Putin is a kike. His mother is a Jew.

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Also friendly reminder that Russia lost most of its raw diamonds production capability in 2016 during diamond mine crash.

Fun fact: Russians outsourced some taxes to private corporations lead by Jews, largest been road tax.

Wrong. DeBeers happily buy blood diamonds from smugglers and illegal dealers, as long as they are discreet. They have near-infinite means of hoarding these diamonds and slowly releasing them onto the market to make sure the price stays up - essentially the same thing China does with its currency. DeBeers also have ties to a shitload of rebel groups in Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Angola and CAR, whom they supply with weapons and resources via third parties in exchange for diamonds mined by their slaves. All this is very hush-hush for anyone outside the diamond trade circle.

t. know a diamond smuggler

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However, if you are a diamond dealer and you decide to sell them independently, you will be shut down quicker than a hyperactive kike on Saturday. Unless you work for pajeets, that is. But many pajeets are getting in bed with DeBeers these days, so it's a huge gamble anyway.

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as a MIGA goy I just cant defend this exploitation of of fellow African humans

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Imagine ever wanting to buy a huge boring colorless opaque rock that can be replicated, i laugh my ass off every fucking time

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Pol Slavs: Czechs, Poles, Slovaks, Croats, Slovenes, Bulgarians.
Jew Slavs: Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Serbs, Bosniaks

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That's what kike brainwashing does to ya. Aside from industrial and technological applications, diamonds are essentially worthless.

These are like literary the two things that give a resource value, and since they get value from these applications it makes them a display of wealth.

If market value for diamonds was based on their actual value, people would be buying them in bulk, much like they do with other resources such as cobalt.
Instead, diamonds' value is inflated by artificial scarcity (created by kikes) and retarded cunts following (kike) propaganda.

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No, because fake rocks ain't worth shit.
Industrial applications use synthesized diamonds.

The way the (((diamond market))) works is that vaults keep millions of them in constant stock and only release a set amount pre ordererd from vaults each year, that way they can fake supply and demand and scam dumb goyim who truly think it's rare because they not know about it. Now you know more.

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Rhodesia never exported diamonds, though. Its economy was based on export of metals, especially chrome, and agricultural products. You might be confusing it with South Africa, which still exports diamonds and gold.

Skip to 6:45 for the part relating to Russia I forgot to put it in the post.


Daily reminder that Russia is a successor state to the former Khazarian Empire

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Got links or proof?

You haven't watched Africa Addio?

This sound like another Jew smear campaign against Putin since they don't control the flow of diamonds there. Idiot brainwashed sheep falls for their lies as usual. Nothing new.

OP: Look into who owns and operates wikipedia. It's called jewpedia for a reason.

Whites Not Wanted in Wikipedia references about Races. All races positive except White. Russia = White.

Jews remove references of Jewish origins of German collaborants during WWII from Wikipedia


I wonder why China blocks Wikipedia…

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Putin is surrounded by Jewish buddies. Their goal isn’t to push diversity or tranny bathrooms — they just want to steal everything not bolted down. Russia is literally a kleptocracy, it’s government at the upper levels is a protection racket, Russian mafia are literally a part of the unofficial government structure. These particular Jewish oligarchs are a classy bunch, routinely stealing from the Russian energy companies using shell companies and international money laundering tactics to exfiltrate the funds. One of them, a dual citizen of Israel, decided to cash out some years ago and instead of going back to Russia under Putin’s protection decided he was better off setting up in Israel. Lol.

Literally everyone in Russia knows their country is fundamentally corrupt criminal state, only retards in America chose not to understand this because the narrative is more important than reality.


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The supposed document getting posted around here is fake, "Russian" is in upper case but "Jew" is in lower case. Clearly someone just copied the letters since there isn't an upper case Je on the whole document.