What does race mean and what are the implications of deeper analysis? ATOMIC REDPILL

Did you know that the poodle was bred over many successive generations from the wolf? In fact all of the 340 different breeds of dog have come from one sole ancestor, the wolf.
Something even more curious to note is that none of these dog breeds can ever breed back into a wolf. Why is that? Because for these dogs to take on such radically different shapes and sizes they have had to sacrifice large portions of their original Wolf DNA that will never come back. So, the most genetically diverse animals are the ones who have lived in harmony with the environment for thousands or even millions of generations through natural evolution - They are the most capable of surviving in the random world with harsh changing climates.
It goes without saying that preserving genetic diversity is going to protect you and your decedents. Whites have the most genetic diversity (eye color, hair color, facial feature shapes, etc), we can also vary our skin color depending on how much sun we expose ourselves too (we've all seen that white leathery granny at the beach with a deep niggerskin tan). Non-whites have lost this genetic information that is why they all have black hair and brown eyes and brown skin. It doesn't end there however.

This gets even more interesting when we consider biological differences between the sexes. Take the bell curve distribution of IQ across all Men and all Women, you can note that females clump towards the center, LESS DIVERSE and more males spread higher and lower, MORE DIVERSE. IQ is merely just a reflection of the bigger biological picture here - that males are more genetically diverse and at the heart of humanities dynamic nature.

I'm very interested in this topic and am seeking more information can anyone share links or statistics or further ideas, please?

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There is one race: The Human race.

Yes they can you fucking idiot.

Fucks sake, a male Chihuahua can impregnate a female Great Dane.

No there isn't.
In fact, wolphins prove that there probably isn't even a single human species.
Niggers are a different genus entirely. Prove me wrong.

Pic related.

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There is only one human race - the European race.
Everything else is something 'else'.

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Thread is garbage and OP is a retard. Here's the redpill: there are multiple species of intelligent hominid on earth. Most of them can interbreed. They have varying physical and mental traits. They have varying level of societal development and civilization.
Its basically like playing age of empires and D&D at the same time. Pretty fucking obvious stuff OP. Don't even get me started on sasquatch.

Or are you talking about how humans may have been created in a hybridization event?

Fucks sake, none of you are getting it. This thread give you clear explaination as to why White men have always outperformed every other race of man and explains why men are biologically superior to women by means of genetic diversity.

Do any of you comprehend, at all, the benefit of genetic diversity on an animals ability to dominate an environment?

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this. there are still people out here who think that niggers are the same species as whites. utter morons.

shut up retard you don't even know what "race" means

It is clear that white men are more genetically diverse to white women and the white race as a whole is more genetically diverse than any other race. This in turn explains white superiority

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Must be why Whites are dying while you post Hitler for the enemy.

Whites have the most genetic diversity (eye color, hair color, facial feature shapes, etc), we can also vary our skin color depending on how much sun we expose ourselves too (we've all seen that white leathery granny at the beach with a deep niggerskin tan). Non-whites have lost this genetic information that is why they all have black hair and brown eyes and brown skin.

Whites are closer to the wolf because we have more genetic material to work with

See pic related

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And are closer to a natural state of symbiosis with nature as a whole

Race doesn’t exist, but people on this site aren’t honest enough to admit it. While you scream in self-inflicted suffering, other people live in true happiness.

Those who hurt others hurt themselves! Yet as you shall not “submit” to me, you shall know nothing but submission. For hatred is the submission that feels like defiance, and hateful people do not prize reality enough to experience truth.

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If you're wondering, it's "Fake" because they took the data from teenagers, Female brain is more developed then male brain at the age they took the data, so you get obvious result
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Study some biology, user. Males don't even have the same number of genes as females. There are genes in the X chromosome that men will never possess (this is why the male 'Y' chromosome is stunted and 'broken' compared to female DNA; also why all LIFE begins as a female).

What do you mean by that?

He means he needs to take a biology class or study genetics.

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Idiot and miserable that you are, lying to yourself. Even a child with enough intelligence to consciously discriminate (DIFFERENTIATE) between two objects can see that a black and white person are very different (White children learn to recognize themselves in the mirror earlier than blacks). RACISM means to discriminate a species between races. THIS DOES NOT mean a racist underappreciates a race, condems or marginalizes, this is a further classification.
The interesting and mysterious thing about the human races is how it can be altered by human's habits, culture and thoughts. By now you should understand that jews are a horrible race. Because they have the habit of consuming human blood, lying, doing all kind of vile things. Ultimately these habits will create a culture, religion and in the end, a race.

…and that race is white. Muds are not human.

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In actual fact there is a much greater genetic distance between human races than there is between dog breeds (races). Yet look how different various dog breeds can look and behave. The reason dogs, skulls, size, shape, features and fur can vary so much is because they have a more marked difference in the few genes that control these features but more in common in genes overall than human races.

Human races are literally different species.

Read this article.


Only whites are human faggot.

" They found that — in contrast to humans — many physical traits in dogs are determined by very few genetic regions. For example, a dog with version A of the "snout length" region of a gene may have a long, slender muzzle, while version B confers a more standard nose and C an abnormally short schnoz. If X, Y and Z in the "leg length" region bestow a range of heights from short to tall, an A/X dog would have a slender muzzle and short legs like a dachshund. C/Y might be a bulldog, while B/Z would be more like a Labrador.

"We've found that only six or seven locations in the dog genome are necessary to explain about 80 percent of the differences in height and weight among dog breeds," said Bustamante, PhD. "In humans these are controlled by hundreds if not thousands of variants."

I kinda stopped at the wolf remarks, its not proven that dogs all descend from wolves.

Man check the golden jackal, coyote and golden wolf, all very similar in looks. We have to move to a more archetype based model of nature, not just one based on descent.

Not surprised this thread is full of materialistic white kangz, get a life goys.

Wow that dog looks weird. It isn't just me right?

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And yet it's controlled by Jews.

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My cousin is an idiot that breeds hybrids in norcal and I can confirm it happens.

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40 replies about what race means and nobody brings up blood? All the side effects of race-mixing are based on bloodline corruptions.

Would you care to elaborate user?

The iq scores are wrong, these are taken when kids are hitting puberty and women hit it faster while men are more spread out, if you take the same iq test with 18 year olds it will show similar curves but women's will be lower

men have an X chromosome, faggot. the only difference is that all his genes on his single X chromosome are expressed whereas a women has two Xs so that some genes are expressed and dominant, recessive, etc.

You absolute fucking brainlet. The Y chromosome can only come from a male, but not all sperm contain it. A male animal is male at point of conception.

Go chase aids, faggot. Race is so undeniable even the kikepedia article on genetics and race admits it, but they have to doctor it up with fancy words and self admitted goalpost moving. As a matter of fact, they actually get it more right than a lot of race realists - they correctly state that race is not a hard line cut off, but exists in gradiants. All those dumb "is X white" are actually valid arguments because there ARE groups that are "more white" than others. I could make a huge gay wall of text about it, but it's not my job to spoon feed you.

I'll sum it up. The medical and scientific community does not and cannot deny race. Even the most pozzed leftist biologist or medical professional with the most basic level of competence knows that race is real, even if they don't realize it themselves, to the point of literal double-think. "I have to give black people different medication or treatment than white people in specific and consistent cases. And there is no difference between the two races."