Judge rules Pepe the Frog copyright lawsuit against InfoWars will go to trial


A federal judge in California on Thursday ruled that a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against InfoWars by the creator of the "Pepe the Frog" character will go to trial.
Matt Furie, the creator of the popular frog, which has largely been coopted online by conservatives, sued InfoWars for copyright infringement over a poster it sold depicting Pepe the Frog with right-wing figures including President Trump, activist Milo Yiannopoulos and conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder Alex Jones.

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I never bothered to look before, but this is what Matt Furie looks like.

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Good, I’m sick of this neo-neocon shit.


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oh and he works for the ADL

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And Jonestein works for the "people" the ADL works for.

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And the point of the lawsuit is then?

Oh no. A jewish gatekeeper is going to get in trouble for using stolen memes?

What a shame.

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Trial has no grounds. They will lose on purpose so it can become the staple to carry out legal action against everyone else jews happen to hate at the time.

inb4 he avoids jail thanks to some (((interference)))

To yet again demonstrate that the US government is an illegitimate authority as is its judicial system.

Shoot judges in GTA5.

I'm more interested in the copyright law implications.

This is what I'm thinking, the kikes might be trying to push the legal gray area of copyright.

I honestly don't care about any of this shit at all.

This is fucking stupid.
We should be forming militias and hunting down offenders, in Roblox, not sitting around wondering at the implications of a jewish asset being tried in a jewish court on the basis of stolen Aryan memes.

Furie appears to be genuinely upset about Jonestein using it, and wants some kind of retribution. He's not an ADL spy like Roy Bullock, he's just their retarded useful idiot. AJ on the other hand…


Did you know that he's hit a new low, and even defends the Talmud now, pretending it doesn't say anything about Jesus?

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A lot of jews hate Jonestein. They can hate a golem. Plenty of jews hate jews. They are stock full of hate. That's why they're the words most prominent racists.

They pretend to in order to lend him credibility of a sort. Hitler talked in mein kampf about how it was an honor to be attacked by these parasites in the media of the day, because it showed they viewed you as a threat.

The Jew has read mein kampf, and employs this strategy with their controlled-op assets.
The jews love Jonestein, but they will criticize him and pretend they don't so that plebs think he's legit.

Sounds rather glowniggerish.

Glownigger sentiment is actually the right sentiment.

Kill judicial system officials in Fallout Jew Vegas.

I meant you sound like a glownigger

I know what you meant and my point stands.

Execute judicial appointees in World War Z on PSVita

found this from an interview in 2016:

Do you have an all-time favorite version of Pepe you’ve seen? Do you collect rare Pepes?

The truth is I’ve made all the Pepes on the internet. They are all mine. I made them and I own them all! Message me if you would like to license my copy written intellectual property! My email is: [email protected] Thanks!!


shitlib Furie virtue signalling over le ebil far right gnatzee appropriation of """his""" meme

it couldn't do that, it would only make it copyright infringement to sell things with pepes on it

This, it's a sham in order to set precedent to take down websites in the USA for muh illegal memes.


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You know, that poster will probably become a valuable collectors item, if it becomes illegal.

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This is their plan: if you're visible, you'll spend your whole life in lawsuits that would normally not even be brought. Pepe is satire and satire is one of those widely recognized legal things where you can do almost anything.

That's what I'm thinking. They'll just send a million DMCA notices and overwhelm a site. This is a legal trial balloon so the jews can expand their speech control to memes.

That's Jones's bad for selling copyrighted material. Using Pepe as a meme is legally speaking parody which falls under free speech. But selling shit with a Pepe image is different. You can make something that parodies something else or straight up co-opt it as long as you are not selling it for profit.

Black Dutch. Definitely some Viking ancestry. Like anyone famous, possibly part Jew.

It's like Mark Meechan being persecuted by the British government and court system when you know he's related to Walter Rothschild.

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But I've amassed hundreds of black market pepes.

This is the poster in question.

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tRuSt ThE pLaN gOy!!!!!!!!!!!! you simpleton. you fucking simpleton!!!!

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That's not how copyright works. For the most part using an asset in a certain way is copyright violation or fair use regardless of whether you're selling it or giving it away. It has more to do with the extent of the stuff you're taking and whether you're doing something that can be considered a parody, criticism or commentary, and whether the judge considers it can reduce the creator's profits. Of course in practice the people suing want to go against high value targets rather than a random guy just posting something on the Internet, but there's no reason copyright law couldn't be aimed at any random user posting the character if a judge considers it's not parody or commentary or that it can reduce the creator's profits.
This is just another reason everybody should be using Tor. Can't go against somebody if you don't know who that person is. Mainly because it could be used as a dox method by getting a court order for the IP of the poster.

haha losers

I created only my own content, didn't rehash fag content from the 80's

I bet his life is a nightmare

Stupid jew can't into logic or laws or anything, really.
Stupid jew posted his art for free on the interwebz.
"Artistic interpretation" protects all 4cuck variations of pepe, including all keke variations, but the character himself is property of the public domain as a direct result of stupid jew not protecting his creative works before releasing them publicly. Public domain means that infowars can sell images of pepe, even actual works (not interpretations or variations) created by stupid jew. Stupid jew shoud really have not wasted all that money and just consulted a fucking patent lawyer, or even the lawyers working at the patent and trademark office.
Stupid jew.

Also notice that stupid jew isn't bringing legal action against the creators of pepecash or any pepemonies (half of venezuela).

Who's the woman beneath noted sexual deviant and NXIVM lobbyist Roger Stone?

You will never be white, moshe.

That nigger didn't even come up with it himself.

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It's not the same image though, it's a derivation which could be classified as parody.

I was hoping for a gay frog thing but this is just lame.


And Sargon (Carl Benjamin… two first names mean jew) and you have the unholy trinity of shabbos goy rebels used to misdirect and identify up and coming dissidents.

They are not united as you think. Low level jews are not informed of every project other jews participate in.

Came here to post this

What a fucking retarded poster

In a way yeah, but if you try to sell someone else's copyrighted material youre pretty much opening your asshole up for a good legal fucking
I hope AJ loses all his money from this and goes bankrupt and shuts down his fountain of disinformation

Precedent to allow the use of copyright law for political means.

What a disgusting looking individual.



Didn't he already publicly give it up?

But fuck alex jewowned fucking zogdog.

Go back to reddit.

Corsi is clearly tied to high level kikery, as is Jonestein, who also pushed the Q LARP.

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Except for the part where Jones called Q fake and used a different source named Zach.

(((Copyright))). Profiting off of someone else's idea.

Zig Forums is pretty retarded, but not so retarded as to actually believe Jones is legit.

There's NO WAY that fraud supports all the people he says he does (80+ employees last I heard) plus those studios and production on just his shitty store. He even bragged about never have taken out a loan. Someone is paying his bills.

I understand that people are attracted to him at first because of his goyish personality but this guy is a pure conman. I just can't find it in myself to care about how he gets into the fight with CNN and the mass media and ends uo getting torn a new asshole. Good riddance.

Corsi was covering Q for Infowars, and Jonestein claimed he was covering it at the request of Trump, you brainless nigger.

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And just to see where Jonestein stands, at the start of that clip he announces that Joel Gilbert is going to be on next. Gilbert is a greasy kike who makes fake documentaries, like one he was trying to pass off as a confession by George Harrison that Paul McCartney really died, and claims Iran did 9/11.