If we have sex while using contraception and she becomes pregnant as a result and does not want an abortion...

If we have sex while using contraception and she becomes pregnant as a result and does not want an abortion, is there any way to get out of having to pay legal fees like child support? Even if we had an agreement beforehand? What if we signed a written contract agreeing to an abortion? Are men just fucked sideways for the choice women ultimately get to choose?

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That's your child you're talking about.

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If it is an aryan child, do not abort it. Otherwise you will suffer from regret for the rest of your life.

If you really do not like your own flesh and blood after the birth, just do not pay the child support and/or move away.

We can not afford to abort any aryan child!

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You're fucked child support/allmony will automatically garnish your wages if you are a wageslave and you two aren't together

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this entire faux-denate on abortion is designed to get you to talk about this issue which is not going to be changed by this stupid Alabama thing INSTEAD OF talking about ISRAEL AND IMMIGRATION.


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can't if you're on child support it's done automatically from your paycheck. You could make less but you have to prove that you can't do the same that you did beforehand to a judge.

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Funny how people get so worked up about this issue, literally just ad hominem attacks. Not a single rational response.

Slip the abortion pill into her drink. You can buy it on the dark web.


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If ever in your life you come to any serious realization about what you are thinking of doing, you will regret it immensely. The pain of realizing you've committed an atrocity without knowing because you were young is one of the deepest horrors you can know.

I'm not a christian, jew, muslim or anything else. What I am saying is not religious. Life is life, your blood is your blood. Today more than ever that is relevant due to our precaripus situation as a people.

Do your part for your race.

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Being a father and a responsible one for your own flesh and blood has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with giving a fuck about your genetic legacy as this, is the only thing that will matter when you're dead. Now stop being a callous cunt.

So you believe human life is sacred?


What he's saying is that our children are sacred because they matter more than our own lives. If you can't even find your own children sacred and have their lives being valuable, then you don't need to be here.

Is no one seeing the issue that women have absolute authority and a man is completely helpless when it comes to a woman's incorruptible final decision? Can we all be adults and get past

I wouldn't do it for the woman. I would do it for my child. This guy is basically asking to let the woman be a single mom, and that's turned out really well for society lately hasn't it? Both of them are guilty because they both committed sex before marriage. I've seen some kike straw manning, but your nose is hanging out the fucking porch, moshe.

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Your own blood is sacred to you. I don't have a stake in this. Furthermore, what I think or anyone else thinks shouldn't matter to you.

I am simply warning you that you will not always feel the same way.

Not believing in God is indeed cowardice.

Scum you are, if you sign that contract.

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Believing in something that cannot be sensed or demonstrated is something a dolt would do for sure. But hey, that's what faith is for. You would probably have sex without contraception and just take it on faith that she will not get pregnant.

Where's your compassion? :^)

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Yes, jew. Perhaps you will get the chance not to be a jew in your next life, and actually be productive to humanity.

Humanity is productive enough lmfao

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You know this was a hypothetical question presented in the third person right? Lmfao so many retards here resorting to personal attacks because they can't think for themselves.

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There is only one issue in the world and it is the JQ. If we genocide all of them, the world is ready to be made heaven once again.

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So the reality around you can't count as prove for God's existence and it didn't need help to start existing and was always around.
And it is all just 'something' for a degeneracy lover like you?

Also why would i bang someone i'm not married to?

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You don't have to be religious to find feticide revolting, you soulless shitbag.

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Tbh too bad it wasnt you.

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Define human, subhuman.

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Unless she aborts it you are on the hook in all civilized societies.
And if you want to avoid looking after your own child you are no man.

Nope I worked with a nigger who owed $20k to his baby momma, he showed me the online account on his phone. They dont garnish his wages and he has zero intention of ever paying

Nigger you only believe in God because you're scared of not existing after you die. You just convince yourself theres an afterlife because it makes you feel better

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While I agree this shouldn't have multiple threads, it's no less valid of a discussion as the rest.