Saturn worship

Saturn worship

Sacrifices to Saturn were performed according to "Greek rite" (ritus graecus), with the head uncovered, in contrast to those of other major Roman deities, which were performed capite velato, "with the head covered." Saturn himself, however, was represented as veiled (involutus), as for example in a wall painting from Pompeii that shows him holding a sickle and covered with a white veil. This feature is in complete accord with the character of a sovereign god of the Varunian type and is common with German god Odin. Briquel remarks Servius had already seen that the choice of the Greek rite was due to the fact that the god himself is imagined and represented as veiled, thence his sacrifice cannot be carried out by a veiled man: this is an instance of the ==reversal of the current order of things== typical of the nature of the deity as appears in its festival.[27] Plutarch writes his figure is veiled because he is the father of truth.[28]

Pliny notes that the cult statue of Saturn was filled with oil; the exact meaning of this is unclear.[29] Its feet were bound with wool, which was removed only during the Saturnalia.[30] The fact that the statue was filled with oil and the feet were bound with wool may relate back to the myth of ==The Castration of Uranus== . In this myth Rhea gives Cronus a rock to eat in Zeus' stead, thus tricking Cronus. Although mastership of knots is a feature of Greek origin it is also typical of the Varunian sovereign figure, as apparent e.g. in Odin. Once Zeus was victorious over Cronus, he sets this stone up at Delphi and constantly it is anointed with oil and strands of unwoven wool are placed on it.[31] It wore a red cloak,[32] and was brought out of the temple to take part in ritual processions[33] and lectisternia, banquets at which images of the gods were arranged as guests on couches.[15] All these ceremonial details identify a sovereign figure. Briquel concludes that Saturn was a sovereign god of a time that the Romans perceived as no longer actual, that of the legendary origins of the world, before civilization.[34]

Little evidence exists in Italy for the cult of Saturn outside Rome, but his name resembles that of the Etruscan god Satres.[35] The potential cruelty of Saturn was enhanced by his identification with Cronus, known for devouring his own children. He was thus used in translation when referring to gods from other cultures the Romans perceived as severe; he was equated with the Carthaginian god Baal Hammon, to whom children were sacrificed, and to Yahweh, whose Sabbath was referred to as Saturni dies, "Saturn's day," in a poem by Tibullus, who wrote during the reign of Augustus; eventually this gave rise to the word "Saturday" in English.[36] The identification with Ba'al Hammon later gave rise to the African Saturn, a cult that enjoyed great popularity until the 4th century. It had a popular but also a mysteric character and required child sacrifices. It is also considered as inclining to monotheism.[37] In the ceremony of initiation the myste intrat sub iugum, ritual that Leglay compares to the Roman tigillum sororium.[38] Even though their origin and theology are completely different the Italic and the African god are both sovereign and master over time and death, fact that has permitted their encounter. Moreover, here Saturn is not the real Italic god but his Greek counterpart Cronus.

Did the rabbis to the elites come to the conclusion that Saturn was their actual god? Help a goy understand…

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Because kikes are psychopathic.

It seems all of Hollywood and the music industry involved mandatory Saturn worship in exchange for fame.

Music videos which are rarely watched anymore become rituals of sort.

Flying Lotus - Coronus, The Terminator

Coronus = Chronos = Saturn

Death and inversion (blacks become white)

This is an independent artist mind you not some MK ultra puppet.

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The sun, you spiritual retards, is a material lake of fire. When we’ve adequately conquered physics it will be properly inhabitable. That’s the judgment, the punishment, and the reward.

Also, the nephilistic error is to decide on corrupted grounds that some part of a weakened group is deserving of mercy. Nephilim cannot be trusted. Those who make the nephilistic error are terrible parents.


The kikes have always been child-murdering idolaters who hide their disgusting behavior in the dark, and they never stopped

Here. Have some better leads.*.html#79-11.3

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Thanks centurion pepe

The honor is mine, user.

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One of the subtler means that conservative xenophobes can use for cultural infiltration is the pandemic meme. Instead of screaming gibberish about race or being otherwise wildly bug-guts, just tell everyone about your perfectly reasonable contagion fears. Remember: the left in recent years decided anyone it didn’t like was disgusting, slobbish, revolting, etc. They built up the bonfire of fearful conservatism willingly.

It won’t make you not a hateslave to use a subtler means, but you might find it easier to break your chain if you can integrate with society.

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saturn is number three on the tree of life in kabbalah which is the sphere binah. its the third emination with the prior 2 being beyond the physical universe. its the highest you can go in the physical cosmos and is the demiurge of the gnostics, the landlord of the universe. there is saturn symbolism literally everywhere in most corporate logos, anything cubic or resembling rings or a spiral. the symbolism got into western mainstream metaphysics through the freemasons shilling kaballah. the last link i posted is a cytube channel i put together of saturn researchers going over saturn symbolism and meaning. rabbit hole on this one goes hella deep.

the phoenecean word for saturn was israel and saturn to them is an androgynous redhead thats why jews are matriarchal

damn i checked out my channel i made half the videos have been removed for antisemitism but this is the guy who made them. he covers the saturn stuff his name is ocs101 or occultscience101


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In the book of Deuteronomy it states that if The Jews abandon their covenant with Saturn that their Saturn will destroy them and cast them out of the land of Israel. So as anti-semites our role should be to tempt Jews to stray from the traditions of The Torah so that their god will become angry with them. In our prayers we should also tell Saturn how unappreciative the Jews are towards him.

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Now the Jews being cast out of country after country was supposedly their punishment for not following the covenant with their serpent. Does the passage from Deuteronomy mean 100% abandon?

still looks like a jew puppet to me

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Lists me some of the books and websites you read.