Friendly reminder that Zion Don fully endorses racemixing and would be happy(in his own words) to see his daughter...

Friendly reminder that Zion Don fully endorses racemixing and would be happy(in his own words) to see his daughter fucking a nigger.

(But he's totally guna save duh white rase, u guise!!)

Take action yourself. Nobody is going to do it for you.

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fortunately his kids mostly went for superior white jews

We'd be better off if all his kids married niggers instead of kikes.

Wrong place, sayanim.

Of course he endorses racemixing you retard, he let her marry a kike and even convert.

Who gives a shit what the OrangeNigger wants for his cryto-kike of a mischling daughter? Let that JAP whore get blacked.

Being upset by racemixing is pathetic.

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I mean, Trump, obviously is not the end goal, and while I support him over any other candidate out there, and think he has made better strides than that which could even be imagined, I don't think of him as such. But, what would you expect him to say? "No, I wouldn't let my daughter date a negro?" That wouldn't go over well for him. Beyond that, at her age if she is going to voluntarily pick a negro as a sexual partner, the damage is done.

Better if she did.

his daughter is a jewish kaballah witch,
let her racemix, nothing of value is lost.

What's worse Zig Forums? You're daughter fucking a nigger or fucking a kike?

Trick question, in either scenario you no longer have a daughter

>(((Howard Stern)))

Murder yourself with a machete kike

Maybe stand up for what's right instead of being a kike for votes would help. When we gave everyone the right to vote we fucked this country over

Pic related.

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No nigger will ever fuck Ivanka's holes. Nor has Jared and he never will; he's a flaming faggot. No nigger can get his dick in Ivanka's holes because Donald's dick is already firmly lodged deep in there.

Atleast not yet. Always consider whether the consequences of your actions will benefit your kin and blood or whether it would harm them. Violence is only acceptable where it saves your life or the good outweighs the bad in terms of premeditated violence.
But I agree OP.
As the old saying goes "WHO, IF NOT I"
Unless we take this to Heart, nothing will ever be done, but it is also vital to remember that even small steps are steps aswell and that connecting and networking is vital. When we remain isolated on Little islands of isolation, we are more prone to the blackpill. Reach out and find those of your kin who are aware, and help those that are not yet (but do it lightly, and never in a belligerent way. Neutral questions and questioning may be slower, but it is more effective.)
I know my people has great potential, and I trust you all to strive upward always.

Imagine a president saying something like this, say, 50 years ago.

Alas, (un)fortunately this is not 50 years ago, and daydreaming won't solve anything

Trump isn't a goy at all. He's an Ashkenazi quadroon, and on top of that doesn't look like a proper human. He has a weird "down syndrome" look if you know what I mean.

Bump and checked.

only if the nigger fucks his daughter LEGALLY.



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this the best u got leftypol? thought you'd be doing better after your shitty how-to infographic

women shouldn't be given this right.

He was never supposed to be the savior of the white race, user. He was our last ditch attempt at getting you lefty idiots to right the ship before we burn it all down. Protip, you've failed miserably.


Brick by brick, wall by wall, friend. For example today I'm just gonna WFH since I got completely strung out and high af on Zig Forums. Not making the commute today. Fuck the kikes.


nice list but you left out the bump stock ban from the guy who says he will 'protect your second amendment!' at every rally, also the guy who says he can take guns from people, regardless of due process

Trump didn't even ask if the man would be Godly or not?

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I'm a Christian nationalist


What the hell am I reading.

a shill's image macro

Galatians 3:28, you're an oxymoron.

That brought a tear to my eye

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This. Don't forget that masterwork of legally changing the definition of what a machine gun is.

Good god what did I just see? I can't tell if they're out-Jewing the Jew, or are just being Jews, or being Good Goys, or pretending to be Good Goys, or all of the above. God damn. I have never seen such politically correct cucking in my life.

Friendly reminder that the mods are jew fucks and protect this bullshit.

I would give my last cigar to whoever wrote this piece. God damn magnificent bad ass you are.


oops i'm a nigger

That's a shotgun blast of a question, don't "you" think? Do you think the people who have a real shot, physically and numerically, and by sheer dint of being stubborn to the point of stupid, are bothering to swallow red pills? "You" are either just a bit retarded, or are being a troll-ass. The hardcore browsers of this site are not even able to communicate with one another except through the medium which is controlled by their de facto enemies. Do you not understand the world you actually live in? Or "do you"?

Learn to code.

Nice damage control attempt Moyshe, but we knew from the start that Trump would BS his way and pander to minorities ("Trump makes best taco bowls! I love Hispanic!") to win the majority of the vote. Don't act surprised, shill.

this whole "rape me or I'll report you for rape" plot is one I recognize from several manga but I forget which titles

Of course he has to say he loves niggers, he's on a damn radio show.
He would have no political career if his true intentions were made public.

Based 8D chess. He also had no choice but to put Kushner in charge of his 2020 immigration plan.
He would have no political career if his antisemitic intentions were made public.

Reported for ban evasion and supporting Trump.


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It was obvious from the interview that his kids laughed were like "hell fucking no" so Trump had to cover his opinion because (((Howard))) is a kike.

This entire thread is full of Jews

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