Tired of derailers and kikes ruining and shitting up threads? Boy do I got some news for you

Since mods dont do jackshit to spammers, derailers or the derailers them selves do not worry frens I got your back want to talk about esoteric hitlerism, forbidden news, theories, and genuine discussion again?
Then come join
Hell it even has actual moderation!
How crazy is that!

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Also bo is the only one doing moderation for now because board is still small.

Mods cant do their jobs right.

Ignore bait posts like these.

Global report.

Alright thanks for the bump.
Have fun with a ghost down in the future of this board just like the original /b/.

You get banned for lack of arguments.
Thank you for the bump.
Shills are out in full force it seems.

This is great news. All the shitskins and race traitors have shit up Zig Forums at the behest of the jews just like they've always done throughout time in the White countries. If mods are the equivalent of a border, based mods are akin to a White Ezra. Let us help the shills burn the place down and purge them from the midst.

Yup time to abandon this board for a new one.
Gotta love the magic of board creation.


Chodenigger will not divide us.


to cowardly to face debate I see. I guess that proves you know you are wrong


Not a board owner.
Also I do not remember kikey allowing criticism.

Stop shilling your board, splitter. At least shit like /fascist/ is topic-specific

Not the point, if you can't see the writing on a wall then I do not blame you I used to like that once. The point of /pol3/ is having quality discussions of any topic or variety without it being shilled or derailed into shit with proper moderation.


And other anons who want to have quality discussions and debates again.

I'll pass

Mods shouldn’t be your pets. Fascist ideas are just too slavish to survive in open forums in an empowered world.

You’re obviously the BO shilling your own board. Fuck off faggot

That's not the point back then before the shoah in november they was proper moderation or even before that before kikey.
It's not that hard to ask for.

I can easily show you a screen cap that can easily prove that I 't board owner just an user who got tired of derailers or shills constantly shitting up threads and low effort slide threads.

Alright visit any time.

Count me in. Zig Forums has become a shitfest that makes discussion impossible.

The board owner is a namefagging spic who thinks la Raza is for any race that's into it or some stupid shit

Every single person pushing this bullshit divide is a massive kike.
Go some fresh air and fuck off this board forever.

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Who fucking cares as long as discussion is to be had again he said he is white.

Think about this user.
The mods here are mostly comped, wont do proper moderation, are the same fags from 4/int/
Sketchy things going on the background, and the fact that their names are hidden.
/pol3/ was made to get away from that and being able to have discussions about anything again without the shitflinging.

Fuck off.

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I would rather this board have less moderation not more.

I'm not going to run from Zig Forums due to the hotpocketry just to join another Zig Forums with even more hotpocketry.

Atheists invent stuff too. And a lot of them are ridiculously pretty.

And your point is?
Also another thing bo said he allowed banter and shitposting as long it didn't become shitflinging shitfest exactly like like this board.

But for the wrong reasons the mods on this board are from cuckchan /int/ and been caught doing the shitposting and derailing at least a few times while allowing shilling and derailing going lose quickly lowering the quality of the board.
Unlike this one you won't get banned for a certain topic you wanna discussion you want to discuss.
If you want less moderation and shit thread after shit thread then go to cuck/pol/


Thanks for the bump mate.

Alright user if I were to take you advice I am pretty sure anons will come to the board overnight and knew about it from the get go when it was created.

/pol3/ is a CWOT, the mod is a tweaker…if I wanted to be hassled, I would just stay on Zig Forums and be hassled here at White/European Genocides Ground Zero…with all the niggers and kikes.

Also, kike appreciation thread that wasn't deleted IMMEDIATELY…sure, I 'appreciate' the race that is trying to genocide mine'…

wtf I love jews now.

They are currently no mods for /pol3/ as of yet.

Also the board begun yesterday mate he isn't enforcing any rules yet.

Bo then…who cares…like I said, if I wanted to be hassled because my post was less than five words, I would just stay here and hang with you. ;^)

I see the mods here love to delete opposing speech.

As far as I can tell he is pro-kike and pro-Little (so OPEN BORDERS)…I hardly call that National Socialist. That is more like National Semitist.

Oh you were that guy on the patrick thread?
Rules arent enforced yet you'll have to remember you have to provide evidence for your claims the fact you ran away and not provided any evidence what so ever to back up your claims.

Can you at the very least provide evidence for that claim?
Come on user is not that hard to have a civil discussion.

'ran away'? More like I decided that if I wanted to be hassled by a nigger or kike I could just stay here at European genocide central, why do I need e-celeb alt-kikes FOREIGNERS that I can 'install' in my nation to fuck us even harder with 'open borders'?
Lol would it 'change your mind' if I was to give the the video of him SAYING that only jews are a problem and that all the other foreigners in our nation are totally cool? I am sure it would 'change your mind' s/

Fuck off nigger, stop spamming your shit board
Nice try spic

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Okay try posting it back on the little thread.

I admire hitler mate, but bo allows national socialism and the information that comes with it I do not see how this alone is a bad thing.
You can easily try and asking him on the meta.

What part of 'I'm out…' did you not get?

Do you want to provide evidence and defend your points?
I mean that is what /pol3/ is all about debate and discussion with some banter.

The BO is a stupid faggot who thinks the holocaust actually happened. No dumbass shit like this is fit to lead anything for Zig Forums he came straight from reddit and cuckchan.

Bo is also open minded and will allow it.
A plebbitor or cuckchanner do is shitpost or refuse or deny information and also would want quality discussion that is the opposite of a plebbitor and cuckchan.

No wonder he is a fan of open borders Patrick Little (how else could little Juanita and her 6 million cousins make it into the USA to parasite off Whites without Open Borders PLittle). Who doesn't want to live in shithold mexico or south africa?

Nah I'm not going to that FBI honeypot.

As though there is a difference between THAT FBI honeypot and THIS FBI honeypot.


POL mods keep deleting my threads on Aryan Mutual Aid, and Folk Tech empires, and folk coin.