Best Alternative Colleges

Hey this is my first thread after lurking for a while so hopefully I don't sound too retarded.

I've recently realized how fucking rigged it is to get into college for white males and people who hold views deemed unorthodox. At this point I don't even want to go to these really big schools and waste thousands in my parents money and be left in debt for the first half of my life.

What are some of the best and affordable colleges that don't have an enormous population of niggers and spics and that aren't under huge Zog influence.

I honestly just want to be able to get a degree in a stable field that will be able to provide for a family without having to be harassed by campus Antifa and other retards.

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I'm making more than minimum wage by clicking a button occasionally in cryptogames, while shitposting.

hey newfag why not trying to tell everyone what you want to study you think that might help?

Trade school or apprenticeship. Montana is the place to be for white colleges (should you decide to go to college).

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Degrees are worthless. If you have a couple thousand to be able to study at a college, you have enough to start a business, or do a lot of other things. You could also get a trade… or you could spend that money on ammunition and weapons and stop pretending you have a future if you aren't willing to fight for it.

Best alternative colleges??
It's called a library, and you can learn more for free sitting there reading the same books they pay a fortune for. I went to college in the early 2000s and looking back, the only think I really learned was how to think (critical thinking). Now that the internet has everything, you can compress an entire year into a month of online research and self-study.

Stop lurking and start typing.
But you should study
Industrial Design
And seize the means of production.

Not politics but you should just go to trade school. Anything else is paid indoctrination.

College of the Ozarks lets you pay your entire tuition by working while you’re a student. The school is pretty baste. I’d go there if I were doing it over again.

Couldn't hack it in engineering?

Best US Design Schools:
The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
ArtCenter College of Design
California College of the Arts
College for Creative Studies
Cleveland Institute of Art
Carnegie Mellon University School of Design
Rochester Institute of Technology
California State University Long Beach
Brigham Young University
Cranbrook Academy of Art

Good schools but full of marxists:
Massachusetts College of Art & Design
Pratt Institute
Parsons School of Art and Design
Savannah College of Art & Design
Rhode Island School of Design

Unironically college does not better your quality of life any more. Literally no room in this shit economy for anyone who doesnt get paid minimum wage. You have to make your own job faggot. Live with your parents and work a minimum wage job and pay them as little rent as you can without seeming like a huge fucking failure. Fake a suicide attempt if you have to, literally anything to not go to college while working as little as possible, and figure your life out with the huge amount of free time you.
Relevant detour; All these idiots you see around you work 2 full time jobs to afford luxuries. Even that mexican you see that works 12 hours a day at construction only does it because he is too afraid of being a poor mexican with 10 kids and wants to make those "gringo dollars" so he can have a 1990s ford and drink coke and feel like a badass instead of doing slave labor in Mexico to afford a thatch hut and a piece of corn for his 10 kids.
Moral of the detour is accept that the most valuable thing is time not money, given enough time money will start to come easy because you can plan, learn, and experiment for 8 hours a day instead of the two hours everyone else gets if that. Buy yourself time and space, college takes that away and speeds your life up as fast as it can go so you are always jumping from one urgency to another. Godspeed user, you are the most valuable thing in your world remeber that.

Basin Lepill

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It's not the degree but the journey. Nowhere else are you surrounded by girls and ideas like in college. The trick is to not be a weak-minded faggot and becomes a pinkhair who chops off his pecker. Fucking build something. Be it in your garage with printed tutorials and library books, going to community college and becoming an apprentice for a trade, or going all out and spending a quarter mill on an education at Harvard before you do so.

You can always go to University of Richmond.

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I would also try William and Mary College in Virginia.

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Go to accelerated Law School (5 year) in a state that offers it. Graduate as/with Doctor in Law (better then a Masters) do not bother to take the Bar Exam, (you still have a Doctorate in Law) Get Fed Job, Ins Underwriter, Public Administrator, Elected Official, any job that requires higher education, also (allows teaching at university level Law Classes, or K-12). Alternatively take/pass Bar add Esquire to title.
Remember D's get degrees…
Accelerated Programs
Many universities have developed accelerated programs that allow you to earn your degree faster than normal. At the bachelor's level, you can find programs you can complete in only three years instead of four. Accelerated juris doctor programs are also available to bachelor's degree holders seeking a graduate-level law education. These programs only take two years to complete, rather than the standard three years. Aspiring attorneys also have the option of participating in a 3+3 J.D. program, also known as a B.A.-to-J.D. program, which combines the requirements of a bachelor's degree program with a J.D. program, allowing students to earn both degrees in only six years.
Search; The 10 Most Affordable Law Schools in the United States
North Dakota

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Clearly not.

I would have been far better off spending my college tuition on a house, farm, or opening a business. But if you still insist on a four-year degree, do your first two years at community college where you'll save a ton of money and encounter far less bullshit.

Also, stop calling yourself a "male." You are a man.

Well I want you to kill yourself.


Why ? Did you go there ? Where are you right now ? post face itt.

Good start, but… instead go to the Community College and ask for CLEP tests. You can blaze through the first 2 years of college for next to nothing by just studying and taking CLEP tests.

Isn’t Ozarks full of ex-military guys waiting for USA to die to form their own nation?

current student here. the academics are great but holy shit, it is pozzed to kingdom come. abandon all hope ye who enter here

Id train to be a vet as an apprentice under a rural vet. Thats how it used to work before jews made college. You brought your ass to where you wanted to be and didn't leave until you were. The faint of heart and corrupt washed out or were driven out by better competition.

Affirmative. I live in the area of bloody bill Anderson and its great as long as you dont worship money. Plenty of cheap land and labor.

It's not that much more work to take the stupid bar exam if you go through three years of law school.

If you are at the bottom of your class you will end up a public defender or an ambulance chaser. I know plenty of them.

I can't imagine how bad my college is now, considering it was pretty bad back then.

Go unemployed.
Get some goldberg doctor to say you're disabled.
Suck up $5000 a month in disability and welfare.
Live cheaply because you're not a retarded nigger.
Do this until system collapse.


LOL go into HVAC, nigger.

We should buy useful things so we can trade in exchange for other things because US currency will be almost useless when the USA collapse.


There is good and cheap colleges in Eastern Europe so why not go study there?


Just an idea. The competition is so bland, you'll feel like you're stealing candy from a baby.

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OP, sorry that you still have a hang over from the Jew. Degrees are almost meaningless now. Unless you are going to do law or medijew then they really don't mean shit.
Here is some real deal. Unless you are in the top .1% of USA grads then you are a fucking plebeian fuck. If you did not go to a top college and majored in one of their top degree fields then you are SHIT. Unless you have family connections and or money then welcome to the slave fields of America. Reality is that you are and will be a slave.

In that case, why haven't you killed yourself?

Op, learn to be an electrician/plumber/mechanic I suppose.

Best alternative colleges? Literally all information is freely available online and at this point a (((degree))) is utter meaningless Weimar-tier comic relief?

I actually think it's in your best interest to go to art school to learn how to have threesomes with black men for a fully cultured anus.

actually, as people have said, what I know is that it's a trade or no dice. on the other hand, anything stem.

really, if you want an education, spend your time downloading pdfs and internet surfing like a real down and dirty, uppity ruckity, sausage man of the mist.

Can I really suck $5k a month off the government? I feel like that conflicts with my ideologies way too hard, but that's more money than I make now.

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wow, what a post.
If you want to be self made. This post rings true.