Jew hate thread

jew hate thread
ITT express hatred for kikes. Post memes, redpills, articles, anything and everything about the jew and their wretched nature.

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Obvious fed posts are obvious.

shut up faggot

Kill yourself jew



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Remember how Israel was created by (((Britain))) in 1948 and then in 1956 they teamed up to invade Egypt to steal the Suez canal? When will Israel and UK pay reparations to Egypt based on this? Mummies be starving. Feed them more. All the mummies love Ryback.

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Every fucking day at university I have to sit and listen to these fucking yids talk about how much they hate the "goyim," even the subservient ones willing to learn Hebrew.

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Anime proves that not all Jews are bad, user.

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harder to jew

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Everything jews told you about the National Socialists was projection.

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Hitler was a good person.

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jews are bad

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anyone know the story here?
also faggot, use spoiler for gore and porn

this plebbit post sums it up nicely. saved and will use to redpill normals

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Here come the storms, song gets going around 45 seconds in

Goyish talmudism

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I hate the stealth kikes that befriend you and then rip you off but since you're not redpilled about thin upper lips and ear lobes or the name game you trusted them.


This is Zig Forums

Every thread is a kike hate thread.

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Hey we just had a jew hate thread a couple days ago. As always it mysteriously ran out of energy and disappeared within a few days…

What’s worse than a Jew? An upper class white that sells out to Jews. What’s worse than that? A lower class white that wastes too much time complaining about this instead of improving themselves and other whites in their influence.

shut the fuck up, filthy kike, nobody on this board capitalizes jew

gas chambers soon