"Proto-European" Band Heilung blatant pedophilia and Abrahamism


Yo yo yo, this came out a week ago and is dripping with kiked imagery, fuck this faggot band and peep the comment below to get a break down on the fucked up imagery. Fucking fuck this band.

>This artwork is an imitation of (((Baphomet, in Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, 1856))) by (((Eliphas Levi))), which is a combination of many magical elements derived from the philosophy of many Middle Eastern religions, mainly hermeticism. The raised and lowered hands refer to the dualistic teaching of Hermes: "As above, so below." The animal feet and head combine with the human torso to represent the duality of beasthood and humanity. The two spirals in Baphomet's lap represents male sexual energy, as the original artwork has a rod between the curling energy to depict a male phallus. This symbol is derived from the fact that snakes tightly coil one another during sex. This also is part of a dualistic symbol, which in the original artwork is completed by Baphomet's female sexual energy, the breasts.
>These symbols and practices have existed for thousands of years. Please copy and paste this comment to reduce the likelihood of people becoming attached to this imagery. It is an insult to European history, and reveals the insanity and evil of (((Heilung))), or at best, their complete lack of any meaningful understanding or connection to European tradition.

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I started liking their music for a while until I ran into their cuck speech during one of their shows. Not surprised that these race traitors are also satanists and pedophiles. Jews really subvert everything.

What about Danheim and Wardruna?

Yep, that's baphomet alright.
Where's the quote from?

Post speech

Hermeticism is Greek.

Heilung | LIFA - Full Show
They hold hands in a circle and proclaim blah blah everyone is the same, come from the same "being."

Sure you could take it as them talking about earth. Either way, it got me suspicious. Also the band has had members support immigration and other traitorous stuff. Really is a shame, I like this kind of music and hope it flourishes.

It's expected that bad actors will try to subvert a growing trend from the beginning.

Quoting my own comment I'm spamming their videos with lol

I did a bit of research, perhaps the authors are Greek, the Jewish and Gnostic themes and overall spirituality is kiked, but yeah, perhaps not Middle Eastern.

An abo with a didgeridoo can rip out their entire repertoire alone while sniffing an entire gallon of petrol and not miss a beat.

Interesting thread op.

Hermeticism comes from Hermes Trismegistus.

A Greek

The music sucks.

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wtf, I'm the real Jew now!

Hermes is the purported author.
Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition pp. 2–3
So you're perhaps halfway correct, irrespective of if the author was a pure Nord Hermeticism is a Abrahamic fagfest so I don't care.

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shut up faggot kiked baphomet is not pagan you filthy semmite

Guilt by association in connection with a band no one's heard of.
Call me when pagans get together and decide pedos are gods/god's representatives.

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disgusting New Age hippy LARPers

never listened

Persia was mainly white back then.
What about the Jewish elements in this though?

Persia was white as close back as the 9th century.

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And they remained mostly the same, to this day, with notable sections being the Southwestern portion of Iran where there are more Arab genetic influences, and of course the scattered populations of jews.

Jfc calm your tits, man. First off Hermeticism is apart of European paganism (Hermes) so the pose itself shouldn’t be a big deal since it clearly isn’t a fucking baphomet but the archetypal horned god found all over European mythology. The horned god represents the masculine sun and the cat represents the feminine moon. Such motifs are not uncommon in European pagan imagery and while your effort of interpreting the image is admirable, you’re way off the mark.

One of the oldest Hungarian pagan artifacts known is the Kirovohrad Fastener and it is a depiction of that pose.

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They always sucked. The chick vocals absolutely ruin it and you can tell by their showmanship that they're hipsters doing what they do for the attention.

Eliphas Levi twisted symbols for his own meaning, they aren't his own and never were. You're just giving his fat, gay ghost psychic power over your thinking. It was very convenient for the King of France and the Pope, that the legend of the baphomet came to be in the first place. I can tell a lot of people who say this or that symbol is satanic/masonic don't understand how religion outside their church works, let alone how religious cross-pollination, between seemingly remote regions, is more apparent the further back one goes, because the closer one comes to sources of the most perennial and primordial past.

There's a bucket excavated in Oseberg, ornamented with a god in lotus style, with swastikas on his tunic. Its viking age craftwork and, given the swastika, probably Thor. Where'd the idea of the cross-legged god come from? Did it mean the same thing in late heathen Europe as it means in yoga? We're missing so much of our past, that we might as well say we know nothing.

Anyway, I think Heilung are gay as fuck. In one of their shows, Krigsgaldr I think, the bitch says something like "we're the music of all the peoples." I tend not to listen to these bands, because the whole industry is kiked.

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In addition, Heilung also make reference to the nigger problem in the last track of their first album, translated from German the line is: “Mark of Cain graces the cold”

While the opening ceremony rhetoric of their Lifa album was cheesy bullshit it’s clearly a clever cover, and a good insurance policy once white countries start cracking down on European pagan music and imagery. Only simpletons don’t understand that Heilung is /ourband/

Yes, FUCK OP. Heilung is still a good band, but make no mistake about it, the band is not based at all and pretty cucked.

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I don't think paedophilia is bad as long as its consensual. I think people should avoid doing it though because of potential legal consequences. So I am against paedophilia, but only because of the law.

Thank you very much for this image; do you have anything related to the ancient pure Aryans of India? Anything on Ancient Greece and Rome would also be appreciated, but I have collected a great deal of evidence relating to these myself already.

Rule of thumb, if it's out of Copenhagen it's most likely cucked beyond belief.
And to be honest his music is just boring electronic drones, not really all that pagan or folky.
The only two other bands in the same vein from Denmark would be Of The Wand And The Moon and Halindir, the former I can't tell their stance and the latter seems full ethnonationalist
Confirmed Cucked "muh the nazis stole our symbols!"
Darkest Sky and Wolcensmen are pagan neofolk bands who are confirmed /ourguys/ though

First of all I agree with all you said, except:
Now that's just an inversion of what is truly European.
The sun is the feminine, the moon is the masculine. The sun gives life, it is the birther of all that is, was and ever will be, the light of the moon is even just a reflection of the nurturing light of the mother sun and so on and so forth.

Hungarian paganism is very important to learn of since what is known of it shows how Slavic, Nordic, Baltic, Dacian, Persian, Circassian and Scythian paganism all derive from the same source.

The One-eyed Hay-maker doesn't care for worship but only wants his gift of spirit to be preserved, "
Do you know how you must try?".

Pagan fags are all homos

Christcucks are all pedos

Don't be a disgrace

Was just sending the same vacuous insult back at him tbh

Is there any animal in the middle east that has antlers like that? Those look like reindeer horns and afaik reindeer aren't running around in the desert.

The iron-age Indo Aryans mixed with the poo leftovers of the Indus Valley Civilization, the Ancestral North Indians, to create the Vedic Aryan culture we know today. It was never white.

t. a poo

inb4 "IVC was white"
Iranian farmers racemixed with Black-skinned hunter gatherer natives of India to form IVC

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Kalash seem to be mostly of Iranian-farmer related. Balochs and Brahuis too

Wardruna is cucked? Man, that’s disappointing

You know now I'm doubting what I wrote. I can't remember if it's Wardruna or Heiling, it's one of them that are cucked. In any case it's better to not take my word on it, if you have interest to look into it yourself afterall


True, and the Brahui from what I understand have purer "Iranian" genetics than the pakistanis that live around them. They may be purer IVC than the rest of us even, as they speak a Dravidian language and recent studies consider the language of IVC to be proto-Dravidian.

But look them up and they are still quite dark, some even moreso than North Indians. Their genetics must include the native hunter-gatherer gene.

that moment when you looking in history and spot the very moment a worthy people sabotage themselves, but you can't do anything to stop them

neo-pagans are mostly jewish homosexuals

Neo-Christians send 34 billion dollars to Israel annually.

Jerusalem loving christfags labeled everything pre-christian & pagan as satanic. this thread is bad and you should feel bad.

Dude the deer thing is obviously supposed to be baphomet.

I made a comparison for those that don't know what baphomet looks like. Also the snakes on the kid are in baphomets lap in this pic. I don't know anything about this kind of stuff, but it probably means something.

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Does the pagan artifact of predate "Baphomet"?

That's just a similar, not exact pose. Even if it was actually the same pose as weird pagan artifacts, you can't say they didn't mean for it to look like baphomet. I marked some similarities in this one if you enlarge it.

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the pose is "as above so below" its ancient wisdom that kikes/masons stole because it's true

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I'm not some Hindu person who thinks that God is man and man is God and that everything in one so I gotta disagree with you there.

what are you, some dumb fuck christian? they think the same thing, that part of god is in us all. god is man, god is a rock, god is the wind. though none of those things are god
god is man but man is not god

Yeah I am and none of those things are true unless you're talking about weird sects of "Christianity." Above is a lot different than below m8. I know you want to believe you're like God, but it's just not true.

Which one?

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Found the Hindu.

lolol. Dumb Abrahamites think every non-monotheist is a poo. Just fuckin lol

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You'd think on a politically incorrect board, where the enemy's symbols are often hijacked for a week or two, even innocuous ones, that instead of going ooga booga over a dubious symbol, which only came to be known as baphomet during a political witch hunt, you would have thought to repurpose the baphomet yourselves. It would be the ultimate heist.

Whatever you loo.

Pagans never had an age of consent.

Their buses never run on time either.

paganism is multiculteralism

and that's a good thing!

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Is that the fire nation?

"Europeans" who engage with Abrahamic religions are not Europeans.


I’m still searching for information as stated earlier, but here’s some stuff I managed to find:



TL;DR Evidence of blonde and fair Aryans in India.

Not anymore…

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Strawman every times.

Follow Jesus and become a celibate, nerds.

Pagan italian buses do run on times.


Trump is probably actually legitimately smarter and more grounded in perceiving a long term mental standing and methodology of retaining the country than literally this entire Board combined with a fucking oracle. And I'll fucking VPN spam this comment. because its Literally true. Fuck yourselves. This literally has fuck all do with sided anything, but to do with the sheer fact that this board remains cohesively bankrupt for 20 hours out of the day. running around in fucking circles. You Real big fucking mess

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There are still genetic holdouts and cases of atavism. Very rare, but still there.

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Many people are claiming it is not Baphomet but in fact Cernunnos, the celtic God of fertility, life, animals, wealth and the underworld from the Gallo-Roman period which then begs the question of the connection between the two

Look up Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia, Narasimha et al 2018

There's some nice graphics that show the relationship between all parties involved from Europa to Asia through 10k years, so its worth it even if you're only getting started with genetics. Pic related.

The corresponding bolshepedia summary, found here:



Narasimhan et al. (2018) conclude that ANI and ASI were formed in the 2nd millennium BCE. They were preceded by a mixture of AASI (ancient ancestral south Indians, that is, hunter-gatherers), and Iranian agriculturalists who arrived in India at ca. 4700–3000 BCE, and "must have reached the Indus Valley by the 4th millennium BCE"

i.e. well before white Yamnaya showed up, Iranians farmers and native (read: black) hunter gatherers mixed and spread through india. The Vedic race (or ANI, ancestral north indians) were descended from a mixture of fair Yamnaya and brown ANI leftovers of brown IVC.

There is no doubt the Proto-Indo-European gods they brought with them (Dyaus Pitta, Indra, Hesu, Rudra, Manu etc.) were blond and blue-eyed. Note that there are also have native gods Murugan, Krishna, Shiva etc that are traditionally considered dark. The Vedas are a clash of two cultures and if you read it (in particular the older Rig Veda) it will be evident.

Discussion of this is all good and dandy, but I just want to interject quickly with a reminder that the seed of Abraham is our first enemy, and all others come second.

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If they want to play make-believe let them they aren't hurting anyone except the people who take this shit seriously.

I think (((they))) have multiple ways of exercising political pressure over individuals and organizations to ensure that they bow down to (((them))).

One type of music remains uncucked, classical music.

As far as metal goes, I used to like Nightwish, I haven't heard anything politically correct from them, but like all metal bands they're satanic.

Idk about Danheim, but Wardruna is cucked too.

I do enjoy their musics, since most of them are taken from the Eddas.

Most of the "occult pratices" - Hermeticism included - came from the Aryans, and the jews took and claimed it as their own. Just like Kabbalah.
Just take your head out of your arse and do some research before. (((They))) want us to be spiritually capped, so they label everything "jewish in its origin" to keep the bad goyim away from it.

Also, Hermeticism came from the Greeks and Egyptians, just like alchemy, despite what the jewish media have been telling you.

Uffff ♥

I miss the board


get off my face nub

It wouldn't surprise me if the "as above, so below" posture predates judaism and their demon worship. It'd be good to excise it from their grasp if so, and give it an honest representation.

Read a book; it may expand your vocabulary. Judging by your writing, I would suggest you start soon.

You thought that a legit pagan group could get mainstream airtime?

It has a literal "cub" sitting on its cock (which is shown as having penetrated the body of the cub).
Has the inscriptions on the forearms, solve coagula.
Of course it's the Baphomet.
Of course they are satanists.
If they were pro-ethnic european they would have been shut down long ago.

Look what I found in the marginalia.

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why are you sharing your shitty amv here?

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Christianity made you into Europe to begin with, before it you were worthless

Hey man my ancestors weren't worthless. They made a pretty good penny off of selling white women to Arabs thank you very much.

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